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It Works Global Review – Products, and Compensation Plan & Commission Structure Breakdown

Hello and welcome to my It Works Global review.

In this article, the main topic will be the compensation plan and how you get paid with the It Works business opportunity, but I will also provide details into the company and the products that they offer to make this more of a complete article for you.

It Works Global Review

First, before I get into the article, I want to share a video I found about what it is to become a “Wrapreneur” with It Works provided by the company itself to give an introduction.

With that said, many MLM companies have strict rules about advertising online so you have to take a different approach if you want to reach a wider audience to introduce your opportunity.

You have to lead with something other than your main company for a few reasons I listed here:

  • It’s most likely against the rules of your company.
  • You will eventually run out of people to talk to locally.

With that said, let’s dive down into the It Works company information and details first.

The It Works Company Details

It Works! Global was started on 4/12/2001 the alternate official name is It Works Marketing, Inc.

The business got incorporated on 2/01/2011 in MI.

The company headquarters are at 908 Riverside Dr. Palmetto, FL. 34221.

It Works Owner Mark and Cindy

Mark and Cindy Pentecost are the owners and the ones that dreamed up the company.

Before the company launched Mark was a high school teacher and basketball coach, and Cindy was a stay-at-home mom living in Allegan, Michigan.

Mark and Cindy had big dreams, and Mark had that entrepreneurial bug that he joined an MLM company before It Works Global was even a thought.

Mark join Exel Telecommunication which was a reseller for long-distance packages for landline telephone service.

During his time doing home parties and sharing the opportunity to lower their long-distance rates with Exel, he found he had a knack for sales and became one of the top income earners with that company earning $300k to $500k at his peak.

Mark eventually retired from teaching in ‘95.

As cell phone service and the lowering cost of long-distance shrank, by ‘99 the Exel company and his position weren’t doing as great anymore so he decided to take a different path with commercial real estate.

That didn’t last too long as the allure of direct sales called to him with a pull that he couldn’t ignore.

So he decided to get back into direct sales, but this time he wanted to be the owner, he wanted to take control of his own destiny this time.

So he searched for a great and long-term product to eventually find what was called at the time “toning wraps”.

The toning wrap manufacturing facility was based in Mexico, so he took a trip out there, and after some thought, he decided to purchase exclusive rights to sell them.

So he bootstrapped the money he made with Real Estate to start It Works in 2001.

He leveraged connections that he had made in Excel, as well as co-ownership help from wife Cindy, Pentecost, and co. was formed.

They designed the compensation plan that I will explain in the next couple of sections then started to get to work.

They began doing hotel and home demonstration parties in Virginia, Michigan, and North Carolina.

It was a slow start, not producing any profit for the company in the first 4 years.

When Times Are Tough You Need To Push Harder!

By 2005, after Mark invested a lot of time and personal money into keeping the company going, the company sales started taking off in pockets of the sales teams in some of the states.

In 2008, It Works broke into the Canadian market, and in 2010 the company earned sales of 27 million dollars.

In 2011 it doubled to 46 million and in 2012, the company surpassed $200 million.

The company has opened up new markets in different countries and is still in profit.

I gathered some of the company information here: Source

For the Better Business Bureau rating, check out my FAQ section below.

That’s it for the It Works Global company information, let’s move forward to product information.

What Products Does It Works Offer?

I will first cover the information in which the products were introduced into the product line of the company then I will dive a bit deeper into what each one is.

When the company first launched back in 2001 they launched with a body wrap product that was infused with special herbs to help a person lose inches from their waistline through a process of warming up the area of the wrap that would introduce heat that would make a persona sweat in the desired area.

The introduction of the herbs is supposed to increase the fat burning in the area of application.

To this day, the body wrap or “The Ultimate Body Applicator” product is It Works most popular and best selling one to date.

It Works Products

In 2005 It Works introduced its supplement line that started off with one of the best multivitamins that Mark could find.

After the multivitamin, they soon introduced additional supplements to the product line as well.

Here is a breakdown of the products in categories that It Works! has to offer:

It Works Body

The Ultimate Body Toner – The wrap, has herbs and botanicals infused into it, and simply wrap it around your waist.

Defining Gel – This gel is designed to tighten up your problem areas.

Fab Wraps – This is a wrap that has the same material that the Ultimate Body Wrap has but designed to fit around the smaller areas like the arms and legs.

It Works Greens

Go Green and Go Lean!

The Greens product line is in a powdered drink form to easily mix with water or your favorite mix.

It has options that include powdered single-serving packets, tubes, and chewable.

The Greens are designed to alkalize, balance, and detoxify your body.

They all include 52 herbs and superfood nutritionals including 34 fruits and vegetables that are non-GMO, dairy-free, and soy-free vegan.

They also supply a shaker for an additional cost of course.

