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Help Enough People to Get What You Want by Zig Ziglar

One of my most favorite motivational and inspiring speakers would be Zig Ziglar.

In this article, I break down one of his speaking engagements of him talking about how to help enough people to get what you want and the meaning behind it through his vision.

Very powerful and inspiring, I hope you enjoy.

How To Help Enough People To Get What You Want

At this time it is my pleasure to introduce to you your next featured speaker, he hails from Dallas, Texas.

He is a man who not only professes the greatness of individuals but has experienced the concept of greatness he was number one in a sales force of over 3,000 salespeople, he was also number two in a sales force of over 7,000 salespeople, he’s a man who has worked very hard for the beliefs and convictions he possesses.

But first I wanted to share an amazing video, well it’s audio-only but it’s hosted on the Youtube platform on Zig Ziglar’s motivation and success thoughts and theories.

His methods work, and if you haven’t heard any of his work before, you are in for a treat.


Zig Ziglar – Beleive in Yourself Video

Mr. Zig Ziglar

I’m delighted to say that he is the author of the very successful and popular book that has sold over 143 thousand copies.

In its brief existence I’m also delighted to say that this book and the philosophy behind this book is now being taught to the young people in the schools throughout America in many communities, Zig Ziglar is making an impact, a great man who believes that it’s your aptitude not just your attitude that always determines your ultimate altitude ladies and gentlemen.

Have A Dream

When you’re asleep, ladies and gentlemen, you need your dreams. I’m here to tell you that when you’re wide awake you also need your dreams. You must have your goals. You’ll never make it is a wandering generality. You must become a meaningful specific.

If you’re going to work tomorrow because that’s what you did yesterday you’re not going to be as good tomorrow as you were yesterday because now you’re two days older and no closer to the goal which you do not have. You can’t make it as a wandering generality.

Think As A Champion

Interviewer: Tell us about some of the jobs that you’ve held over the years selling and what you’ve sold and some of the lessons that you’ve learned in selling over the years.

Well, I sold heavy-duty waterless cookware on the door-to-door demonstration plan. And, that was a marvelous experience. It took me the first two and a half years I struggled financially. Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t sell a lot because I did. I sold my furniture, sold my car.

And, that’s fairly close to the truth, it really was. Then I went to a meeting and a man named P.C. Merrill who’s an American Indian persuaded me that I could be the number one salesman in America out of the 7,000 member sales force. He said, “You’ve got everything that it takes “to be a great salesman if you just believed in “yourself and went to work on a regular schedule.”

Interviewer: And, this is in a cookware business?

The Perfect System Reviewed

The picture I had of myself changed dramatically

That’s right, and I put on the demonstration on door to door sales and so forth. I’d never had anybody say something like that to me. “You could be a great one, you could be “the national champion.” Now, I’ve always been loved, but nobody ever thought of me as a champion.

Because of Mister Merrill’s integrity and because he had written the training program and because he had set all of the records I took him absolutely at his word. The previous year I had not been in the top 5,000 out that 7,000 member sales force. But, the year after Mister Merrill got through with me I was number two out of the 7,000, had received the best promotion that was available in the company at that time.

And, the interesting thing about the success that year he did not really teach me that much about sales. I’d been in it two and a half years at that point, but what he did teach me was about who I was. The picture I had of myself changed dramatically. I started thinking like a champion and performing like a champion. And, I did finish number two and had that wonderful promotion.

Be Committed

Commitment plays heavily in everything. If you’ve made a commitment when you hit the rough spots, not if, when you hit the rough spots your immediate thought is, “How can I solve the problem?” If you have not made the commitment when you hit the rough spot whether it’s in marriage or education or career or whatever your first thought is, “Man, how can I get out of this deal?” And so, that commitment plays a huge role. And, some people are about as committed as a kamikaze pilot on it’s 39th mission. I mean, they don’t really take it that seriously.

Do It Right Now!

I was raised in the little town of Yazoo City, Mississippi. Now, I know a lot of folks go ’round the country trying to impress people by claiming to be from Yazoo City. But, I really am and when I was a boy during the Depression we lived next door to some rich folks. I knew they were rich for two reasons. Number one they had a cook. Number two the cook had something to cook.

During the Depression that was a sure sign of wealth. I was over there for lunch one day, as I tried to be everyday, and don’t misunderstand that. Even though there was a Depression on we certainly had plenty to eat at my house. I know we had plenty because if I ever passed my plate for seconds they’d always tell me, “No, you’ve had plenty.” So, I know we had plenty.

