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Survey Club Review – Is It Legit or a Scam? How It Works

Welcome to my Survey Club review.

One of the questions that we need to take a look at and learn is if an online program that you can make money with is a scam or not.

We don’t want to waste our time joining a program that is not going to pay out or get shut down later.

Survey Club Review

We are going to try to avoid this by digging into all of the information that the Survey Club has to offer including outside legitimate sources to make sure this company will pay you.

We are going to look at various information like how it works, what the Survey Club program is, how you make money with it and pay you, and if it’s a safe and legitimate opportunity.

We are also going to take a look at any complaints we’ve found online about the program as well.

With that said, let’s dig in and see what we can learn.

What is Survey Club?

What Is Survey Club

Survey Club is a company that offers surveys that you make money with “paid surveys” when you qualify and fill them out completely.

The surveys that the company offers are provided by participating partners of Survey Clubs.

These surveys that are provided that you can get paid for are from companies that want to improve their brand and business model.

It is kind of like you are on a customer panel for a company asking questions about a particular product like:

  • What did you like about it?
  • What didn’t you like about it?
  • What was your favorite product in this category?
  • What was your least favorite?
  • etc…

As you can see the surveys can be as simple as answering questions simply based on your opinion about it.

That is all it’s about, very simple and not hard to do at all.

Once you complete the survey, you earn rewards that you can redeem with items like gift cards or cash out.

One of the things that makes Survey Club different from many of the other paid survey sites is that it’s one of the longest-running survey site companies that you can make money with.

Company Overview

Survey Club Reviews

The company was started back in 2005 and is based out of Denver, Colorado in the United States.

The company has millions of members as of writing this review about the Survey Club opportunity.

Not all of the members are active, but that is at least the number of people that signed up.

A really big number, right!

How Does Survey Club Work?

In this section of the review, we are going to break down how Survey Club works.

How Does Survey Club Work

The way that Survey Club works is first, the program itself works with companies and organizations that need people to fill out surveys for their companies and organizations to help improve their company in some way.

This is the service that Survey Club offers to these organizations and companies.

Survey Club is essentially the “middleman” for the survey service provided.

Members that join for a free promise to earn some type of reward or prize for filling out the surveys that these companies and organizations.

The companies and organizations pay Survey Club for each completed survey that is filled out.

How To Get Started and Sign Up?

Here is a breakdown on how to get started with Survey Club that includes 6 steps on what to expect.

Scroll down a little bit until you see the ‘Participants’ section and click ‘Take Surveys’. From there, you can fill out your basic information to request access to the site.

After that, you’ll receive a link in your email to confirm your membership and you can start

Step 1

The first step is to join Survey Club and filling out an initial survey that is all about you.

Some of the questions that you will fill out are:

  • What is your age?
  • What is your marital status?
  • How many children you have and how old if any?
  • Do you have a college degree?
  • Do you shop online and what stores?
  • What type of devices do you use? (iOS, Android, tablets, cell phones, TV’s, etc.)
  • and so on…

Filling out the initial demographic survey about you will help determine which surveys you qualify for.

You can’t do a survey if the survey is only for females that are 50 and older and retired, if you are a male, 28, and work a full-time job.

Step 2

Survey Club will notify you when surveys are available to you based on your personal demographic survey that you initially filled out.

There might be several per day and maybe 1 every other day, this all depends on the surveys that are available for that day.

Once there is a survey available you will have the option to start the survey with the amount that you will earn when completed for each one.

Each paid survey will offer a different amount that you can earn when completing the survey which usually depends on the estimated time of completion.

If you choose to not do a survey, or partially complete it, you will not get paid for it, you only get paid on “completed” surveys.

Step 3

Once you choose a survey to complete, you will start seeing questions when the survey starts.

Almost all of the time the surveys will have qualifying questions within the survey itself that are used to filter out people that do not fully qualify for the survey.

If you answer one of the questions and the survey deems that you do not qualify based on your answer, the system will give you a message that will state that you do not qualify for this survey and close the survey.

This actually happens a lot and is part of how all similar programs in this niche work, unfortunately.

Step 4

Once you find a survey that you qualify for and fully complete by answering all the questions truthfully and completely, you will then get awarded the amount that was described when you first selected the survey.

This will show up in your Survey Club account almost instantly.

Step 5

After you completed a few surveys, you will have enough to “cash out” or withdraw.

Once you have the minimum withdrawal amount, you can get an Amazon gift card, money cashed out to your PayPal account and if you are in the United States, you can get a check.

Step 6

Once you have the process down and you know what to expect, you can simply “rinse and repeat” the process by finding surveys that Survey Club finds for you daily and completing them to earn money or gift cards.

Is Survey Club Legit or a Scam?

Is Survey Club A Scam or Legit Opportunity

In my opinion, no, Survey Club is not a scam.

One of the serious questions that people have when considering the Survey Club company to earn additional money with is to know if it is going to pay out or does what they say they are going to do.

The company has been around since 2005 and running strong for most of those years they have been in business.

