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How To Start A Web Business The Right Way

Welcome to my article on how to start a web business the right way.

In my many years of experience earning money online, I have come to realize that there are many ways that one can make money online but for long-term stable financial gain, you should have a stable foundation from where those earning are starting from.

How To Start A Web Business Online

The way I am going to structure this article is by the starting point, I feel that I should cover the foundation because I feel that this part of the equation is the most important part of the whole solution of the “HOW”.

Without the getting started part of it, or in other words, the foundational part of it, as I like to put it, you will not have a solid long-term and stable earning business plan that one would be in search of the most.

In this article, I will be explaining the “HOW TO” in a way that is more to the point rather than to be very descriptive because I already have a full step by step walkthrough that you can pick up by clicking on one of the links on my website that covers this in way more detail than you can get here.

Just click on one of the banners after you read this article and pick it up for free, or just by subscribing.

Foundational Work

In my opinion, you should have a base, something generic to the niche market you want to profit in and expand out from that.

Now with that said, you do not have to have a base to make money online, BUT for long-term and stable profits that you can always fall back on it is a very wise decision to set up your foundation.


Because many products, companies, and services don’t always stay on the market forever or even have a long-popular life span, so when the market is not so interested in the thing you are trying to promote and you have constructed your whole business model around profiting on a single product, now what do you do?

The smart thing to do is to have a base where you can always gather traffic and leads to where you can promote multiple products, services or anything that can be related to the main topic of your niche market.

The reasoning behind this is that some products shut down, some product owners will shut down the affiliate program and some companies will simply go out of business.

So sure, you can profit from taking the direct approach every single time, but why put all your time and energy into something that might not be here tomorrow and have to keep starting over every single time that happens when you can keep building on something solid from the beginning.

Finding A Niche

When researching a business to build your online business around you must fir find a niche that has a ton of interest, and also a niche that has a long term hungry or exciting market that has been around many years, and you know will be around for many years to come.

The most popular niches that are the most obvious ones would be weight loss, beauty, bodybuilding, and yes, of course, the make money niche.

The trick to gaining entry in these high competition niches is to dive into the sub-niches.

The sub-niches or the “angle” would be to angle yourself to be the expert in the topics that have everything to do with the niche but no one really covers in detail.

For example, let’s take the weight loss niche.

If all you do is promote the products that deal with weight loss, then sure you can make some money, but to get eyeballs on your promotions, it’s going to be extremely hard to get a piece of due to all the veteran and other competition that is always trying to go after.

So go after another easier angle that not many marketers think about.

Do the research, what are the forums saying, what do you see as far as the comments and testimonials as commonality when people are trying to lose weight?

I will give you a hint.

Some of the statements that people talk about that I have seen are statements like “I find it hard to keep a strict eating regimen” and also statements like ” I find it hard to keep my weekly workout routine”.

Are the light bulbs starting to turn on, or are your wheels turning now?

So what you want to do is not only promote the main products that you want to make affiliate commissions on but to get eyeballs on those products you want to promote the angles that are relevant and are answering questions about what your product can help with, which are 10X easier to get traffic from.

So when you start getting traffic to the “angles” of topics for your main promotions, you want to conclude your content with an offer of a solution, which of course are links to your affiliate products that you find that can help, which when they click on it and purchase you make a commission.

Finding Your Traffic

One of the ways to find traffic for your topics was mentioned earlier in the form of forums and reviews.

That is a great way to get started, another way is to use keyword tools like Keywords Everywhere to research how much traffic you can get to a particular keyword.

A side note on some of the keyword tools is that if it’s a new topic, then the keyword tools are not going to show the latest traffic stats and many times it’s not very accurate when researching long-tail or long-phrase keywords.

Another way to find good keywords is to find competitor’s websites in your niche and dissect their own site to find pages within their site that are getting traffic and re-engineer their content to get similar traffic results with a tool like Ahrefs.

Then after you start building a list you can send out promotions and reminders to the people those people to help remind them that the offer is still on the table because it might have not been the right time for them to buy when they first looked into it, but the next time might be, you just never know, and always assume that they are interested just because they took the time to opt into your list.


To summarize you want to find a niche, build content around that niche to drive traffic for various products surrounding that niche that you can promote, then send that traffic to affiliate products to help solve the problems that people are experiencing so that when they buy that product, you make an affiliate commission.

I know that this is a very basic explanation and there is more of an in-depth explanation that I can cover but that is why I created my getting started course that covers everything that you will need to know to create your foundation when it comes to how to start a web business online the right way.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you found value please share this content by sharing it by clicking on the social share buttons located on this page.

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