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Press 1 Cash Review – Scam or Legit? Now Press 1 Mobile

Welcome to my Press 1 Mobile review, previously known as Press 1 Cash.

One of the questions that we are going to answer today is if the opportunity is a scam?

Do they deliver on the promises and products that they provide?

Press 1 Cash Review

We are going to take an in-depth look into the details about the company, the products, and the compensation plan to see if they have everything in place to be a company that is in compliance with the law and provides what they offer.

There has been a ton of interest online that I have seen in the social circles that I am part of and so, we wanted to really take a close look to see what it is all about.

With that said, let’s dig in and see what we can learn about it.

UPDATE: Press 1 Cash Is Now Press 1 Mobile

It appears that the company has rebranded into Press 1 Mobile for some reason.

Also, the URL for Press 1 Cash no longer works.

The company is now called Press 1 Mobil, and it appears that they offer the same things that they have in the past.

If there is anything that I need to update in this review, please let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you!

Press 1 Mobile Review – What Is It?

Press 1 Cash Reviews What Is It How Does It Work

Press 1 Cash is an affiliate marketing program that provides you with the ability to make money with the service that it provides.

They offer a service that provides you with your own personal “sizzle-line” phone number that has an automated message that plays when someone calls it and in that message, people are instructed to “Press 1” to learn more.

The company refers to this type of marketing system as “Ringless Voicemail Drops”.

What then happens is that the Press 1 system will automatically send that person that pressed one an SMS text message that will provide your contact with a link to your opportunity.

Press1Cash Offers A Great Way To Market Your Business

One of the things that I liked about the program as it offers a great way to promote any business of any kind with the marketing system they provide.

The Perfect System Reviewed

If you are in a current affiliate program or MLM program and using many of the old ways to market then that is great and many methods do work, but there is a new method that can be applied to your marketing efforts now.

Since the inception of the cell phone and text messaging, Press 1 Cash has tapped into the market of actually being able to send text messages to your prospects that have cell phones.

Here Is How Press 1 Cash Works

  1. You will need to join first to gain access to the SMS text messaging system and phone number with an attached voice message. (one-time $297)
  2. To gain access there is the system cost of $97 then $200 to your sponsor.
  3. Once all fees are paid, you will have to set up and activate your voice message. (you can use the pre-recorded one or a custom one – full training is included)
  4. Then, you input your link in the field area in your back office that you want to send your prospects to that they will get in a text message when they “press 1” on their phone while listening to the recorded message.
  5. Then you start marketing to drive traffic, leads, and sign-ups.
  6. When you advertise your number and your prospects call that number, they listen to a recorded message (of your choice) that is either pre-recorded or made by you.
  7. Once they “press 1” on their phone to learn what is it that you have to offer, they are instantly sent a text message.
  8. The message will have your link that when they click on it will take them to any opportunity (can be changed anytime) that you choose to promote.
  9. That person that pressed 1 is recorded and now you can take that information of both leads that opted in or not and repurpose those numbers and send out more messages to them through another program.

With that said, let’s continue with the company information.

Company Overview

One of the things that I like to see on the company pages, is who owns or runs the program.

Press 1 Cash Company Owner CEO Founder

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any information about who runs the Press 1 Cash company.

That is all we have on the company information at this time when we find more, we will update this section.

Let’s continue.

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Is There A Better Alternative To Press 1 Cash?

In my opinion, yes, there is a better alternative.

Let me first say that both Press 1 and the alternative are great programs that serve a purpose but 1 of them just stands out plus it is half of the cost!

Both have the EXACT same features but 1 of them offers more automation, features and is FAR less complicated to set up.

The alternative program that I am talking about is the Abundance Network.

Here are the similarities:

  • Auto SMS Responder
  • 24-hour sizzle line number.
  • The ability to promote anything you want
  • Both offer an affiliate program
  • Both programs accept several forms of payments like, Cash App, Facebook Messenger Pay, Vimeo, Bitcoin, and any other forms that you can think of.

Here are the differences between the 2 programs:

Abundance Network

  • The cost for the Abundance Network is $150, which is also a one-time cost.
  • You keep $100 of the total cost per sale.
  • Abundance Network comes with pre-recorded sales messages along with text follow-up messages. PLUS, the number, the voice message, and the text messages are all set up by pressing a couple of buttons.
  • Abundance Network comes with MULTIPLE voice messages and with automated text message replies that will reply to your prospect’s responses!
  • Abundance Network has a direct contract with an SMS provider that offers a much more discounted price on text and voice compared to what Press 1 Cash offers.
  • Abundance Network comes with a “push-button” set-up process that is far easier to set up and start making money compared to Press 1 Cash.
  • Abundance Network comes with details on your leads that call in with MUCH More details like your prospect’s email, name, phone number, and answers to the questions that the system texts your prospects.

Press 1 Cash

  • The cost for Press 1 Cash is $300, which is a one-time cost.
  • You keep $200 of the commission.
  • Press 1 Cash does come with a pre-recorded sizzle message
  • This program does not come with a voicemail setup
  • This company does not have an automatic follow-up text message feature.
  • This company does not provide set-up instructions when you get started, so you are going to have to figure it out by yourself!

