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Turbo Wealth Solution Review – Scam? Compensation Pay Plan Structure

Hello and welcome to my Turbo Wealth Solution review.

Is Turbo Wealth Solutions a scam?

This is something we need to take a look at before you decide to jump into the program.

It may look great looking in from the outside and not knowing any better.

But how does it look to the more experienced person that knows what to look for to determine if a program is a scam or legit?

Turbo Wealth Solution Review

I recently saw a lot of interest in this program through advertisements on Google and some of the social feeds and was wondering what makes this program good or if it is simply a money game designed to make a profit and not provide any value.

So, I decided to look into it and do some research on the program to simply learn more about the company, who owns it, what it offers as far as products or services, how it works, and how you can make money from your computer with it.

I hope you will enjoy what I found and uncovered for you here today, and hopefully, I will be able to save you time and money where you can start making money online without dealing with scams or useless programs that don’t offer any value.

With that said, let’s dive down and get started with my review.

My Review Of The Turbo Wealth Solution Opportunity

Basically, the Turbo Wealth Solution is an affiliate marketing opportunity designed to make money for the members that promote it online.

The compensation plan is designed to pay out in a 1Up pass-up style of commission plan that I will get in more detail below.

I will dare to say that this program has been redesigned, rehashed, and renamed a few times.

The reason I say this is that the back-office of this program is identical to other programs that I have done reviews for.

Turbo Wealth Solution Review of the Company

The creator or owner doesn’t seem to want to be known in any way because there is no mention of the creators on the website itself.

There are no refund or money-back guarantees that make it high risk.

I don’t want to spill too much more about the program because I will get into more detail about the different aspects of how the program runs and what it offers.

The Perfect System Reviewed

But what I can say is that if you are thinking about jumping into this program then I will stress to you to read this entire review before you make a decision because there are some aspects to it that you will want to know about.

I am also going to cover if I feel that this program is a scam or legit.

This program is a high-tier program that starts at $1000 plus the admin fee to get started with.

With all the programs that are online, you have to take responsibility to know that there are no guarantees that you will make money or generate any leads.

I am going to start reviewing more of these types of programs to make sure people know what these types of programs offer and what they are all about.

There are similar type programs in the make money online niche that is highly recommended that are similar to this one but has some huge differences that make the other one’s great options.

The Turbo Wealth Solution Company – Who Owns It?

Apparently, Gary Romano created the Turbo Wealth Solutions program.

This was found through much research and other publications.

But the owner’s information is not located anywhere on the website itself.

As a matter of fact, not much information is known about Mr. Romano on the Internet that can be found.

I am big into transparency because even though it is not a definite factor to prove a program is not a scam, it’s always a positive signal for a program or company to have in place to show pride in what they created.

Think about it, if you created a program that you were proud to share with the world, why wouldn’t you want everyone to know that you created it?

By not being transparent shows me that you want to hide something for some reason.

The next section of my review will cover the products that Turbo Wealth Solution has to offer.

The Turbo Wealth Solutions Product Review

Basically, the main product that you are going to get with the Turbo Wealth Solution program is some type of lead generation software that the company claims will generate thousands of leads for you every single day.

Turbo Wealth Solution Review of additional Capture Pages

What I understand is one of the cold calling automated robots that all you do is load up a phone list and the software automatically makes a call that when the person answers play a recorded message.

Another word that they call this type of marketing is robocalls.

This type of marketing was huge a couple of years ago, and some people still swear by this type of marketing.

This type of marketing is spamming but works in some aspects of the word marketing.

Does it get leads?

Yes, it does, but are they quality?

Not as much as attraction marketing of course but by the sheer numbers that you need to be effective it can definitely work.

You just need a lot of leads and more than you would think per conversion.

So basically what happens with the lead generating sequence is this:

  • You get the software
  • The software starts making the calls
  • The calls direct people to visit your replicated marketing site. (
  • Get the leads
  • Follow up with email marketing
  • Follow up with calling them back
  • Get the sale.
Turbo Wealth Solution Review of the Marketing System

What Turbo Wealth Solution also offers are PLR and PLR products that you can resell and keep all of the commissions from the sales of these products.

I reviewed another company recently called Leveraged Breakthrough System (LBS) that also offers these PLR products that you can actually pick up online at popular PLR distribution sites for under $20 per course.

They don’t offer much value to the program as a whole in my opinion.

I am almost 100% sure that those extra PLR products are just filler to try to add more value to the program as a whole, but I feel that it takes away from it.

Every package level contains PLR products.

Even at the highest $20k level offers the cheap PLR products that don’t provide any additional value toward your product level package purchase.

I might have said this before but this program is rehashed and renamed from other similar programs that are out and are most likely owned by the same owners.

Even the back-offices are identical.

