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The Prosperity Marketing System

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​What you will discover in ​my Prosperity Marketing System presentation:

  • About Me and ​Why I ​Highly Recommend PMS
  • ​What PMS Is All About
  • The Compensation Plan
  • ​My Personal Bonuses When You Partner With Me
  • ​Frequently Asked Questions ​About ​The ​Program
  • ​​Real Testimonials From Members
  • ​How To Get Started With A 7-Day Free Trial

​First, ​I am going to share some information about myself.

Hello, my name is Wallace Nuanez, owner of Digital Cash Kings website.

​I want to welcome you to my ​​​Prosperity Marketing System presentation.

​I've personally been an Internet Marketer since 2006 and have been full time since 2007.

​​​​The way I​​ have accomplished this is through utilizing the Internet and driving traffic to my offers resulting in leads and commissions.

Over the years I've been able to become a better and more skilled Internet Marketer that resulted ​in me being able to stay home and work full-time online.

But I didn't start off that way, It took a lot of dedication and hard work.

But it eventually paid off.

Now, have more time to spend with my family, ​I have​ more money to pay off bills early, and less stress overall.

​Think about the things you can do with ​some extra money coming in monthly!

The reason why I love ​Prosperity Marketing System...

It is a simple and affordable program that has a ​TON of training on how to generate daily traffic, leads and sales that is designed to be easy to ​apply​ for the most newest person trying to earn additional income online.

Let me put it like this... If you can Copy-n-Paste some words, then you got this!

I wish I had ​Prosperity Marketing System when I started because I know it would of cut my learning curve more than half!

Take advantage and ​take the 7-Day FREE Trial because RIGHT NOW, the timing is PERFECT!

​Listen To What ​Jeff Has To Say​...

(​In Jeff's video he mentions that he will create a splash page for you, I have the same software to ​create that for you too as an extra bonus - see ​all my bonuses below)

​Additionally, all of the training that Jeff mentions in his video is included!

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​The ​Compensation Plan

​​As you can see PMS can be VERY Lucrative!

My Personal BONUSES!

There is ​​training that ​Prosperity Marketing Systems provides in your back-office by itself but I want to share ​additional bonuses that is responsible for ​​generating daily ​sign-ups as a bonus to anyone that joins my team!

Here ​are the bonuses you will get​:

​BONUS # 1

I am going to create you a custom splash page for you to promote The Prosperity Marketing System with!  In this day ​and age successful people know how to stand out from the rest.  A personalized splash page that features YOU will put you leaps and bounds above the rest.

Warning! As you might imagine this is a very time consuming bonus for me to fulfill because I create your page MANUALLY.  So this bonus will not be available forever.  Take the free trial today before it's too late to claim.

Click Here To See A Sample Splash Page

Instructions:  Send an email to ​ after you start your free trial with the subject line 'splash page'.  Make sure to include:

  • PMS affiliate URL 
  • and your preferred picture in the email.

​Then I'll create a splash page similar to the one above that redirects to YOUR PMS affiliate URL.  I'll also take it a step further.  If any of your referrals request a cool capture page like yours, I'll make one for them too.  Just shoot me their info.  If you don't follow the instructions above I'll have no way of knowing you​ want me to create a page for you.

​BONUS​ # 2

​Get access to a POWERFUL penny traffic method our team is using to get leads and sales for PENNIES!  When you take the free 7 day trial today this new video training will instantly be unlocked under the...

'Traffic Generation' tab.

(note: you must take the 7 day free trial to unlock this training)

This traffic is HOT and dirt cheap!


One of the great things about The Prosperity Marketing System is that it has a killer done for you follow up email sequence. But to increase your chances of success you want to send out personal emails that get people to take action as well.

Get access to my professionally written email follow up sequence that you can copy and use to help YOUR prospects get off the fence and start their free trial.  This is a huge bonus as I've got over a decade of experience and know a thing or two about converting prospects into paying customers!


One of the best things you can do is to start your own website online. This will bring you constant long-term traffic, leads, and sales.

The fact that many people don't start one is because it can seem very overwhelming!

Get access to my 61 page guide on how to start your very own website! 

This is a huge bonus as I've broken it down into steps that the most newest person can follow and get a website up and running within a day!


The ONLY thing I'm interested in right now is gaining your trust and handing you a proven system that is full of value and that will transform you into a 6 figure earner.

I'm confident that after getting a glimpse of what's inside you'll immediately realize you've found an incredible opportunity that is completely different than any other opportunity you've ever joined.

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Q.  Can I honestly make 6 figures per year with this affiliate program?

A.  Absolutely! The only two things that are required to earn a massive income online is highly targeted traffic to your website and an offer that converts. Nothing converts more traffic into cold hard cash better than The Prosperity Marketing System, AND I teach you how to get tons of traffic to your website inside the back office.

