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Thrive Architect Review – Information and Highlights

Welcome to my Thrive Architect Review.

In this article, I would like to take the time to explain all the features and discoveries I have found useful about this WordPress page-building plugin.

Content Builder 2.0 (Thrive Architect) is the secret code name the Thrive team has been using internally and externally when referring to the new version of Thrive Content Builder. They did not want to call it 2.0 because they felt it didn’t do it justice because it is really a dramatic overhaul to the existing plugin.

Here is some important information for current Thrive Content Builder customers:

Q. Will the current Thrive Content Builder customers have to upgrade or pay extra for Thrive Architecture?
A. The short answer is no, any current Thrive Content Builder customers will have to pay anything extra for this upgrade. With all the new updates and upgrades they are treating the new plugin as an update to Thrive Content Builder, which means that EVERYBODY who has access to the Thrive Content Builder will get the new plugin for free. This includes Thrive Members, of course.

Q. So what will happen to all my previous pages that were built using Thrive Content Builder?
A. With Thrive Architecture all previous or past Thrive Content Builder pages built will be backward compatible, which means that nothing will happen to your existing pages and you will have the ability to use all the new features to further customize them as well.

Q. Will it be possible to save a page layout and use it on all or specific pages?
A. The answer they gave was “most likely”, and we will have to wait for the previews and specifics later on when they are willing to release more information.

Thrive Architect is set to launch 29th of August 2017.

As of right now, I don’t have access to this plugin since its not released, but once I get my hands on it and test it out for a while, I will be back to update this news with my personal thoughts about the functionality and let you know about my final thoughts.

Some of the Thrive Architecture Highlights

Stay tuned…

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