Sure, they have complaints, but many of those complaints are the nature of how all of these types of companies work.

I will go into the specific complaints that people have about Survey Club further down in this review.

I mean, the first thing to consider is that it is free to join which usually makes a company not a scam.

One of the biggest complaints that I’ve heard is that the Survey Club surveys don’t pay that much which is typical.

They even go as far as including many of the typical things that you will run into in their own Earnings Disclaimer page that you can find on the website.

This is a great and very transparent aspect that I liked about the program.

I highly suggest taking a look at the earning disclaimer page to shack out all the details on what to expect and more on how Survey Club works.

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How Much Money Can I Make With Survey Club?

How To Make Money With Survey Club

To be honest, you are not going to be able to make a boatload of money with Survey Club.

But, these types of paid survey programs are definitely a good way that you can join and earn some extra side cash in your spare time.

The amount of money that you can earn per survey will be $1 or less depending on the length of the expected time each survey determines it takes to finish.

Now, as a new person to the paid survey world, or surveys that you can fill out and make money with, you will soon realize that you are not going to qualify for most surveys that are offered to you.

Yes, you initially fill out a personal survey all about you, and your shopping habits, but there is also another step everyone needs to take in order to complete each survey.

Once you get offered a survey, you will start it out as if you are actually starting the survey thinking that you only have a few more minutes to complete it.

Nope, you are actually doing the survey while you are qualifying for it at the same time.

So, you might be 2 minutes into a survey and get a message on the next screen saying that you do not qualify.

The only way to know that you qualify for the survey is actually finishing it.

On average, if you work on the surveys that you are offered when you have time, the average amount that people are reporting they earn each month is right around $30.

Additional Ways To Earn With Survey Club

  • Referral Commissions
  • Focus Groups and Clinical Studies

Referral Commissions

Another way that you can make money with the Survey club is to refer your friends and family or anyone as a matter of fact.

When you refer someone with your affiliate referral link, then you earn $1 that is credited to your account for everyone that signs up under your link.

This can really add up if you have a ton of family and friends or a big list of people interested in earning some extra cash.

A very easy way to refer people to Survey Club so that you can earn additional money on top of the surveys that you complete is to advertise your link on your social media websites like Facebook and even Twitter if you have a Twitter account.

Focus Groups and Clinical Studies For Higher Commissions

Survey Club Paid Surveys Clinical Studies and Focus Groups

You can also qualify for clinical studies and focus groups that are available in your area.

These are usually only available in your local area where you can participate in certain focus groups and clinical studies that you can get paid anywhere from $10 all the way up to $1,000 and more!

Don’t get your hopes up too much because I have yet to see a qualifying clinical research panel or focus group that I’ve personally qualified for locally.

With these types of studies, you actually have to attend the research panel or focus group in person.

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When Does Survey Club Pay You, and How Often?

In this section of the review, we are going to cover how to get paid from Survey Club when you start earning by filling out the finished surveys that you get.

Just like all the other similar types of programs, they have a minimum amount that you will have to earn before you can withdraw your earnings.

The minimum amount that you have to earn before you can withdraw your earnings will be $20.

Now, with that said, Survey Club offers surveys that you can get paid for from other “paid survey” programs as well.

Of course, you will need to sign up for the other paid survey programs before you can get surveys from those programs, but here is the thing…

You can only withdraw the earning from the surveys that you got from Survey Club alone.

You will have to log into the other programs that are part of Survey Club and withdraw your earnings from those other programs with a separate withdrawal request.

What Rewards Can You Get When You Withdraw?

Survey Club offers Amazon Gift Cards and Checks for Payout

When you reach the minimum amount of $20 bucks in your account, here are a few things that you can get with your cash out:

They used to offer PayPal, but it seems they do not offer this option anymore.

How Often Do You Get Paid?

Once you earn $20 within your Survey Club account, you can cash out.

As long as you generate at least $20 you can cash out every day if you want.

How Long Does It Take Before I Receive My Pay?

No matter what method of reward you choose to cash out, expect to wait at least 3 to 4 weeks to get your cash, check, or gift card to finally get it.

My Survey Club Pros

Like with every opportunity I review, I like to include some of the pros or the things that I liked about it even when it really is not something I would join or like.

Here is a list of the pros that I’ve found when researching the Survey Club opportunity:

  • Free to join and make money is a really big positive point that needs to be on this list.
  • One of the good things that I really like about Survey Club is even if you don’t qualify for one of their surveys, you still earn 0.10 which most other companies like this do not offer.
  • The fact that they offer some of the most popular and recognizable ways to get paid that includes Amazon gift card codes, and mailed commission checks (us residents only).
  • The time that it takes to reach the minimum withdrawal of $20 isn’t too hard to hit compared to other paid survey sites.
  • This goes for every program that I’ve reviewed similar to Survey Club, but the estimated time it will take to finish a survey is included before you take it is always a plus.
  • There are included “focus groups” that you will get paid for when you qualify for them that payout anywhere from $10 to $200 and even “clinical” online studies that you can also qualify for that payout $1,000 plus. Most other programs like this do not offer these “extra” ways to make money and are strictly only surveys.
  • The privacy of your information is very important to Survey Club where you can even opt-out of emails if you wish in your back office.
  • They offer support.
  • Did I mention that it’s free to join?