Q.  Can I add my own programs into the downline builder?

A.  Yes, the downline builder is customizable for your programs. If you are brand new I recommend adding in the traffic and income programs your sponsor recommends.

Q.  I'm a newbie and not familiar with affiliate marketing. Will this be too complicated for me?

A.  Nope. This is the most straight forward and easy to learn and earn program in the world (in my humble opinion). If you can follow our simple but powerful step by step system you WILL succeed. Welcome to a world where earning online is simple. (Finally!)

Q.  Is this for real? Will I really get paid?

A.  Of course! The Prosperity Marketing System has been paying members since 2009. In an industry where opportunities come and go like night and day, this affiliate program is here to stay, and is a system you can count on for a lifetime of monthly residual income.

Q.  Ok, I see the massive potential here and I want to take the trial. If for some reason I change my mind after I take the trial, can I cancel before I am charged?

A.  Of course! It takes one click from your back office to unsubscribe and you'll never be billed. I'll be honest though, in my experience, not many people ever cancel because they start earning money within the 7-day trial period.


"Looks like all my wasting of time and energy could have been shorten if I would have just gotten started with Prosperity Marketing System sooner. No time like the present! It is an excellent way to show others your programs and offers."


- Al Tillis

"Today I want to tell you why I chose Prosperity Marketing created by Darren Olander as my number one tool for generating leads. We all need to show people how to use tools to market their business, no matter what their primary business is. I looked for three weeks with one thing in mind. What gives my leads a real way to market themselves whether they join me in my business or not? I probably found and looked at 50 tools, until I found this one. After a trial period, all of them wanted at least $30 a month average. One more thing we are supposed to shell out money for --I was determined even if I had to build it myself--to help people get the tools all in one place. Prosperity Marketing is my home. Darren has so many videos to train us, as he walks you through the steps to set up the system."


- Debra Hellman

"I have recently joined the Prosperity Marketing System, and I am very excited about the potential and growth of this site to increase my marketing success.  In less than one (1) week I have a total of 20 tour takers, two owners, and one (1) student. Prosperity Marketing System from my opinion is the best Funded Proposal, programs that I have ever found.  There is truly nothing else out there in a Funded Proposal, Internet Marketing System that comes anywhere close to providing the capabilities that this system provides to our business owners. Darren... you were born to win and to be a true leader.  Keep setting the barriers!!!  Thank you again Darren I highly recommend PMS to everyone.​"


- Lloyd Petersen

"I've seen many funnel programs that allow you to build several downlines but few to none of them give the kind of access and flexibility of the Prosperity Marketing System. Take it from someone that has tried the others, there's no reason to look any further. Just use the tools before you and your business will grow."


- Patrick Phenix

"Holy cow BATMAN, I made a sale! Thank YOU Prosperity Marketing System for making that possible!I was ALL over the place before joining this system,now, with your step by step plan, I am getting WAY better with my Online Marketing and seeing REAL results! I have PMS and I love it!​"


- Herbert Thompson Jr.

"After seven years online with some successes and LOTS of failures the penny Finally dropped! NO ONE out there is looking to buy into your latest 'GET RICH QUICK in 25 minutes' biz op! What they ARE looking for is HELP to become MORE successful in the business they are already in and so I now concentrate in adding value to whatever they are already doing and my own success has started. Now that I have found PMS with all the tools, training AND the facility to promote my own things I have found GOLD at the end of the Rainbow! This is a superb site and I recommend ANYONE looking at this NOT to hesitate but GRAB it with BOTH HANDS FAST. Thank you Darren for PMS"


- Richard Avon

"If you're new to Internet Marketing, the system will take you right through the steps you need to follow in order to make money online. You'll learn to do it the right way without wasting hours upon hours figuring it all out by yourself. If you already know how to do it but lack the tools and products to build your marketing funnel, the system will serve you well and will give you the means to present your primary business at the right time. Clearly laid out and easy to use."


- Brigitte Richard

"The Prosperity Marketing System is probably one of the best list builder systems about. I find it easy to use and easy to get new members. The splash pages I have created with this free system are converting like crazy.  I'm impressed how the Prosperity Marketing System helps me showcase my primary business and favorite programs. I recommend upgrading as an owner member to boost your income to the max... Thank you Darren!"


- Paul Messina

"The Prosperity System works. I'm using it to build my business. The training is the best I have found online that will guide you in how to build a successful business."


- John Elley

"This system is incredible!  I was hesitant about joining at first, but I'm glad I did. It made a HUGE difference in my business. I'm building my own email list, growing massive downlines, Making Money, and it's all done Automatically."


- Scott Hugo

"This system has been Great. I am able to build multiple online businesses all through the use of one site. The educational material has been very helpful and the traffic generation sites are working like a charm."


