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NuMedia Global TV Review – Scam? Compensation Plan Breakdown

Welcome to my NuMedia Global TV review.

Is it a scam?

This is a very important question that we are going to look into by dissecting the information about the company, the products, and the compensation plan to find out.

Of course, this is going to be my personal opinion but with all the reviews that I’ve published, I usually have a really good idea.

We want to try to stay away from scam companies just because we don’t want to end up spending a ton of time and all of the money that we invest in a program just to find out later the company gets shuts down due to issues with regulation.

NuMedia TV Review

With that said, the reason why I decided to review NuMedia TV was that I’ve seen some promotions about this opportunity online and also was asked to do it.

With that said, let’s dive down and see what we find.

NuMedia Global TV Review – What Is It?

NuMedia TV is an MLM opportunity that is in the (cut the cord) TV entertainment niche similar to AXE Media TV and IXQ TV that both also give you the opportunity to earn commissions online with their compensation plan.

NuMedia Global TV Reviews

NuMedia TV Quick Overview

The “cut the cord” MLM niche is not a new niche to the industry and as a matter of fact I’ve just completed an article a few weeks back that you can check out called AXEMedia TV review.

The NUMedia TV opportunity offers an app that you can install on any compatible streaming device and will give you over 3000 stations of TV entertainment including premium and sports channels.

You can connect the app with a WIFI or home internet connection.

You want to make sure the app will work with the app so there are some devices like the ROKU which will not work.

An Amazon Firestick or any Android device will work just fine.

I will provide complete details about the app, what features it provides, what it is, and how to install it below.

The NUMedia TV provides an opportunity to make money with its provided compensation plan that I will cover in more detail below as well.

So with that said, we are going to start out with the company details.

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The NuMedia Global TV Company Overview

In this section of my review, I will cover the information that was found on the NuMedia Global TV company.

There was no information at this time that I was able to find who is actually running NuMedia Global LLC.

I was able to find that Colin Smith is the CTO of NuMedia Global LLC from a press release that CEO Jim Ferras of TVizion Global Media LLC released about the sale.

We do know that NuMedia Global LLC. acquired TVizion Global Media LLC. that is based out of North America.

TVizion was an opportunity that mirrors the business structure and product that NuMedia has now along with some extras.

Everything was included in this purchase including bank accounts, customer list, affiliate members list, and software.

I will update you with new information about the company if it comes to light at a later date.

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The NuMedia Global TV Products Review

NuMedia TV Product App Review

In this section of my review, I will cover the information about the products.

The NuMedia TV product is a streaming TV service that comes in the form of an “app” that you can install and work on any compatible device.

The devices that it can be used on are any Android devices including the Amazon Fire Stick.

**You do not need an Amazon Prime account to use the NuMedia app with the Fire Stick.

Unfortunately, at this time the service will not work on any IOS device.

I will go more into the devices and how to install everything in my FAQ section below.

Here is a list of features that the NuMedia TV product offers:

  • 3,000 plus channels including HD channels
  • All of the premium movie channels
  • All of the sports channels
  • All of the children’s channels
  • All of the news channels
  • Live TV in HD
  • A wide variety of International Channels

This “does not” include the device to play the shows on, you will have to provide that yourself.

Some of the channels include:

  • HBO
  • Showtime
  • Golf Channel
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • NBA TV
  • MLB Network
  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • CNN
  • even the Playboy Channel

And a TON more!

NuMedia TV Product Interface Review

You will have to take a couple of steps to get it set up on your device and activate it on one of your Android devices or compatible TV device like the Amazon Fire Stick then you will enter your activation code to start watching.

The interface will be a very familiar look if you had cable TV before.

The layout that you will see on the screen will look very similar to the newer TV cable network provider’s layouts including programs like DISH and Directv.

So if you had any of these types of services before then navigating through the NuMedia TV app will be fairly easy.

With that said, I could not find that they offer a customer-only option for this service which I will discuss my concerns later about this in my final thoughts section below.

With that said, let’s move on to the next section.

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The NuMedia Global TV Compensation Plan

In this section of my review, I will cover the information about the compensation plan.

There are 3 levels to get started with NuMedia TV which are:

  • Customer/Affiliate Member
  • 1 Star Director
  • 2 Star Director
  • 3 Star Director

You can find the pricing structure in the FAQ section of my review found below.

