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Mobile Performance Meter Review & Earn Rate [Full Breakdown]

Hello and welcome to my Mobile Performance Meter App Review.

If you are looking for an app that you can earn passive money from your cell phone, then maybe the Mobile Performance Meter App opportunity might be perfect for you.

But before you make a decision…

Is Mobile Performance Meter App a scam or a legitimate opportunity that you can earn money with and actually get paid?

Well, we are going to find out after reviewing all the information we learn about this app and share that information with you here today.

Mobile Performance Meter Review

We are also going to share information about what this app actually is for those that don’t really know and how it works with the earn rate it offers.

With that said, let’s get started.

Mobile Performance Meter Review – What Is It?

The Mobile Performance Meter is an app that you can install on your android compatible device like your cell phone or tablet.

Mobile Performance Meter Reviews

The Mobile Performance Meter App can easily be found on the Google Play store here and can be downloaded for free.

The app offers the ability to earn extra money just by installing it and letting the app run in the background at all times.

Just by letting it run in the background and letting it monitor your activity and certain performances of your device throughout the day, you will actually earn daily points that you can redeem for rewards.

By looking over several sources it looks like the Mobile Performance Meter will have an earn rate of between $.05 to $.50 per day.

But is this a truly legitimate program that will actually pay out commissions or a total scam?

The next section of my review will cover if the Mobile Performance Meter is actually legitimate or not.

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Is The Mobile Performance Meter App A Legitimate Opportunity?

After reviewing various sources when researching the Mobile Performance App I’ve come to the conclusion that it is, in fact, a legitimate opportunity to earn passive money by simply installing the app and letting it run in the background at all times.

Mobile Performance Meter Review Rating

Now, if you think you can earn a full-time income or even a part-time income from this app then your in for a disappointment.

If you are able to achieve the $.50 per day will only generate a whopping $15. 50 commissions at the end of a 31 day calendar month.

But hey, for doing absolutely nothing besides installing the app and making sure it is running in the background can actually earn you enough money for a couple of stops at your favorite fast food place or happy hour at Applebee’s makes you happy then this is for you.

If you are looking to generate more income than this app lets you earn then I would suggest checking out other means of extra income opportunities.

To start, you will need to do a couple of things before getting started which are:

  • Downloading the app. (just do a search for Mobile Performance Meter in the Android store)
  • Install it
  • Register it (registration is free)
  • Let it run in the background at all times (you can make sure by checking your app settings on your device)
  • Check from time to time on your rewards

NOTE: The app only works on Android devices.

How To Redeem Your Mobile Performance Meter Ponts For Rewards

In some rare cases, your device might not qualify to be selected to earn. (depending on the client’s qualifications)

The app will do some simple checks to see if your phone is compatible and meets the minimum requirements.

If you have a newer phone then you should be fine with compatibility.

Also, after you have everything set up this is what you will need to do after you install the app and get it running.

Once installed you are going to be asked to fill out some personal information like ethnicity, gender, age, and various other questions that can qualify you for certain surveys and additional reward points.

You will also be given your first monthly survey to fill out which when finished will reward you with your first reward points.

In the next section of the review, I will cover who actually uses the Mobile Performance Meter app.

Who Uses The Mobile Performance Meter App?

When we talk about who uses the Mobile Performance Meter we usually only assume that the people that download uses it.

There is actually another set of people that use it as well.

We are talking about the businesses that actually use the data collected from the activity people do on their devices to use to better serve their customers. (and make more money of course)

They also use the information to see what type of functions that people do on their phones affect their phone’s performance.

By taking all the data they can better serve the customer to come out with more quality products in the future.

No for people like you that are interested in only making passive income, this app lets you do that.

Now, just to be clear you won’t earn that much per month but you really don’t have a thing to earn either.

Just to recap who uses the Mobile Performance App.

You have 2 sets of people using it which are:

  • People looking to earn passive income
  • Business looking to better serve their customers

Joining and using the Mobile Performance app panel to earn passive income is a simple and free process as long as you have an Android device.

In the next section of my review I will cover the Mobile Performance Meter earn rate, and rewards you can make passively.

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What Is The Mobile Performance Meter Earn Rate?

As described earlier the Mobile Performance Meter app will pay you passively for simply installing it on your Android device and making sure it is running in the background.

Mobile Performance Meter Earn Rate Review

You don’t have to do absolutely anything like checking out other apps, or visiting websites, or playing any game to get paid the rewards it offers other than letting it run in the background.

Just make sure the app is running in the background and you will be set up perfectly to earn the daily rewards that this opportunity promises.

So what is the Mobile Performance Meter earn rate?

