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National Wealth Center Review – Scam or Legit? Compensation Plan Exposed

Welcome to my National Wealth Center review and compensation plan breakdown to uncover if I feel that this opportunity is a scam or not.

In this review, I will cover detailed information about the company, the products, and the commission structure.

I will include detailed information from trusted sources and any personal experience I’ve had with the company and/or owner.

National Wealth Center Review

In this review, I will include charts and videos where I feel it is necessary to include to help better explain certain aspects of the company and how it works.

Additionally, before you go, make sure to grab one of the money-making bonuses that I’ve included below.

National Wealth Center Review – What Is It?

National Wealth Center was formerly known as Infinity Downline, as far as what is being said around many of the websites and forums.

I know when you try to access the Infinity Downline website, the website is down.

With that said, Infinity Downline was a very long-lasting program that helped make many people a good amount of money online with how their compensation plan was structured.

With that said, IDL is not a factor in this review, so I am going to move on.

National Wealth Center Company Assessment

National Wealth Center started in July 2014 by CEO Peter Wolfing.

National Wealth Center CEO Peter Wolfing

The business name that it goes by is Multiplex Systems Inc. which business started on 08/09/1998 and started with Infinity Downline, and then Infinity Downline 100.

The company’s address that it is filed under is 745 5th Ave Pmb 542 New York, NY 10151.

Back in the ’80s, Peter was as a sergeant in the US Marine Corps.

At that time he also discovered Network Marketing and embraced the entire concept of it.

He applied his leadership skills that he learned from his role in the military to the MLM industry and soon became a top Networker.

His role as an industry leader landed him other leadership opportunities in the industry when he finally decided to launch his own program.

In ‘98 was when he launched Multiplex Systems Inc.

The first company that Peter launched through Multiplex Systems was Infinity Downline which was highly successful.

Soon after came Infinity 100 and I believe Infinity 50 if I can remember correctly.

Then finally, the National Wealth Center launched in July 2014.

I was actually a member of Infinity Downline many years ago and was able to earn some commissions with it, but I was new at the time.

The Infinity Downline Programs were very successful, and I am not quite sure why the program is not still here today.

There are several stories to why it’s not here that I dug up on the Internet like:

  • Hackers got into the website and destroyed the older programming it had to the point where it was too much for it to sustain the structure it had in place.
  • The program was in danger of getting shut down by government regulators.

The first scenery is more believable and makes more sense simply due to the fact that National Wealth Creation launched and is still alive and healthy to this day.

Upon further digging, the company owner explained that ID and ID 100 were moved over into NWC to start a similar but more powerful opportunity.

That is a good overview of the history and background of the company and CEO, let’s dive into the details about the product now.

What Products Does National Wealth Center Offer?

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at the products that the National Wealth Center offers.

National Wealth Center offers 3 product packages that come at 3 levels that are monthly subscriptions.

They also offer higher tier 1-time cost products that are also digital products as well.

The main product base consists of self-wealth development, health development, and relationship development.

National Wealth Center Products

Here I wanted to include a video that was created by the company and hosted by Marcus Taylor the COO of the company.

He gives a good overview of the product details and underlines some additional products like the savings and rewards programs for air, rentals, hotels, and online shopping from several merchants worldwide that is not mentioned on the company website.

National Website Center Product Video

Membership Products

The monthly subscription products are:

  • Self Development – This product course consists of a robust audio and video library to help empower you for success with personal development. (The Self Development audio library course will cost $25 per month.)
  • Fitness Advantage – This product course is a complete fitness and lifestyle product that consists of healthy meal plans, workout plans, fitness empowerment, and motivation to help you get more fit. (The Fitness Advantage course will cost $50 per month.)
  • Digital Entrepreneur – This product course will help you to learn how to put together ebooks, audios, videos, affiliate programs, membership sites and more to help you earn an additional income online through affiliate marketing with your own products or as an affiliate for other peoples products as well. (The Digital Entrepreneur product course will cost $100 per month.)
National Wealth Center Membership Products

**Note: Each product is an individual product, to gain access to all 3, you will need to pay $175 per month to keep access to the individual product, also in order for you to get the $100 Digital Entrepreneur product you must have a subscription the Fitness Advantage and also the Self Development product as well.

One Time High Ticket Products/Courses

These products cost much more but are only a one-time product cost to gain access to always.

These are products that teach you how to increase your wealth with one product that helps with relationships.

I will give the product name, a brief description, and then reveal the price for each of the products offered.

