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Perk Pop Quiz Review – Scam or Legit? Apps To Make Money

Welcome to my Perk Pop Quiz review.

Is it a scam?

This is a great question to ask if you are interested in downloading this app just to find it doesn’t work in the way that it says it does.

Or even worse, slows down your phone or messes it up in some way.

Well, in this review we are going to take a few things.

Perk Pop Quiz Review
  • What Perk Pop Quiz is and if it’s safe.
  • Who uses Perk Pop Quiz?
  • How do you make money with Perk Pop Quiz?
  • What I liked about it.
  • And finally, would I recommend it?

After we take a look at all the information about Per Pop Quiz to see if it’s actually worth it.

So, if you are into trivia, then this could be perfect for you.

This app will provide you to provide you with the perfect food for your trivia needs.

Plus, you can earn by playing the trivia game on your compatible device. (smartphone or tablet)

Earn points that you can turn in for prizes.

Not too bad, right?

You are not going to earn a ton of money, but hey it is something that you can turn in every few couple months to earn an extra $6.

But the real question is…

Is this a scam or legitimate app that you can play and earn money with?

Let’s find out.

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Perk Pop Quiz Review – What Is It?

What is the Perk Pop Quiz?

Perk Pop Quiz Reviews

The Perk Pop Quiz is an app that you can install on a compatible device like your smartphone or tablet or any other device that you can get from iTunes or the Google Play Store.

The app was designed by a company that is very experienced in offering a rewards program and the name they go by is Perk.

It’s essentially a money-making app.

This is not the only app that they provide a rewards program, they actually offer several reward apps which is why it is mentioned that they had expertise in offering rewards in an app.

The way that their rewards program works as far as the Perk Pop Quiz app is they give you points for answering trivia questions that they have for you to answer.

They have a rewards store on the app.

You will have to accumulate enough “points” to redeem the rewards they offer.

Some of the many rewards include gift cards and cash.

Is It A Scam?

Is Perk Pop Quiz A Scam

Before I continue I will go ahead and answer this question right away.

So the question is if Perk Pop Quiz is a scam?

After reviewing all of the information that I have found on and about the program there is no evidence that the Perk Pop Quiz is a scam.

Continue reading because there is much more interesting information I have about this app that you will want to learn about.

Additionally, yes, the app does payout, so there is no need to worry about that.

But if you are trying to get paid good money with it, then this is not for you.

I have a great alternative for making very good money from home that you can find on this page if that is what you are looking for.

Perk Pop Quiz is basically a fun trivia game app that you will get entertained from and as a bonus get points that you can redeem for points.

The number of points that it would take to get anything of good value would take you a TON of time and a bunch of trivia questions answers that we will get into later on in this review.

But hey, it’s fun, and it’s legit, so why not?

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Who Uses Perk Pop Quiz?

There are only really 2 groups of people that use Perk Pop Quiz which are:

  • People that want to have fun answering trivia questions and earn rewards.
  • And Businesses that want to use “display ads” to advertise to all the users of Perk Pop Quiz.

We pretty much know what the users do with that app which I will explain more on how users can earn points and money in the next section but how do the companies use the app?

Basically, after every trivia question, you get an advertising video.

Unfortunately, we can’t disable these ads in order to earn points, but that is the price we have to pay in order to get the points and rewards for using the app.

The companies that want to show their ads must of course pay for these advertisements to display.

That cost is not known by simply going through the app stores, you will have to find the advertising company that handles that department but this is not what this review is about.

I might cover that later on in a different review.

Either way…

That is how the companies use the app.

Basically, to sum it up on how companies use the app is to advertise their offer to all of the users of the app.

To earn the points as a user that Perk Pop Quiz offers, you will have to see the full advertisement after every 5 questions.

This is the price that you and I have to pay, but the app is totally free and very simple to install if you have an Android or IOS device, and also very easy to get started.

How Do You Earn with the Perk Pop Quiz App?