Now, the cook brought the biscuits out, and this is not an exaggeration, those biscuits were not as thick as my wrist was. And, I looked at ’em for a moment, I said Maude, what in the world happened to your biscuits? She reared back gave a big old tummy laugh and said, “Well, I’ll tell you about those biscuits.” She said, “They squatted to rise,” but she said they just got cooked in the squat.

I’ll “really get busy

You anybody that’s getting cooked in the squat? Do you know anybody who’s going to do something just as soon as or they’re half a mind to do such and such a thing? You ever have anybody say, “Well, wait till the kids “get out of school and then I’ll really get involved “in this project. “We got so many things going on right now, “wait till they’re out of school. “Wait till the summertime comes then I’ll “really get busy.”

The kids get out of school you know what they say then? “Well, I didn’t realize it but I got to take “the kids somewhere every day. “I had more time when they were in school. “Wait till they get back in school and then “I’ll really get busy.” Kids get back in school, you know what they say then? “Well, for the first time in 19 years Dearhold Centralized “finally got a winning football team and you “got to support the kids there. “Wait till after the football season’s “then I’ll really get busy.”

Wait till it clears up

Football season ends, you know what they say then? “Well, here it is Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year and people don’t want to be bothered with this sort of thing this time of the year. “Wait until the after the first of the year, man, “then I’ll really get busy.” After the first of the year, you know what they say? “Well, it’s the weather. “Did you ever see weather like this in Chicago, “or San Francisco or Dallas or wherever.

“Wait till the weather settles down and then “I’ll really get busy. “Oh, I know what you’re thinking. “You’re thinking I’ve lost interest in it, “but that’s not the way I do things. “Just let me tell you the way I do things now. “Here’s the way I am, see, this is just the way I do it. “See, the way I do things is I get everything organized.

“I get it lined up, I have everything in just “such and such order and then man, once I get it “all put together that’s when I really get after it. “I mean, that’s just, I’ve always been that way, “do things that way. “I know some of these other folks are ahead “of me right now but you just wait, I’ll catch ’em.

“But this weather it is just so horrible. “Wait till it clears up.” And, the weather clears up and you know what they say then? “Well, here it is it’s Easter time and Easter time “you know that’s family time “and we always spend a lot of time together.

The rule is simple, you do it now

“And, you said so yourself, the family’s extremely “important to you, you do the work for the family “and if you can’t spend some time with them “you might as well not do all the work. “I mean, wait till after Easter’s over then “I’ll really get busy.” And then, after Easter, you know what they say? “At long last, we’ve got some beautiful weather “and I haven’t hit a golf ball or wet a hook “in I don’t know when.

“Man, I got to have some r and r, I’ve got to have “some rest and relaxation. “And, you said you can’t work all the time. “I mean, an individual needs some time with themself. “Wait till I relax a little bit and man, “then I’ll really get after it.” And finally, they get after it a little bit or when they have their fun and relaxation then they say, “Well, it’s almost time for the kids “to get out of school.” And, that’s where we came in. As we say, down-home folks, you can put this in your pipe and smoke it ’cause it’s the truth.

The people who wait for Aunt Matilda to move out or John to get onto the day shift or the new models to come out or the new mayor to come in or for the new advertising campaign to get started the people who wait on the new senator in Washington or until inflation slows or the rate of interest comes down, the people who wait for changes to take place out there before they do the changing in here are flat going to end up getting cooked in the squat. The rule is simple, you do it now, you do it now.

Be Prepared

How many of you feel like I’ve made this talk before? Can I see your hand, please? Several hundred times, I made it yesterday. Do you know what I did between yesterday and today? I spent over six hours getting ready for today. You see, I think it would be arrogant if I thought I could stand up and spit it out just because I did it yesterday or hundreds of times. That’s arrogance, that’s when Buster Douglas knocks out Mike Tyson.

That’s when an expansion team in Houston beats an established NFL team in Dallas. I dare not, look at the people here, several thousand. I’m taking over an hour. That’s several thousand hours of time. Where would my integrity be if I came here unprepared to make something, a presentation that could make a difference in your life? There is no way, you got to prepare for it, ladies and gentlemen.

Keep Your Word

I almost did not go to the most important sales meeting I would ever have missed. That morning I awakened, I’d been up there in Charlotte all day long in a meeting and didn’t learn anything. Five o’clock the alarm clock goes off and it was an alarm clock in those days, now it’s an opportunity clock.

