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The Hand Of Heaven Review – Scam? Compensation Plan Exposed

Welcome to my Hand Of Heaven review and compensation breakdown.

I will share full details on and about the company, the compensation plan, and the products.

Is The Hand of Heaven a Scam or a Pyramid Scheme?

I will also discuss this later on in this review.

I will include videos and charts to help simplify and help you understand how the various aspects of this company function or works.

With any new company, you need to understand there are usually hiccups in the beginning.

So take that into consideration if you decide to jump in.

Hand Of Heaven Review

Near the last section of this review, I will include an FAQ area that hopefully will answer some of the questions you may have in general other than the information about the company, products, and compensation plan that I provide in the main sections of my review.

Also, before you go, make sure to grab one of the money-making bonuses that I’ve included below.

The Hand of Heaven Review

This is a recently launched company that deals in instant commissions.

You can set up several payment processors in your name and the system will code the sales that you earn and send the sales into those processors to receive those commissions almost instantly.

I usually start out with a promotional video that the company provides about its company to help you get an understanding of what a company is all about.

And this is what I intend to do here yet again.

The Hand of Heaven Opportunity Video

I don’t remember if they had an opportunity on the template website before the redesign, but I did manage to find a video that has an interview with the owner to add here at this time.

When the opportunity video does come out, I will add it here and remove, replace or keep this video if I feel it is still relevant.

I hope you enjoyed the video and got a bit more about what this company is offering and is about.

With that said, I am going to dive in a bit deeper to find information about the company in the next section.

I want to include everything that I can dig up on the company whether it is good or bad and share it with you here.

I wouldn’t be doing you justice if I leave any details out.

So let’s dive down into the Hand of Heaven company details.

The Hand of Heaven Company Assessment

The Hand of Heaven is based out of New York and is owned by CEO Peter Wolfing.

Hand of Heaven started about June 1st, 2018, but that is not concrete at this time since it is so new, and the information on the company website is still being updated.

Since I last visited the website they had recently changed the layout, the look, and feel.

I managed to find it and took a screenshot because it looked very similar to some of his early work, but that is probably just the template he uses.

Here is the pick of the Hand of Heaven website template he used when it first launched.

Hand Of Heaven Scam

The new website is not complete but looks a lot more professional and up to the times as far as functionality and looks go.

Peter Wolfing has a few programs that are out like Easy 1 Up and National Wealth Center.

Hand Of Heaven CEO Peter Wolfing

The company name that Peter started back in ‘98 is Multiplex Systems Inc.

The address that the BBB has it located at is 745 5th Ave Pmb 542 New York, NY 10151.

Peter was enlisted in the Marine corps as a Sergeant when he got the Network Marketing bug.

After a short time and with his experience being a sergeant in the marine corps he soon raised up in the ranks as a leader and earner.

He soon was being requested to speak at seminars for Network Marketers and eventually wanted to start his own program.

He started his company Multiplex Systems Inc and soon after started the very long-lasting and popular program called Infinity Downline.

Then a couple of years later Infinity Downline 100 started which had the same compensation plan but at a higher cost of $100, hence the name, which also had higher $100 payouts as well.

Both programs were similar in certain aspects to The Hand of Heaven, in certain aspects like the pass-up compensation system.

But Hand of Heaven is a one-time payment and the ID programs were subscriptions with residual payouts.

Infinity Downline was actually a program that I joined many years ago.

It was funny because if I knew what I know know, I would have earned a whole lot more than the small commissions that I struggled getting back then.

Oh well, we all have to start somewhere.

I feel that is a good overview of the company let’s take a look at the products that Hand of Heaven offers.

The Hand of Heaven Products Overview

When I first took a look at the website before they changed the look, feel, design, and content of the new update, I had a feeling of a religious type program.

After the update, I feel that is much more than that.

When taking a look at what products Hand of Heaven offers you have to take note that these products are not the ones that are shipped out to you.

The products are not consumable, and you can’t use them in any way at home.

The products that Hand of Heaven offers are all digital products.

These products include downloadable digital eBooks, audios, and videos.

This is to help with the cost of the program and give the program owner, Peter Wolfing, the ability to offer 100% commission payouts.

Well, almost, we will get to that later in the compensation plan section.

So here is a breakdown of what products they have with details I found on the company website at this time.

I will update this review when more details come out, but for the time being, here are the products HOH offers:

  • Faith and Success – This is the product course on understanding the balance of faith, giving, and success.
  • Self Actualization – This is a product course on the development and awareness of your emotional intelligence (EQ).
  • Physical Vitality – This is a product course in developing your awareness of your physical intelligence (PQ).
  • Financial Growth – This is a course in developing your awareness of your intellectual intelligence (IQ).
  • Spiritual Growth – This is a product course in developing your awareness of your spiritual intelligence (SQ).
  • Hand Of Heaven Live – This is the creme of the creme and top course at this time. This product course consists of live teachings, masterminds, book study sessions, and ministries of top leaders in their field.
Hand Of Heaven Products

The Hand of Heaven products are designed to help guide you with the development and awareness in several categories that will build your spiritual and financial awareness with the various products constructed within their 12-month product blueprint.

HOH will help you discover untapped powerful sources within you to become a better person overall.

The course is designed to uncover areas of yourself that you would have never discovered by diving into your thoughts and soul and reach in to grab the things that are holding you back and bring them out into the world so that you can face them head-on and conquer them.

By the end of the 12-month blueprint, you will become better spiritually, mentally, and financially.

I will cover the pricing of each product in the compensation plan section because it goes hand in hand with how the compensation plan is designed to payout.

