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Pure Profit Pro Review – Scam? Compensation Plan Exposed

Hello and welcome to my Pure Profit Pro Review.

Is Pure Profit Pro a Scam?

This is one of the questions that we are going to answer today with my review.

We are also going to dive into the details around the company and who owns it, the compensation plan and how it is structured, and of course the products and or service this program offers.

I have seen some promotional ads and conversations flying around social media and some forums so I decided to take a closer look at this program and publish my research here to share with you all in my review today.

Pure Profit Pro Review

With that said, let’s begin.

The Pure Profit Pro Review

In this review, you are going to essentially get all the information about this opportunity in one place.

You are going to get answers to what many people are asking on social media sites and forums that you can’t find anywhere else about PPP.

And also, make sure to check out the links on this page before you go, they will provide even more value on top of what you are getting here.

Essentially Pure Profit Pro is a program that you can use to earn money online.

Is has several package pay levels that host different levels of income that when qualified for can earn you a substantial amount of commissions per referral.

Pure Profit Pro is a 1-Up affiliate program where you must purchase to gain access to the products and or services that are offered by the program which in turn gives you the ability to participate in their affiliate program to get paid the commissions that most are looking to get out of this program.

With that said, let’s get started with the company overview and owner information with a brief personal assessment.

The Pure Profit Code Company and What It Is…

Pure Profit Pro was founded by Johnathan Bain (this was not easy to find since there was no information about the owners or company on the website).

The domain name “” was registered on Dec. 30th, 2015.

I am only assuming that the company was registered at that time or soon after.

Triple P is the aka name of the company and is the sister company of Tidam Inc, which is also owned by Johnathan.

The Perfect System Reviewed

The program is created for people that want to earn commissions online through affiliate marketing.

The original company page did not provide any additional information and is actually just a login page to enter the back office.

Pure Profit Pro Review 2

They have since updated the website with a company page with additional information but only about the product and opportunity.

I still can’t find any information about the owner/s, and company overview, the main page is filled with generic information about the opportunity with no transparency about the company and ownership.

I have learned that Johnathan is the creator and owner of another company that is labeled as a “high ticket” program called Tidom that affiliates have to pay anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 to join the program.

I feel that any legitimate program should have a website that provides all the information that someone would want to know about like information about the owner, the products or service offered, and how the affiliate compensation plan works.

As you can see in my review of the company, they should be more transparent when it comes to their program and ownership information.

The following section will cover the products and pricing.

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Pure Profit Pro Products and Training Overview

When you first get started with Pure Profit Pro you will have 3 options that you can come in at.

I have the listing price for each package listed in my cost section located below.

Pure Profit Pro Product Reviews

They use some affiliate lingo that includes Master-Resale Rights which means that you can sell each product for the listed amount but cannot change any of the content or images or links within any of the packages.

Even if you want to the system does not let you.

What this all means is essentially you can sell each package as your own and make commissions each time someone purchases a package UP to the package that you purchased.

I hope that makes sense.

Each package does not only come it the purchase of the product, there is also an “admin” fee associated with the purchase.

There is no affiliate income that you can earn from the admin fee and that money goes directly to the company owner.

This is actually typical in these types of products, but some seem to be a bit more pricey depending on which package you choose.

Some might say greedy since the affiliates are doing all the work.

With that said, let’s get into the product packages (with included “admin” fee charge per package):

Pure Profit 1 – This product package includes what the program described as high converting capture pages, access to an outsourcing team, tracking system, 7-day support, and marketing suite.

This product package includes training videos and audios that consist of:

  • List Building With Co-Registrations
  • Internet Marketing – One Hour A Day
  • Facebook Traffic Wave
  • Personal Growth

The cost to purchase this package is $250 (with a one-time admin fee of $95).

Pure Profit Pro Review Package I

This is basic information on online marketing that I feel just gives the new person tasks to do.

I personally would not go and start doing the co-registration leads since they do not work that great, you are better off going with safelist broadcast marketing for better results.

Pure Profit 2 – This product package includes everything that Pure Profit 1 package includes PLUS the following which is in audio form:

  • Leadership Development
  • Productivity Mastership
  • The Law of Attraction
  • CRS 1.0: Part 1 – Series Introduction
  • CRS 1.0: Part 2 – Confirming & Closing Techniques
  • CRS 1.0: Part 3 – Tactical Closing Techniques
  • CRS 1.0: Part 4 – Mindset for Profit and Victory
  • CRS 1.0: Part 5 – Tactical Questions and Answers
  • CRS 1.0: Part 6 – Operational Training
  • CRS 1.0: Part 7 – Advanced Strategies
  • CRS 1.0: Part 8 – Organizing a Front End Operation

The cost to purchase this product is $500 (plus a one-time admin fee of $125).

Pure Profit Pro Review Package II

Price is subjective to what the product owner feels that the information is worth.

You will have various opinions on whether or not the product or information that is sold is “worth it”.

I feel that this is not a determining factor when calling something a scam.

Pure Profit 3 – This package includes everything you get from packages 1 and 2.

