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Prosperity Marketing System Review – Scam? Compensation Plan Exposed

Hello and welcome to my Prosperity Marketing System review.

Is Prosperity Marketing System a scam?

This is one of the questions that we are going to answer for you today.

The information that will be covered in this 12 dollar funnel system review will include information about the company including the company owner, the compensation plan and how it’s structured, and the products and services the program offers.

Prosperity Marketing System Review

I have published several affiliate reviews on several companies within my site from total scams to legitimate opportunities.

I really do enjoy reviewing these types of programs because I feel this is a great way for a new person just getting started out when trying to earn additional income from home.

But you will want to stay away from the scam programs.

This is what we are going to determine about this opportunity right now.

I am going to keep this review totally unbiased and reveal any and all details that I found when researching this company, although I joined!

Both good and bad.

Also, before you go, make sure to check out one of the money-making bonuses that I’ve included below.

With that said, let’s dive down and get started with the assessment.

The Prosperity Marketing System Review – What Is It?

The Prosperity Marketing System is essentially an affiliate program that will help you make money online through the promotion of the program itself along with several micro funnels that are both built into the system as well as you have the ability to add customized content in the back office with clickable links for additional branding and commission opportunities.

Here is a great video that covers what you get in detail.

The 12 Dollar Funnel System Video

It is a well-structured funded proposal system that has a price point that I feel is priced very low for what you get.

Yes, you can earn money with The Prosperity Marketing System itself with its affiliate program and pass up a structured compensation plan structure.

We will review the compensation plan and how you get paid in the next section.

The system also works in a way that it has these micro funnels that lead your members into other affiliate programs that you have the ability to earn additional income with as well.

It’s a really great concept and has many positive points for people when a person is just getting started out with Internet Marketing.

Here are some of the major positive points with this system that I’ve found:

  • It’s Only $12 per Month!
  • It Has A 2-Up Affiliate Compensation Program
  • Personal Branding With Pictures Bio, with Links To Your Social Profiles
  • You Can Add Your Primary Company Or Use Your Uplines

I feel that these are some really great options that this program offers especially for the price point that sells for.

I will go into more details about the products in the next section of my review below.

Did I mention that you can create customized funnels for any amount of companies or programs that you want?

Here is a screenshot of a funnel that was customized:

Prosperity Marketing System Review of Customized Capture Pages

You get all of these features plus additional training and hosting is included for just a $12 per month subscription with a 7-day free trial!

That is a really great value for what you are getting.

Now, with that said, and this is totally up to you.

Prosperity Marketing System does have an option where you can add your main program to the system with additional branding.

This will have an additional cost for having this feature, but it is only a 1-time cost and I feel it is worth it when you’re ready to make the purchase.

I will include the entire pricing details in the FAQ section of this review below.

With that said, let’s move into the products and services that the Prosperity Marketing System offers.

The Prosperity Marketing System Company & Owner

The Prosperity Marketing System is run by Darren Olander.

Prosperity Marketing System Owner CEO

Through my research, I have found that it has helped many people start generating income and leads with online marketing.

Here are some words from the man himself.

I am the proud founder of this system which was originally started in 2009. It has seen many improvements over the years and has been a great way for many people to build their lists, get referrals in other programs, and earn a generous income (100%) from the system itself. I promote it heavily myself and you can be assured that it is here to stay. The system simply works and you can get started without any risk because it includes a 7-day free trial!

The marketing system is very easy to use, get started, and most importantly newbie-friendly.

Darren has always provided plenty of training and resources for everyone that wanted to learn how to market any type of business online that produces results.

The majority of these types of programs I usually see produced for individual MLM companies and programs that started with a team that is part of the company or program.

Darren got started in 2007 with Internet Marketing but like many people had many up and downs.

After years of struggle and determination, he was finally able to quit his job at Starbucks in 2007 and work from home full time from the earning he was making online.

He started Prosperity Marketing System in 2009 and it has gone through a couple of upgrades with the system and design only to make it better overall.

I see a lot of benefits by making a marketing system generic where you can add any MLM program or program that you wish.

When you have a marketing system that only is geared toward 1 company your marketing efforts can be very limited.

If you can think outside the box then you can really market this program and make some really good commissions with it.

I love the concept.

Now that I covered owner and company details, let’s move on to the products and training.

The Prosperity Marketing System Products and Training

Much of the training is about how to brand yourself and how to use certain tools and sites for traffic generation.