As you grow your NuMedia TV business you will want to take note of the business volume in your organization.

Here is how the BV is broken down per the level that your personal and team referrals will provide:

  • Customer – 25 BV
  • 1 Star Director – 100 BV
  • 2 Star Director – 500 BV

The BV will apply after you refer 2 into the business and reach 1 Star CODE qualified.

Customer/Affiliate Member Commissions

NuMedia TV Affiliate Commissions

As a customer/affiliate member you will have the ability to earn commissions for referring others to your affiliate link that purchases the service that NuMedia offers.

For every customer or affiliate member that joins NuMedia, you will earn a recurring $10 commission starting on month 1 and will continue to pay you each month until they cancel their service.

The company website has a sales ad that when you refer only 5 people your subscription is paid for which makes sense when it is $49.95 per month per 1 subscription and if you refer 5 people that will equal out to $50 per month in commissions.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can refer to the program and earn $10 per month.

After you refer 6 people into the business you will then qualify to get Infinity Bonus commissions.

Your next 2 people that you refer after your initial 6 will qualify you as a 1-Star Director.

Qualifying for a 1 Star Director will give you access to the Infinity Bonus Commissions that I will break down below.

Team Builder Commissions

This bonus is only for Director 1’s and above.

When you start building your business there will be some that that coming in at the higher levels than just a customer/affiliate member just makes more sense to them.

The Perfect System Reviewed

When someone joins you at the higher levels you will earn a 1-time bonus for either level including the $10 per month starting on the second month for their subscription.

Here is how it is broken down:

  • Refer a 1 Star Director and receive a one-time commission of $100.
  • Refer a 2 Star Director and receive a one-time commission of $500.

Star Infinity Coded Bonus Commissions

NuMedia TV Compensation Plan Infinity Bonus Commissions

When you join at the 1-Star Director Level you will start your infinity bonus from your first 2 members. 2-Star Director will start at a 2-Star and the 3-Star will start at a 3-Star.

If you start as a customer/affiliate your Infinity Bonus commissions will start after you sponsor 8 people into NuMedia TV.

The 7th and 8th personally referred member that you sponsor as a customer/affiliate member will qualify you for 1-Star Director.

Let me try to break the Infinity Bonus down for you here:

  • QV (Qualifying Group) Level – First 6 personal referrals as a customer/affiliate member. No Infinity Bonus commissions with your first 6. You will earn $10 per month per active referral.
  • 1-Star Director – 2 personally referred members after completing your 6 qualifying members. For everyone on this level, you will earn $2.50 from every indirect referral that is on your team. (team members not personal members)
  • 2-Star Director – 2 personally referred members after your 2 that you qualify for 1-Star Director AND you must have a total team of at least 100. Once you qualify for 2-Star Director you will earn $5 from all indirect NuMedia TV referrals. (team members not personal members)
  • 3-Star Director – 2 personally referred members after the 2 that you sponsored as a 2-Star Director AND you must have a total team of at least 300. Once you qualify for 3-Star Director you will earn $7.50 from all indirect NuMedia TV referrals. (team members not personal members)
  • 4-Star Director – 2 personally referred members after the 2 that you sponsored as a 3-Star Director AND you must have a total team of at least 500. Once you qualify for 4-Star Director you will earn $10 from all indirect NuMedia TV referrals. (team members not personal members)

Fast Start Bonus

NuMedia TV also offers a fast start commissions bonus in the first 30-days after you initially enroll.

You will have to qualify to receive the fast start bonus (only 1) which is:

  1. You will need to be on an active Director Level and on an active auto-ship.

Some of the rules that this fast start has been:

  • Only valid during the first 30 days after sign up.
  • The bonus commissions earned will be paid in 30 days.
  • You must also claim all of your qualifying fast start bonuses in the form below by the 35th day.
  • You can only have 1 account for this fast start bonus.

The Fast Start Bonus Commissions

There are 3 levels of commissions that you can earn that are broken down by percentage.

You must also reach a certain amount of sales.

Here is how the fast-start commissions are broken down:

25% Cash Bonus – You will have to earn between $1,000 – $2,500 in sales to qualify. You will earn between $250 – $625 in fast-start bonus commissions.