Here are the products:

  • Relationship Edge – This product course teaches you how to become a better husband or wife, sibling, co-worker, and how to get along with others better in a professional and personal manner. (This course will cost $250 one time)
  • Wealth Advantage – This product course teaches you how to manage your money. How to invest in real estate and how to invest your money wisely. (This product course will cost $1,000 one time)
  • Network Marketing – This product course will teach you to become a better Network Marketer. How to influence, how to impact, how to position yourself correctly around authority and people, and how to build strong business connections. (This product course will cost $3,500)
  • The Vault – This product course basically gets you everything that includes software and apps that you can utilize on your smartphone and take with you anywhere. This will have more training, videos, and audios than all the other courses combined. (This product course will cost $7,500 one time)
National Wealth Center HighTicket Products

Note: Unless you purchase, “The Vault” product course you will have to purchase each course individually in order to gain access.

Additional Products

These products are not listed on the website (at least that I saw) that include a savings or discount club on several merchants worldwide that include online stores, airfare, car rental, hotel, and more.

National Wealth Center Savings Club

An explanation of these additional products can be found in the video I posted above by Marcus Taylor.

Now that I went into detail about the products, I feel that you now have a really good idea of what the National Wealth Center offers.

Let’s dive into a detailed explanation of the compensation plan combined with charts and additional videos to help simplify how it all works and how you get paid.

How Does The National Wealth Center Compensation Plan Work?

In this section of the review, we are going to take a look at how the compensation plan works, and how you can make money with the National Wealth Center opportunity.

The compensation plan is structured in a reverse 2-up affiliate marketing compensation plan.

This is not your run of the mill Network Marketing company commission plan but more of an affiliate program but with residual income and pass up power that the MLM pay plan offers.

How Does It Work?

How Does National Wealth Center Pay Plan Work

The way that the company has it set up is you keep your 1st person, you pass up your 2nd, you keep your third and final pass up your 4th personally referred to your direct sponsor or the person in your genealogy that is at the level that the person came in at.

So let’s say that you come in only at the $25 level, and the first person you refer comes in at the $25 and $50 level, you will only earn $25 and the $50 will be passed up to your sponsor or next qualified person upline from you that is also at the $50 level.

First, take a look at this video that will help explain the compensation plan.

The first part is more of a sales video, but then it jumps into how to get paid with National Wealth Center.

The National Wealth Center Compensation Plan Video

In this video Brandon explains the entire compensation plan in full detail with all the qualifiers you must meet in order to get paid commissions along with what happens to your commissions when you are not qualified at certain levels.

Here is a chart that illustrates this residual commission and passes up the progression that is possible with this pay plan.

National Wealth Center Membership Commission Chart

How Does National Wealth Center Pay Plan Work

With many of the reviews that are out there that cover the compensation plan, they make a claim that you actually break even with one referral.

This is simply not true.

You also have to consider the monthly admin fee associated with being an active distributor with National Wealth Center.

So whether you are paying the $9.95 or $19.95 monthly admin fee, you will still need 3 people to be in profit.

Just know that having 1 referral will still not get you to break even with your monthly commitment.

Ok, so now you know what it entails, let’s get into the memberships.

The Admin Fee Cost

If you pay for the $9.95 monthly admin fee, you will only be commission qualified for the monthly residual income levels that you have purchased which include the $25, $50, and $100 level.

The $19.95 admin fee qualifies you to earn on the higher tier commissions up to $7,500 as well as all the monthly residual commissions as long as you have purchased at the same level.

The Monthly Residual Income Levels

You have the ability to earn residual income with these levels as well as pass up residual income.

National Wealth Center Residual Income

Pass up occur on your 2nd and 4th personal members and are passed up to your sponsor or next qualifying upline member that is next in line.

The 3 levels consist of:

  • $25 Auto-Ship Level
  • $50 Auto-Ship Level
  • $100 Auto-Ship Level

These levels include the product courses listed above in the product section.

In order to earn commissions from any of these levels, you must be on the same monthly auto-ship to qualify.

If you are at a lower level you will not qualify to earn that higher commission and it will be passed up to your sponsor or next upline member in line that has qualified for that level.

To qualify all you need is to purchase the level that you want to earn commissions at, and also pay the admin fee.

Monthly Residual Income Chart With Pass Up Potential Earnings

National Wealth Center Compensation Plan Chart

The High Ticket Commission Income Structure

These are the products and courses that you can purchase starting at $250 up to $7500.

Once you purchase any of these courses qualifies you to earn commissions for that particular course along with the $19.95 admin fee.

Within the charts, you can see the referrals that you can earn the higher ticket commissions from (as long as you qualify) and any of the higher ticket commissions made from the referrals you pass-up are sent to the next qualifying upline sponsor.

If you don’t qualify for any of the higher ticket products that are not pass-ups, those commissions are then passed up to the next qualifying sponsor in line.

I hope that makes sense…

What’s included in each level is explained in the product section above.

National Wealth Center FAQ

In this section of the review, I am going to answer some of the questions that people may have when thinking about joining the National Wealth Center opportunity.

