The Residual Income Code Review – Scam? How To Make Money

Is This A Scam?

The Residual Income Code Review Scam Products

Hello and welcome to The Residual Income Code review.

Is the Residual Income Code A Scam?

In this review, I will share the information that I’ve found about the company and the owner, the products and service they offer along with how to get paid with how the compensation plan is structured.

I have seen some buzz rolling around the social media platforms and forums lately and decided to take a closer look at why this program is getting so much attention.

This review is basically to uncover all of the information that you would want to know about this opportunity so you can have a better understanding on what’s it’s all about so that you can make an informed decision to whether or not this is right for you.

I am also going to reveal my personal point of view about the program as well.

The details that are found in this assessment are from various and credible sources online, which I will share with you below.

The Residual Income Code

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The Residual Income Code Review… What Is It?

The Residual Income Code ReviewsThe Residual Income Code is an online affiliate marketing program designed as a free marketing funnel to earn multiple streams of commissions through 3rd party affiliate programs and services online.

Money Making System Reviewed

The program has the ability to earn money through various affiliate programs that are offered within the system.

I will get into what programs are listed in my product section below.

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The Residual Income Code Company

The Residual Income Code Review Owner Jon MossJon Moss is the creator and owner of the system.

He is a stay at home dad, a coach, an entrepreneur and now a program creator.

Well kind of.

The products that are associated with The Residual Income Code are 3rd party affiliate programs that you can sign up for so that you can earn affiliate commissions with inside the program.

I will get into this later on in this review.

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The Residual Income Code Products

The products themselves are actually affiliate products that you will have to purchase in order to become an affiliate for.

The products that are offered are not actually created by the Residual Income Code opportunity itself, they are part of the step by step funnel that your prospects will go through and have to purchase as well to become affiliates.

Once they purchase these programs, you will earn commissions from the sales.

The affiliate products that are offered within the Residual Income Code consist of:

  • Engagely – Engagley is a lower cost affiliate program that you can jump into and teaches you how to market on FaceBook. This is also the main upfront product that the program leads with.The Residual Income Code Engagely Product Review
  • Aweber – You will need to purchase Aweber in order to earn from the sales funnel that your prospects will go through. This product is a list management tool that will send automatic emails and broadcast emails to your subscribers that you have within Aweber.The Residual Income Code Aweber Product Review
  • Online Sales Pro – This is another affiliate program that you will need to purchase in order to earn commissions from the funnel. This program will offer you the ability to create custom capture pages for any program or product that you want to promote.The Residual Income Code Online Sales Pro Product Review
  • Easy 1 UP – This is a high tier program that has an affiliate pass-up compensation plan similar to AWOL Academy and 25 Dollar 1UP. This program teaches you additional ways to market your business online.The Residual Income Code Products Review High Tier Program

These programs listed above are the main income sources that you can earn money with.

Like I mentioned before, the products that are offered with the Residual Income Code are not created by the program itself, they are all 3rd party affiliate programs that offer services and products associated with online marketing.

Additional 3rd Party Programs that you can make with are:

The Residual Income Code ClickMagic Product Review

ClickMagick – Another Capture Page and Sales Funnel creator with a drag and drop features. This product also offers list integration and ease of use.

The Residual Income Code Udimi Product Review

Udimi – This is a 3rd party Solo Ad vendor that you can earn affiliate commissions with inside of the system, and offers Solo Ads which you can purchase to send an email message to other people’s lists.

The Residual Income Code Traffic For Me Product Review

Traffic For Me – Another Solo Ad Vendor where you can earn affiliate commissions in the inside of the system. It offers Solo Ads that you can purchase where you can send out emails on other people’s lists.

Money Making System Reviewed

The programs that are listed are the ones that you have the potential to earn more 3rd party affiliate commissions with.

Besides the products that you can earn through 3rd party companies, Jon has included training on each one of them, and also how to set them up in the system.

Here is an image of the training.

The Residual Income Code Training Review

The Residual Income Code Compensation Plan Overview

The Residual Income Code does not have a compensation plan associated with it.

The program is designed to earn commissions from the 3rd party affiliate programs that are inside of the program and designed to be an affiliate funnel.

The Residual Income Code doesn’t have pay scales or ranks.

There is not the main program through the program that you can earn affiliate commissions with.

The only way that you can earn commissions with the Residual Income Code is by becoming an affiliate through the products and services that are listed on the inside of the program.

That really is all there is to the compensation plan, this brings us to the part in my review where I cover the frequently asked questions that people may ask.

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The Residual Income Code FAQ

This is the section that answers questions that a person would ask about The Residual Income Code.

Is The Residual Income Code A Scam?

The Residual Income Code Scam

The program is not a scam since it is free to join.

The program is a free funnel program to promote other programs that you can earn money with.

Is The Residual Income Code Accredited?

The program is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau because it is not really a company, it is a marketing system to earn affiliate commissions through third-party programs and services.

How Much Does The Residual Income Code Cost To Join?

The program is free to join.

You will need to either sign up as an affiliate for the programs inside the program to earn commissions with this program.

Each affiliate program will have a different purchase price.

My Residual Income Code Final Review and Thoughts

This is a great free program to join to promote several affiliate programs.

There is no risk to join, but you will need to sign up for some of the programs listed in the marketing systems back-office in order for you to earn commissions.

My thought is this.

Mr. Moss should of at least lost the program for $10 per month and have 100% commission affiliate program attached with it to make it more attractive for marketers to promote his program.

What is the incentive to promote the program itself?

This is just my personal opinion, but I see a lot of potential with his program if it was designed as a funded proposal type of low-cost program.

The program is not a scam, it is a tool designed to help you promote other programs so that you can earn commissions online with them.

I have revealed all the details about this program, now is the time for you to decide if this is something that you see yourself promoting.

I hope you enjoyed The Residual Income Code review I presented for you here today, if you found value in this article, please make sure to click on the social buttons to share it on the social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, because it really helps out.

Thank you.

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