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Isagenix Review – Pay Structure with Compensation Plan Breakdown

Hello and welcome to my Isagenix Compensation Plan Breakdown and Full Review.

If you want to join this business, but you are unsure of where to start, then you are in the right place.

In my personal opinion, I would always do some digging first on any opportunity I am thinking of joining.

Anytime you take the time and research, the work that you do now will not be lost, there is always value for the effort of your research with future opportunities.

Even when your gut feeling is telling you to take a leap of faith and join, we still want to do our diligence on the opportunity to know there are no red flags.

Isagenix Review

With that said, I wanted to let you know that one of the utmost important topics about a company is its compensation plan, or the commission pay structure because it is of the utmost importance to know how to structure your team when you build to earn the most out of the pay that you can earn from the opportunity.

And with a company not having a simple to build compensation plan, or not having a commission structure that’s simple to comprehend, you’ll have no clue on how to build a good foundation, you will absolutely need to acknowledge this for you and your team to maintain a solid long-term recurring commission flow.

The vision that I have for sharing this Isagenix compensation article is so that you can get a good idea of what the opportunity is, how it works, and what it’s all about, what products they offer, a good company overview, and of course to give you a great breakdown of the compensation plan structure and the commissions that you can make.

With that said, let’s dig in and see what we can learn about it.

Now, let’s get started?

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Isagenix Review – What Is It?

Isagenix is an MLM company that gives you the ability to earn money from home by joining as an affiliate member and sell the products and build a team of other affiliate members.

The niche that I would say that the company is in would be the health and wellness niche.

Isagenix Company Overview

First, let’s start with the company, I will give a brief overview following by a great opportunity video from the Isagenix company itself.

Isagenix International LLC is a privately owned MLM company that has dietary supplements in the form of weight wellness, energy, skincare, healthy aging, and daily health.

The company’s home base of operations is located in Gilbert, Arizona, and was founded in 2002 by John Anderson, Jim Coover, and Kathy Coover.

The company reported having over 200,000 reps as of 2013.

Approximately $335 million in sales revenue was made in 2013.

In 2005 Jim & Kathy Coover acquired majority ownership in the company from John Anderson.

Anderson was kept on or retained and the master formulator as part of the deal.

Later on, Isagenix expanded into Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Australia.

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What Products Does Isagenix Offer?

Isagenix Products Review

In this section of the review, we are going to cover details about the products that Isagenix offers.

Isagenix sells weight loss and energy supplements, protein shakes, snacks, and meals, as well as anti-aging skincare.

Plus the company wouldn’t be considered an MLM company without the sales of a type of Wealth Creation product that they sell to the distributors as well.

Here is a great video overview of some of the Isagenix products.

Weight Wellness

These products will help with weight loss, and also the detoxifying of your body.

They are also used to help curve appetite.

Here is their weight wellness line of products:

  • Cleanse for Life®
  • IsaFlush®
  • IsaLean® Shake
  • IsaLean® Shake Dairy-Free
  • IsaLean® Shake Kosher
  • Natural Accelerator™


These products will help with energy and health.

These energy shots and drinks have a combination of carbohydrates, high-quality protein, and superb nutrition combined with energy-producing ingredients that are supposed to help give you energy throughout the day while giving you extra nutrients that your body needs.

The Isagenix Energy products include:

  • e+™ Energy Shot
  • Ionix® Supreme
  • Isagenix Coffee


These products are designed to help you when you are working out and to achieve the best performance that your body can achieve.

These products are infused with a unique mixture of protein, energy boosters, and nutrients.

They are designed to help burn that unwanted fat while boosting your energy so that you can get the most out of each workout.

The Isagenix Performance products include:

  • AMPED™ Fuel
  • AMPED™ Hydrate
  • AMPED™ Nox
  • AMPED™ Power
  • AMPED™ Protein Bar
  • AMPED™Recover
  • IsaLean® PRO Shake
  • IsaPro® Whey Protein

Healthy Aging

These products are designed to help with the anti-aging problem that we will all face in life.