Where Is My National Wealth Center Login?

If you didn’t get the login info after you signed up in your email, it most likely landed in your spam email box. This does not mean that the email might cause a virus or infection in your computer, it just means that the email provider that you had thought it could be spam and placed it in there for you determine if it is not or is spam. If you still can’t find your National Wealth center login credentials click here to log in, or request to resend your lost login details with the link on that page.

Is National Wealth Center Accredited With The BBB?

National Wealth Center Better Business Bureau

No, the National Wealth Center is not accredited at this time.

Although I did find a listing at The Better Business Bureau website, they stated that because of certain types of money-making claims in their advertising the BBB is not giving accreditation to them.

Some of the information I found out about the company was found on the BBB website here.

Does the National Wealth Center Offer A Marketing System?

They do offer basic company-branded lead capture pages, but unfortunately, the company does not supply a complete marketing system to help you promote and build your business online.

I would definitely grab the free marketing system in the last section of this review to market your business online.

It will absolutely help make you money!

How Do I Get Paid Out My Commissions With National Wealth Center?

One of the enticements of a program like this is the attractiveness of instant commissions.

With NWC you have several options that you can connect to your personal affiliate link that when someone joins your business you can get paid instantly into a payment processor like Paypal by simply adding your PayPal email into the designated area in your back office.

You can also elect to have the company do it all for you but they have a 20% charge for each transaction.

Here are all the payment processors that your commissions can get deposited into:

  1. First Data – (best option, has an application process, has fees but lower cost than PayPal)
  2. PayPal – (good for a lower commission, but when you start earning around $300 get First Data or else they might give you a warning or freeze your account)
  3. Outside Payment – Good for international team members but not recommended. You can take cash, checks, money gram, etc. then mark them active for the selected level they pay you for.
  4. Stripe – Another good payment processor that transfers money into your bank account. (lower fees than PayPal and safer to use)
  5. Company Pay Outs – Company takes your payments and pays out 80% commissions, they will pay you by check or by Bitcoin. Good if you live outside of the US, but they do take out a 20% transaction fee.

How Much Does It Cost To Join National Wealth Center?

The minimum to get started with National Wealth Center is $25 and this is a monthly cost.

There are 2 other monthly levels that you can join which consist of $50 and $100.

If you join all 3 levels, your total cost just for membership would be $175 per month.

There also is a monthly admin fee of either $9.95 or $19.95.

At the $9.95 level, you only qualify to get paid for the monthly commission.

If you choose the $19.95 level, you qualify to get paid for the monthly commissions and also the one-time high ticket sales as well.

There are also additional products associated with the company that you can learn more about in my product section above, but to get started the cost listed above will qualify you to earn the base residual income commissions.

Is National Wealth Center A Pyramid Scheme?

The fact that they have digital products and courses along with additional products that are explained in my product section tells me that this is not a pyramid scheme.

Although they don’t have it to where you can purchase any of the products as a customer only doesn’t really sit too well with me.

That is the only issue that I see with this program.

Is National Wealth Center A Scam? My Final Evaluation

With what I explained in the FAQ section of this review, I don’t feel that this company is a pyramid scheme but I do have my issues with it also explained in the FAQ section.

The main issue is that someone can’t just join as a customer, they are also considered a rep as well, with incentives, there is no benefit difference for becoming a rep.

But it’s been working out for them this far.

So to earn money with the company is going to take work.

You are going to have to be consistent and follow a game plan daily.

One of the problems I see a lot of reps running into is competition from others promoting the same offer in the same places.

That is why you can bypass this hurdle altogether by leading with a generic offer or product first.

The ability to earn from those that might never join the company for whatever reason, but having the ability to still earn money using a different approach.

Just as I explain with every opportunity or offer on my website, you want to lead to your main offer with a good front-end offer.

A good front-end offer should be low cost and generic that appeals to the masses of people that you want to target which is…

People that want to earn extra income online!

My thoughts about National Wealth Center are kind of revealed in my review which to sum it up here I feel it’s a decent program with a lot of good people in it.

There are always those bad apples in any business opportunity that make outrageous money claims that you should not partner up with and find someone that markets smart and within the boundary lines.

Follow the affiliate agreement that you will agree to when signing up and you will be just fine.

I know for a fact that when the majority of people just getting started out choose affiliate marketing instead of MLM the percentage that people succeed in affiliate marketing compared to MLM is much higher.

There is work you will have to do, like market your business through online or offline methods, but it is still going to take work with any path you decide to take.

With that said…

I hope you enjoyed my National Wealth Center review and Compensation Plan overview.

If you found this review helpful, make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page and share it with others so that people can learn exactly what the National Wealth Center opportunity is really all about.

Thank you for your support!

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