USANA Compensation Plan & Commission Pay Structure Review

Full USANA Review of the Company, Products and Compensation Plan

USANA Compensation Plan & Pay Structure Review

Hello and welcome to my USANA Compensation Plan with a simplified commission structure breakdown and taking a deeper glimpse into it all.

The best and smartest thing to do before jumping into any business opportunity is to take time and research the company the products and the compensation plan.

Some may say to not do any digging and just dive in, but I say that is the wrong approach, you want to make sure it’s a great program and an opportunity that has a commission plan that pays out, it’s great that you’re here today doing your due diligence.

Sometimes the business opportunity might seem to be the greatest, even your gut might be saying to you to join, we still owe it to ourselves to do a bit of diligence before we go diving in head first because you’ll never know if there are piranhas in that pond.

USANA Compensation Plan & Commission Structure

When you get to the section of this article about the compensation plan, I know that this topic would be of the most critical part simply because I understand that the #1 reason that you would participate in MLM is to earn more income.

And with a program not having an easy to grow compensation plan, or without a compensation structure that’s easy to comprehend, you will have no idea on how to grow a great foundation, you’ll absolutely need to acknowledge this for you to sustain a solid long-lasting monthly cash flow.

In my USANA article, I want to give you a great assessment of what the program has to offer by going over the commission plan, the company, and the products.

Then before you leave make sure to check out my 3-step formula to earn money online while finding targetted prospects for your mlm business.

And when we eventually get to the end of this overview, I will go over what my thoughts are about how I feel about the experience I get with the USANA company.

So, let’s not take any more time, here we go!

First, before we dive in, let’s take a look at USANA’s Opportunity Video…

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The USANA Opportunity Video

USANA Review of the Company

USANA Health Sciences, Inc., or USANA, is based out of West Valley City, Utah and is a Network Marketing company that produces dietary supplements and nutritionals.

The products are manufactured at the companies West Valley city facility.

The products are distributed and sold in over 20 countries.

USANA is considered to be in the top 50 Network Marketing companies.

USANA was founded by immunologist and microbiologist Myron Wentz.

At the end of 2014, The company had 349,000 active associates and 81,000 active “Preferred Customers” in its worldwide distribution network.

In 2012, 91% of product sales were purchased by associates.

As of 2013, its products are marketed in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, France, Colombia, and Thailand.

Beginning in 1993, Dallin A. Larsen served as USANA’s vice president of sales (and later as a consultant to USANA’s president and special advisor to the board of directors) prior to founding the MLM beverage company Monavie in 2005.

From 2004 to 2006, USANA was named on Forbes “200 Best Small Companies” list.

In 2007, USANA was not included on Forbes’ 200 Best Small Companies” list, and an article in the magazine quoted industry and government experts who had raised questions about USANA’s business practices and products.

USANA responded by issuing a press release denying that the company had breached a $40 million loan agreement with Bank of America.

Source: Wikipedia

USANA Products Overview

Usana Products

USANA has several different products in several different categories.

I’m now going to list all of them in this article since I wanted to mainly concentrate on the compensation plan rather than the products,

And if I were to list all the products and what they are then the majority of this review would be mainly about the products, so what I will do is to list just 3 from each category to at least dive down a bit to what USANA products they have to offer.

So let’s dive down into the “condensed” version of the USANA products break down.

Here is a video that covers the USANA Nutritionals.

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  • Chelated Mineral
  • Mega Antioxidant
  • HealthPak


  • BabyCare Prenatal Mega Antioxidant
  • BabyCare Prenatal Chelated Mineral
  • Body Rox


  • Proflavanol®C100
  • CoQuinone®30
  • BiOmega


  • Digestive Enzyme
  • Probiotic
  • Fibergy®Plus


  • Dutch Chocolate Nutrimeal
  • Wild Strawberry Nutrimeal
  • French Vanilla Nutrimeal

SENSÉ Basics –

  • Gentle Daily Cleanser
  • Hydrating Toner
  • Daytime Protective Emulsion

SENSÉBody Enhancers –

  • Serum Intensive
  • Perfecting Essence
  • Eye Nourisher

SENSÉBody Care –

  • Energizing Shower Gel
  • Revitalizing Shampoo
  • Nourishing Conditioner

Usana Product Health Chart

USANA Commission Structure Breakdown

The USANA compensation plan is structured in the binary type of commission structure.

This means that you will have only 2 commission legs to work with.

A left leg and a right leg.

So every person that you personally sponsor into USANA with either land on your right pay structure leg or your right pay structure leg.

The way to optimize this type of commission structure is to try to keep them as even as you can in points, or volume sales made.

I know this is easier said than done, but if the close to even as you can keep your right and left leg as far as the sales generated as you can, the more money you will make the bigger your team grows.

Please take note that if only 1 of your legs consists of all of the sales volumes generated, you will NOT generate that many commissions through this type of commission structure.

Here is a USANA compensation plan breakdown video explaining how this all works.

