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How Does Taps For Money App Game Work – Is It Legit and Safe? [FULL Review]

Welcome to my Taps for Money App Game Review.

Is the game safe and legit?

We are going to take a look at how Tap for Money App works, how it pays, and what you can get when you win.

Taps For Money App Game Review

If you are looking for ways to earn some additional money and rewards by playing on money make apps, then this might be the app that you’ve been looking for?

With that said, let’s dig in and see what this app is all about.

What Is Taps For Money APK?

The app itself is called Taps For Money.

Taps For Money App Review

It is an app that you can install on your phone or smart device from the APK site and earn $15 after you complete the task that the game offers for you.

The app is compatible with IOS, Android, and Google devices.

The rewards won’t make you rich but you can expect to earn about $15 when or if you win the game that the Taps For Money APK game offers.

But the questions are is Taps For Money legit and safe?

Will you actually get paid when you win and not a scam?

Well, this is what we are going to find out in this review for the Taps For Money app.

With that said, let’s get started.

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Taps For Money APK Video Overview

Is Taps For Money APK Legit and Safe To Earn Rewards?

Is Taps For Money App Legit and Safe

After reviewing all of the information in this review that I’ve found from external sources we found that Taps For Money APK App is a safe and legit game and not a scam.

The company that created the Taps For Money app is called “Apps that Pay”.

Apps that Pay is also responsible for the creation of other money-making apps like Zap Surveys, Fish For Money, and Bills Board just to name a few.

How Does It Work?

The way that the Taps For Money APK game works is really simple and is similar to other apps.

How Does The Taps For Money App Game Work

The app will reward you when you are able to reach the goal that the app has set for you.

Once you complete the required task that the app needs you the complete you will get rewarded $15 worth of rewards.

After reviewing testimonials from Taps For Money and other apps that the company provides they do pay out as promised after you reach the goal that is required for you to complete.

There are some aspects that have been considered to be negatives that I will break down here which are:

  • The time that it will take to reach a goal in Taps For Money APK is lengthy.
  • And the maximum amount you can earn for completing a goal is $15.

I will cover more negatives that I have in my “cons” section below.

These 2 issues might be a good thing for some that are familiar with how much other apps work and payout and it might be a negative for others.

This is simply a subjective point of view.

Let’s move on to the next section of the review.

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Who Is The Taps For Money App For?

There are 2 types of people that use the Taps For Money app which are:

  • Companies/Advertisers that want to display advertisements to the users of that app and…
  • People that like to play these types of games and have the benefit of getting paid when they win or in the case of the Taps For Money app, to complete the task.

The way that the companies and advertisers use the app is through the video advertisements that get displayed to all or a block of users that use the app.

This will only get displayed when the user is playing the app, and from the app interface so you don’t have to worry that you are going to see these ads while you are using your phone or device normally.

The Taps For Money app is simply a tool for these advertisers and companies to get the word out about their business or company just like the old days when people would buy an ad in the newspaper, a TV commercial ad, or buy a billboard sign that you would see on the side of the road.

These ads are not all bad for people that don’t like them, the video ads themselves will actually provide the ability to get through the required goals faster by offering more taps by watching the video ads when people are playing the game.

This makes it possible for a higher percentage of those ads actually to get watched and not ignored, which makes the advertisers happy.

The video ads themselves are different lengths of time consisting of 15 to 30 seconds on average.

For people like you, that app provides the ability to earn $15 by simply playing the game to the point of completing the goal that the APK has set for you.

You will need to keep tapping on the screen and when the goal is completed you will earn $15 in either an Amazon gift card or cash that will be sent to your Paypal account.

To get started you are going to have to go to the IOS or Google Play store to download it or simply go to the apps that pay the website and click on your compatible device link to get the download started here.

Here are the steps to get started:

  • Download the app (link included above)
  • Register the Taps For Money APK (free)
  • Start playing the game by tapping away to reach your goal.

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Taps For Money App Game Review – How To Earn?

In this section of the review, we are going to discuss how to earn with the Taps For Money App.

