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Is SweatCoin Safe and Legit – Earn Rewards and Money for Walking?!

Is Sweatcoin safe and legit?

Can you really make money simply for walking or running around outside and getting healthier?

This is what we are going to find out in my Sweatcoin review.

We are going to take a full look into what Sweatcoin is, how it works, how you make money with it, the prizes or rewards you can get, if it is a scam, and if it really pays.

I will complete this review with my final thoughts.

With that said, let’s get started and find out what is SweatCoin.

Sweatcoin Review – How You Get Started and What Is It?

Basically, Sweatcoin is a free app that you can download on your phone or wearable device that is android or IOS compatible.

Is Sweatcoin Safe and Legit

The app will run in the background and will track your steps and reward you with SweatCoin.

The SweatCoin can be redeemed for prizes and rewards when you accumulate enough of them.

I will outline the simple steps on how to get started.

Getting Started

Step 1. Download SweatCoins (It’s free)

You will want to download the Sweatcoin app which is free. The app will ask if you want to add your payment details at first but you can skip this. Once the app is downloaded it will want you to fill out your first name, then your phone number which will send you a code that you will have to enter, then it will ask you for your email address. This process literally only takes a couple of minutes.

Ready To Get Started With SweatCoin?

You can get started by downloading the SweatCoin app by clicking here. (my wife’s invite link)

Step 2. Start Earning Points

Once you are all set up and your registration is complete SweatCoins will award you with your first 1,000 (at least that is what I got) which equals out to 1 SweatCoin. Then you will want to start walking to earn more points. (the app runs off of GPS so it will track your steps when you are outside only)

* Most of the rewards and prizes can be purchased with 30-300 SweatCoins so if you figure that 1,000 steps will equal 1 coin, it will take a while but hey… it’s free money!

Step 3. Exchange Your Points For Prizes/Rewards

After you accumulate enough points to redeem for prizes or rewards you will click on the top-right icon in the app that looks like a bag. On that page, you will have several options of prizes to choose from. The rewards are always changing so it is a good idea to go in and check what rewards are offered from time to time to check out how much you will need to accumulate for the prizes you want.

Sweatcoin Prizes and Rewards 3

Once you have enough points and choose your reward or prize, the app will ask you for confirmation on a couple of things like your email and phone number.

Once you redeem your points for a reward you should get it shortly.

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What Is SweatCoin?

According to CrunchBase SweatCoin is a digital currency that is backed up by physical movement.

The way that you earn with the SweatCoin app works (to earn SweatCoin) is for every step that you take (outside) it will award you with points that you can turn into coins (SweatCoins) that you can then redeem for rewards and prizes.

You can also earn gift card awards for referring others to the app as well that pays through Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

SweatCoin is a Cryptocurrency that you Earn by Simply Walking Around!

SweatCoin is an app that you install on your phone (or wearable device) that you let run in the background and tracks all of your steps, similar to Fitbit.

For 1,000 steps that you take outside the app will reward you with approx. 1 SweatCoin.

When you accumulate enough SweatCoin points you can redeem them for rewards that you can find in the top navigation in the app itself.

The rewards include health products like energy drinks, protein bars, running shoes, and even digital watches and even electronics.

SweatCoin has been announced that it will soon be a part of the blockchain currency exchange soon.

When that happens it will be the very first cryptocurrency that you can earn by simply walking or running.

You will be able to purchase, trade, and sell the crypto in the blockchain and when that happens will be another way that you can earn from SweatCoin.

The SweatCoin Video Overview

SweatCoin is and will be labeled in the Blockchain as “SWC” and is a newish form of currency that you can earn and gathered by mining the coins by physical activity!

Crazy right?

This is absolutely the first way to earn cryptocurrency in this way that I have ever heard about.

You’ve probably heard of Bitcoin which is the most known form of cryptocurrency and is mined through the use of graphics cards that use crazily complicated equations that try to find a block of coins, which is also known as “mining”.