My Survey Club Cons

Just like with any program that you can make money online there are going to be some things that I don’t personally like.

My personal cons might not be cons to others, so some of my cons can be subjective.

Here is a list of some of the cons that I personally didn’t like about Survey Club:

  • The time it takes to qualify for a survey can really be frustrating sometimes. There is some customer that complained that some of the time they would take 10 minutes doing a paid survey just to have the system tell them that they don’t qualify and have to start all over with another survey that could end up having the same results.
  • There are a lot of times that you will qualify for surveys for a partner paid survey company and if you qualify and finish it you will have to get paid out through a different platform.
  • If you are not careful about filling out your email address at certain times you can get hit with a ton of spam in your email inbox. (I’d recommend creating a new free Gmail account just for Survey Club and other similar programs)
  • The time it takes to reach your minimum $20 payout will take some time compared to the amount of time you put into getting there.
  • Compared to other similar programs, you are limited to only earning with surveys that you can get paid for.

If you are looking for a legitimate opportunity that is similar to Survey Club but pays on several other simple ways to earn extra money including surveys the I would suggest you check out my SwagBucks review and how it works article I’ve created for you.

Survey Club Q and A Section

In this section of my review, we are going to answer some of the questions that people may have when thinking about joining the Survey Club opportunity.

How Do You Earn The Most Money With Survey Club?

There isn’t any special hack or glitch that you can do to earn more with Survey Club other than accepting all the surveys that are offered to you as soon as you get them.

One of the things that you are going to run into when you get surveys is that many of the surveys that you get will be from other partner programs that you will not get paid from in your Survey Club account and will be paid to your account that the paid survey came from.

One of the things that you can do to maximize your earning is to skip over the ones that you get from the other partner survey programs and just stick with Survey Club surveys exclusively.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is not really any special hack or glitch with the system that you can take advantage of to really get more out of it than any other member other than just sticking to the Survey Club paid surveys only and skipping over the partnered paid survey program surveys to maximize the time it takes to qualify and complete one of your paid surveys.

I know, not much of a “how-to” guide here but I felt I should mention the one thing that I know works better than just spreading yourself thin.

Survey Club Complaints

Survey Club Complaints

Just like many of the other websites that you can earn by completing surveys that you can get paid for there are always going to be some complaints.

This is completely normal due to the nature of the program and how it works.

For those that are new to these free programs that you can join like Survey Club the complaints that are made are from people that are not familiar with how these programs work.

So, what are some of the complaints that Survey Club gets?

Here is a list of some of the complaints that I gathered that are the most common:

  • Survey Club does not pay that much.
  • Another complaint is getting redirected to other survey sites to do surveys.
  • Support is good but it takes a couple of days sometimes to get a response to your issue or question.
  • Taking a lot of time just to qualify and finish surveys is one of the big ones.

One of the complaints that keep popping up with Survey Club that is different from the majority of other survey sites is that not all the surveys are offered from Survey Club.

I can see how this is frustrating but this is how they constructed their business model and once you can understand this, hopefully, you can get past it or simply move on if it’s too much.

Is Survey Club Accredited With The BBB?

No, SurveyClub is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau at this time because the BBB says that they did not respond to 1 complaint.

Here is a breakdown of some of the information I found on the BBB:

  • The “alternate” company name listed on the BBB is Oceanside Ten Management Inc.
  • The management name on file for the Incorporation is Zac MacGrath.
  • The rating for Survey Club is a “C”.

With that said, you can find the full BBB details here.

I don’t usually ever take what the BBB has to say with much consideration just because they have been known to have manipulated ratings from 3rd party service companies that anyone can purchase to better or worsen the ratings and reviews.

I usually only refer to the BBB for additional company information and to compare the reviews, and the testimonials with my other resources.

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My Final Survey Club Review and Thoughts

In the final section of this review, I am going to share my personal thoughts and opinion on the SurveyClub opportunity as a whole.

We took the time to research a lot of information about:

  • The company, and what it is.
  • How it works.
  • How you get paid.
  • Shared our personal pros and cons.
  • Shared what the most common complaints online were.

We also gave our personal opinion on why we felt SurveyClub is a legitimate opportunity and also some of our reasons why.

By this point, you should have a clear understanding of what Survey Club is really all about, including if it is the right decision for you to join or not.

But here is the question…

Do we recommend the Survey Club opportunity?

If you are looking for a way to make some extra pocket money by filling out survey questions all month then this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

If you are looking to make a lot more money spending the same amount of time then you will want to click on one of the links on this page about a program that I personally recommend.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Survey Club review.

Make sure to click on the social share buttons on this review and share it with others so that people can learn exactly what the Survey Club opportunity is really all about.

Thank you!

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