It is really straightforward with what you need to do in order to earn the $15 gift card or Paypal money.

The only thing that you have to do is reach the goal that Taps For Money APK has for you to complete.

Here is an image of review testimonials from some users:

Taps For Money Game Reviews

What Is The Goal That Taps For Money App Want You To Do To Earn?

Well, you just need to reach 1 million taps.

Yes, this is really all you have to do.

I know 1,000,000 taps seem excessive but compared to other money-making apps it really is straightforward in comparison.

So what are you supposed to tap to reach the goal and earn?

There are actually 5 ways to earn taps which are:

  1. Tapping the center circle
  2. Tapping the Money Tree
  3. The Money Farm
  4. Watching The Advertising Videos
  5. Share The App On Social Media


There is a big circle in the middle of the screen that you just need to tap and tap for 1 million times in order to earn that $15 gift card or PayPal money which is the goal that the Taps For Money app sets.

So with that said, you are probably thinking is there some type of catch, because it seems so simple?

Many people have reported that when they were finally able to complete the goal it actually took them at least a month to complete.

This is probably because of those “advertising videos” that we mentioned earlier which are periodically shown while you are tapping away so it stops your progress.

You will have to wait 15 to 30 seconds until the ad finishes before you can continue.

There is a way around not watching the advertising videos by simply clicking on the video before it completes, but not watching the ad until the end will result in losing out in extra bonus taps if you do.

We will talk about this later.

Tapping The Money Tree

Another way that you can earn the 1 million taps faster is by tapping on the tree icon.

Tapping on the tree will result in you watering the tree that will result in 10 additional taps each and every time you water that tree.

There is a text ad that you will need to view in order to complete this goal of getting those additional 10 taps.

The Money Farm

You will have to unlock the money tree by watering your money tree that was discussed in the money tree section.

The way to unlock the money farm is you will need to water your money tree 500 times.

When the money farm opens up you will be shown a video ad every single time you visit the money farm.

Watching The Advertising Video

One of the best ways to earn additional taps is by simply watching the video ad in its entirety.

Like mentioned before the video ads are 15 to 30 seconds long.

The amount of additional click that you will earn for every single video ad that you watch in its entirety you will earn 225 taps.

So you can see those taps can really add up fast with the more ads you watch.

You can interact with the video ad itself but more importantly, it is very important to close the ad AFTER the ad has finished earning those extra clicks.

So, when you close out the ad, you can actually open it up again to earn an additional 225 taps.

Just make sure to pause for a few seconds when you close out the video before you open it up again.

Some call this the Taps For Money App Hack, but it is what it is.

I guess you can call it a bit of a hack.

Either way, it works for now so take advantage of it while that hack lasts is my point.

Share The App On Social Media

The last way that you can earn additional taps is by sharing the Taps For Money game on your social media websites like Twitter and Facebook including texting your sharable link as well.

When you text the Taps For Money App a total of 5 friends that download the app will award you with 10,000 additional taps.

When you share the app on social media you will earn an additional 5,000 additional taps.

What Do You Earn When You Complete The Goal?

It was mentioned before but this is important for those that missed it.

So when you reach the goal of reaching 1 million taps by tapping, watering your money tree, gaining access to your money farm, watching the video ads, and sharing it on social media and sharing it, you will earn either a $15 Amazon Gift Card or a $15 Paypal money transfer that you can transfer straight into your bank account.

That is all there is to it!

The way they get all this money to pay out is through the advertisers that have to pay a fee in order to display their ads on the Taps For Money App game platform for all the users to see.

So you can see why they award so many taps for simply watching the video ad.

Once you earn that gift card don’t expect that gift card to be sent to your mailbox in 2 days, it will actually get sent to your email inbox in at least 30 days at the earliest.

This money is paid out by the advertisers so it is a process that the company has to go through but there haven’t been any negative reviews that the app does not payout which is a good thing.

The app is easy to download, it’s free and registration doesn’t take long at all.