50% Cash Bonus – You will need to earn between $2,501 – $4,999 in sales to qualify. You will earn between $1,250 – $2,500 in fast-start bonus commissions.

100% Cash Bonus – You will need to earn between $5,000 or more in sales to qualify. You will earn 100% in fast-start bonus commissions with no limit.

You will have to “claim” your fast-start commissions.

**If you do qualify and you do not fill out the form by the 35th day you will not get your bonus fast-start commissions!

That is all I have for the compensation plan section of my review, let’s continue.

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The NuMedia TV FAQ

In this section of the review, I will cover answers to some of the questions that people may have if they are looking to join NuMedia Global TV.

Is NuMedia TV BBB Accredited?

No, NuMedia Global TV LLC is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau at this time.

This is not an indication for a company or program being a scam or not, it simply just means that it is not listed on the BBB.

Does NuMedia Global TV Offer A Refund?

No, but they do offer a 15-day free trial, after the trial, you will be charged the regular monthly charge and if you decide to cancel early you will have to enter “Cancel Subscription” into the support message box, and your service will continue until the end of your next billing cycle date where your subscription will stop and your service will stop as well.

How Much Does NuMedia TV Cost To Join?

The NuMedia TV streaming app and to become an affiliate member will cost $49.95 per month to use and earn commissions.

This will give you 3 codes to activate 3 devices per month plus the ability to earn from the compensation plan at the basic level.

You can also join at 3 other levels that will automatically qualify you for a higher rank and the infinity bonus including other perks which are:

$259 – 1-Star Director

  • Get 6 Member Vouchers valued at $49.95 for each package to sell within 60 days.
  • Become an automatic 1 STAR Director.
  • Get the online Director to welcome Marketing Kit & Training.


  • Start building your 1 STAR Director Team from your first day.
  • Earn up to 100% Quick Start Matching Bonus within your first 30 days.
  • When you sell all your vouchers you will earn $300 in commissions.

$1,249 – 2-Star Director

(Less your previous payment for your NuMedia Pkg if any)

  • You will get 6 Director 1 STAR vouchers with a value of $259 each.
  • You will also get 6 Member vouchers with a value of $49.95 each.
  • Qualify for 2 Star Director.
  • Get 2 STAR Director Training.
  • Get 1 SMS Text Message Short Code Keyword.


  • You are qualified as 2 STAR Director from your very first day.
  • Earn up to 100% Quick Start Matching Bonus within your first 30 days.
  • When you sell all of your vouchers you will earn over $1800 in commissions.

$4,995 – 3-Star Director

(minus your previous payment for your NuMedia member package if any)

  • Get 2 Director 2 STAR Vouchers valued at $2498 for each package.
  • Get 18 Director 1 STAR Vouchers valued at $4,662 for each package.
  • Get 12 Director Member Vouchers valued at $599 for each package.
  • Get 3 STAR Director Level from your 1st Day.
  • Get 3 STAR Director, Online Marketing Training Pkg.
  • Get 1 SMS Text Message Short Code Keyword.


  • Start building your 3 STAR Director Team from your first day.
  • Earn up to 100% Quick Start Matching Bonus within your first 30 days.
  • Sell all your vouchers and earn over $7500 in commissions.

How To Install And Activate The NuMedia TV App?

This install and activation guide is assuming that you have a Fire Stick.

With that said let’s get started.

Step #1

When you turn on the Amazon Fire Stick and turn your TV to the appropriate channel, you will see the Fire Stick visual interface. You are going to want to click on the “Settings” link on the top right of the navigation.

NuMedia TV Installation Guide For Amazon Fire Stick 1

Step #2

You then want to click on “Device” and then click on the “Developers Options”.

NuMedia TV Installation Guide For Amazon Fire Stick 2

Step #3

In the “developers options” screen click on “Apps from Unknown Source” and then turn it on.

NuMedia TV Installation Guide For Amazon Fire Stick 3

Step #4

After you turn on the setting from step 3 on, get back to the home screen and then click on “Apps” located on the top navigation and Channels All. Then you will want to click on “Downloader”. (sometimes you can find it on the home screen, which has a yellow-orange color)

NuMedia TV Installation Guide For Amazon Fire Stick 4

Step #5

When you click on the downloader it is going to want you to enter a URL. Enter this URL to get the NuMedia App.