Prosperity Marketing System Reviews

Many of the tools and sites that your members and prospects will see you can actually add your affiliate link to for additional commissions.

We will discuss some of these affiliate commissions you can earn in the compensation plan section which is coming up next.

Here is an image that illustrates the areas of features you have available for the rank level that you qualify for.

Prosperity Marketing System Rank and Level Review

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Prosperity Marketing System Has 3 Product Levels

Here is a listing of the product levels and what is included as far as what you get with the system.

  • Tour Taker – When you first get started you are labeled as a Tour Taker. A tour taker is a free member with limited access and only gives access to check out the system and use the splash page builder to create some landing pages.
  • Student – When you upgrade to the Student level you will gain access to the majority and the tools that the program offers. You can now create custom landing pages, you can now receive 100% commissions on new signups, have access to the training, integrate your autoresponder into the system, and integrate any link tracker. You can also customize (add or remove) 15 affiliate programs, and limited to use the same primary company as their upline or have the option to not use their uplines primary program and have it blank for your members.
  • Owner – At the Owner level you can now edit any training pages within the entire system with the owners personal content and links, create personal training pages to show to the owners personal referrals for branding, and now the ability to change the primary business or opportunity to whatever they want and whenever the owner wants. You can also replace the autoresponder and track recommended programs to the owner’s choice of program.

Another great article: Is Project AWOL Legit or a Scam?

The Prosperity Marketing System Back-Office Assessment

Prosperity Marketing System Login and Back Office

In the back office, you will find your user navigation on the left-hand side.

This is where you will do all of your navigating through your back office no matter what page you are on.

The navigations consist of these pages:

Account Home – This is the hub of your back office where you can edit all of your personal information like name, email, and payment information. You can view your sponsor information, get access to the support desk, and testimonials about the program.

Training Course – When you click on this tab you will gain access to the training. Here you will learn some basics about online marketing, you will have a breakdown of what the Prosperity Marketing System is, and online traffic generation using safe-lists, traffic exchanges, and solo ads.

Income Builder – This is the Income Builder tab where you and your prospects will see affiliate links for software and tools. This includes your uplines primary business, autoresponder, ad tracking, advertising co-op, list building, traffic exchange, and others.

Personal Branding – When you qualify by joining as an Owner you can customize this area to brand yourself. This is all about you. You get your external profile, Autoresponder, Custom tracking, follow-up, manage your splash pages, create a splash page, splash pages tutorial, and manage your rotator links in this area.

Affiliate Center – This is the tab that you will probably visit the most after initially setting everything up and going through your training. Here you will be able to view your downline and their information, and of course your commissions. You also have an affiliate toolbox with tracking stats here as well.

Customize – This is the section where you will have to upgrade to customize sections. You will be able to edit your pages from this page and the features it offers you there.

This really gives you a total overview of the back office and what it offers.

To maximize and use all the features you will need to upgrade to the Owner level one time to unlock everything.

The Prosperity Marketing System Compensation Plan

When you are qualified to be ranked at the Student or Owner level you can earn 100% commissions on all sales except your 2nd and 4th personally referred Tour Takers members when they upgrade.

Your 2nd and 4th personally referred member that upgrades to Student are passed up to your upline sponsor (the person that referred you to the business).

This is huge leverage, you just need to get them started and take action with the included training that is in the back office!

This has a very similar compensation plan as 25 Dollar 1Up and Hand of Heaven.

Here is a video that explains and illustrates perfectly how the commission pay plan works.

There are 3 levels of membership within The Prosperity Marketing System.

They include:

  • The Tour Taker Level – The Tour Taker Level is free and gives the tour taker to browse the back office of the marketing system and also use the splash page builder to create some custom pages. That is the only access the tour taker has access to and cannot earn commissions or access the training.
  • The Student Level – When you upgrade to the Student Level for just $12 you will be able to create landing pages, receive 100% commissions on new signups, access training, integrate any autoresponder, integrate any tracker, customize (add or remove) 15 affiliate programs, and use the same primary company as their upline. Student membership is only $12 per month.
  • The Owner Level – When you upgrade to the Owner Level for a one-time cost of $97, you will gain access to additional functions and customizable features. You will be able to edit any training page within the entire back office with their own content, create their own training pages to show to their downline referrals, change their primary business to any company or program they like whenever they want, and replace the Autoresponder and Ad Tracking programs if they prefer something else. The Owner Level is a $97 one-time purchase to qualify to customize the owner’s system. You will need to be at the Student Level in order to upgrade to this level.