Kind of like the fountain of youth in cream and pill form.

These products are infused with antioxidants and micronutrients providing whole-body support.

These Healthy Aging Products that Isagenix sells are:

  • Complete Essentials™ Daily Pack
  • Complete Essentials™ with IsaGenesis®
  • CytoActives™
  • IsaGenesis®
  • IsaOmega Supreme™

Snacks and Mini Meals

You don’t have to run to your local grocery store any more kids, you can now just jump online and order you up some healthy snacks and meals!

These products are designed for…

Well, to give you a snack or give you a healthy munchie while you are in your diet phase.

Good ingredients, but I can’t comment on the taste because I haven’t tried one.

The Isagenix Snacks and Mini-Meals consist of:

  • Fiber Snacks™
  • Isagenix Snacks™
  • IsaDelight®
  • IsaLean® Bar
  • IsaLean® Bar Dairy-Free
  • Slim Cakes®
  • Whey Thins™

Skin Care

These are a secret blend of infused ingredients that help with skincare.

Multiple uses and benefits from using these products.

They have patents!

These Isagenix Skin Care products consist of:

  • Rejuvity® Age-Defying Eye Cream
  • Rejuvity® Bamboo Exfoliating Polish
  • Rejuvity® Body Wash
  • Rejuvity ® Essential Youth Serum™
  • Rejuvity® Hydrating Toner
  • Rejuvity® Moisturizing Day Cream
  • Rejuvity® Purifying Cleanser
  • Rejuvity® Renewing Night Cream
  • Ultra-Hydrating Hand and Body Cream

Targeted Solution and Daily Health

These products are the multi-vitamin and green essentials line.

These products help with introducing your body to nutrients that your body needs like vitamins, nutrients, and minerals.

I highly believe in the power of giving your body what it needs to heal itself, but I can’t comment on how well these products are to your body compared to concentrations of ingredients per cost so I will just leave it on that note.

These products consist of:

  • C-Lyte®
  • Essentials for Men™ & Essentials for Women™
  • FiberPro™
  • Isagenix Fruits™
  • Isagenix Greens™
  • IsaKids® Essentials
  • Isamune® With Zinc
  • Multi-Enzyme Complex™

Ok, perfect!

So now that we have the company and the products of Isagenix covered let’s get into the main topic of this article, which is the Isagenix pay structure and compensation plan breakdown.

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How Does The Isagenix Compensation Plan and Pay Structure Work?

In this section of the review, we are going to cover the details about how the compensation plan works and how you can make money with the Isagenix opportunity.

Isagenix is a Network Marketing company with a compensation designed in the binary pay structure.

So with the binary pay structure, you have the right team and a left team.

There are a few ways that MLM companies with binaries payout.

Isagenix pays out in “cycles”.

When there’s a certain amount of volume in your right leg and a certain amount of volume in your left leg specified by how the company designed it pays you a commission.

When you qualify for a cycle the designated payout that Isagenix has in place per cycle is $54.

I will explain more in detail below, I just wanted to give you a quick breakdown in this section of how it works.

Isagenix Pay Structure Breakdown

Basically, the Isagenix pay structure has 2 legs that you will need to build and concentrate on.

A left leg and a right leg.

Whichever leg at any particular time has more volume production is considered your power leg or main leg.

When you first start you will probably want to rotate your incoming enrollees to both legs to keep them as even as possible to maximize the commissions that you earn with how the compensation plan is structured.

After some of your team starts growing, and you notice 1 of your legs growing much faster than your other leg you will want to just concentrate on the lesser volume leg at that point to try to “catch up”.

That is pretty much a simple breakdown of how to get started in making money with Isagenix, let’s get into the more technical aspects of the commission plan and break it down.

6 Ways To Earn

With the Isagenix compensation plan, you will have 6 different ways to earn.


The first way that you can earn in the Isagenix compensation plan is through retail profits.

Retail profits give you the ability to purchase products at a discount and to resell the products at the retail rate.

The way to do this is to order products directly from Isagenix at discounted prices and then resell the products in person to your customers.

