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Viral Prosperity System Review – Scam? Compensation Plan Exposed

Hello and welcome to my Viral Prosperity System Review.

Is Viral Prosperity System a Scam?

This is one of the questions that we are going to get answered in this review.

In this review, I am going to cover details about the company and who owns it, the products that this company is offering, how you get paid with the compensation plan details.

I’ve seen a lot of interest in this new company launch so I decided to take a little closer look at what it is all about.

Viral Prosperity System Review

I wanted to make sure I did my due diligence and uncover all of the details and information about this company because you never know, this might be something that I would be interested in promoting.

So what I do is go around to various trusted sources, and also review whatever other views that I might come across to get a full idea about how the entire program works.

The key focuses for me are the company, who is behind it, the compensation plan and how it the commission structure works, and of course, the products to see if there are actually tangible or digital products that are worth the price of admission.

Also, before you leave, make sure to grab one of the money-making bonuses that I’ve included below.

Let’s go ahead and get started.

Viral Prosperity System Review

The Viral Prosperity System is a new program that is launching soon, so it was difficult to find some of the information that I was looking for.

I feel that I have accumulated enough research for someone to make a good decision about whether or not this can be a good program for you to join or not.

Viral Prosperity System Training Review

If you have read any of my other reviews on my Digital Cash Kings website on the various companies, you can tell that I am unbiased and really do dive down and research more than any other review on the Internet as far as I can see.

So I am going to call this company a scam if it is a scam, and if it is legit, I am going to say it’s legit.

So prepare yourself for the verdict I have in store for this program to whether or not it is a scam or legit at the end of my review because I think you will be surprised.

Viral Prosperity System Company

Not much information is found on who is the creator of the Viral Prosperity System since the website is not up yet.

Once that information is revealed I will update that information here in my review.

The Perfect System Reviewed

Viral Prosperity System Products

The products that Viral Prosperity System has is training that deals with Internet Marketing.

More specifically, they have tutorials that will teach you strategies that will get traffic to any business.

Viral Prosperity System Products Reviews

The system will also provide education on how to convert that traffic into leads and sales.

They have 3 different product packages, 1 of which is still to be determined as far as the product is concerned but they do have a product package level price listing for it.

The product levels consist of:

The Apprentice Level

  • Essential Books – These are digital downloadable books on success and you will receive 1 per month
  • Live Mentorship Course – This is a course on how to create unlimited income with any business.
  • Vision Board Creation Class – This is a course on how to create your vision board.
  • Secret Weapon Toolbox – This toolbox offers FB software, Instagram software, Solo Ad Rolodex, capture page resources, and unlimited leads. The toolbox consists of 3rd party tools and resources that have affiliate programs that you can earn additional commissions.
Viral Prosperity System ToolBox Review

Elite Mentorship Package – This product package consists of training on how to build your organization and get your team engaged to continue to drive traffic and keep doing the strategies to consistently recruit new members.

$1000 Level Product Package – This package level has not yet been announced and is coming soon.

Additionally, you will receive this training for the Apprentice Level:

  • Social Media Money-Making Secrets
  • 10K Per Month Blueprint
  • How To Make Money Online With No Paid Ads
  • Free Rotator – The traffic that you get from this will most likely be so minimal that I feel it is simply a marketing tactic for people to join.

So as you can see in my review of the products that they offer, they are all digital types of products that are downloadable or watchable.

They do offer a lot of training on how to become successful with Internet Marketing that I like.

I do say that one of the most powerful ways to earn more money online is to educate yourself on ways to generate traffic, ways to convert that traffic into leads, and ways to turn those leads into sales.

When a company offers training in these aspects that I feel are important when you are on your way to becoming successful online, it gets a plus from me.

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The Viral Prosperity System Compensation Plan

The Viral Prosperity System Compensation Plan is structured in an affiliate marketing program pass up pay structure.

I will explain more about how this works below, but the main premise is that it is a 2-Up pay structure.

You can only qualify to earn at the level of commissions that the company offers by purchasing the product package level they offer.

If you decide not to purchase the $200 product package level, for example, all the sales from your personally referred members that purchase at that level will be passed up to your sponsor.

Kinda sucks, but it is a marketing tactic that works and helps your team to earn more money with these types of compensation plan structure.

This pay structure reminds me of the AWOL Academy and Copy Profit Success (CPS) Global.

One of the companies that I recently review has a twist on the pass up, pay structure that was kinda interesting, you can find it here on my 1 Day Work Week review.