If I can hear that it means I’ve got an opportunity to get up and go. If I can’t hear it that might mean I done got up and gone. Well, anyhow, went off, we were living in a little three-room apartment above a grocery store, five o’clock the weather was horrible.

When the clock went off I looked out and I said no sane person would ever get in a little Crosley automobile without a heater in weather like this and drive all the way to Charlotte to go to another meeting. So, I lay back down. As I lay down the words of my mother came back to me, “Son, if you work for a man you work for him “all the way, you’re loyal to him in every way. “And, if your word is no good, you’re no good.”

The one that changed my life

I had promised this company, which had taken me two months to get the job that if they would give me the opportunity I’d be at every sales meeting, I’d be at every training session. And, in two and a half years, despite my lack of success, I had been at every sales meeting, at every training session and I’d never even been late. The words of my mother came back. I rolled out of bed, went to the meeting, that’s the one that changed my life.

How did it change your life?

It changed my life because that’s the day that Mister Merrill persuaded me that I could be the champion.

It comes full circle now.

Ah man, it sure did and so it made all the difference in the world.

Set Goals

I want to talk a little bit about goals in the light of how do you lose 37 pounds and write a book. I’m just going to kind of give you that as an example. For 24 years of my adult life, by choice, I weighed well over 200 pounds. I say by choice because you see, I have never accidentally eaten anything. I mean, it’s always been deliberate. And, when I choose to eat too much today I have chosen to weigh too much tomorrow.

You can choose to set goals and realize your potential or you can choose not to set them. Now, if you choose not to set them you got to understand that the consequences are not going to be good down the road. For 24 years I was going to lose that weight.

As a matter of fact, in 24 years, I lost several thousand pounds of weight. How many of you already know what I’m talking about. But, it wasn’t until I wrote it down, put a date on it, listed the obstacles I had to overcome, identified the people, the groups, the organizations I needed to work with, spelled out a plan of action, set that time limit in there, and identified all of the benefits to me, it as only when I did that that the goal became a reality and I lost the weight. For 10 or 15 years I was going to write a book.

Got together and set a goal

Do you know anybody who’s going to do just a whole lot of things, folks? I was going to write a book. But, it wasn’t until I got busy writing the book and writing the plans first before the book ever materialized. Now, if I sound like I’m trying to sell you on having goals, how many of you are getting close already? How many of you are becoming convinced right quick like that you need to have those goals?

There’s no question about it. The immortal J.C. Penny, many, many years ago said, “Give me a stock clerk with a goal “and I’ll give you a man who’ll make history. “But give me a man without a goal and I’ll “give you a stock clerk.” Now, the interesting thing is goals do not care who has them.

Let me give you a classic example of the way they work. In 1950, a war-torn devastated Japan, a nation who had lost an incredibly high percentage of its young man, their cities were in ruins, they’d been bombed out, but in 1950 they got together. They meaning industry and government got together and set a goal.

They missed it folks

The goal was “we’re going to be the number one nation in “the world during the 1950s in the production of textiles.” In 1959, ladies and gentlemen, they accomplished that objective. In 1960, they set another goal. “We’re going to be the number one nation in the world “in the production of steel.”

And, when you understand there’s no iron ore in Japan of any significance, there’s no coal of any significance there, “We’re going to be “the nation in the world in the production of steel,” it seemed like an absurd goal. And yet, they reached their objectives.

They had taken all of the steps. In 1970, the Japanese set another goal. They said, “During the 70s we’ll be the number one “nation in the world in the production of automobiles.” They missed it folks, one year.

It took them until 1980. In 1980 they set another goal. And, this time their goal was, “We’re going to be “the number one nation in the world “in the production of computers and electronics.” Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, you absolutely must have those goals.

Evaluate Where You Are

Let me share with you a true story out of my notebook of life. A number of years ago got an incredible letter from a gentleman in Toronto with a substantial check in it. He said, “My friend Steve Walker is following “the wrong role model. “He’s working himself to death, his family’s falling apart. “His health is in danger. ”

And, he’s modeled himself out of his boss “and he trusts you and respects you. “If you will give us one hour I will fly him “to Dallas and give you this check.” Wouldn’t you love to have a friend like that? I sent the check back and I said, “Come on down.” Steve and I had quite a little talk.

And, in our talk, I asked him why he had such a role model? What about this man that made him so completely important in his life? And he said, “Well, he’s the most successful man “I have ever known.” And I said, “Well Steve, what do you call success?”