The product flavors include:

  • Greens Blend Chocolate
  • Greens Blend Orange
  • Greens Blend Barry

It Works Skin Care

They supply many products in this category that includes:

  • It Works WOW – These are facial wipes that the company claims are designed to wipe away or reduce your wrinkles.
  • Facial – This is a sheet mask that when left on is designed to tighten, tone, and firm your face while making it look smooth and keeping it hydrated and refreshed.
  • Toner – Designed to hit certain areas of your body that do have the same properties that the facial has.
  • Cleanser – Basically, a facial cleanser that helps clean oil, dirt, and makeup.
  • Repair Age – This helps to soften the appearance of fine lines (wrinkles) due to aging, this product comes in a cream.
  • Stretch Mark – This comes in a cream and enhances the elasticity and firmness of your skin.
  • Prevent Age – This product is very similar to the Repair Age.
  • Hair Skin Nails – A moisturizer that helps boost your body’s natural collagen and keratin production.
  • Lip & Eyes – This is a smaller item that comes in a cream dispenser and helps reduce fine lines while hydrating and firming your skin. Designed for the lips and eyes in a more sensitive formula.
  • Exfoliating Peel – This is a skin mask that you spread on your face and leave it there until it drys where you can peel it off. This product is designed to clean your face while removing dirt and oil and leaving your skin feeling hydrated, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

It Works LifeStyle

This is the product section that is designed to help you lose or maintain weight.

Whether you are working out, wanting to clean out your body, or even just supplement part of your diet, the Lifestyle product area is where you want to be shopping.

Lifestyle offers shakes for supplementing your carbs and protein, probiotics to help become more regular, gentle cleanse drinks to help rid your body of bad toxins and backups, energy for of course more energy throughout the day, thermogenic pills to help put your body in a thermogenic state to help increase fat burning and of course your nutritional products like multivitamins and minerals to help supplement the vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Keto Works

This is a line of products designed for the Ketogenic lifestyle.

Just like the Lifestyle products, these products will go further in keeping your body in a fat-burning state even while you are just sitting there or doing your normal routine throughout the day.

A word of caution, there is a certain diet that you must maintain to make the Ketogenic products work that you need to look into before trying this out.

This is definitely a strict diet that you must keep for these products to work the way they were designed to work.

Some of these products include powdered drinks, supplements, and coffee drinks.

Product Packs

These are packs of products designed to help in a certain area of your health needs.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, look younger, have more energy It Works has pre-designed product packs packaged together to help in saving you money and picking the right products for your desired results.

Additional Products

Essential Oil Line

Another company that started with essential oils also has the types of oils but they are one of the main products they started with.

You can read about that company here: Melaleuca Compensation Plan & Company Review

It Works doesn’t offer the vast amount that Melaleuca offers, but what they do offer are the top-selling fragrances which include, lavender, tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus, and coconut oil.

They also sell the diffusers that go with it as well.

It Works Swag & Accessories

Just like the heading says, they offer hats, t-shirts, and other apparel, along with accessories.

Some of the accessories include sales tools like business cards, vehicle wraps, sample cups, and more.

Another great article: doTerra Compensation Plan Review

The It Works Global Commission Structure Breakdown

The It Works Global compensation plan is designed in the unilevel pay structure.

There are several commission structures that have been proven to be long-term legitimate structures and the unilevel has been proven to be one of them.

Now, with that said, many MLM marketers that have been in the industry for a while don’t really like the unilevel structure simply because they usually have several hoops, qualifiers, and non-commissionable legs when a person on your leg passes you in rank.

With that said, the unilevel commission structure better is really good for the seasoned average Network Marketer to even take a look at it.

How Does The It Works Compensation Plan Work?

In this section of the review, I will go more into detail about the compensation plan and how it’s structured.

So like I mentioned before It Works is structured in a unilevel design so what that means is that everyone that you sponsor or refer into the business, will be on your first level/row if you are looking at the structure as in a chart aspect.

Anyone that they personally sponsor or refer will be placed on their first level/row as well.

The depth in your organization will occur when your personally sponsored referrals refer new people in their business and their personally sponsored referrals sponsor new people into their business, and so on.

This is called duplication.

Your team or organization is everyone that is personally sponsored by you and whomever they sponsor as well, and so on.

Ok with that said, let’s dive down.

3 Ways To Get Paid With It Works

  1. Retail Customers – These are customers that just purchase a product from you and not on a subscription.
  2. Loyal Customers – These are customers that are on at least a 3-month subscription to purchase a product from you.
  3. Distributors – These are customers that purchase a product from you, and also want to represent the customer as a distributor and earn commissions.

The main section that I am going to focus on is how you get paid on the compensation plan.

Not so much how you can earn from customers or loyal customers just because I feel that the majority of people that are reading this are here to learn how to earn the big money.