On top of what you get from Pure Profit packages 1 and 2, you also get additional video training course modules which include:

  • How To Master WordPress Training – 45 Videos
  • Webinar Commissions Training – 9 Videos
  • Podcast Blueprint Training – 11 Videos
  • Hashtag Traffic Training – 9 Videos
  • 25 Traffic Methods Training – 2 Videos/3 Hours
  • Healthy Business Life Training – 10 Videos
  • Hire Your First Virtual Assistant Training – 3 Videos
  • Internet Marketing E-Course Training – 20 Videos
  • Internet Marketing E-Course Training – 6 Videos
  • Video Marketing Blueprint Training – 7 Videos
  • Video Marketing Excellence Training – 7 Videos
  • Turbo Video Profits Training – 12 Videos
  • Smart Video Sales Letters Training – 9 Videos
  • The Ultimate List Building Guide Training – 12 Videos
  • Sales Funnel Blueprint Training – 8 Videos
  • YouTube Bully Training – 8 Videos
  • Social Media Control Training – 7 Videos
  • Email Copy That Sells Training – 10 Videos
  • Instant Traffic With Bing Ads Training – 4 Videos
  • Facebook Traffic Revised Training – 9 Videos
  • List Building Success Training – 10 Videos
  • YouTube Video Editor Training – 8 Videos
  • Mastering Facebook Training – 5 Videos
  • Google AdWords Training – 9 Videos
  • Email Copy That Converts Training – 10 Videos
  • How To Use Fancy Affiliate Training – 4 Videos
  • IM Business Model Training – 10 Videos
  • Smart Funnel Blueprint Training – 9 Videos
  • Alternative Authority Content Training – 13 Videos
  • Entrepreneurial Success Training – 10 Videos
  • Instant Traffic Training – 3 Videos
  • How To Make Money On Warrior Forum Training – 5 Videos

The price for this Pure Profit 3 package is $1000 (plus a one-time “admin fee” of $125).

Pure Profit Pro Review Package III

As you can see that Pure Profit Pro package #3 offers a lot of training modules that are combined with packages 1 and 2.

Can someone say that the price is a determining factor on why this is a scam?

No, because the value that someone has put together is determined by the product owner by what he feels it is worth.

It is up to you to make a decision on whether or not you feel the product fits the price tag.

Now, with that said I want to cover the elephant in the room.

The admin fee…

This is the part where I am confused.

What determines the admin fee per the different package levels?

The Perfect System Reviewed

Why is there such a dramatic difference?

Maybe it is because if the company owner/s puts admin fees like this on the packages, they can profit big time from all of the affiliate’s efforts and not from their own?

Maybe because of simple greed?

Or, is there is a legitimate reason behind it?

I truly don’t know the factors on why the owner put these drastic differences in admin fees per package level in place.

But if you are just wanting to purchase the training, why is there still a need for the admin fee?

Maybe there is an option for product purchase only without the admin fee, but I haven’t found it.

And, why is the admin fee the same for all levels?

Those are some questions to ponder.

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The Compensation Plan and How It Works

In this section, I will cover and review how the compensation plan or the affiliate pay plan works.

Remember that this is an affiliate program and it works differently than how an MLM compensation plan works.

The reason why I mentioned that is because I have readers that started in MLM but want to get into affiliate marketing, and vice versa.

So I thought I would mention this.

Anyways, the compensation plan is the main component in why people promote this program through my research.

Here is a video overview from one of their affiliates on how you get paid with Pure Profit Pro.

So here is how the pay plan works.

There are 4 Ways To Earn Money in Pure Profit Pro which are:

  1. Pass Up Sales
  2. Direct 100% Sales
  3. Roll-Up Sales
  4. Member Upgrades

First, you will have to purchase one of the product packages that are listed in my last section.

The purchase of any of the products will then qualify you to earn commissions from that product.

The 1-Up Pass Up Qualifier

To qualify to start earning commissions you will have to pass up your first sale.

When you refer to your second sale, that is when you start earning commissions.

This goes the same to all of your personally referred 1st sales as well.

This is how this particular 1-Up compensation plan works.

This commission structure is common but in most other pay plans, the pass-up is usually on a member’s 2nd sale.

100% Commissions… Sort Of

The company claims that you can earn 100% commissions but we know that there are some hefty admin fees that increase per product purchase.

Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan 1

So, when the company claims that you will earn 100% commissions when half of the product purchase is an “admin fee” then it is not really 100% commissions no matter how you slice it.

There are other companies on the market that have admin fees associated with product purchase and is a common practice but many other company “admin fees” are more realistic and understandable.

Some of these programs like 25 Dollar 1UP and Prosperity Marketing System have these types of fees but reasonable in my opinion.

So the way that it works is when you purchase a package, that is the level that you can earn commissions up to.

Direct and Pass-Up (Roll-Up) Sales BreakDown

The first thing that you are going to have to do after you qualify for commissions is to pass up your first referral.

Pure Profit Pro Compensation Plan 2
  • Pay for the $250 Pure Profit Package, you will be qualified to earn up to $250 commissions per sale.
  • Pay for the $500 Pure Profit package and you will be qualified to earn up to $500 commissions per sale.
  • Pay for the $1,000 Pure Profit level and you will be qualified to earn up to $1,000 commissions on each sale which tops out the compensation plan here.