There is a big negative that I see that really sucks but I will get into that in the next section of my review where I cover my negatives about this APK game in regard to how much money you can earn.

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My Taps For Money App Pros

In this section of my review, I am going to cover some of the things that I liked or the pros of the Taps For Money App.

After taking the time to review the many aspects that the app has to offer you by playing the game and completing the goal that it has set for you I do have some things that I like that I will point out here:

  • With the Taps For Money APK game, you have a straightforward goal which is to reach 1 million taps. It is as simple as that, nothing to fill out, nothing to win to reach the goal. They have a simple task that you must do and complete that will reward you. The simplicity of it is the first thing that I like about this APK.
  • I really like that they offer the $15 when you reach your goal as a cash incentive through Paypal or an Amazon gift card. There is nothing else that they offer like products or sample type products that other apps have as far as the rewards you can get. I feel that most people will like these 2 options as many people shop on Amazon and many people also like getting paid in money as well.
  • The last thing that I really like is that you have more options to get more taps to reach your final goal of reaching 1 million taps. This is a plus that will help you reach your goal much faster. Although it will still take you some time to get to that goal, having those extra options are definitely a great addition.

My Taps For Money App Cons

In this section of my review, I will cover the cons that I have about the Taps For Money app.

There are some definite cons or negatives that I can see with one being the biggest which I will save for last.

  • Even though you earn extra points by watching the ads which are a good thing there is a TON of ads that they show that disrupts your progress. I totally understand that this app only exists by showing the advertiser’s ads to the users that they paid for so that the company can pay the users the $15 when the user completes the goal of the game, but they can be very annoying. I can see people just tapping the ad to move forward even when they know that they can earn additional points by simply viewing it.
  • The fact that they do take 30 days to pay out kind of sucks. Compared to other apps that payout in just a couple days, 30 days seems kind of extreme. I am thinking it because the advertiser’s ad blocks run in 30-day increments. So just expect not to receive your $15 Paypal or Amazon gift card in 30 days or a bit more.
  • And the final con that I have for Taps For Money App is a big one for me. When you finally reach your goal of reaching 1 million taps you earn $15 which is great, but here is the issue. You only get this 1-TIME! So after you reach 1 million taps, that’s it, you are done, no more tapping to get another $15. The app is basically telling you “thanks for playing, please never come back”.

So, you can see what I mean that the last negative that I have for this app is a big con for me.

It might not be a big issue for you, and I know it is what it is, but I really don’t like the “one and done” make money apps which is my personal opinion. (even though I still play them)

Let’s move on to the last section of my review.

Do I Recommend The Taps For Money App?

I downloaded the Taps For Money App or APK, and what I can say so far is this.

  • It was easy to download
  • It was simple to register
  • It was simple to get started tapping and earning taps

I only have just under 1,000 taps so far so I can’t really say if the app really pays out, I really have to rely on the many testimonial reviews which they do say the app does payout.

I just have to wait and get my 1-million taps before I can report back with my personal experience to give my thoughts on this topic.

Do I Recommend The Taps For Money App?

Well, I did download it myself but I can say I am still not really impressed.

Not with the interface or platform, I am referring to the negatives I have in the cons section of my review in the above section.

With that said, you have to understand that once you reach 1 million taps that will probably take a realistic 2 months or more, it is going to take another month 1 to get your payment.

Once you win your $15, you can’t play the game or “tap” any more times to earn another $15.

That’s it, you can still tap away, but at this point, after you win, you are simply tapping to earn nothing.

But if you are ok with all of the pros and all of the negatives that I’ve pointed out earlier then go for it.

Remember, I did say I downloaded it myself.

The reason why I decided on downloading it was that I have stretches of time that I don’t really do anything other than just waiting on something that I figured why not spend my time tapping away in those small stretches of time that I have throughout my day.

So if you have time to waste then the Taps For Money App might be for you.

I can recommend it for that.

What I mean is it’s free money, so why not?

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Taps For Money App or APK review.

Make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page and share it so that others can learn about this money-making App.

Thank you for your support!

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