NuMedia TV Installation Guide For Amazon Fire Stick 5

Step #6

After you get it downloaded, go back to your Apps and Channels, and click on “See All”.

NuMedia TV Installation Guide For Amazon Fire Stick 6

Step #7

Then you will see the NuMedia Global TV app logo, click on the logo and select the “Move to front” located off to the right. This will keep the NuMedia TV app on the front page at all times for easy access.

NuMedia TV Installation Guide For Amazon Fire Stick 7

Step #8

Open up the NuMedia TV app, it will ask you to enter your username and password. (you can find your activation details in your NuMedia TV welcome an activation email) NOTE: This is NOT going to be the same login information that you use to login to your NuMedia TV back office!

NuMedia TV Installation Guide For Amazon Fire Stick 8

Step #9

You’re all set! You can now start watching all the channels that they offer!

NuMedia TV Installation Guide For Amazon Fire Stick 9

How Do I Contact NuMedia TV Support?

The first and fastest way is to go to the support page on the company website for any issues that you may have.

Additionally, I have found more support information that they provide which is:

  • Support Team (Text & Phone: (888) 484-4282
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Live Chat: (Coming Soon)

Is NuMedia TV A Scam?

Is NuMedia TV A Scam

No, NuMedia Global TV is not a scam in my opinion.

They have a product that many people desire and already use.

Many people spend over $1,000 per year on TV entertainment as something they feel is a necessity in life.

So the “cutting the cord” niche can be a huge market.

I’ve spoken with an affiliate member of NuMedia TV and they receive the commissions that are promised so with that, again, I don’t see this opportunity as a scam.

There is only 1 issue that I do see with the service that they provide which I will cover below in my final thoughts section.

My Final NuMedia TV Review, Thoughts, and Bonus

In this section of my review, I will cover my final thoughts or any concerns I have with the NuMedia TV opportunity.

After reviewing the company, the products, and the compensation plan I see a good business model.

Issues That I See

There are 2 issues that I’ve found with the NuMedia TV opportunity which are:

  • The main issue that I see with the NuMedia TV product is the fact that they are using premium channels that you usually have to pay a subscription for directly from that station provider.
  • They offer no retail product/service for a customer base only.

Now, I am unaware that they have some kind of licensing agreement with all of these premium networks but I do know that for only $50 per month it is an amazing bargain price.

The second issue can be easily rectified by offering a customer-only price structure.

The NuMedia TV business model is structured in an MLM unilevel pay plan.
Since they offer multiple levels of commissions they are going to definitely need to have the retail option implemented right away to be in compliance with the law.

If an affiliate member would need to pay a one-time admin fee to qualify for commissions this would fix it right away.

**I was told that NuMedia only offers the Director Level Infinity bonus commissions to people that purchase the Level 1Star Director package at $259 and above to participate in the multiple level pay which would technically make this issue taken care of.

It would actually make the design a hybrid affiliate / MLM opportunity.

But that is not mentioned on the website.

The service for streaming tv is not a new product in the MLM world.

There have been several companies including AXE Media TV that have this service as the main product.

If you take a look at history, you see these services offered online like Kodi, and others for around $10 per month without an affiliate program attached to it but have been around for many years providing these “cut the cord” streaming services.

They are still around and actually thriving!

Many people know about this and actually taking advantage of it.

Is there a risk if you join?

Of course, there is the risk of a major cable company coming in a suing NuMedia Global TV to have them shut down operations and if that happens the opportunity is gone.

This would have to be my only concern about NuMedia TV and the other similar types of opportunities like this on the market right now.

Do I see it getting shut-down anytime soon?

In my personal opinion, I do not see it getting shut-down anytime soon.

I feel that this program will be around for a while just like many of the other (non-affiliated) streaming services that are on the market will.

Those services have been around for several years and still thriving.

With that said…

Would I recommend NuMedia TV or join it myself?

No, I would not recommend joining because there are too many risks involved.

To answer the question if I would personally join the NuMedia TV opportunity, I might consider it later on.

I don’t know about you but I personally HATE with a passion paying these high cable bills!

I hope you enjoyed my NuMedia Global TV review as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Make sure to help others learn more about NuMedia TV by clicking on the social share buttons located on this page and sharing it.

Thank you!

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