The product packages you can qualify for commissions are:

  • The Apprentice Level ($50 per month) – This is the monthly subscription level. This is the first level of the program that gives you access to earn the monthly $25 commissions per personally referred and pass up members. You will have to purchase additional packages to earn higher tiers of income.
  • Elite Mentorship Package ($200 one time) – This product package can earn commissions of $100 every time your personally referred members purchase this package level or your pass-ups purchase this package level.
  • $1000 one time Level Product Package – This package level has not yet been announced and is coming soon. This product package can earn commissions of $500 every time your personally referred members purchase this package level or your pass-ups purchase this package level.
Viral Prosperity System Compensation Plan Review

The way that this commission plan works is in a 2-Up pay structure.

What this means is that you will automatically pass up your 2nd and 4th personally referred and commissions qualified a member to your sponsor. (not the freebie tour takers).

You keep your 1st, 3rd, and everyone that you personally referred 5th sale forward.

This also means that your paid members have to pass up their 2nd and 4th member to you as well.

All of the pass up members that you receive will have to pass up their members too.

So the commissions you can make can really add up and be quite profitable and a bit passive in away.

They have an action plan that visually shows you how to get to 10k per month.

As you can see in my explanation of how the compensation plan works is that commissions that you earn from both upfront sales and pass up sales are 50% commissions from any of the product purchases.

Not sure why this is not a 100% commission based program just like some of the other programs that are out there?

As I said, they are still in pre-launch as of writing my review and I will revisit this article and update any changes that may happen.

Note: There is also an admin fee associated when you join, I am not sure if it will be monthly or a 1-time fee but I will update you here after the launch.

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Viral Prosperity System FAQ

This is the section in my review where I cover frequently asked questions that are popular questions that people have about the Viral Prosperity System.

Is The Viral Prosperity System BBB Accredited?

There is no information in the Better Business Bureau about the Viral Prosperity System at this time.

Due to the nature of the business model, I don’t think this business will ever be listed on the BBB site.

Having a listing on the BBB website is not a red flag.

To also add, there is documentation that the rating system can be manipulated and has through companies that offer services to get your company a better rating.

When I determine whether or not a company or program is a scam, I personally do not use the BBB as a determining factor in my judgment.

What Is The Cost To Join Viral Prosperity System?

Currently, there are only 2 levels.

The monthly subscription level that qualifies you to become an affiliate to earn monthly commissions with Viral Prosperity System and a 1-time cost to qualify you to earn additional higher tier 1 time commissions.

The Perfect System Reviewed

The subscriptions consist of:

The Apprentice Level – This is the monthly subscription package and will cost $50 per month and will qualify you to earn $25 commissions from all Apprentice Level members that you qualify for.

The Elite Mentorship Package – This product package will cost $200 one time and will qualify you to earn commissions of $100 per sale that you qualify for.

Coming Soon Package – This package will cost $1000 one time and will qualify you to earn commissions of $500 from everyone that you qualify for.

NOTE: There is also going to be an admin fee associated with the cost when you purchase. This cost is not yet available at this time and I will revisit this review and update that information when I have it available.

Is The Viral Prosperity System A Scam?

No, the Viral Prosperity System is not a scam.

Viral Prosperity System Scam

Although there might be aspects to the products and compensation plan that make it look like it might be a scam.

The affiliate marketing pay structure that it has in place has been proven (as long as it has valid products to offer) to not be a scam.

What gets these programs in trouble with the regulators are income guarantees and claims.

If they want to stay out of the spotlight and have a long track record, I would advise the company to stay away from making any claims of that nature, even though it maybe 100% true.

My Viral Prosperity System Final Review, Thoughts, and Bonus

So here are my final thoughts about Viral Prosperity System.

After doing research and reviewing the company and compensation plan and products, I have enough of the idea that this can be a good opportunity for someone to earn residual income.

I know many people associate MLM with residual income but with these types of affiliate programs that offer subscriptions make it possible to be similar to what many people are attracted to with MLM.

To earn residual income.

Although there are not the levels of depth that the MLM pay structure offers, I do believe that these type of programs gives a person a great alternative that is proven to be an easier sell.

And with that said, more people will see results faster when comparing side to side these types of programs compared to a traditional MLM program.

These programs are not scams but what can get them in big trouble are the marketing practices like obnoxious income guarantees and claims.

When you are looking to join an opportunity online make sure to do some research on the company before you join.

This will save you time and money from joining the wrong program.

Hopefully, I shed some light on what this opportunity is all about so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not to join.

If you are looking for my advice, I would say with the information that I presented to you and what I’ve found, it is up to you to make the decision on whether you feel this is the right program for you to join and earn money online with.

I hope you enjoyed my Viral Prosperity System review and if you found value in my review please click on the social share buttons on this page because it helps.

Thank you.

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