Now, it took several minutes for him to go down the list. But, the interesting thing is though they’re not in the same order that I have put them, or we’ll list them now. These are the eight things that he said he really considered to be successful.

Most people never dare to evaluate really where they are

If a man was happy and healthy and at least reasonably prosperous and secure, if he had friends, and peace of mind, and good family relationships, and the hope that future’s going to be better he said, “I consider that man as successful.” Now, I’m going to really encourage you to take some notes right here.

The Perfect System Reviewed

And all I want you to do, and you’ll be the only one that’ll see it somewhere right as I go down the list write whether you get a plus on that one or minus on that one. You’ll be the only one to see it, but it might be an eye-opener. You see, most people never dare to evaluate really where they are.

And, you got to know where you are before you can really determine your chances of getting what you really want out of life. And so, I said to Steve, I said, “I understand “that your boss is very important to you. “You consider him to be successful.” When he finally got through with the identification as I said earlier these were the eight things that he said, “I think that’s important for success, “to measure success.”

I said, “Well Steve, let me ask you now as far as, “happy’s concerned tell how happy is your boss?” He said, “Oh, I don’t think he’s happy at all.” I said, “Why not?” He said, “Well, I’ve never heard him laugh “and he seldom smiles and besides that, he’s got ulcers.” I said, “Well, do give him a plus or a minus?” He said, “Oh, you give him a minus.”

He’s got money running out

Please grade yourself as we go. This is so important to you. Then I said, “That also tells me something about “his health if he’s got those ulcers. “Do I give him a plus or a minus?” He said, “You give him a minus.” I said, “That also says something, Steve, “about his peace of mind because you don’t “get ulcers because of what you eat “but what’s eating you.”

I said, “Do we give him a plus or a minus?” He said, “We give him a minus.” I said, “Steve, I’ve asked you one question about “what success is, what balance is, what’s important “to you, one question and your boss comes up “with three minutes.” I said, “Tell me how prosperous he is.”

He said, “Man, he’s got money running out of “his ears and he’s getting more every day.” I said, “We give him a plus on that one, don’t we?” He said, “We sure do.” I said, “How secure is your boss?” He said, “Well, he’s secure as money can make you.” And I said, “Well Steve, let me ask you did you read “where two billionaire brothers here “in Dallas went bankrupt?”

I said, “How does your boss compare?” “Oh man, he doesn’t have that kind of money.” “Did you read where our ex-governor was worth “a hundred million dollars at one point, he’s now bankrupt. “How does your boss compare?” “Oh, he doesn’t have that kind of money.”

I thought he had a lot

Now understand Steve equated security with corporate position and bucks in the bank. So, I said, “Well Steve, let me ask you would we “give your boss a plus or a minus or just a question “mark on that?” He said, “Let’s be generous and give him a question mark.” I said, “How many friends does your boss have?” I hope you’re marking these for you.

“How many friends, real friends does your boss have?” He said, “I don’t think he’s got any. “I’m not his friend I just happen to admire the guy. “To tell you the truth he’s somewhat of a jerk.” And, I said, “Okay, we give him a minus on that one.” I said, “Tell me about his family.”

He said, “Well, his wife’s divorcing him.” “Well, that one’s easy to answer.” I said, “How much hope does he have for the future?” He said, “Well, afore I started talking to you, “I thought he had a lot. “But, right now I don’t think he’s got any.”

He looked at me kind of stunned

Why did that statement come forth? Because for the first time he had evaluated it. That’s what we need to do, evaluate where we are. Are we investing our time properly, using our resources properly? What will the end results be? Well, then I said to Steven when that was over, “We give him the minus there.”

I said, “Steve, of the eight things that you consider “marks of success he gets one, two, three, “four, five, six minutes. “He gets one plus and one question mark,” I asked Steven a question, I’m going to ask you the same question.

“Steve, would you swap places with your boss right now “knowing what you know?” He looked at me kind of stunned. He slowly rose to his feet and said, “No, I wouldn’t.” Would you?

Have Integrity

I never will forget this particular thing. On the radio interviews, I was having done and did at least 90% of the first 25 of them would always start with the same thing. “Zig, they tell me you could sell anything to anybody.” And I said, “yeah, they lied to ya when they said that “because you’ve just described a con artist.”

No legitimate professional salesperson would ever dream of selling anything that he did not fervently believe was in the best interest of the person he was selling to. Of all of the qualities, a good salesperson must have number one is integrity because if they don’t have that, see we are trained as salespeople to persuade other people to buy, to make decisions.