Commission Qualified

When you want to earn commissions you need to become commission qualified.

You just can’t join and the company will pay you when you start producing like most other companies.

It Works does have this policy in place, but if you are producing then this is not a big challenge to achieve.

To qualify for commissions you need 2 things which are:

  1. 80 BV personal auto-ship
  2. Have 400 personal bonus volume (PBV) for the month which means all personally referred distributors, retail customers, and loyal customer volume points.

When referring to bonus volume (BV) this means the volume points generated from you, personally referred customers, loyal customers, and distributors.

When referring to group volume (GV) this means volume points generated from the sum of your personal bonus volume (PBV) and every distributor in your organization.

Distributor Rank

When you become commissions qualified you now hit the first rank of the commission plan which is called Distributor.

You get paid residually or monthly of 10% of the volume on your first 2 levels.

I’ve included a chart below in the Management Ranks section.

Fast Start Bonus

Most companies have a fast start bonus when someone just joins the business as a distributor but It Works has an extra step as you will read.

This is how it works.

When you enroll 2 distributors that also enroll 2 distributors you will earn a $100 fast start bonus.

Refer to the chart below to get a visual description.

You and the 2 distributors must do this in their first 30 days.

Basically by reaching the rank of Distributor in your first 30 days qualifies you for the fast start bonus.

It Works Fast Start Bonus Chart

It Works Fast Start Chart

It Works Management Levels

When you first get started with the It Works commission structure and begin building your team you will start moving up the ranks.

To raise up in rank you will need to qualify at the specified requirements to reach the next rank in sequence.

The management levels are considered the lower level or starting ranks but It Works has additional leadership levels when you start growing your business larger and making more money.

Executive Rank

The Executive Rank is the second rank you will reach in the commission plan.

To qualify for this rank you will need to personally sponsor 2 distributors.

At this rank, you qualify for 10% of the commission on your first 2 levels and 5% on level 3.

I included a chart below that represents this commission rank.

It Works Executive Chart

It Works Executive Chart

Ruby Rank

To qualify for the Ruby rank you will need to personally sponsor 3 distributors with one of them qualifying for the Executive Rank.

At this rank, you qualify for 10% of the commission on your first 2 levels and 5% on levels 3 and 4.

I included a chart below that represents this commission rank.

It Works Ruby Chart

It Works Ruby Chart

Emerald Rank

To qualify for the Emerald Rank you will need to personally sponsor 4 distributors with 2 of them qualifying at the Ruby Rank.

At this rank, you qualify for 10% of the commission on your first 2 levels and 5% on levels 3, 4, and 5 plus 2% on level 6.

I included a chart below that represents this commission rank.

It Works Emerald Chart

It Works Emerald Chart

Management Bonus Ranks Chart

It Works Management Ranks Chart

It Works Leadership Ranks

As you keep building your It Works business opportunity you will raise up to the leadership levels which I will explain below that will have more opportunity for commissions to be paid out to you.

Just like the management ranks, you will need to qualify to reach these levels that I will briefly describe.

One thing that I want to point out that in these leadership ranks when you hit the Diamond rank when another person anywhere in your team hits diamond it starts a new generation of pay for you.

Also, qualifying for the Diamond rank is the next level of Emerald, so you will have to meet all Emerald qualifications before hitting the Diamond ranks.

Another point is that the qualifiers that you need are within your organization by individual legs, these ranking does not exclusively involve your personal referred, it can be anyone in your organization.

I’ve included charts below to help you understand this extra income possibility.

Diamond Generation Chart

It Works Diamond Generation Payout Chart

Diamond Generation Bonus Chart

It Works Diamond Bonus Payout Chart

To reach these leadership Diamond ranks you will need to qualify with the requirements listed below.

Diamond Rank

To qualify to be paid as and to reach the Diamond rank you will need to personally sponsor 5 distributors on one leg you need a member at the rank of Emerald, and another team member needs to hit the rank of Ruby.

They must be in separate legs of course.

There are additional percentages that are added to your commission structure as well as additional bonuses.

Refer to the charts to get more of a visual explanation of what this means and how the commissions are structured.

It Works Diamond Chart

It Works Ambassador Diamond Chart

Double Diamond

To qualify to be paid as and to reach the Double Diamond rank you will need to personally sponsor 5 with one of your team members reaching the rank of Emerald, and another one reaching the rank of Diamond all in separate legs.

It Works Double Diamond Chart

It Works Double Diamond Chart

Triple Diamond

To qualify to be paid as and to reach the Double Diamond rank you will need to personally sponsor 5 with 2 of your team members reaching the rank of Diamond, and another one reaching the rank of Double Diamond that is all in separate legs.