Member Upgrade Sales

Purchase the $250 Pure Profit Package and someone joins at the $1,000 Pure Profit level, you will earn $250 and the remaining $750 commissions will pass up to the next qualified upline sponsor that is qualified at that level.

The same goes for the $500 Pure Profit level.

If you refer someone at the $1,000 you will only earn $500 commissions and the remainder $500 commissions will be passed up to the next qualified upline sponsor.

This is a common fear of loss marketing tactic used in these types of affiliate programs that have been proven to help upgrade members to a higher package level.

Think about it, if you refer someone that joined at the $1,000 Pure Profit level and you are only at the $250 level, how would it make you feel if $750 of that money was passed up to someone that did absolutely nothing to bring that person in.

I know I would be pissed off.

So the marketing tactic works and works well.

This does not make Pure Profit Pro a scam.

This is just a good marketing tactic.

So naturally, members will want to upgrade to the higher levels just so they don’t miss out on any commissions so when they upgrade you will then receive what is called member upgrade sales commissions.

That is a detailed overview of every aspect of how you get paid with Pure Profit Pro.

Let’s get into our next section which is a good section for additional resources.

The FAQ section…

Pure Profit Pro FAQ

In this section, I will include frequently asked questions that I have found that people are wanting answers to.

Hopefully, I’ve included everything, if not just leave a comment below with your question.

What’s The Cost To Join Pure Profit Pro

If you are wanting to join Pure Profit Pro, you are going to have options.

Depending on what option you choose will determine up how much commissions you can earn.

There is three option that you can join at which are:

  • Pure Profit I Level – $250 + $95 admin fee
  • Pure Profit II Level – $500 + $125 admin fee
  • Pure Profit III Level – $1,000 + $145 admin fee

How Do You Get Paid? Payment Processors

There are several ways that you can accept payment with Pure Profit Pro.

How the system works is when a person makes a payment to be part of the affiliate program and get the training and products, you receive the commissions instantly to your own personal payment processor.

These are the payment processors that are used with the Pure Profit Pro program.

  • Stripe – Very good option to go with.
  • PayPal – Not recommended when dealing with transactions over $500 in affiliate marketing.
  • – Very good option. You will have to pay a monthly fee and submit an application but well worth it if you are receiving monthly commissions.
  • First Data – Very good option. You will have to pay a monthly fee and submit an application but well worth it if you are receiving monthly commissions.

Is Pure Profit Pro BBB Accredited?

No, it is not. The company nor the company owner’s other company is not listed or accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

But don’t worry, this is not a red flag or strike against the program, the company, or the owner.

This just means that it is not listed and there are thousands of legitimate companies that are not listed with the BBB and doing just fine.

BBB is simply a source to gather information on a company but it can be gamed on the rating just as Amazon can.

Is Pure Profit Pro A Scam?

Many of the review sites that I find online are mainly based on calling almost every company and program a scam.

This is of course with the exception of calling their own program that they are promoting NOT a scam.

But I can’t completely fault them for their marketing tactics since the programs that they are involved with actually teach these reviewers to market like that.

I don’t even think many of them take the time to research a company or program and simply rewrite a lot of the articles that are previously written and published.

Anyways, my little rant is done.

So is Pure Profit Pro a Scam?

No, and I’ll explain why.

This program is structured as an affiliate program so this has certain rules that it must adhere to.

The main factor being that the program needs a product that PPP has.

The price is not a factor since the price is determined by what the product owner feels the product is worth whether or not you or I feel it is “worth it” is still not a factor of it being a scam.

Another factor is that the company and affiliates must not make guarantees of financial earnings or claim that they can make a certain amount in a certain time period.

I have not come across this in any of the marketing and for the most part, both the company and affiliates have been pretty good not to make any money claims and some even have disclaimers which are good, and a must in my book.

The admin fee is a grey area, I personally don’t like it, but it is what it is.

Hey if it converts well, then why not.

So again, Pure Profit Pro is not a scam, but with the lack of transparency and dislikes I have for some of the marketing practices, I would personally not recommend it.

My Final Pure Profit Pro Review and Thoughts

When you are looking for an opportunity to earn money online I always say “do some homework and research about it first”.

That is one of the main reasons why I created Digital Cash Kings.

This is a program that I will leave to you to make a decision whether or not you feel it is a scam or if you feel it is legitimate.

I feel that if you are looking into joining this company then you have all the information here to make an educated decision on whether or not you feel if it is “worth it”, or not.

I don’t have any evidence that it is scamming people, but maybe some of the affiliates are making claims which I am not aware of at this time, but if that is the case then the company needs to remove them right away.

Companies get shut down because of income claims, some of the most recent being MOBE and Digital Altitude which are very similar in compensation plan structure and products.

With that said…

I hope you enjoyed my Pure Profit Pro review and took some value from it.

If you found my review useful, please make sure to click on the social buttons on this page to share it on social media because it really helps out.

Also, make sure to visit my links on this page to get more value.

Thank you.

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