The way that SweatCoin works, (or generated) are that it gets mined through using real-life activity in the form of steps to mine these particular coins.

This form of mining with how SweatCoins has it set up is actually guaranteed to find the coins.

Since SweatCoin is so new, a runner can literally take minutes to earn the 1,000 steps that it takes to earn just 1 coin, unlike Bitcoin that can literally take months to find just a fraction of a coin since it is so limited with the amount of Bitcoin left.

The next section of my review will cover how the SweatCoin App works.

How Does Sweatcoin Work and Make Money?

The way that SweatCoin works are like this.

As a user, you will download the app, install it and then it will kind of attach to the health and fitness data and GPS location that your smart device already has in place to report and track data so that you can earn points.

So, as I explained earlier for every 1,000 steps the app will award you every day with 1 SweatCoin, the actual amount is 0.95 in “SweatCoin”.

Then the users that accumulate these SweatCoins can then later trade them in for rewards.

Like described earlier the rewards consist of things like workout classes, and gift cards as well.

These items change every day.

Many of the rewards like gift cards and Paypal money seem to be consistent.

How Does Sweatcoin Work

As you can see in the chart above, the SweatCoin app has increased in popularity and is trending quite dramatically in a short amount of time.

When you first sign up the app states that you can only accumulate the points by walking outside, but there have been some users that state that they have also gained points from simply walking around their house as well.

If you want to really earn some points you are going to have to work out which isn’t a bad thing but you will definitely have to take a ton of steps per day to get those bigger rewards that the app offers.

Some of the bigger rewards that I’ve found within the app include a Fitbit and even an actual iPhone smartphone, but for the number of points that they have it listed you are going to be at it for at least a year unless you are some kind of super robot.

The actual company has raised a significant capital of about $5.7 million dollars through a slew of investors.

Even though the coin might not be valued as much as say Bitcoin at this time, this coin might be worth it to start accumulating and holding on to for a while just to see what happens in a couple of years.

You never know if the value of the coins might shoot up as Bitcoin did, I mean they do have a unique business model.

The owners plan on expanding the user base with the funds they gathered outside of the US to other English-speaking countries, then eventually over to the Asia market.

Anton Derlyatka (co-founder) had explained to TechCrunch in an interview:

He wants to “even include the ability to pay taxes with SweatCoin” in the future.

Oleg Fomenko (co-founder) had also said that he wants to start an “open-source blockchain DLT technology that will allow Sweatcoin to be traded like any other major crypto- or fiat currency.”

“We are out to fundamentally change the value ascribed to health and fitness and provide the motivation for people to lead better lives” Fomenko explained.

I can only imagine the excitement these owners have about what they have put together for people with the ability to earn by simply walking around outside.

This fitness app truly does stand-out and give motivation to people to actually start getting into shape in my opinion.

My wife and I downloaded the app and already earning points and SweatCoin.

If you want to get started too, simply download it here to get started. (my wife’s referral link)

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SweatCoin Prizes and Rewards List – Store

As was explained in the earlier sections of my review I explained that you will earn .95 SweatCoin for every 1,000 steps that you take outside.

I’ve mentioned that you can redeem the points for rewards that are mostly fitness related items but the rewards will also include gift cards

You will have to save up your SweatCoins to get those higher-cost rewards.

The items in the rewards selection area of the app will change frequently, and sometimes you will see watches, Amazon gift cards, shoes, and even smartphones.

I even saw a travel reward but for something like 200,000 SweatCoins… WOW!

The majority of the rewards that you can realistically accumulate in a decent amount of time will range from 75 to 300 SweatCoins.

The more the reward costs retail, will always be determined by how much those items cost you in terms of the SweatCoins you will have to pay for it. (in my experience)

Apparently, you can only get the Amazon gift card rewards by referring others.

The last I checked it was 5 referrals to earn a $5 gift card.

Not too bad I guess, I mean it is something for simply just telling people about it.

My wife is actually part of an exercise group of about 15 people.

I told her if she could share it with them, she was like ok, so once they get the app with her referral link I will report back to share what she got.