Compensation Plan Differences

Abundance Network Commissions

Abundance Network offers a reverse 1-up compensation plan where you and your members have to pass-up your 2nd and 4th sale.

You keep $100 from the $150 sale from all members that do not pass-up and upgrade with you.

Press 1 Cash Commissions

Press 1 Cash offers a 1up commissions plan which means that you will have to pass up your first sale.

On your second sale moving forward you will earn a $200 commission for every member that upgrades and pays the $300 to get started.

My Thoughts

As you can see, the only reason why someone would consider Press 1 Cash is because of the higher commissions that you can earn.

They are both great programs, but there are some big differences that you really can’t overlook.

In my opinion, I feel that if you were to choose 1 program to use for the price, the automation, the follow-up SMS system, the ease of use, and how much you can make overall, I would choose the Abundance Network.

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What Products Does Press 1 Cash Offer?

Press 1 Cash Products and Services SMS and Voice

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at what products that Press 1 Cash offers.

Press 1 Cash is an auto-text platform and SMS text phone number that is a self-contained marketing system.

When someone calls your assigned SMS text number the company gives you, your prospect will then listen to a short message that prompts them to press 1 on their cell phone.

Press1Cash Ringless Voicemail Drops

When they press 1, they will receive a text message with your message and website (of your choice) from the automated Press 1 Cash system.

By the prospect “pressing 1”, this keeps everything compliant and legal with that law.

The text message that contains your message and website can be customized by you at any time and will take effect instantly.

How Much Does Press 1 Cash Cost?

Like we mentioned before, the cost to join will take 2 transactions.

  1. A one-time fee of $97 for the admin fee.
  2. Another “one-time” payment goes to your sponsor for $200. This will give you full access to the system and 100 credits.

Are Their Additional Charges?

Yes, there are additional charges for each text message that is sent when a person presses one, and also when a person hears the recorded message that your system sends them.

Here is a breakdown for those 2 costs:

  1. $0.99 when a prospect is sent a text message. (opened or not opened)
  2. $0.99 when a prospect hears a recorded message

When you first get started, you will automatically receive 100 credits. (1 cent per credit)

So, at most, you will get charged 2 credits per call, but if the prospect doesn’t press 1, then you will be charged only 1 credit.

Calls and Leads Dashboard

In your back office in the dashboard, you will have an area where you will be able to see all of your leads from the calls.

It will be broken down into a few sections:

  • The phone numbers that called
  • The length of time they were on the call
  • You can see if they pressed 1 or if they did not press 1
  • You can also download all of the information in a spreadsheet

With that said, here is a full breakdown of what you get when you join:

Product Breakdown

  • An Automated SMS Text Message Responder
  • A Personalized SMS Text Phone Number (lifetime)
  • 100 Free SMS and Voice Credits
  • Your Replicated Press 1 Cash Website
  • A Full Back Office that will have Tracking Statistics on your phone calls, text messages, and record everyone that presses 1, and a full training library.
  • Resell Rights for the Product and Commissions for Life! (affiliate reverse 1-up)
  • Lifetime access to the system and commissions

That is all that the program offers as far as the product, let’s continue on to the next section.

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How Does The Press 1 Cash Compensation Plan Work?

Press 1 Cash Compensation Plan Reverse 1 Up

In this section of the review, we are going to cover the information on how the compensation plan works, and how you can make money with the Press 1 Cash opportunity.

The compensation plan is structured in an affiliate marketing pay structure with it only having 2 levels of commissions that you can earn on.

So, after you get started, along with promoting any other opportunity with the SMS text messaging system, you can also promote the Press 1 Cash opportunity as well.

This is the other aspect of the program that has many people excited.

The Perfect System Reviewed

The Press 1 Cash “Reverse 1-Up” Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is very simple to understand.

Like I mentioned before, there are only 2 levels that you can earn from which are:

  • Your personally recruited members (level 1)
  • and, your personally recruited, personally sponsored members (level 2)

How Do You Make Money With Press1Cash

Press1Cash offers an affiliate program that when you join and upgrade you will get an affiliate link that is coded to you that will give you the ability to share the opportunity and when someone upgrades under your link, you will be credited the sale.

There is an admin cost of $97 cost that you will not earn from, the commissions that you will get will be the $200 that a person needs to send you in order for you to activate their system.

The Compensation Plan Model is Called the “Reverse 1-Up”

Here is a breakdown of how this works and how you make money with this type of commission structure:

  • Your very first person that upgrades will pay you the $200 to join.
  • The second person that upgrades under your link will pay your direct sponsor the $200 commission which is known as “roll-up” commissions.
  • Now after you enroll your second person that upgrades, you are now qualified!
  • The third person you sponsor and every person after that upgrades, you keep the $200 commissions.

How Do You Get Paid With Press1Cash?

There is a section that includes an HTML box that you can include several ways to accept payment.

Many merchant accounts will give you an HTML code that you simply can copy and paste that will populate a button for you.