Ok, so now that you have a good understanding on how the USANA compensation plan works, I will give you a more detailed review of all of the commission structure and how USANA pays out details.

USANA Compensation Plan Overview (Complicated)

I first want to let you know that the USANA compensation plan is a VERY Complicated one to understand.

There are A LOT of hoops with this particular one folks, and I personally hate that in a commission plan.

Even bigger and more popular companies like Beachbody and Mary Kay is not nearly as complicated to understand.

Ok, I’m done with my little rant, let’s continue.

There are 6 ways to earn with the USANA compensation plan.

I will list all 6 below with a detailed review of what each way entails.

After that explanation, I will go more into detail about the rest of the USANA commission plan and how it is structured.

What Are The 6 Different Ways To Earn With USANA?

With the USANA Compensation Plan you earn income in six different ways:


This is basic within any Network Marketing company.

The way you make commissions through retail sales is by purchasing a product at the wholesale price that USANA offers it at to you as a member and then selling it retail.

You keep the profit that is earned immediately.


With the USANA compensation plan, you earn weekly commissions through the binary structure.

You will accumulate sales volume on both your right leg and your left leg as you build your business.

Check out the recommended way to build below for best practices when building a binary compensation plan.

So when you get a certain amount of volume coming from both your right and left leg, you will earn a commission from the percentage of sales volume accumulated on your lesser volume leg.

Refer to the details below to learn more about this percentage and the payout that you will receive when qualified.


All your personally sponsored who reach the rank of Platinum PaceSetter will grant you the bonus of a 15% match of their commission’s volume for the life of their USANA business.

The amount of the percentage will be determined by your own personal rank.


The PaceSetter bonus program is a way to earn more commissions with your USANA business by earning a match on your personal enrollees that reach the Platinum PaceSetter rank.

Your PaceSetter rank will be determined by the amount of personally sponsored members you have and the sales volume “they” generate within “their” first eight weeks.


– Within eight weeks of enrollment, generate 1,600 SVP from four or more personally sponsored Associates.


– Within eight weeks of enrollment, generate 800 SVP from two or more personally sponsored Associates.


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This just means that if you miss hitting PaceSetter rank within your first eight weeks, you will have another chance 1 year from the day you started.

*The matching bonuses are only from the weekly binary payouts, not from any other source of earning.


This is simply a rewards program that consists of what the USANA company determines.

These rewards are usually prizes, and travel prizes, and also some type of monetary incentives.

You can usually find these contests in your online back-office.


When you hit Gold Director or higher, you will be qualified for a percentage of company-wide commissionable sales volume split up between everyone that qualifies at your rank at the same time.

The percentage will also be determined by the number of business centers you have and what type of production they are producing.


This is an exclusive bonus and only paid out to the top 40 income earners for each quarter.

1% of the USANA company-wide sales volume is divided.

This can be quite sizable depending on the company’s quarters sales profit.

USANA Ranks and Compensation Plan Presentation

Usana Compensation Plan

How To Get Started And Earn Commissions In USANA

You will need to have 200 PV or personal volume to start earning in your business center.

You can either personally purchase this volume requirement or you can accumulate this through many customer sales.

This first business center is called BC1.

In most cases the reps usually are on an auto-ship with the equivalent of the required personal volume it takes to always qualify each month by setting it to an automatic auto-ship each month.

How To Open 3 Business Centers

In order to be able to open up 3 business centers right off the jump, you will have to accumulate 400 points in personal sales volume within your first six Fridays from the point that you join USANA.

This will allow you to open up 3 business centers that you can profit from.

They will be called BC1, BC2, and BC3.

The sales volume that you generate will be distributed evenly between the 3 business centers if you are able to qualify for the 3 which will be 200 points in your BC1, 100 points in your BC2, and 100 points in your BC3.

Placement of Your Personally Sponsored

So at this time, you should be building your business by referring others to take a look at your opportunity so that they can buy products, and also take advantage of the business opportunity and what the compensation plan can offer in earning for those people.

When you sponsor a new person, they are essentially going to be in a holding tank waiting for you to place them on either your right leg under the next available position or your left leg under the next available position.

You can only place these referrals one time, and cannot be undone, so take care and make sure you place your referrals where you want them.

A good rule of thumb is to try to keep your right leg and left leg as close to even as far as the points go for each side.

So if your right leg has a total sales volume or points of 1000, and your right leg has a sales volume or points equalling only 300 then you really want to concentrate your efforts on your right leg for now until you catch up the right leg with the left leg.

How To Build With 3 Business Centers

Building with 3 business centers will be the same way if you only had 1.

The way that your Compensation Plan will be structured will be you on the top, then you having the top position on your right leg, and another top position on your left leg.

So, you will still build with your primary position being the top position so you will still need to keep the points or volume even between your right and left leg when you build.

You can build on your inside legs with the 2 extra spots, but I would highly not recommend this unless you are a sponsor monster.

If you are just getting started out the smartest way to build a binary structured comp plan would be building on the outside.

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Calculating Your Commissions (How To Get Paid!)