I personally believe that this program is SO overpriced that it is insane to see.

With that said, the next section of my review will cover how you get paid and how the compensation pay plan works.

How Do You Get Paid With Turbo Wealth Solution? (Compensation Plan)

The Turbo Wealth Solution compensation plan is structured as an affiliate marketing 1UP pay structure.

Turbo Wealth Solution Review of the Compensation Plan

So the way that this program’s 1UP works are by bypassing up your first referral to your sponsor or the person that referred you to the program.

The second one that you personally sponsor you keep.

Now, with that said, say if you purchase the lowest package, but your referral purchases the next one up, or the more expensive one.

You will only get paid the commissions for the lower level that you personally purchased and the remainder of the commissions will be passed up to your sponsor or person that referred you into the program unless they are on the same package level as you.

When that happens the system will find the next qualified person upline that is qualified to earn the commissions.

Your first referral is called the qualifying referral and needs to be passed up.

All of your personal referrals will owe you their first referral as well to qualify to earn commissions as well.

The Perfect System Reviewed

The cycle will continue until the sponsoring stops.

There is not too much to this type of compensation plan and is used in many more legitimate programs that actually offer products and services with a value like AWOL academy and Copy Profit Success (CPS) Global.


  • You CAN make money with the program, but you will have to do it by promoting Turbo Wealth Solution to unsuspecting newbies that get pulled into the sales angles that this program pitches.


  • The exchange of money through the mail in order to earn commissions.
  • The owner is not really known.
  • No real value in any of the products that they offer.
  • Not any value in the service being offered.
  • No legitimate business model that models a legitimate long-lasting program.
  • Strong similarities of a Pyramid scheme.
  • There are no refunds or money-back guarantees.

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Turbo Wealth Solution FAQ

This is the section in my review that offers answers to some of the frequently asked questions that one would ask about Turbo Wealth Solution.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

There are 6 membership levels that you can ‘buy-in’ to the affiliate program of Turbo Wealth Solution they are:

  • Bronze – $1,000
  • Silver – $2,000
  • Gold – $3,500
  • Platinum – $6,500
  • Diamond – $12,000
  • Elite (Royal) – $20,000

* Every single product comes with a $247 “admin fee”.

Is Turbo Wealth Solution BBB Accredited?

No, Turbo Wealth Solution is not listed as being accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

How Do You Get Paid?

There are plenty of payment processors on the market that can handle the processing of commissions that can be used.

But those typical payment solutions are not what Turbo Wealth Solution goes with at all.

They use US mail to send payments.

More specifically, a check (inside a magazine), with no way of tracking things.

Having to put money in a magazine to send to someone through the mail is a bit sketchy to me.

It sounds like how the cash gifting schemes worked back when they first came out which turned out not to be legit.

Is Turbo Wealth Solution A Scam?

Is Turbo Wealth Solution A Scam

Yes, it is a scam.

In my personal opinion, I don’t see any value in any of the products or training that this company offers.

Especially not anywhere remotely close to the cost for any of the membership levels.

It is simply a money game that people are playing here that get involved.

I mean one of the ways that they tell you to receive your commissions is by sending off a money order inside of a magazine through the US postal service.

Yeah, that’s not really suspicious!

Turbo Wealth Solution Alternatives?

Yes, there are great alternatives that you can look into that offer great value and opportunity for what you pay for.

There are several sources to find free training like on Youtube that will provide education that you can learn about how you can make money online.

Following my Digital Cash King website is another great starting point as well to learn more that provides training and resources.

If you are looking for an opportunity that you can earn money online by participating in the affiliate marketing program that a program offers then I would suggest starting here:

Click here for a great opportunity to earn money at home.

My Final Turbo Wealth Solution Review and Thoughts

Turbo Wealth Solution is a scam in my opinion.

They don’t have any value in the products, and nobody really knows about the creator of the program itself, or even if that is his real name.

The price for membership is insanely high for what you get, and really crazy when you really think about it.

The claim that Turbo Wealth Solutions make that is it so easy to make commissions and profit with their program is going a bit overboard.

There is no doubt in my mind that you can make money online, but it takes education, time, and applied consistent action steps.

Over time through learning more and becoming more skillful the possibility to earn amazing income online is a reality.

And honestly, if the program had some of the best training that you can find that I would probably not be so hard on this company throughout my review.

It is really an insult that a program can promise people gold and diamonds that will only deliver coal and sand.

So with that said, I feel that you have plenty of information about the Turbo Wealth Solution opportunity within my review to make an educated decision on whether or not it is a scam or not.

If you decide to join and find yourself hating yourself later, don’t blame me, because I warned you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Turbo Wealth Solution review, I hope you found value in it.

Please make sure to share this information by clicking on the social share buttons on this page because it really helps out.

Thank you for your support.

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