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WordLinx Review – Scam or Legit? How You Earn and How It Works

Welcome to my WordLinx Review.

One of the questions that we are going to get answers to is if WordLinx is a scam or a legitimate opportunity to make money online.

WordLinx Review

There are several of these “get-paid-to” sites online that provide a way to earn additional money by completing certain tasks online like:

  • Viewing Ads
  • Promoting sites
  • and so on…

The reason why I decided to take the time to review the WordLinx opportunity is that I was looking around and various ways to make money online and this popped up and found it kind of interesting.

With that said, let’s dive down and get started.

WordLinx Review – What Is It?

The company was founded in 2003.

WordLinx Reviews

WordLinx started out as a straightforward “paid-to-click” website where it uses to pay out commissions to members that would view advertisements.

Fast forward to today, it now is an all-in-one “get-paid-to” site where it offers commissions to members for doing all types of these smaller types of tasks including viewing ads as the original task that they started out with.

They offer a trackable short link that when used by the member can tell if they have viewed or performed that task that was offered for payment.

You get paid by sharing this shortened link on the various websites that they want you to share it one like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • etc.

Yes, you do get paid to share these links, and you can promote your own links at the same time, but can you make a lot of money doing this?

No, the amount that you are able to earn is very small commissions.

It will be next to impossible to earn a substantial amount of money by performing the tasks that WordLinx offers within their program.

But here is the question…

Is it a scam, or a legitimate program that you can earn money with?

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Is WordLinx A Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Is WordLinx Legitimate or a Scam

When taking into consideration what this program is all about and the transparency on what you will earn for doing the tasks that they offer, it is not a scam.

WordLinx is a legitimate opportunity that you can perform these micro-tasks that are offered by the program through the other members and get paid.

Through all the reviews and testimonials that I’ve found on other legitimate websites and forums, WordLinx promises the payout that is offered and also pays out the amount offered when you hit the minimum requirement for a payout each time.

As a matter of fact, since its 2003 introduction, it has been one of the most trusted and legitimate opportunities online.

With that said, let’s move into the next section of the review.

Who Uses the WordLinx Website?

There are actually 2 types of people that use WordLinx which are:

  • People like you looking to earn additional money online.
  • Advertisers looking for legitimate sites to advertise their business.

Looking To Earn Money With WordLinx?

How To Make Money With WordLinx

For the people that are looking at earning additional money with WordLinx, you will be completing the tasks that the system offers you.

The main way that you earn money with WordLinx is by sharing links.

This will earn you points that you can turn in for a cash amount that you can later deposit into your Paypal account then transfer that money into your bank account at any time.

Within the platform, you will have the ability to share anything that has a website link.

You will have to use the link shortener within the platform so that the system can track the activity from the actions that people do with that link including yourself.

This tracking link is very important and used to verify that the tasks are being completed.

There is a minimum payout threshold that you must meet but once earned then you can cash out at any time to your Paypal.

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Looking To Advertise With WordLinx?

If you are an advertiser looking for more exposure to your business or product offering then WordLinx might be another platform for you to check out.

WordLinx offers a low promotion price that they offer to advertisers.

They charge a little less than $3 per thousand visitors.

WordLinx Advertising Platform

The WordLinx has been operating since 2003 so you can only imagine how many members they have at this time.

So, as an advertiser, this can be a useful traffic and branding strategy that can be used within the platform.

I haven’t personally tested out this part of WordLinx so I can’t tell you from personal experience if the traffic quality is good or not.

Additionally, advertisers can become regular members as well, and used the points earned towards advertising credits which are a really great option.

Making Money With WordLinx Breakdown

I wanted to add this section of the review just to further break down how you make money with WordLinx even though I touched on it earlier.

WordLinx offers several ways to make money from their website.

You have to register as a member to get started, and this is, of course, is a free process whether you are starting as a member or advertiser.

Sharing Links To Earn Money

The main way to earn the points that you can turn in later for cash value is through sharing a shortened link in a variety of social media sites that you own yourself, traffic exchanges, and other sites that the task outlines for you.

How To Earn Money With WordLinx

Once the tasks are completed by people clicking on your links (paid to click) you will earn what the company calls “Share Points”.

These share points you can later turn into for a cash value and withdraw your commissions to your Paypal account.

This program actually will let you share anything that has a link.

The way to shorten the link that you want to share is by using the “built-in” software that the program provides that will provide you with another link that is shortened and also has tracking enabled on the link so that you can get credit when a “unique” visitor that clicks on the link.

The unique visitor simply means that if the same person clicks on the link multiple times, you will only get credit for 1 click only since it is the same person clicking.

When you are in the process of shortening your link you will have 3 options when shortening your link which are:

  1. A shortened link containing ads.
  2. Another shortened link containing ads.
  3. A shortened link with no ads.

The first 2 links that you can create will give you the opportunity to earn share points, but the 3rd and last one you can create with no ads will not give you the ability to earn any share points.

There is no set value on the number of points that you can earn per click according to the company site.

However, the site does say that when you get 5,000 unique visitors per month, you can expect to earn $3 and more per year.

Like I mentioned earlier that it will be very difficult to earn any kind of significant amount of money with these types of programs.

Literally, a fraction of a cent per click is what you are looking at for sharing these shortened links.

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Earn Money By Completing Tasks

Additionally, you can also earn by completing tasks on WordLinx.

The earning that you can earn will vary by the task that is offered.

The earning that accumulate for completing these tasks will be credited to you in 7 days.

Earn Money By Referring People To WordLinx

WordLinx also will reward you when you refer people to the program as well.

The way it works is you will get your personal referral link inside of the program that you can share with others.

When you share your referral link and a person signs up you will earn 10% of the microtasks that they do and 2% of the earning from when they share their shortened link.