It Works Triple Diamond Chart

It Works Triple Diamond Chart

Presidential Diamond

To qualify to be paid as and to reach the Double Diamond rank you will need to personally sponsor 5 with 2 of your team members reaching the rank of Diamond, and another one reaching the rank of Double Diamond and then an additional one reaching the rank of Triple Diamond that is all in separate legs.

It Works Presidential Diamond Chart

It Works Presidential Diamond Chart

Ambassador Diamond

To qualify to be paid as and to reach the Double Diamond rank you will need to personally sponsor 5 with 2 of your team members reaching the rank of Double Diamond, 2 reaching the rank of Triple Diamond and then an additional one reaching the rank of Presidential Diamond that is all in separate legs.

It Works Ambassador Diamond Chart

It Works Ambassador Diamond Chart

Black Diamond

The Black Diamond rank is a title you receive when hitting a certain earning status. It’s more of a recognition that it is a rank where you earn additional bonuses and percentage commissions.

It Works Monthly Income Chart

This chart represents the average income that is made by the rank you reach in the It Works compensation plan.

The amounts are just an average and can be much lower or much higher.

It Works Monthly Income Chart

Loyal Customer Bonus (Car Bonus)

They do have this great bonus when you enroll a certain amount of loyal customers, the ones that are on auto-ship for a product purchase each month, you get a cash bonus each month as long as the qualifications are maintained.

When you personally sponsor and *maintain a minimum of 60 qualified active loyal customers and accumulate at least 3,000 personal bonus volume (PBV) each month you will be paid $600 in bonus commissions for each month these 2 requirements are met.

Another great article: MyEcon Compensation Plan Review

How Much Does It Cost To Join It Works?

It Works Enrollment Kit

The cost to join It Works is $99 to purchase the enrollment kit.

You will also need a minimum monthly auto-ship of 80 BV on products to maintain your distributorship.

It Works Global FAQ Section

In this section of the review, I will include the most frequently asked questions concerning the It Works opportunity.

What Is It Works BBB Rating?

Right now as of writing this review, the It Works! Global rating in the BBB is at a C+ with 211 customer reviews. It has 139 positive reviews, 5 neutral, and 67 negatives.

  • There are 402 customer complaints.
  • The pattern of complaints seems to be that after cancellation customers still receive products and keep getting charged.
  • Customers are also complaining about a $50 cancellation fee.

You can read more about the good review and bad ones here at the BBB official site for It Works Global here: Source

How To Cancel It Works If You Are Not Satisfied?

I would like to also add (especially with the pattern of complaints from the BBB) that when you cancel, make sure to call or contact customer support to make sure you completed all steps necessary when canceling or stopping membership. You can find this information here: Source

Does It Works Have Clawbacks?

Yes, so clawbacks happen when commissions are released and paid out to you from the sales made for any particular product/s from customer/s that decide to return the product/s, do a chargeback, or for fraudulent purchases. This is taken out of your following commissions you are supposed to receive.

What Does 80BV Mean?

BV is the actual volume points assigned to each particular product, not the purchase amount. For example, to make a purchase of $59 will not give you 59 BV, it will not give you the amount that you will earn a commission from usually around 54 BV for a $59 purchase.

Make sure to check the BV of the product/s that you want to purchase each month so that you will qualify for your monthly BV requirement.

These amounts might be changed or updated, just make sure to check when you make the purchase.

My Final It Works Review and Thoughts

This brings us to the end of my It Works Global review.

We have taken the time to review the information about the company, the products, and offered a detailed look into how the compensation plan works.

I hope you enjoyed the information that I shared with you here today.

I was able to find legitimate sources with information that I shared with you here to give you a more in-depth look as well.

To be successful in the area of earning money with It Works, you are going to have to build a team.

The only way to do this is to refer people to the business with your affiliate link or sign them up directly.

MLM companies like these will always tell you to build the old fashion way by sharing it with your friends and family and put together little parties at your home.

That is when you have a presentation available for your guests and then you test out the products to where they can look and feel them.

They will do 1 of 3 things.

  • Buy some of the products.
  • Join your business and buy some of the products.
  • Or not buy and not join your business.

After you run through your friends and family, now what?

The company or team you are on is going to tell you to run through them again and then again or make a bigger list.

I did this, and it sucked!

I had friends and family that didn’t want to talk to me after a while when I first started with a different company that is why I jumped on the Internet to market my business.

I soon realized that you can’t just advertise your opportunity because the companies are very strict about how you market your business.

So, I eventually started promoting a front-end system that was totally generic to lead with online that offers follow-up email messages that provide a link for people to check my opportunity.

It worked amazingly!

If you are serious about building your It Works business, or simply want to earn an additional income online, then you will want to check out my marketing system by clicking on the link below.

I hope you enjoyed my It Works Global review.

If you found this review helpful, make sure to click on the social links in this article to share it with others so that people can learn exactly what the It Works Global opportunity is really all about.

Thank you for your support!

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