This can be anyone.

All personal purchases made that are resold are considered personal volume.


These profits are made when a customer purchases from your website as a customer.

These sales are still considered personal volume.

If the sales amount is over 100 PV, then the overage volume will go toward your additional team volume.

You will earn the difference between the sale made and what your price would be in essence, these commissions are paid out weekly.


Essentially Fast Start Bonuses, if you have been keeping up with some of my prior compensation plan overviews of other companies.

These commissions are earned when you introduce someone to the Isagenix business and decide to upgrade to a member like yourself.

When a persona upgrades they will need to purchase the yearly subscription and also one of their packs, or what Isagenix likes to call it which is one of their “Systems”.

Isagenix has several types of product packs to choose from that all have different prices.

So depending on the pack is what you will earn an upfront commission that will be paid out weekly.

Isagenix also has promotions from time to time where they double the commissions for packs sold in a determined time frame set by the company of course.


When you reach the rank of Consultant in the compensation plan is where this bonus comes into play.

These team bonuses are considered “cycles”.

When you have a certain amount of volume on one leg of your comp plan, and a certain amount of volume on your other leg you will then earn a cycle commission.

The volumes on either leg equal to 600 BV on one leg (either leg), and 300 BV on the other leg.

BV is “binary volume”.

The total amount that you accumulate in volume between the 2 legs is what Isagenix calls “group volume” or GV.

Keep that in mind because it’s important in understanding how the commission structure works with the verbiage that Isagenix has.

So, in this case, the GV or group volume would be 900 in total.

So I am just gonna throw out some random low numbers so you can understand this a little better.

So, let’s say you have 1600 BV on one leg and 950 BV on the other leg, how many cycles will you have made?

Correct, the right answer would be 2 cycles because even though you have enough to cycle 3 times with the volume on the lesser leg which was 950 BV, you still have to have 3X the amount that you would need for the bigger leg which only was 1600 BV.

Now, if the bigger leg had 1800 BV, and the same volume on the lesser volume leg, you would have cycled 3X in that circumstance.

I hope that makes better sense.

With that said, an associate can earn a maximum of 250 cycles per week.


Matching bonuses are another aspect of how the Isagenix pay structure is designed.

This bonus is only offered to qualified Executive ranked members.

This bonus consists of receiving a 10% match on your “Personally Enrolled and Consultant rank or higher” front-line members only.

The 10% matching commissions are earned when they qualify for cycle commissions.

You can only earn up to 25 matching cycles per week for any 1 personally enrolled consultant or higher, and a maximum of 250 matching cycle commissions combined per week.

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This is basically an incentive program.

This is when Isagenix wants to boost sales, so they will have contests or promotions consisting of extra commission percentages usually through the new sign-up memberships that you would bring in.

They work!

Sometimes, you can earn products as well as commissions, you will just need to stay active with the Isagenix.com back office and be on the lookout when they release these updates.

Ranks, Qualifiers & Compensation Per Rank

Isagenix Commission Plan Ranks

In this section of the compensation plan is where you want to pay close attention to.

This is the part where the residual earnings come in.

This is where you find out how to rank up so that you can earn more money in the binary pay structure where you have 2 legs to work with.

The higher in rank you qualify for means that the more commissions that you can earn.

Ok, let’s break it down.


The Associate level is the first rank of the Isagenix compensation plan and is achieved when you first sign up as a distributor or Independent associate.

To start you will have to sign up through an existing Associate or higher, and they will have to walk you through the process of getting started.

If you are a customer you can simply log in to your back office account and follow the steps that are outlined in your back office to upgrade from a customer to an Associate member.

As an Associate ranked member you will automatically get the reduced price for any product, and also have the ability to participate in the compensation plan pay structure to start earning commissions.

You will also get your own website link so that you can refer customers and potential personal sign-ups.

You will only be qualified to receive the fast start money at this point.

You will qualify to receive group volume, but will not be paid the cycle bonus money until you reach the rank of Consultant.


