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Is Project AWOL Legit or a Scam? AWOL Academy FULL Review

Welcome to my full review of AWOL Academy.

Today we take a look inside this popular program that we see all over Facebook and other social media platforms.

Is Project AWOL Legit?

Is Project AWOL Academy Legit

In my AWOL Academy review, we are going to dive down into the interesting details that we uncovered about this program to see if it is legit or a total scam of a program.

My review is based on people that actually have been or are currently involved with project AWOL academy so this should be interesting to see if it’s a scam or really a legitimate business.

Also, before you go, make sure to grab one of the money-making bonuses that I’ve included below.

First off, I wanted to include this video from the AWOL Academy to give a view into what it is all about in the eyes of the company itself.

The Project AWOL Academy Review

I am guessing that you are here on my review for 1 of 2 reasons.

Either you are here to learn more about project AWOL academy and Keala Kanae because you are almost ready to join but just want to learn more, or you are already in but wanting to understand some things about the program that you just don’t understand fully yet.

Either way, by being here on my review, you are in the right place.

For all the companies and programs that I reviewed on Digital Cash Kings, this is one option that you have, but in recent times there have been companies like MOBE that has been shut down recently that has many similarities that the project AWOL Academy has, so I would proceed with caution.

With that said, if nothing were to happen to the program and they are doing everything by the book then AWOL Academy should be around for a long time.

Either way, this is a newer company compared to MOBE and it takes the government to really come in and see what is going on, I mean the government needs to see that it worth it to them monetarily to shut a program down.

So there is that.

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Project AWOL Academy – Assessment

Project AWOL Academy was started with the Empower Network.

Before I continue, I’ve included down in the FAQ section below on my review, information about the BBB rating and what is said about the company to check out.

Due to the weird compliance issues, Empower Network implemented EN pulled the plug on AWOL Academy.

Kameron George AWOL Scam

It was later discovered that these issues were squashed and AWOL and Empower Network continued their relationship but eventually, Kameron George finally split from EN.

So they kept business as usual but eventually wanted to separate themselves.

Since that time AWOL became its own entity.

Keala Kanae is one of the founders and COO of AWOL Academy.

Keala is the main spokesperson for the company as well and does the majority of the sales videos and webinars.

Keala is not new to this type of limelight for the fact that he did the same type of marketing for a similar product that he has owned and promoted in the past.

Kameron George is the other co-owner and seems to stay in the background.

Project Awol Academy Owners

Many companies out on the market today as you probably guessed the focus on generating money and focus on that aspect no matter the advertising techniques used.

According to some of the students that are part of this company the reason why they like this company is that they focus on the customers.

Basically what I found through my research and with random customer reviews and what they have to say about it, that this company is actually designed to help the customer succeed.

With that said, there are going to be different levels of success depending on what level you start.

I’m not talking about what level of course or product that you come in at, I am talking about the level of experience you have when you join.

There are several reviews and testimonials about students having success with Project AWOL Academy, and the claim is that you can have success too.

You have to realize that the majority of people that are making those claims already have experience in marketing these types of products and programs.

Do you think that the guys making the Youtube videos with the fancy houses and cars jumped into this program and only 1 month later they got those cars and houses?

No, they didn’t.

Chances are that they have been marketing online for several years in different programs and eventually learned how to make money marketing and advertising products online.

Like I said before, Project AWOL Academy is legit and really wants you to succeed, but don’t jump in expecting to get that same results as the guys claiming that they earned $6,000 in their first couple weeks right after you join.

They just didn’t miraculously do that with AWOL Academy, it took years of learning and trial and error.

With that said, it is a great program, and also a great way to get started with online marketing.

But there are many other opportunities that you can join right now that don’t cost as much and will give you a great learning foundation for those that are just getting started as well.

Is Keala Kanae & Project AWOL Legit Or A Scam?

Keala Kanae Scam

I see many reviews that are calling AWOL Academy and Keala Kanae a scam.

I mean I saw A LOT of reviews that are claiming with their personal opinion that AWOL is a scam or not legitimate.

For the most part, I think it’s mainly for clickbait.

Clickbait gets clicks for folks, so learn about that at least and apply it to some of your ads, because it works in several applications.

The truth is that when you structure your program as an affiliate program, you have a different set of rules that you must abide by when dealing with government regulations in comparison to say Network Marketing.

The main rule that all companies should abide by is not to make any type of money-making claims.

They take this very seriously, and the company should not take this rule lightly.

