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The Digital Network Review – Scam or Legit BTC Money-Maker? Compensation Plan Details

If you’re looking for an unbiased The Digital Network review, then you’re in the right spot!

This is a newer company that launched not too long ago and I wanted to take a closer look at it to see what they offer.

In this review, I am going to share the information that I gathered about the company, the products, and because I know that many of you are here “for the money”, I am going to cover the compensation plan information too.

I am also going to look over all of the information that I gathered and then give you my final recommendation in the last section of this article.

The Digital Network Review

Make sure you stick around until the end because what I found out about The Digital Network, might surprise you!

With that said, let’s dig in and see what we can learn about this opportunity.

What Is The Digital Network?

What Is The Digital Network

The Digital Network is a company that offers you the ability to increase your Bitcoin with the opportunity that it offers.

The company is structured in a simple and small MLM compensation plan structure without many of the extra bonuses that come along with the typical MLM companies that are out there.

I would say that this company is in the high-tier Cryptocurrency MLM niche that focuses on BTC.

Who Owns or Runs The Company?

When researching any money-making opportunity, I like to see who the owner is.

This gives me the opportunity to learn more about the experience and the background that the leadership has which is always a good thing to know.

The Digital Network Company Owner CEO Founder Unknown

After looking over the company website, there was no information that I was able to find out about the leadership or who runs or owns The Digital Network which is unfortunate.

I decided to take it a step further and look around the internet and searched various popular social websites and forums and still nothing.

The lack of information makes you wonder why they decided to leave out this important information since I feel that it is an essential part of a company’s business model.

Either way, I would consider the lack of transparency is the first red flag I have with them.

The Perfect System Reviewed

The last thing I decided to do is do a whois lookup on the domain name to see if I can find out who owns the domain name.

I didn’t think I was going to find out anything new but here is what I found:

  • The domain name “” was registered on 12-29-2019.
  • The domain name was registered privately.

Since the domain name was registered privately, there was no additional information that I found which is what I thought.

This is everything I can find out about the company and ownership, with that said, let’s move on and see what products they offer.

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Does The Digital Network Offer Products Or A Service?

The Digital Network Products Review No Retail

One of the things that any MLM company needs to have in place (even it is a small MLM comp plan structure like this one) are retail products or services that customers can purchase without having to join as an affiliate member.

With that said, when looking over the website, there are no retail products or services that the company offers.

Not offering any retail products or services is not a good thing that I covered and is not in compliance with MLM laws.

The only thing that you can do is join as an affiliate member and promote the affiliate membership to make money.

Once you do get started as an affiliate member, the company does offer training and access to private groups.

Here is what you will get:

  • The Million Dollar Starter Pack – The Million Dollar Starter pack is the ins-and-outs of bitcoin. This product costs $47
  • The Bitcoin Multiplier – access to a “secret Facebook group” and marketing tools for $497
  • Advanced Underground Secrets of the Billionaires – product information not disclosed, costs $1997

They also offer an all-in level that will give you all 3 options above at a discounted price that you can learn more about in my “How Much Does It Cost To Join” section below.

With that said, let’s see how the compensation plan works and how you can make money with The Digital Network.

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How Does The Digital Network Compensation Plan Work?

The Digital Network Compensation Plan Details

The way that this program is designed, it is all about making money from the program itself and through Bitcoin education.

In this section of my The Digital Network review, I am going to share with you how the compensation plan works which the way that you can make money with the program itself.

Getting Started

In order to start making money with The Digital Network, you have to purchase one of the products they offer.

Now, if you only purchase the product that costs $47, then you can only make sales from that product purchase when you recruit others.

If you purchase the $47 and the $497 products, then you can earn on both those packages when you recruit others and build a team.

And of course, if you go all-in, and purchase all of the products, you can earn on all of the levels when you recruit people and build a team.

How To Make Money With The Digital Network

Referral Commissions

The compensation plan model is based on a unilevel compensation plan structure.