- Mike Cockrell

"After endless months trying to put it all together, I failed and I failed again and again. Darren - I can now help people create automated sales funnels resulting in multiple income streams. This system has been Great to be able to build multiple online businesses all through the use of one site What You really need to be effective is the Prosperity Marketing System... !!!"


- Deborah Bartin-Birden

"Making money online with this system has been a revelation , I tried it out for 7 days, all ​I can say is Wow! Thank you so Much​!"


- Doug Hearn



- Jason Brooks

"Darren - I help people create automated sales funnels resulting in multiple income streams. I highly recommend the Prosperity Marketing System to my clients as a turnkey funded proposal that you can use to market any income program of your choice. The sales process creates a desire for the prospect to progress to the next step and rewards the correct behavior by delivering increasing value at each stage in the process. This is a well thought out and perfectly executed system that delivers real results. Thank you for creating this amazing site!​"


- James Holmes

"Hi, My name is Maria Angelozzi. I am a PROUD member of Prosperity Marketing. I have been online for 7yrs now, and have to say, this has got to be the very best, Marketing system, I have ever come across. Everything is spelled out for you, step by step, and it is the easiest system to implement. I want to encourage anyone who may have thought to join Prosperity Marketing, and may be hesitating, for whatever reason or another to get in NOW! Don't wait like I did, because since I joined, I have been asking myself, time and time again, what was I waiting for! If you are serious about Succeeding Online, this system will certainly enable you to achieve your goal! To OUR Success!"


- Maria Angelozzi

"Joe and Denise here and we say, well, Prosperity Marketing System has been worth every penny it cost to upgrade and more. Although I am good at HTML, Java script, PHP, CGI and building websites and marketing systems, I find PMS to be so friendly to learn and use that I couldn't help signing up and upgrading right away. All my new signups find this system so easy to use that it helps create tons of success all around. If you sign up and have a problem, I will be more than happy to work with you to make happen for you too. It is simply a "great" system for newbies and experienced marketers alike!"


- Joe and Denise Coon

"The Prosperity Marketing System is Pure Gold! The system simply works!"


- Richard Daigle

"The Prosperity Marketing System is the Best and simplest Online Money Making Program available, and you can try it out for 7 days completely free tour. Try PMS for yourself Completely FREE! Look forward to seeing you on the inside.


- Bruce Madden


"Darren...Let me tell you this..when i landed on the Prosperity Marketing System...I had about 12 tabs opened in my browser and my plate was full already with soooo many other businesses. Something attracted me to opt in and boy I never regret it...this system rocks, PERIOD!"


- Magdi Mikhail

"If you want to make money with your own online internet home business If you are new to this and don't know where to start,then become a Prosperity marketing student,you will learn what are the basic needs to start, and then you will have access to lessons on marketing and traffic generation. You will have written lessons plus audio-video lessons,and in a very short time you will be making money and teaching others how to do the same Just follow the steps and you will be a successful marketer"


- Don Jones

"Internet Marketing's Hidden secret... Prosperity Marketing System. You really need it!!!"


- Trevor McNamee

"Some of the Key components of Prosperity Marketing System that I believe are essential to success for online marketing: 1. Brand your self and not someone else. A lot of systems claim to do that but in my opinion none do it better than PMS. 2. Ability to quickly generate multiple income streams by promoting just one link - YOURS! 3. Choosing the programs that you want to promote is a very important part of this system which gives you a critical advantage over your competitors.​"


- Jim Watkins

"The Prosperity Marketing System is probably one of the best list builder systems about. I find it easy to use and easy to get new members."


- Tony Cross

"Invest in Prosperity Marketing It's a great way to get leads and build your business."


- Randy Felts

"Prosperity Marketing System (PMS) is the most effective and most flexible downline building tool I have ever used. I can plug in MY programs and REMOVE any program I don't want to promote. Also, I get a regular flow of cash from the FRONT END, so I make money with PMS whether people join my programs or not. The training courses are very clear and comprehensive so it is an excellent service whichever way you look at it - and PMS was the first "Plug In" program that worked for me."


- David Hurley

"There's no ifs or buts about need a good marketing system in place in order to market effectively online. After doing my due diligence it was an easy choice! The "Prosperity Marketing System" has everything you need and is hands down the BEST available for achieving online Success!"


- Bob Brown

"Talk about fast results... Prosperity Marketing System is really amazing... Wanna see your primary program finally get the focus that translates to more sells, you've found what you've been searching long and hard for... Prosperity Marketing is that Program..."


- Gregory Osborne

"All I can say is Amazing. If you are new to the internet, this system will allow you to key in on the necessary tool that's necessary to be successful on the internet. Great job Prosperity Marketing System. keep up the fine work.​"


- Zuri J. Word

There are tons more testimonials where these came from..  Isn't it time you see what you're missing out on?

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