It might not even be the company doing the money-making claims, it could be the affiliates that are marketing the AWOL Academy opportunity and making all the claims.

In the regulator’s eyes, it is the company’s responsibility when their affiliates are making such claims and they will go after the company first, and then the affiliates that are doing that type of marketing next.

When a company doesn’t follow the rules, they will shut them down, usually only when the regulators can make a substantial amount of money for shutting them down before the whole process starts.

There is definitely a threshold that I have noticed.

But that should not be the main worry for the company, the important matter for any company of massive size should be to make sure all of their affiliates are following the rules, and hopefully the company itself is following the rules.

If the company finds any affiliates that don’t follow the rules then the company needs to fix the problems and start to get rid of the ones not following the rules to protect the interest of the company.

I went a little bit on a tangent but the main point of this section was…

Is Project AWOL Academy Legit or a Scam?

Here is another video from Keala himself that explains information about all the scam claims that are out there.

In my personal opinion it is not, but remember, if you decide to join, remember to go in thinking that you might not earn any commissions with what you learn right away or ever.

I mean unless you are coming in with the experience of course.

Just like anything else it is going to be a learning process, and don’t give in to all the hype or income claims.

But can you earn money with AWOL Academy?

Of course, you can, even if you are a new person, but it is going to take work, time, focus, and a burning desire to stay committed and to apply what you learn consistently.

As far as Keala Kanae being a scam, nope he is the real deal.

With that said, let’s dive down into the product review.

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Project AWOL Academy Products Assessment

While doing my investigation, one of the first sets of products you encounter when getting involved is free.

AWOL Free eBook Training Guide Inspection

The first of the products that you will encounter is the eBook or PDF that Keala Kanae offers that explains how he was able to earn 7 figures with the marketing strategies he personally uses.

After he goes on about his strategies, he leads into a webinar that is basically a sales video that explains how to replicate the type of success that Keala gets.

The AWOL Academy Webinar Overview

He explains that you can get the same results that he gets and even gives a guarantee that you can make $10,000 in 90 days using his methods which is great, but claims and guarantees like that can get your company in trouble.

Even if the company honors that agreement.

The PDF and the webinar are both free and I would consider the sales funnel process and not the actual products.

The paid products happen after the webinar.

If you take Keala Kanae’s offer then the first product that you will purchase will be Internet Income Explained.

Project AWOL Academy Products

Once you get into the program you will have a selection of products to choose from.

Here is the product lineup from cheapest to the highest cost.

  • Internet Income Explained – This is the monthly subscription program that AWOL Academy offers. This level consists of 4 training modules that discuss AWOL’s business and marketing mind map, how to create digital assets and how to fast track their business design. This is where you get started and access the other products and courses that project AWOL Academy offers. ($49 per month)
  • Pro Academy – This course consists of 5 training modules. It is a walkthrough of how to design your own automated and complete sales full step by step. It will show you everything from buying your domain, setting up hosting, email marketing, and creating your own product. ($99)
  • Inbox Academy – This course is designed around email marketing. It teaches you how to design an email campaign, getting the best open rates, and of course how to maximize sales. ($447)
  • Conversion Academy – This course centers around sales copy and getting the sale. It consists of how to create sales videos, webinars, and even how to close your sales over the phone. ($1,797)
  • Traffic Academy – This course is designed on how to generate traffic using paid traffic with FaceBook and how to get cheap clicks. It shows you how to set your campaign up and how to target your audience in designing the ads. (2,997)
  • Master Academy – This course consists of mindset training, how to manage your money and how to make your money work for you. ($5,497)

Project AWOL Academy also has live events that you can attend that will have a cost for a ticket as well.

Here is an image of the AWOL Academy back office.

AWOL Academy Backoffice Screenshot

That covers the products that AWOL Academy offers, let’s take a look into one of the owners.

Who Is Keala Kanae?

So who the heck is this guy Keala Kanae?

If you are like most people that are here reading my review today then you have probably seen Keala Kanae on either Facebook or Youtube.

Is Keala Kanae A Scam

Keala has created a sales video and some banners to help students of The AWOL academy promote it.

So as you can imagine there are many students marketing the program to earn affiliate commissions and that is why you see Keala almost everywhere you go online.

AWOL Academy has been founded by Keala Kanae (aka Keala “K” Kanae).

Keala Kanae has been featured in Forbes in an article about Project AWOL Academy that gives a very quick bio about him and the AWOL program.