You will also earn 10% when your referrals buy something from the site like the advertising that WordLinx offers.

There is also an option for you to upgrade your account including your referrals that will offer a higher percentage of earning from your referral commissions that were described above.

Traffic Exchange

You can earn additional regular points from using the WebLinx traffic exchange they have in place as well.

These points that you earn from viewing other people’s websites can be used for additional traffic to your website, blog, capture page, etc…

You can’t really earn any money internally using the traffic exchange, but you can earn from the traffic that you get that turns into leads and or sales.

WordLinx Pros

Some of the things that I liked about the WordLinx program were a few things that I outlined below.

These are some of my personal things that I like, but some might have a different perspective on the things that they liked about the program.

  • Obviously, for me, the main thing that I liked about the WordLinx program is the fact that you can earn money with it. You do get points for the tasks and other things that you can do with the program but the only option to redeem the points is a cash option which is very nice.
  • I liked the fact that they’ve been in business since 2003 which is always a great sign for a business being legitimate in the online world of businesses.
  • The fact that there are several options for making money through the program is a great thing in my opinion. The main way to earn is by sharing your links that have ads, but there are more valuable options like the tasks where you can earn more money with the program.
  • The ability to upgrade to a higher level that will award you with a higher commissions tier without paying out of pocket and using your earning from the program is a great option as well.
  • The fact that you can get more exposure to your site or things that you are personally promoting as well outside of the WordLinx program using some of the things available like the traffic exchange and ad buys they offer is another pro that I see with it as well.

My WordLinx Cons

With the positive things that I liked from the program out of the way, there are things that I didn’t really like about the program as well.

These are all my opinion of course and might be different from someone else.

With that said, here is a breakdown of what I did not like about the program.

  • The most obvious con that I’ve personally have seen was the incredibly low payout amounts for almost everything they offer. This is not a program that you can earn a good extra income with for the amount of time that you put into it. Although if you spend the time inviting a ton of referrals to the program and they are actively using it as well, in time it might be worth it, unfortunately, it will take a while to earn a good amount of money no matter what you do.
  • The upgrade options are great and give you the ability to earn more and get more out of the WordLinx program, and they do offer an option to upgrade for free using the points that you earn from doing tasks but still, it will be a difficult option and the amount of earning that you can earn at the higher levels I still feel are not worth it.
  • The fact that the minimum withdrawal threshold is $10 which is ok and fine in any other program, but with WordLinx you are not going to earn that much anytime soon, so in my opinion that minimum amount is really high for what the program is and how much they payout.

WordLinx FAQ

In this section, I will cover some of the answers to questions that people may have when they are thinking about joining WordLinx.

How Much Do You Make With WordLinx?

There are many of these “get-paid-to” opportunity sites on the Internet.

They all pay very similarly which is not very much for the tasks that they need you to do in order to get paid.

On average for all the tasks that you will be doing will roughly earn you around $10 per month realistically.

There is a minimum cashout but when you hit it, you can deposit your earning in your Paypal account.

But here is the thing…

Is WordLinx Worth It?

If you look at it as just earning extra money per month, then, in my opinion, it is not remotely worth it.

If you are looking for more exposure to your web pages or advertisements, then yeah, I see some benefits in that aspect.

But if you are looking at it just to earn extra money, then no.

How Much Does It Cost To Join WordLinx?

There are 1 free and 3 paid options that you can get started with WordLinx which are:

  • Free
  • Verified – $9 per year
  • Pro – $99 per year
  • Super – $199 per year

With that said, there are ways to upgrade for free.

When you earn $15 worth of completed tasks you can use those earnings to be a verified member.

When you are able to earn $150 worth of tasks that you complete you can use those earnings for the Pro account.

When you accumulate $250 worth of completed tasks then you can use those earnings to upgrade to the Super account for free.

I guess it is not really free when you still have to take your time to complete those tasks and in my world, time is money.

How Do You Join WordLinx?

I touched on this earlier, but I just wanted to create a specific section for those looking for information on how to get started and join WordLinx.

How To Sign Up For WordLinx

To join is super easy, all you need to do is provide your email address to become a member.

After you sign up the program will even credit your account with 50 cents and 1,000 share points just for signing up which is nice.

Just complete your profile settings to complete your registration which is information like your birthdate and name, and Paypal address to receive your earnings.

Is There a Better WordLinx Alternative?

If you are looking for an alternative way to earn extra money online then I would say yes.

There are plenty of ways to make money online that I can list for you, but then I feel the most important thing that anyone can do is to start an online foundation to get started.

What I mean is to start your own website to start getting traffic that you can turn into sales.

I offer a free course that you can get here through my how-to start a blog for beginners guide article.

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Do I Recommend WordLinx?

In this last section of the review, we are going to discuss my final thoughts about WordLinx.

I took some time taking a look into this program and I did like the fact that they’ve been in business since 2003, but is it really worth it?

I can see some value for some people, but for most people, I wouldn’t really recommend it if you are looking to earn additional income that would make sense.

Even when considering you can use the program to advertise another business or different program that you are promoting.

Although that fact that some of the aspects seem great, the majority of people that are in these types of programs are doing the exact same thing that you would be doing so I don’t see much traction for leads and signups coming from any of the advertising options they offer.

I do however recommend the program when you are trying to get some social shares to your website, Youtube video, or for a little extra SEO value from some social links.

Other than that, I don’t see much value in it personally for me.

Now, this is my personal opinion, and it might be working out amazingly well for some people, but not my style of marketing simply because it will take an extremely long time before I would see any significant ROI from what the WordLinx program offers.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my WordLinx review.

Make sure to share this review with others by clicking on the social buttons on this page so that others can know exactly what WordLinx is all about.

Thank you for your support!

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