Just like many other binary compensation plan structures they pay out on the weaker leg sales volume with either cycles or percentage.

In this case, they have structured it where they pay out 20% on your smaller leg.

So with USANA, the pint value is equal to a dollar.

So when you have 25 points on the lesser leg, you will get paid %20 of 25 dollars.

In that case, your commissions would equal to $5.

The Perks of Having 3 Business Centers In The Commission Plan

There is actually a great way to help you earn much more.

It’s by qualifying for those 3 business centers when you first join.

By having 3 business centers compared to having just 1 is this.

Instead of calculating the 20% for 1 business center you can now do this for 3!

Take a look at the image below to see how your earning can multiply.

The Perks of having 3 Business Centers in USANA

Even though the image shows inside growth from the right and left leg, make sure to only build outside!

Trust me, that is the best strategy.

There is a Catch So Take Note!

Another “HOOP” that USANA has is that you will need to have 125 group sales volume (GSV) on your right leg and also on your left leg.

Not really a big deal, but might cause concern for those just getting started.

How To Auto Open An Additional Business Center

To EARN an additional business center you will need to accumulate 5000 in group volume from both your right and left leg.

You can only place this new business center 10 active positions below your bottom-most personal business center.

Additional Info About The USANA Pay Plan

.When examining the compensation plan, I came to learn that there are many questions that I would ask that is not found in this plan.

I personally wouldn’t want to start building USANA to later find out about the undisclosed information that is usually found in the hardest to find places on the company site.

So some of the questions I have and could not find is:

  • The 5000GV that is needed to open up a new position, is that 5k on one leg, and 5k on the other? Or 5k total?
  • Can you just come in and buy the 400PV to open up those 3 positions from the start.
  • Do I have to have 3 separate auto-ships that I have to personally pay for the 3 spots and any future ones?
  • How long can my personally enrolled be in the “holding tank” before I can position them?
  • If I don’t position my personally enrolled within a certain time frame, do they automatically get placed wherever the system is programmed to place them without my consent?

There are a few other concerns and grey areas that I see that I totally hate with these compensation plans that are so complicated.

I truly believe in the KISS method, and the USANA commission plan definitely does not follow this method.

With that said, there are many reps that are earning a substantial income with this compensation structure.

USANA Complaints?

To find any legitimate complaints I wanted to refer to a good source.

So what better source to check with is the Better Business Beureu.

So here are the details that I have discovered:

  • USANA is accreddited in the BBB.
  • There are no reviews about the company at this time.
  • The BBB has rated USANA with a A+.
  • There have been 2 complaints concerning the product/service.

The information was gathered from the BBB website and can be found here.

Final Thoughts About The USANA Compensation Plan

To be frank, when you take what the statistics reveal, unless you join a business opportunity with experience and bring over a team of other experienced builders when you start a new opportunity, you are going to have to bring in over 100 people into the business as reps to find less than a handful of motivated and hungry to learn builders that can help you build your downline.

And with an old-school tactic, you will eventually run out of people to talk to that is on your list.

But with the bigger MLM companies, you are not going to be able to get away with advertising online for too long due to their strict guidelines for advertising on the internet.

But this can work, but you will need to lead with a different offer first.

The upfront offer that I recommend is listed in the resource section I have below.

Building USANA is only just one way to earn an extra income from home.

With the number of opportunities and programs that are out on the Internet right now, there are so many other possibilities to earn from home that you have to pick from.

I’m not saying USANA is not a good company to work, it might be the perfect opportunity for you.

I know plenty of times where a person with no experience went into a company not knowing what to do besides the basics, followed some sound advice and then got to work where it paid out big time for them.

And by no means that the success that they achieved was sheer luck, we all had to work our butts off to get there.

But is possible to achieve when you have the burning desire and motivation, and when you have that, you can become successful with the USANA compensation plan.

I personally started out in Network Marketing and have built huge teams in several companies through the power of Internet Marketing.

With that said, if I were to start all over, I wouldn’t have started with Network Marketing, I would have started with some type of affiliate program that is offered on the Internet because I have found that more people have much faster success and make more money when starting with affiliate marketing.

This is why I highly recommend checking out my resource below if you want to find a great frontend opportunity that is a low risk that you can funnel those people into any primary business of your choosing.

Plus, take away a learning experience to build any other business online in the future.

This front-end offer I recommend also has a great earning potential if you choose to use it as a primary opportunity as well!

But if you already joined USANA or eventually decide to join, then I want to wish you the very best and hope you do extremely well with it, but if you run out of people to talk to, then I would suggest checking out my link below, it will help you find more people for your business.

And don’t worry if you are thinking that you can’t do it because you think it may interfere with your company, what I’m sharing is not in any competition with any Network Marketing company that is on the market.

That’s it, so if you liked this article about the in and out of the USANA commission structure and would like to help out, please click on any of the share buttons located on this page to share it with the social networks to help spread the word.

Also, I hoped this article helped you out in understanding the commission structure and how you get paid with USANA better.

Thank you.


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