To achieve the rank of Consultant, you will need to start sponsoring people into the Isagenix business.

And at this point hopefully, your personally enrolled team members start enrolling people into the business as well.

When you accumulate 100 BV on your right leg and 100 BV on your left leg you will automatically be qualified as a Consultant rank at the end of the month.

Refer to the Isagenix Consultant Chart below to get a visual understanding of this process:

Isagenix Rank Advancement Bonus Step2

Rank Advancement Bonus

You earn this bonus when you reach the rank of Consultant.

The payout is $50.

**Note: For up to 20 personally enrolled Associate members that you enroll that reach the rank of Consultant, you will also earn an additional $100 bonus.

At this rank, you are now qualified to earn the cycle bonuses that I described earlier.

What does a Team Cycle Bonus Look Like?

Basically, as described before, you will need a certain amount of volume on your left leg, and a certain amount of volume on your right leg.

The volume needed is 600 BV on one side and 300 BV on the other side.

Once you are able to achieve this milestone you will now be paid out a cycle bonus which equals about $54 in commissions.

This is paid out weekly.

Isagenix Compensation Plan Chart

As described before when you have a different or off number on either side of your legs, the calculation still stands when you have an instance of 300 BV on one leg and 600 BV on the other leg.

So let’s say you have 2700 BV on one leg and 930 BV on the other leg, you will cycle 3 times.

The leftover volume would stand with you still having 300 BV on one leg (the one that had 2700) and 30 BV on the other (the one that had 930).

This volume will not be lost and carried over to the next week.

So this volume is not lost, and you will not have to start from 0 BV on either leg the next week giving you a jump start for having more chances of getting even more cycle commission bonuses the following weeks.

Isagenix Hold Over Commission Volume

This carry-over volume will not expire and continue as long as you stay active by pacing your auto-ship every month and staying qualified as a Consultant.

Associates can also accumulate this volume as well, but as a Consultant, you don’t qualify for cycles.

Another way that the carryover volume expires is when a MegaCycle is experienced, which is explained below.

The maximum number of cycles that you can earn is 250 per week.


To become a Manager Rank within the Isagenix compensation plan you must complete all prior requirements as a Consultant and also have 2 qualified personally enrolled Consultants on your front-line.

Another bonus that you can earn when reaching Manager rank is when 2 of your personally enrolled members reach the rank of Consultant and you reaching the rank of Manager within 60 days.

If you can achieve this, Isagenix will pay you a Crystal Manager Promotional Bonus that pays you $250 in commissions.

This rank will take effect 30 days after you reach it.

Managers also qualify for what is called the Holiday Bonus Pool which is an incentive that pays out bonuses commissions for certain year-long activities that Isagenix determines.

Refer to the image below to get a visual understanding of the Isagenix Manager rank.

Isagenix Manager Commissions


The way to move up to the Director rank is by sponsoring 6 personally enrolled Associates that have moved in rank to the Consultant rank.

All 6 of them personally preferred members have qualified at the Consultant rank at the same time.

Isagenix offers an additional bonus for hitting the rank of Director 120 after the day you joined in the form of commissions.

The amount that they will pay you for hitting the Director rank in 120 days is $750 and is called the Crystal Director bonus.

Along with all the benefits of being a Consultant and Manager rank, you now qualify for the Director bonus pool.

More details about the Director pool can be found in your back-office.

Here is a visual image of the Director rank to better understand what it entails.

Isagenix Director Commissions


To qualify for the Executive rank you need to be on an active auto-ship, with at least 10 personally sponsored or enrolled Associates that are all qualified at the Consultant rank all the same time.

You will also need at least 5 of your personally sponsored Consultants to be on your right leg, and at least 5 personally enrolled Consultants on your left leg as another qualification.

If you achieve this within 180 days from the day you sign up as an Associate, you will earn a promotional bonus commission of $1,000.

This is called the Crystal Executive bonus.

You will now qualify for Executive bonus pools.

When you qualify for the Executive rank you will now unlock new ways to earn in the Isagenix pay structure which are:

  • Executive Team Matching Bonuses
  • Re-Entries (see below)

This in addition to having all the benefits of being a Director as well.