As you can see each one has its own special perks and commissions that you can qualify for.

The Owner level as you can see opens all commission levels with additional features that you can have within the system.

Also, at the Owner level, you can customize the majority of content in the back office that you will have the ability to create and change.

Your members will be presented with this information for additional branding and commission opportunities.


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Prosperity Marketing System FAQ

Is Prosperity Marketing System A Scam?

Prosperity Marketing System is definitely not a scam.

There is way too much value basically given away with this marketing system for what you are getting.

I can’t think of a marketing system on the market right now that can compare in value and in the number of features that Prosperity Marketing System offers at double the amount that this program is charging.

And believe me, I looked around, yes this program is legit!

BONUSES For Joining My Prosperity Marketing System Team

  • Additional Traffic and Marketing Training
  • Copy and Paste Simple Daily Task To Get More FREE Leads and Sales
  • 1-on-1 Support!

Is Prosperity Marketing System Accredited With The BBB?

No, the company itself is designed as an affiliate offer with the aspect of a team build.

Also, this is not a red flag in any way because the BBB rating system has a known bug that has been documented to be prone to manipulation through software tools.

Although it has the team build aspect to the program it is still essentially an affiliate offer with perks.

Even with the pass-up compensation plan structure, there are still only 2 direct levels of commissions that you can earn from.

So when you are calling something a scam, you have to honestly think that the services or program is not worth the price for the monthly subscription.

The fact that people call something a scam when they don’t make any money with it is not the fault of the program itself, the fault lies with the person that gave up before learning the skills and determination it takes to earn commissions with it.

These types of complaints are what I see with all companies and programs.

Think about it like this, if you get a job and you do absolutely nothing, is your employer going to pay you?

Well probably just for that day, but you will definitely have to look for another job due to the company firing you.

How Does Prosperity Marketing System Pay Out?

The marketing system originally was set up through PayPal but the issues that PayPal has with affiliate marketing, in general, the owner felt it was in its best interest to move over to Stripe.

So Stripe you would assume is the payment processor that you could sign up with but it is not Stripe.

Prosperity Marketing System actually has a few ways that you can receive the commissions that you earn which are:

  • A Bitcoin Wallet (worldwide payout)
  • Direct Deposit Using a phone app. (only USA residents)

I feel these are AMAZING options that are easy to set up.

If you don’t have a Bitcoin Wallet account set up already, there are many options both international and in that states.

I have included a tutorial on how to set up a bitcoin wallet that you can use to transfer your commissions to your bank account for US members and will include resources for international members also.

Then once your commissions are loaded in your bitcoin wallet you can simply transfer the money to your bank account after it is converted to your currency.

The process is as simple as transferring it from your Bitcoin wallet to your bank account.

The direct deposit option is just that, when payments are issued you will receive your commissions directly into your bank account.

What Is The Prosperity Marketing System Login?

After you create an account by clicking on the “get started now” image, the company will send you the login link to your email.

You are going to want to bookmark and save that page to have for future reference.

My Final Prosperity Marketing System Review & Final Thoughts

My final thoughts and review on this company are this.

I feel that this is a great program for anyone that wants to earn additional income and is just starting out with online marketing.

I also feel that this is a great program for those looking for a marketing system that you can use to promote a primary business like an MLM company or bigger ticket opportunity.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with the price point that the owner has it listed for.

Prosperity Marketing System offers Good value for what you get!

I feel that the owner could have easily priced his marketing system for at least $25 and it still is undervalued.

This marketing system is essentially a great funded proposal or what I like to call a front-end offer that is perfect.

I thought that this was too much a great value to pass up myself so I decided to jump in myself because I feel that this is a great program to offer people in my resource section.

It’s so cheap as far as price goes, but the value is so high.

Can you say “over delivered”?

That is the only word that comes to mind when trying to describe what you get for the price point.

With that said, go ahead and try it out.

You have a 7-day free trial that if you are not happy with what you can get you can cancel at any time.

I hope you enjoyed my Prosperity Marketing System review, with the company, compensation plan, and product overview.

If you feel this review offered some value and answered some of your questions about this program please click on the social share buttons on this page.

Thank you.

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