By the time you get to this point in my review, you should know that Perk Pop Quiz is a trivia game that you can earn money that you can redeem for rewards like gift cards and cash.

All you have to do is download the app then start it up and start answering those trivia questions with the right answers and watch the ad to earn points.

The app contains over 400 categories of trivia questions that you can dive into and answer.

Perk Pop Quiz Phone App Image

Some of the category selections include topics like song titles and lyrics, tv shows, movies, movie quotes, and a ton more.

So you know you will have plenty of entertainment hours that you can get out of this app.

So, once you have decided on the category that you want to dive into to tackle you will be presented with 5 various questions to answer.

Time Limit Per Question

The game has a timer for each of the questions which are set to 10 seconds.

If the timer runs out then that will count as a wrong answer.

After you get all those 5 questions answered you will be presented with advertising and for a maximum time of 30 seconds (some will be less), after you watch the ad and the ad is over you will get your points.

You must complete the ad to earn the points.

After you watch the ad for a max of 30 seconds you will get your next set of trivia questions to answer and the process will repeat.

There is an option for you to turn off the ad that I’ve found but in doing so you will not earn any points.

So, if you want to earn then keep the adoption on, but if you just want to play the game, then turn it off.

Earning Points

You will have to answer the questions correctly to earn the points but you don’t have to answer all of the 5 questions to earn, you just have to answer at least 3 of them.

Is Perk Pop Quiz Legit

Here are the points that you can earn when you answer a certain amount of trivia questions correctly in a group of 5:

  • Answer 0 trivia questions correctly but watching the ad will result in 1 point.
  • Answer 3 trivia questions correctly and receive 2 points.
  • Answer 4 trivia questions correctly and receive 3 points.
  • Answer 5 trivia questions correctly and receive 5 points.

The total time per the 5 trivia questions that you will get plus the ad will take about 3 minutes in total.

Lightning Mode

The “lightning” mode is a fun mode that will lessen the time you will have to answer the trivia questions.

It seems like the same points are given out for having less time but I guess it can be more entertaining.

So, instead of the 10-second timer, it will be on a 5-second timer which basically will cut your time in half.

So, from an average of 3 minutes that it would take for a sequence of the 5 questions and 1 advertisement it would take to finish and earn points, you are looking at about 1 minute 30 or 45 seconds.

Perk Pop Quiz Hack

So there is a little hack that you can do where you can earn points automatically which the programmers haven’t fixed yet.

I’m not sure if this method still works but basically, this is how it works.

You simply put the app on Lightning Mode and also make sure to enable the ads.

You simply let the game run while you are doing other things and the app will continue to play the game with you resulting in you getting all the questions wrong but showing the ad.

We know that by displaying the ad we earn 1 point.

So by doing this, you can earn 1 point per session all while the app is running while you are doing other things.

Basically, you will be earning points passively.

As I said, I’m not sure that the programmers fixed this hack by the time you are reading this review.

But if it works, might as well know it and use it.

Earning Additional Points From Friends

The Perk Pop Quiz offers an additional fun feature where you can challenge your friends and earn additional points.

This is how it works…

When you challenge your friends and you end up beating them in a game then you will earn 3 additional bonus points.

These points will be added to your normal point total and can be redeemed for many prizes like the awards that were mentioned above (gift cards, cash, even Bitcoin)

What Is The Minimum Reward Prize?

When you start accumulating your points you are going to want to turn them in but you are probably asking what is the minimum price offered that you can get?

Well, the minimum prize or reward offer that you can get is an Amazon gift card for $1.

The number of points that you will need to get the Amazon $1 gift card is 1,000 points.

Another lower tier prize or reward offer that you can get is the $1 cash prize that will be paid to your PayPal.

The amount of points that you need to earn the $1 PayPal prize is 1,250 points.

So you see it is going to take a little while to earn enough points to even earn $1 but hey it’s free money and you get entertained at the same time.