Not sure if you know how to redeem the Amazon gift card?

If you don’t all you need to do is grab the code that you get, then simply enter that code into the “coupon” section at your Amazon checkout.

Simply enter the code and click apply, then the Amazon system will credit your account with the amount of the gift card that will go toward your current or next purchase.

Simple as that.

Ok, so this is what I got…

Sweatcoin Prizes and Rewards 3

So I have been checking over a few sites and see some results that others came up with.

The company has been adding additional features that are part of the app that includes:

  • The ability to send SweatCoins to other members

The idea behind doing this according to the website is that you can be part of a group or a team of people using the app to lose weight by getting out and walking or running and sending it over to just 1 member of the group.

By doing this that 1 member can purchase several gift card rewards or prizes and then distribute those rewards evenly between all that participated or per points that were sent over.

I guess in certain circumstances this can be a great idea.

I guess by having this option you can also sell your coins earned as well.

The lowest gift cards I see at this time are $50 gift cards that you can use in Amazon and I believe Paypal too.

This has a cost of 3,650 SweatCoins so it is going to take a while before accumulating that many points.

They didn’t have these lower amount gift cards before so we can only hope that they can come out with smaller options soon like $5 or $10 dollar ones.

Is SweatCoin Safe and Legit?

There have been many people asking if SweatCoin is safe and legit.

I mean if something sounds too good to be true it tends to raise some eyebrows.

But hopefully, I can help you understand why it is safe and legit a bit better.

SweatCoin is NOT a Scam and Here’s Why

Is SweatCoin a Scam

Basically, SweatCoin is similar to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin for the simple fact that they have a value placed on them from people themselves.

It’s kind of like saying that these cryptos are creating value out of thin air.

The cryptocurrencies themselves don’t actually have any physical value by themselves.

But yet, after knowing all of this, the question is now, are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin a scam?

When you take the fact that businesses like Amazon use them now, and huge banks and wall street is getting in on it as well paying thousands of dollars for just 1 Bitcoin you have to understand that cryptocurrencies are very real.

Right now if you were to cash in just 1 Bitcoin you can sell it and cash out is USD for thousands of dollars!

There are differences when you take the comparison of SweatCoin and the typical cryptos are listed above.

Regular cryptos like Bitcoin are valued at a fiat rate per USD and SweatCoin is valued for the rewards that are offered in the apps store.

One SweatCoin also has various values when compared to the various rewards that are in the store as well.

For example, one SweatCoin could be the value of 1 offer, but not worth the value of a different offer.

Here is a great resource for determining rewards or an offer’s value in the SweatCoin App store that you can check out here.

And for more questions and resources about SweatCoin, you can check out the FAQ page here.

So why is the SweatCoin App not a scam then?

Since the app is free, how do they get the money to offer all of the rewards they offer each day?

What makes the most sense is that they get those rewards or products that they offer for free in trade for advertising is what makes the most sense.

You can see what companies are involved by simply clicking on the tab in the app on the top right that looks like a bag.

There will be a new listing every day, mostly many will be similar, but those are the companies that are basically involved.

Companies offer free products for free advertising all the time.

Just look around, it happens all the time in the form of sponsorships.

Check out Youtube, for example, many of the channels with a big amount of subscribers you will run into will have videos that say “this video was sponsored by…”.

So the concept is not new and is actually very effective.

Another reason could be Sweatcoin has plans on getting a valuation to USD and British pound.

Or just a bonus for the product providers down the line for getting involved with SweatCoin early.

Say that SweatCoin has a value to it later down the road, the advertisers will now be getting an actual currency value per SweatCoin that can be traded in along with the advertising.

A lot of positives that I can see for advertisers as long as the app grows and does well and all the current data says that the app is doing very well and has a good uptrend.

So, basically, all points lean toward a legitimate long-term business structure that SweatCoin seems to have a good plan in place.

How Does SweatCoin Pay You?

When you accumulate enough points to trade in for SweatCoin you will be able to shop around on the app’s offer page.