Stripe even has a similar HTML option as well.

Other people use the really popular “Cash APP” and others use Paypal and even their Bitcoin wallet address.

I would personally use a few different types of payment forms to give your prospects several options to pay you to make it an easy process for them.

That is all there is to how the compensation plan works and how you can make money with the Press 1 Cash opportunity.

With that said, let’s continue.

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In this section of the review, we are going to share our thoughts about the pro, or the things that I liked about the opportunity.

  • It offers a great service that many business owners and affiliate marketers can really use and be effective.
  • There is only a 1-time cost for the program! (no monthly fees)
  • The cost per credit is only 1 penny!
  • You get a phone number for life.

One of the ways that I use to market back in the day was through these sizzle cards that I used to pass out or hang EVERYWHERE around town that included an 1800 sizzle line that included a recorded message when people called.

But this system at that time did not include a text message aspect to it, I had to rely on people leaving a message to call them back.

I was paying close to $80 per month to maintain that service!

I kept it going for such a long time because it was very effective for me for a $500 opportunity.

So, the value that I see with this service and the low cost it is for the value that you get with the service is a HUGE pro for me.


In this section of the review, I am going to share some of the cons, or the things that I didn’t really like about the program.

  • The system doesn’t include a text blaster to remarket your leads.
  • There are no capture pages included with your system.

I would have like to have some type of text messaging system where you can load your leads into and blast out your message, but I can see why the program didn’t add that option which was for compliance reasons and the risk of shut-down.

There is a workaround by downloading your leads and using another service.

I would also have liked to see some capture pages for marketing the opportunity of the program online, however, because of the nature of this program, I can see why it wasn’t included.

Is Press 1 Cash BBB Accredited?

Press 1 Cash Better Business Bureau

No, Press1Cash is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau at this time.

Not having accreditation or a listing in the BBB does not make a company a scam.

There are a TON of companies that are not listed on the BBB that are not listed or do not have accreditation.

Now, the next section will answer one of the biggest questions that people have when thinking about joining the Press1Cash opportunity which is…

Is Press 1 Cash A Scam or Legit Opportunity?

Is Press 1 Cash A Scam Or Legit

In my opinion and experience, NO, Press 1 Cash is NOT a scam, and here is why:

  • They offer a real product
  • You can get it for a one-time cost
  • It’s an affiliate program that offers only 2 levels of commissions from referrals.

The company has everything they need in order to be in compliance with the law for the type of business model the program is.

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My Final Press 1 Cash Review and Thoughts

In the final section of this review, I am going to share my final thoughts about the Press 1 Cash opportunity as a whole.

We have taken the time to review the information and details about the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

We have also discussed why Press1Cash is not a scam and gave our reasons why.

At this point, you should have a clear idea about what it is, how it works, what the program offers, and how you can make money with it.

What are your thoughts about it up to this point?

But here is the question…

Do we recommend the Press 1 Cash opportunity?

If we were to compare the Abundance Network opportunity with the Press 1 Cash opportunity, I would have to choose the Abundance Network opportunity any day of the week.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Press1Cash review.

If you found this review helpful, make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page to share it with others so that people can learn exactly what the Press 1 Cash opportunity is really all about.

Thank you for your support!

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6 thoughts on “Press 1 Cash Review – Scam or Legit? Now Press 1 Mobile”

  1. Our program is 1/2 the cost and better compensation. 6 Minutes of your time to see what I mean.

  2. Press1 sms blows both systems away. No twilio acct plus additional sms phone numbers on $1 buck. Cost to join is only $25 bucks

    • I would have to disagree with you. I started researching your system and your SMS marketing funnel with high hopes, but there were some things that were really lacking. Your system is not customizable (you can only change your “link”), it doesn’t follow up with intuitive text messages, and since you rely on the company to provide the phone number and credits, you never know exactly how much you are paying compared what the company is paying. Using Twilio directly gives you the ability to have total control and transparency which is a great thing! Yes, Press1 SMS is only 25 bucks, but I see why they are only charging that much, it doesn’t offer that much, so, you are at least paying for what you get. There is so much more benefits the Abundance Network system offers but it looks like you are set in your ways. (and yes, I went through your entire SMS marketing funnel and really doesn’t compare to A.N.) Call my number and test it out for yourself >> (315) 505-4316

  3. You almost had me with the abundance Network until I found out there is not website for the customer to go to to pay. It actually put me off that there is not website. Websites lend credibility to the process. Even though Press Cash 1 costs $150 dollars more, the long term gain to the owner will be apparent.
    The sales person is great but not having a website is not a benefit. Just saying.

    • There are no “gotchas” with Abundance Network, the owner did have a company homepage but took it down at the SMS marketing system platform release. He is working on a new home page that will reflect the new platform along with a good sales video which will be released soon. Press 1 Cash is good for what it is, but with the features, ease of use, and future add-ons that are planned and being released with AN, Abundance Network really exceeds between the 2 programs. You are correct in the fact that the process is innovative or new on how a person pays which is not a bad thing when it works, which it definitely does.


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