His story has been of success and wanting to help others succeed by offering his personal strategies and ways of marketing through courses and products.

Should You Join AWOL Academy?

Like I mentioned a few times before in my review if you are looking to join project AWOL Academy then you will have to understand that it is going to take many months of training before you start to see results when you’re new.

Most people join the monthly subscription cost to be a member, but the majority only upgrade to the $99 level.

The 10k guarantee is only issued when you upgrade to the Elite level, and also with some strict rules when not followed will not grant you the guarantee.

Yes, there is a guarantee, but with a catch, so you need to know this before you enter into any agreement.

In my AWOL assessment revealed that you will get higher level training when it comes to marketing online and promoting different programs and products online.

So with that said, know these facts if you decide to join.

Promoting AWOL Academy

Through my research, the entire training is based around the “make money online” niche and the idea around it is to promote AWOL Academy through the training.

AWOL Academy Internet Marketing Courses

But you can apply the training for different markets because the process is universal throughout many niches that can be marketed online.

The Academy deals with online affiliate marketing.

To become an affiliate you need to join the $39.95 per month.

This will be presented to you as soon as you join.

Here is the commission break down:

  • Commissions are paid out 30% of whatever product your referrals purchase. ($30 – $3,000 commissions)
  • You also earn 3% of your direct referrals commission sales when they promote AWOL.
  • You do get extra training and done for your funnels as an affiliate.
  • If you want to promote AWOL you will need to purchase Traffic Academy as well which is $2,997.

The 30% commissions include funnels, training, and additional purchases that your direct referrals purchase as well.

AWOL Traffic Academy Explanation

Traffic Academy is a must if you want to be an affiliate of Project AWOL Academy which is not out of the normal when promoting these types of programs but you also DO NOT have to purchase everything to earn from all the products that AWOL has to offer.

For example, once you purchase Traffic Academy, you can earn commissions from Elite and Master product purchases as well.

So take note that if you are joining AWOL to promote the AWOL Academy to earn commissions with it, then you will have to purchase the Traffic Academy to qualify.

Project AWOL Academy FAQ

AWOL Academy BBB Rating and Information

When I am researching any company you will notice that I usually include information about a company’s BBB rating.

I like to include this just because I know that it is important for many people to have that information and also because it is important to know.

AWOL Academy is accredited in the BBB and here are the details that I uncovered.

  • The Better Business Bureau Rating for AWOL Academy is B.
  • AWOL Academy has 45 total customer reviews that got it to a B rating.
  • They have given it a 3.9 out of 5-star ranking for the current reviews that it has.
  • The main complaint that I noticed was that people did not like all the upsells and extra money that it would take to get more training.

This BBB information about AWOL Academy can be found here at the BBB.

Does AWOL Academy Have a Refund Policy?

Yes, it does.

AWOL Academy has a 14-day money-back guarantee on every product that they offer.

Additionally, they let you keep some of the products even after you get your money back.

Is AWOL Academy A Scam? My Final Assessment and Thoughts

Project AWOL Academy Review

As you can see in my review, you can see the answer to the question “Is Project AWOL Legit” or a scam, I think the answer is clear.

It is not a scam but can be considered to be a scam in the regulator’s eyes if they are not careful with their advertising tactics.

It can also be said from the students that haven’t made any money with it either.

It is not the fault of the company or training that you did not earn any money outside of the program when you do not apply yourself or even stay focused.

You have to realize that success doesn’t happen overnight.

And you need to get good at something before you get great!

I feel they need to really watch out for these marketing tactics very close right now with how the company markets its program and with its affiliate advertisers.

The reason why I am saying this is because programs like MOBE and Digital Altitude already got shut down for poor marketing practices.

I’m sure that wasn’t the only reason, but I know that was one of the main reasons why the regulators looked into those companies more closely to eventually shut them down.

In the regulator’s findings, they deemed MOBE and Digital Altitude to not be legit, and be total scams and that is why they got shut down.

With that said, I don’t feel that Project AWOL Academy is a scam, but I do feel they need to be very careful with their marketing, their refund policy, their guarantee statements, etc.

So if you join this company just to become an affiliate, I would be careful and not consider this program to be a long-term and stable income source.

Join, download all the training and videos and start applying those strategies with other programs as well.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my personal opinions and thoughts around the Project AWOL Academy program and hope I answered your questions about whether it’s legit or a scam.

Please make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page because it really helps out.

Thank you.

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