Referral Commissions

An additional earning opportunity that Perk Pop Quiz offers is referral commissions.

The company will actually pay you $0.50 for every person that you refer to Perk Pop Quiz and sign up.

They do provide you with a referral link that you can give to your friends and family in the app itself that you can simply click to share and send it over to anyone that you think might like it.

This money can be deposited into your PayPal account to be transferred to your bank at any time.

Daily Sweepstake Prize Bonus

Perk Pop Quiz also will give you what they call tokens which will be earned at the same time you earn your points.

These tokens can be entered into a daily sweepstake drawing where if you win you can earn a prize of up to a $50 value.

The company that owns Per Pop Quiz (Perk) offers this sweepstake with all of their reward apps they have.

With that said…

You can see that this is a very robust and safe app to use that will provide you with some cool prizes just for answering some trivia questions.

If you are not yet a Perk Pop Quiz user, and if you think this might be the perfect app for you to get some entertainment from and earn some money with, then click on my referral link below to get it.

Click here to get started with Perk Pop Quiz <<

Registration is 100% free.

My Personal Perk Pop Quiz App Pros

In this section of my review, I will discuss some of my personal pros, or things that I liked about the app.

  • It’s free to use.
  • You don’t have to get any of the answers correct to earn points.
  • They have cash prizes, and not only the typical gift card option which is cool but cash is great.
  • As of right now you can set it and forget it for a while and earn points.
  • Referral cash bonus for inviting friends which is super cool.
  • A ton of prizes that you can redeem for your points.
  • The daily sweepstakes that you can enter into doesn’t touch your points so it is basically a bonus that you don’t have to do additional steps to get.

My Personal Perk Pop Quiz App Cons

In this section of my review, I will cover some of my personal cons or things that I really didn’t care for with the Perk Pop Quiz app.

  • The amount of points that it takes to earn something worth value is high.
  • The time it will take to earn enough points to redeem one of the rewards. If you take the time it would take for each 5 question session including the ad we figured it comes out to about 3 minutes or just under 2 minutes if you play in the Lightning mode it is going to take a while.

When comparing other apps that you can earn money by playing a game this is really on par with the others.

The amount of points is always going to be a big amount for the prizes they have.

So, basically, I am just nitpicking at the cons that I have.

Do I Recommend the Perk Pop Quiz App?

If you want to earn an additional income online to pay for bills or to buy extra stuff from time to time then no I wouldn’t recommend Perk Pop Quiz in that case.

If you are looking to earn a great additional income then you will want to click on the link on this page that refers to earning additional money online.

If you are looking to enjoy having a ton of trivia questions to answer to pass the time and to earn a few bucks in a couple of months then yes, I highly recommend this app.

There is plenty of great reviews that you can see below.

Perk Pop Quiz Review Testimonials

If you really think about it, if you are going to get the Perk Pop Quiz to earn some free money then you will only really earn around $3 per month.

It’s something, not much but something for doing nothing so, I feel that it is well worth it.

I do recommend the Perk Pop Quiz App overall for being legitimate, safe, and the App really does pay you.

Again, if you are in it to make money then you will be way better off with an alternative opportunity that you can find by clicking on the link on this page.

My Final Perk Pop Quiz Review and Thoughts

Welcome to the final section of my review.

In this section, I will present you with my final thoughts and personal views about the Perk Pop Quiz App.

Overall I personally think that Perk Pop Quiz is a fun trivia quiz game that has an added benefit to it where you can earn money just for playing.

My wife and I have a couple of games on our phones that we have been playing for over a Year!

So I know that this can be a good app to earn a few extra bucks on the side if you can stay interested in trivia.

So the question is…

Do you like Trivia?

If you do like Trivia then this can be the perfect app for you that has the added benefit to earn some money on the side.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Perk Pop Quiz review.

Make sure to share this review with others by clicking on the social share buttons on this page to let people know what this app is all about.

Thank you for your support!

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