For those that don’t understand how the unilevel comp plan works, here is a breakdown:

  • The first level of your unilevel will only have your personally recruited members on it.
  • The 2nd level of your unilevel comp plan will only have team members that your first level personally recruited on it.
  • The third level of your unilevel will only have team members that your 2nd level members personally recruited on it.
  • and so on…

The Digital Network only offers 3 levels to their unilevel compensation plan that you can get paid on.

Anyone that falls past the 3 levels of your unilevel, you do not earn from.

You get paid when someone that you or your downline team members recruit purchases one or all of the products that the company offers.

Here is a breakdown of what you can earn:

  • Level 1 – Your personally recruited members that purchase any products will earn you 40% of their product purchases.
  • Level 2 – Team members that make a purchase on this level of your unilevel comp plan will earn you 10% of their product purchases.
  • Level 3 – Team members that fall in your level 3 of your unilevel will earn you 5% of their product purchases.

Yup, I know this compensation plan structure is very simple and could be mistaken for an affiliate marketing plan structure but since they offer multiple levels of commissions (multi-level marketing) it is technically still considered an MLM company with this business model they are using.

With that said, this is everything there is to how the Digital Network compensation plan works and how you can earn money with it.

Let’s move on and answer some questions.

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My The Digital Network FAQ Section

In this section of my review, I am going to answer some of the questions that people may have when thinking about joining the Digital Network opportunity.

Does The Digital Network Have BBB Accreditation?

At his time, The Digital Network is not accredited with the BBB.

Not having a listing or accreditation with the BBB automatically make a company or program a scam because the BBB website is not even a government-run or regulated website.

Not many people know this, they think it is a government-run website that has a legitimate or legally binding review and rating system which they do not.

This is why I take in all of the information that I gather on all of the companies and programs that I review before making my final recommendation.

How Much Is It To Join The Digital Network?

You can actually create a free account to join The Digital Network, however, you can’t make any money with the compensation plan they offer nor can you gain access to any of the products that they offer.

In order to join The Digital Network and earn commissions and earn from the compensation plan they offer, you must purchase at least the $47 product.

Here is the purchase pricing list for the products that The Digital Network offer:

  • The Million Dollar Starter Pack – This product costs $47
  • The Bitcoin Multiplier – This product costs $497
  • Advanced Underground Secrets of the Billionaires – This product costs $1,997
  • Get All 3 Products (All-In) – Going  “All-In” would cost you $1,247

You are limited to the amount that you can earn from the product level that you purchase unless you go “all-in”.

Refer to my compensation plan section above for the limitations.

The Perfect System Reviewed

With that said, let’s answer the question that many of you have been waiting for which is…

Is The Digital Network A Scam Or A Legitimate Opportunity?

Is The Digital Network A Scam or Legit Opportunity

There are some concerns that I have about the Digital Network business model.

The main concern is that they do not offer any retail products when they are technically running a business that has an MLM aspect to it.

The other concern that I have is with transparency, if a company is going to claim that you can make an extra 10 Bitcoin plus in 1 month, then where is the proof or the people running the show that is actually earning 10 BTC per month?

But no, I do not think The Digital Network is a scam, but I do think they should add a retail option to keep them out of trouble and be more transparent to help with their bold claims.

With that said, let’s finish up.

My Final The Digital Network Review and Recommendation

In the last section of my review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation that I have on the Digital Network opportunity.

Throughout my review, I have shared the information that I gathered with you about the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

I then looked over all of the information that I gathered to share with you my thoughts on whether or not it is a scam.

I did this to help you understand what the Digital Network is, how it works, and what they offer for those that are interested in learning more about it.

But here is the question…

Do I Recommend Joining The Digital Network?

Whether I recommend the company or not, you have all of the information that you will need to make an educated decision on whether it is right for you or not.

If you were to ask me if I would join…

I would have to say no due to the concerns that I listed above.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my The Digital Network review.

If you found my review helpful, make sure to click on the social share buttons below to share it with others so that people can learn more about what The Digital Network is and how it works.

Thank you for your support!

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