The amount of points that you can earn per day is supposed to be 20 but there have been people reporting that the 20 points per day are not correct.

Some people are saying that they are in fact getting 20 points per day, but I have seen reviews of people reporting that they are only getting 10, and others saying that they are only getting 5 points per day.

There have been a few people reporting that they were getting 20 points then all of a sudden the points reduced to 10.

From all the reviews and reports from people that are using the app the average is coming out to 10 to 20 points per day.

The 5 points I’ve found in some very rare cases.

With that said I’ve seen some people saying that they have stopped receiving points altogether.

Apparently, there are certain extra criteria other than simply having an Android device that will disqualify you from earning points for not having certain requirements, this has been shown to be determined by certain requirements that the clients have.

This would explain the reason for the reduction or complete lack of payment altogether.

You can additionally earn more points with 1 survey that the Mobile Performance Meter runs per month.

You can earn anywhere from 10 – 100 extra points on top of the daily passive points you earn.

The average points given have been reported to be 50 points for the single survey they run per month.

The way to redeem the points that you gathered is in the form of gift cards.

The least amount that you can cash out is the $1 gift card for 150 points, and they also have a $5 gift card but that will cost you 500 points to get.

The highest amount that you can cash out in the form of a gift card is a $50 gift card but that will cost you 5000 worth of points.

You can kind of get a perspective of what it will take to earn these gift cards when 1 single point is worth only .01 or 1 cent.

Earlier I mentioned about $15 per month, well I am going to have to retract that and tell you it is gonna take you a bit longer to get to that amount I am sorry to say.

That’s all I have as far as how you will get paid, and what the earn rate is.

The next section of my review will cover information about the pros that I had about the Mobile Performance Meter.

Mobile Performance Meter Testimonials

Here is a screenshot of some Mobile Meter Testimonials that I’ve found online from people that actually used the app to earn passive money.

Mobile Performance Meter Testimonials Reviews

Some Mobile Performance Meter Pros

In this section, I am going to cover some of the things that I liked about the Mobile Performance Meter.

So, after completing some research on this passive earning app, and learning more about it, I came to like some things about it which are:

  • Of course, the fact that you don’t have to a thing to earn points that you can turn into (when you have enough) and redeem a cash gift card. Simply install it, fill out some information about yourself, then fill out your first monthly survey, then also make sure that it is running in the background, not too bad.
  • The monthly survey is a nice addition that lets you earn additional points that I would like.
  • The fact that anyone can get started for free and start earning. It is easy to install and a very straightforward and simple process.

Some Mobile Performance Meter Cons

With the pros and things that I liked about the app, there are also things that I disliked about the Mobile Performance Meter as well which are:

  • This is a con, but is a bit subjective would be the fact that you can’t simply cash out. I would’ve liked to see a “cash-out” option where you can send your earning to Paypal for example. Don’t get me wrong, I like gift cards and easy to use, but I can see how that would be a con for some.
  • I understand that many people have concerns about the app looking into your personal details and information that is on your Android devices that the app is installed on. Although the company states that they can’t access any personal information other than the generic information that the app states, I can still see issues with privacy, although, for the companies sake, that would lead to a huge lawsuit for them if they fail to comply to the law. (so it’s up to you, but for me, I’m not worried)
  • There have been reports that people voiced opinions about the speed of their device slowing down and battery life reduced after the app was installed. Although the Mobile Performance Meter claims that it will have little to no effect on performance or battery life I can still see issues with older devices.
  • The fact that the app is only offered for Android devices would be another con. Although I switched all my devices back from my IOS devices to Android (besides my Ipads) I don’t personally have an issue with this, but I can see others having issues with this that only have IOS devices.
  • I would like to see additional surveys that you can fill out per month so that you can earn more points. I feel that only 1 survey that is offered is still limiting the number of points you earn, especially when people are not receiving the full 20 points per day because is limitations.
Mobile Performance Meter Monthly Survey For Points Review

Is the Mobile Performance Meter App Recommended?

Is Mobile Performance Meter recommended?

Well, I went through a bunch of research about this app and how it works and this is how I feel about it.

I’m personally 100% sold that this app lets you earn passive income.

But I know there are better alternative ways to earn extra income that you can look into that are more effective.

The reason why I say this is because I personally earn additional money through marketing online and making bigger commission payouts.

It does take a lot more work than simply downloading an app and making passive income, but the difference is that you can earn a better than full-time income by making money the way I am doing it.

With that said, I don’t think you will have anything to worry about when concerning the privacy issue with that app because of how it works, but if that were the case, then any and all apps would have to be a concern for you.