And, an unethical salesperson can persuade people to buy things that they don’t need, are overpriced, or pressure them into buying it. A legitimate integrity-driven salesperson will only sell a product that will enable him to sell them again and again and again, a product he would sell to his mother, in other words. That’s the kind of salesperson who has long-term balanced success.

Don’t Quit

Now, unfortunately, a lot of people are standing In front of a stove of life and they say, “Now stove, you give me some heat then “I’ll put some wood in you.” That ain’t the way it works. You got to put something in before you can get anything out. So, many times you know the employee goes to the employer and says, “Give me a raise and then “I start coming to work on time.”

Or, so many times they will come to ’em and say “Make me the boss. “Now, I know I haven’t been here very long, “don’t really deserve to be the boss “but I just function better when I am “in charge of things. “You reward me now, then I promise you “I’ll learn what this business is all about later on. “Reward me now and I’ll produce later.” It doesn’t work that way.

Can’t you just see a youngster in a school saying, Teacher, if I take a failing grade home my parents are going to skin me alive. Pass me on this quarter and next time I’ll study more than anybody else. Reward me now, I’ll produce later. It doesn’t work that way.

You got to put something in before you can expect to get anything out

Can’t you just see an old farmer standing out in the fields in October and saying, “Lord, I know “I didn’t plant a thing this year, but if you’ll “give me a big crop this year I’ll plant more “than anybody next year.” It ain’t that way folks, you got to put something in before you can expect to get anything out.

Well, he’s just pumping away, “that’s hard, it’s all good.” I mean, the question is how much pumping are you going to to do before I drink the water. And finally, old Bernard said, “you know Jimmy, “I don’t believe there’s any water down there.” Jimmy said, “Yeah there is, Bernard.”

You know, in south Alabama the wells are deep and oh we’re glad they’re deep because the deeper the well the cooler, the cleaner, the sweeter, the purer, the better tasting the water. And, isn’t that true of life? Isn’t it true that if you can become an M.D. by six weeks of summer school that the rewards would be almost minimal or nothing and how many patients would you have?

Isn’t it true if you become a sales expert in three days of a training school that the rate of pay would go down rather radically? Isn’t it true that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly until you can learn to do it well? We’ll never know how many kids have missed a college scholarship because they didn’t study an average of 10 more minutes a day.

This is the story of success

We will never know how we come so close to a promotion but we’re get discouraged and quit too soon. We’ll never know how much more success we would have had we just had a little more pumping in there and pumping, pumping, pumping, pumping.

Well, finally Old Bernard just got disgusted threw up his hands he said, “Jimmy, there’s just “no water down there.” Jimmy said, “Don’t stop Bernard, don’t stop “if you stop the water’s going to go all the way “back down and then you’re going to have to “start all over.” The reality is folks, and I’m totally convinced of this, this is the story of America, this is your story. This is the story of success.

This is the story of life. I believe with all of my heart that if you will pump long enough and hard enough and enthusiastically enough that eventually, the reward is going to follow the effort. And then, once that water starts to flow all you got to do is just keep a little easy, steady pressure on it and you’re going to get more water than you can possibly use.

The basic problem is this so many times people get involved in something and then say, “Well, I’ll give it a try and if it works out “that’ll be good and if it doesn’t work out “I mean, hey I’m not going to kill myself. “You know what I mean, feller?”

Well, I got to tell you something folks you’re going to pump forever like that before anything happens. When you get into something grab that sucker and get with it. And then, once the water starts to flow then, ladies and gentlemen, that’s what strategy for success is all about.

Closing Thoughts

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

I listened to the people who were successful in selling their products. I would learn new things from different ones, new approaches and that’s where you must be a constant student. A lot of people are afraid to try anything new because they are afraid that they will be embarrassed until they get good at it. Well, one of my favorite sayings is the most important thing you can do is to understand that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.

What do you mean by that?

Until you can learn to do it well. My first few sales calls were pathetic, but I knew it was worth doing so I kept after it. My first few speeches were a disaster but I believed that I could develop into that. So, I kept at it until I could do it effectively. And, all skills are exactly the same way.

No running back that sets the record ever set a record the first time he picked up a football. And, you can go the right down the line with that. So, if it’s worth doing and you believe in it go ahead and fail. And, the more times you fail the closer you get to success because you should be learning on every simple thing that you do.

One last thing…

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