Remember that it is going to take quite a few steps to accumulate your SweatCoin so don’t expect that you are going to be able to turn in your points in a week for SweatCoin and be able to get an iPhone for example.

With that said, the SweatCoin app absolutely does pay!

So let’s say you have enough points to get the $5 Amazon gift card, you simply go to the offers page and choose that option and fill out the required information that they ask you for, then they will send you an email notification like in the image posted below.

Sweatcoin Amazon Gift Card

Let’s say you are able to earn enough to get a PayPal payment.

You will basically go through the same process that you did for the Amazon gift card but instead, choose the PayPal payout option.

There are several PayPal cash options but as of right now the lowest being the $50 PayPal option.

Sweatcoin Prizes and Rewards 1

Hopefully, they will be coming out with lower PayPal payouts soon.

So basically when you redeem the PayPal cash option you will get notified that you received your money in PayPal similar to the image listed below.

Sweatcoin PayPal Rewards

Ready To Get Started With SweatCoin?

You can get started by downloading the SweatCoin app by clicking here. (my wife’s invite link)

SweatCoin App Cons and Complaints

There are some complaints or cons that I have seen in different forums and website but it seems that the main 2 are at this time are:

  • Gift Cards – It seems like (at this time) that there is no option to turn your SweatCoin in for gift cards like for Amazon. Although the developer has mentioned that they will have these available later, at this time it would be considered a con.
  • The App Itself – The SweatCoin app itself has to be running in the background at all times for it to register your steps. You can, in theory, turn it off when you are at home or at work (if you have a desk job) then turn it back on when you are leaving outside or starting a workout. But having it run does take some resources that do tend to drain the battery similar to any other app that runs in the background.

Those are the 2 main cons that I see pop up from time to time, so if you consider those to be negatives then it’s not much of a deterrent in my opinion for simply trying it out.

SweatCoin Hack?

So there are some rumors or people that are actually posting that they figured out how to hack the SweatCoin app so that you can get steps and referrals that you actually didn’t earn naturally.

I would HIGHLY advise not to “try out” these hacks and just go about it the normal and natural way.

If you were to try any one of these hacks that you find online it can hurt your account and actually get your account terminated.

I don’t know about you, if I worked on thousands of steps to earn some SweatCoins that I can redeem for prizes or rewards, then I don’t want to mess that all up by trying out some hack that only will provide some short-term results.

You never know if in the future that these coins will turn out to have huge value.

Why would you want to mess that up?

I was going to list out some hacks, but I don’t think it is even worth it.

With that said, trying to hack SweatCoin is at your own risk and can result in termination from the program or maybe even worse, I mean it will have an actual value soon.

My Final SweatCoin Review and Thoughts

This brings us to the final section of my review that I will cover my feelings and thoughts about the SweatCoin App.

I designed my Digital Cash Kings website to help people learn about additional ways that you can earn money from home.

I cover all sorts of various strategies from the easy ways to more advanced that pay more.

I feel that earning additional income using the SweatCoin app will be fun to use and although it will not earn you a full-time income from home I do feel it will be a little exciting for people to get rewarded prizes for simply working out.

I think this is a great concept that SweatCoin has brought to the market and I also believe that the coin might have a nice value to it in the future.

Not sure it will reach the value of what Bitcoin hit, but it might turn into the next Ethereum.

I mean, who really knows, but I don’t think you should pass this opportunity up, and just get it to start earning some free coin that possibly could turn out to be incredible.

Or, you can just get it to start earning some coins to redeem them for some cool rewards.

Either way, SweatCoin is a legitimate app, and ultimately it is up to you if you feel it is worth it.

You know what my thoughts are about it.

If you want to take it for a spin and try it out for yourself, get it here through my wife’s link.

She will be happy you did!

One last thing…

Make sure to share this review with others by clicking on the social share buttons on this page so that you can help others know more about the SweatCoin app, and what it has to offer.

Click here to try it out.

Thank you for your support!

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