See the image below to get a visual illustration of what it means to be at the Director rank level.

Isagenix Executive Commissions

10% Matching Compensation Bonus

As a qualified Executive, you are now considered a leader in the Isagenix company.

With all the additions that were mentioned before, as an Executive rank, you are entitled to a 10% matching team bonus on all of your personally enrolled personals or 2nd level which are also at the rank of Consultants or above.

What this means is that you can earn a total of 500 cycles per week.

250 for the regular team bonus cycles and another 250 cycles in the matching team bonuses.

Also, there is a limit per qualified matching bonus that you can get per person as well.

The limit is 25 per person that is on your personally enrolled personals or 2nd level Consultants and above.

Re-Entries Pay Structure Bonus

To qualify for a Re-Entry Bonus, you will need to be ranked and paid as an Executive rank for 3 commission weeks and have produced at least 225 cycles.

Plus, you must have maintained a paid as the Executive rank for the last 3 months.

When these criteria are met, then you may apply for a re-entry position.

The position of your Re-Entry position when qualified would be located directly above your Executive ranked position.

And all future Re-Entry Bonus positions would have to be positioned above your last Re-Entry position.

When this Re-Entry Position is approved, your starting position or “primary” position would now be 1 leg of your sales, which would be considered your power leg, or majority volume sales leg.

So basically you can leverage the volume you accumulated from your primary position.

All additional Re-Entry Bonuses must qualify by reaching the same qualifications needed from the original Re-Entry Bonus position achieved.

The Re-Entry Bonus positions are simply a means to earn additional income from the Isagenix compensation plan.

For more information about the Re-Entry Bonus details, you can refer to the Platinum rank handbook you can get in your back-office.

Here is an image to explain the details of these bonus commissions to have a visual form of information.

Isagenix Re-Entry Commission Bonus


The Platinum rank is the highest position that you can achieve within the Isagenix pay structure.

To qualify for the Platinum rank, you simply have to qualify for the Re-Entry bonus with the qualifications needed.

Platinum will have additional perks and benefits outside of the Isagenix compensation plan.

Special Incentive and Promotions Commission Bonuses

There is an additional program that is not really part of the main Isagenix commission structure which is called the special incentive and promotion bonuses.

This essentially works when Isagenix announces special contests or promotions throughout the year.

Some of the prizes consist of extra commissions earned for what currently is officially designed in the pay plan, like extra volume per personal sign-ups, or for a specific amount of sign-up in a certain time period.

Other prizes include trips, travel, awards, and branded Isagenix gear.

You can find these contests usually within your back-office on the announcements page.

Recognition Program

The recognition program is special pins that you can pin to your clothing or gear, usually your shirt.

The pins that are given out are listed below and consist of:

Silver Circle – 1-8 Star Silver Circle pins that are given out when you have between 10 and 250 cycles.

Golden Circle – 1-8 Star Golden Circle pins that are given out when you have between 10 and 250 cycles.

Platinum – 7-20 Star Platinum pins that are given out when you have between 200 and 850 cycles.

Star Executive – This pin is given out to award the Executive ranked members that have helped their personal referrals to reach the Executive rank level. A new one is awarded to you every time this achievement is accomplished.

Million Dollar Earners – Any associate that reaches a million dollars in earning is awarded a special Million Dollar Earners pin.


A Megacycle occurs at the end of any day that a minimum of 100 Cycles has been accumulated since the Associate’s (1) enrollment date or (2) last Megacycle.

To provide stability to the Compensation Plan, Isagenix will hold over up to 150,000 GV in the Major Volume Sales Team and all remaining GV in your Minor Volume Sales Team toward earning your next Team Bonus. Any GV above the 150,000 GV from your Major Volume Sales Team is removed.

Isagenix Member Discounts and Perks

As a member of the Isagenix program, you will receive a discount of about 10-25% off the normal retail price of any product sold.

The Isagenix chart below will show some options a regular customer has when they decide to join the Isagenix program.