They all kinda work in the same way, but this one actually records certain functions and activities that other apps have the ability to monitor but don’t.

I do think the app will have some effect on battery life and the speed on your device because all apps have some type of impact, but I don’t feel it will have any more impact than an app like candy crush would have.

With all that said, I would recommend it if you are looking for a super simple way to earn passive and legitimate income from this app.

Let’s move on to one of the final sections of my review covering some of the popular questions that people have about this app.

Mobile Performance Meter App FAQ

This section was added to the questions that I’ve seen people ask about this app and wanted to include it as a quick way to get answers to your questions.

What Does The Mobile Performance Meter App Monitor?

The Mobile Performance Meter app will basically track the types of apps you use and how long you use them and not your messages or pictures.

It also monitors the speed of the network you are using, your device’s battery life, the duration of your phone calls, and more.

How Much Is The Average Earning Per Day?

You won’t earn much from the app, as you will likely only make $0.05 to $0.50 a day.

Is Mobile Performance Meter A Scam?

Is Mobile Performance Meter A Scam

No, Mobile Performance Meter is not a scam.

This is just like any other paid survey or app that you can earn from.

The commissions are not the greatest and you will have to wait until you earn enough points to cash out in the form of a gift card to receive your earnings it’s legit.

My Final Mobile Performance Meter Review and Thoughts

With everything that was researched and found out about the Mobile Performance Meter opportunity, I can honestly say that I am going to go ahead and install it on my phone and use it.

If you are ok with the small amounts of money that you can earn with it then go ahead and try it out for yourself also.

I understand that many of the complaints have been about not earning the points that they thought they were promised, but people have to understand that the clients are paying for information, and with that, there are certain criteria you must have in order to trigger your points payout.

When you come to terms with that, then this is a great program to work with.

Remember, you don’t have to do a single thing other than filling out 1 survey per month to earn passive money!

I hope you enjoyed my Mobile Performance Meter app review.

Please help others to know more about how this passive earning app works by sharing it by clicking on the social share buttons on this review.

Thank you for your support!

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11 thoughts on “Mobile Performance Meter Review & Earn Rate [Full Breakdown]”

  1. I see that you get only one survey a month but it is location and age based, I always have 6 or 7 surveys on hand everyday (with survey booster on) , me living in south Florida and in my 20s really works out good. I have achieved 100$ in an actual month. Oh and I get the Visa gift card and I transfer it to PayPal. It’s a hassle but it’s a way around that con.

    • Hey David, awesome results! Good to hear some positive results with this program and thanks for the payout tip!

  2. I have found this app to be a great benefit myself. I use the survey booster too. As for the points I have actually spoke to the customer service about the earn rate. I’ll see if can find that email because I dont remember much about it. But I can vouch different people will get different points. I earn 20 a day. I agree with david too I always get the visa and transfer it to paypal.

  3. I have had this app for years now and it’s been paying for alot of my dogs food every month since I always get the Petco card. I am currently receiving 30 points per day (Pro) but I’m not getting the monthly 150 point surveys that they say (Con) When I go into rewards to earn smaller amounts for taking surveys I’ve never been qualified for any of thier extra point surveys so for me that’s a serious (Con)!!! This app doesn’t seem to restrict anything on my phone like battery, speed….etc.

  4. Thank you for say big the truth all the way around every thing has a price just how much do we want to give up I’ll tell you I have gotten over 75 $out of this mobile performance app so thank you Janice

    • Hello Nang, thanks for the comment, but this is not my app. I just reviewed it with the experience that I had using it. Sometimes some of these apps are only available in certain countries, I’m sure there is a different but similar one that you can use in your country, just keep looking.

  5. A decent amount of points everyday. You put the survey booster on check for surveys every hour. When you start a survey if for some reason are not able to finish it they at least give you two points. I usually loaded up and check every time I smoke a cigarette or sitting around bored. It only takes maybe 30 seconds to get a survey that says you can’t finish and get your two points. sometimes longer sometimes shorter but on a good day I can go through over a hundred surveys and if you add in the daily Five Points in the surveys that you can finish I can earn an average of 4 to 500 points a day. I also use my dad’s cell phone because he has the app on his as well in between the two of us we can pull in 7 to 900 points a day. I plan on saving all the points until next spring or summer when the PS5 comes down a little bit in cashing all of them in for gift cards at GameStop. if I keep it good average going I should have five maybe $600 worth of gift cards by that time to use on a PS5 and a game or two.

  6. Just opened a mobile meter account less than a week ago and my account information was linked/transferred to a total strangers account as well as my meter point for surveys taken. We had different information/phones. That by way of customer service was linked without hesitation or comfirmation that was the correct account accessed.


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