Isagenix New Member Discount Types

How You Get Paid With Isagenix

Isagenix has what they call the IsaWallet.

When you first earn a commission payout, this wallet will automatically be set up for you.

From your IsaWallet account, you can then use those commissions for a few things like:

  • Transfer your money to your regular bank account via direct deposit.
  • Pay for your next auto-ship purchase or on products.
  • Use simply use your Isagenix Visa card that is issued to you to pay for anything Visa is taken.

These commissions will be held until you have made at least $10 of commissions before it is released to you.

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Isagenix Q and A Section

In this section of the review, we are going to answer some of the questions that people may have when thinking about joining the Isagenix opportunity.

Is Isagenix Accredited With The BBB?

Yes, Isagenix is accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Here is some of the information that I gathered from the BBB:

  • The company has an A+ rating
  • The company has been accredited since 8-26-2011
  • They have 29 customer reviews with a 4.1 Star Rating

If you would like to see the full BBB report, you can find it here.

How Much Is it To Start Isagenix?

You will need to pay an annual membership cost of $29 and pick a product pack to purchase.

The shipping is additional which is around $14 additional.

You will have several options of product packs to choose from that will be priced differently and also contribute to different volume amounts toward your commissionable volume that you should take note of when signing up new reps to your business.

With that said, let’s answer the question that many of you have which is…

Is Isagenix a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

In my opinion, NO, Isagenix is not a pyramid scheme.

In order for an MLM company to be a pyramid scheme, it would have no retail products.

Isagenix offers several aspects that the company abides by which are:

  • They do offer great retail products
  • They do offer a fair compensation plan
  • They do have good management
  • They have a good business structure

The company offers everything that a legitimate MLM company needs in order to be in compliance with the law.

So, to answer the question again, no, Isagenix is not a pyramid scheme.

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My Final Isagenix Review, Thoughts, and Bonus

The main reason that we join Network Marketing companies is to earn money.

And you can absolutely make money with Isagenix…

But here is what you will run into.

To be honest, when you take what the statistics reveal unless you join a business opportunity with experience or bring over a prior team of other experienced builders when you start a new opportunity, you are going to have to refer quite a few people into the business as reps to find just a handful of motivated and hungry builders just like yourself that can help you build your downline to earn an incredible income from home.

And with an old-school tactic, (like what Isagenix teaches you) you will eventually run out of people to talk to that are on your list.

And so, many motivated builders will start using other avenues of advertising and marketing to find new people to talk to.

Like online marketing with paid ads, or posting on social media.

But with the bigger MLM companies, you are not going to be able to get away with advertising online for too long due to their strict guidelines for advertising on the internet.

The Secret Sauce For Finding Qualified Prospects

But advertising online to find motivated and qualified prospects for any MLM company can work, but you will need to lead with a great front-end offer first.

You must offer something that would offer value and would benefit that person financially.

Something that piques interest in many people but also breaks down their objections fast so that they can join the program.

The ideal offer would be something that would be free and would benefit them financially.

Free is best but you will want to offer an upsell to the same product but offers even more value so that you can start generating income.

Building Isagenix is only just one way to earn extra income from home.

With the number of opportunities and programs that are out on the Internet right now, there are so many other possibilities to earn from home that you have to pick from.

I’m not saying Isagenix is not a good company to work with, it might be the perfect opportunity for you.

I know plenty of times where a person with no experience went into a company not knowing what to do besides the basics, followed some sound advice, and then got to work where it paid out big time for them.

And by no means that the success that they achieved was sheer luck, we all had to work our butts off to get there.

But it is possible to achieve when you have the burning desire and motivation, and when you have that, you can become successful with the Isagenix opportunity.

I hope this article helped you out in understanding the commission structure and how you get paid from home and online with the Isagenix Compensation Plan better.

With that said…

I hope you enjoyed my Isagenix review.

If you found this review helpful, make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page to share it with others so that people can learn exactly what the Isagenix opportunity is really all about.

Thank you for your support!

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