So with that said, let’s dive down into the details of how the compensation plan works.

The Hand Of Heaven Compensation Plan Details

The Hand Of Heaven Compensation plan is structured in a 2-up pass-up pay structure.

Hand Of Heaven is an affiliate program and only has 2 levels of commission earnings so it doesn’t have a ton of levels that an MLM company would have.

Most of Peter’s programs are designed in this way probably because of the template he has been using for several years which has been proven to be stable and works flawlessly at this point.

How Does Hand Of Heaven Work?

Here is a chart that I included that shows how the HOH commission structure works when it comes to the pass-up commission structure.

How Does National Wealth Center Pay Plan Work

Depending on what product course you pay for when you first get started is the number of commissions that you can earn up to.

For example when if you started at the $110 level you would be able to earn commissions for anyone that joins HOH at the $35 product level or at the $110 product level.

Since the company has a 1 time $10 admin fee you will earn the product course cost minus the $10 admin fee.

So when you refer someone at the $35 level, you will earn $25 for example.

I hope that makes sense.

To qualify for any particular commission level, you must have purchased a higher product course or the same level.

When you go all in and purchase the Hand Of Heaven top product course, you automatically qualify for all levels.

How Do The Pass Ups Work?

The way the pass-ups work is when you refer your first paying member you will earn a commission from that person.

The second person you refer will get passed up to your sponsor or next qualifying upline.

The third person you will keep the commissions, and the 4th person will be passed up as well.

The 5th person on you will keep all commission from their purchases as long as you qualify for the level amount.

The Levels Of Pay Outs

Hand Of Heaven has 6 levels of commission payments that you can earn as long as you qualify for it.

Here are the levels that you can earn:

  • Faith and Success – You can earn $25 for every referral that upgrades to this level and is not passed up. (the purchase amount for this level is $35)
  • Self Actualization – You can earn $100 for every referral that upgrades to this level and is not passed up. (the purchase amount for this level is $110)
  • Physical Vitality – You can earn $250 for every referral that upgrades to this level and is not passed up. (the purchase amount for this level is $275)
  • Financial Growth – You can earn $500 for every referral that upgrades to this level and is not passed up. (the purchase amount for this level is $550)
  • Spiritual Growth – You can earn $1000 for every referral that upgrades to this level and is not passed up. (the purchase amount for this level is $1100)
  • Hand Of Heaven Live – You can earn $2000 for every referral that upgrades to this level and is not passed up. (the purchase amount for this level is $2500)

The admin fee or licensing fee is going to charge on all levels.

The $10 fee will be charged on the first 2 levels but will increase on the higher levels.

I will include these licensing fees or admin fees in the FAQ section below, but you can do the math with the information I provided in the levels of pay section.

That’s all I got for the compensation plan at this time, let’s move forward to the FAQ section.

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Hand Of Heaven FAQ

Is Hand Of Time A Pyramid Scheme Or Scam?

When you take the fact that they offer products in the form of courses that is refreshed and updated monthly for your subscription cost does not make it a pyramid scheme or scam.

The part that puts it in the grey area is the fact that they do not have a separation between a regular customer and an affiliate of the company.

You also have to remember that this is not a Network Marketing company, this is an affiliate program so it has a different payment structure compared to an MLM company with different rules.

So no, this is not a pyramid scheme, and it’s not a scam, you will earn and learn from the experience you take with you if you decide to join and quit later on.

How Does Hand Of Time Pay Out Commissions?

Like the other programs that Peter Wolfing has in place, there are certain payment processors that he uses that have the ability to pay out the commissions that you use almost immediately.

Some of the processors used are:

  • First Data – The best option, but has an application process that is easy to fill out. It also has slightly fewer fees than PayPal.
  • PayPal – A good option to use when you are first starting out, I would only use them up until you’ve made around $300, but at that time I would change it to First Data if you can.
  • Stripe – A good option, I feel it is a bit safer to use than PayPal in the sense that they have less strict terms to use their processor. It also has fewer fees than PayPal.
  • Outside Payment – This is where you take an outside payment from the system like a check or money order, and you manually activate their position for the level that they paid for. This is a good option for international members that can’t use some of the payment processors that are not offered in their country.
  • Company Processor – This is the only processor that doesn’t pay you 100% commission, they take 20% for fees. You will only get 80% commissions when you use this selection.

Is Hand Of Heaven Accredited With The BBB?

The Better Business Bureau does have a listing on their website for Peter’s company Multiplex Systems Inc, the BBB doesn’t accredit it at this time for reasons for some content that was used on one of his websites. Although this can get fixed, at this time it doesn’t have a listing yet. You can find it here on the BBB website here.

Does Hand Of Heaven Have A Marketing System?

Usually, all of Peter’s programs have a company marketing system that is branded to the company. It doesn’t mean it is the best option that you can use for marketing but it is offered.

Does Hand Of Heaven Have An Admin Fee?

Yes, they do. The first 2 levels have a $10 fee but I will include a listing of all the fees for each level right here:

  • Faith and Success – $10 non-commissionable licensing fee.
  • Self Actualization – $10 non-commissionable licensing fee.
  • Physical Vitality – $25 non-commissionable licensing fee.
  • Financial Growth – $50 non-commissionable licensing fee.
  • Spiritual Growth – $100 non-commissionable licensing fee.
  • Hand Of Heaven Live – $500 non-commissionable licensing fee.

Is Hand Of Heaven A Scam? My Final Review & Thoughts

Is Hand Of Heaven A Pyramid Scheme

This brings me to the end of this review on the Hand Of Heaven business opportunity.

I hope you enjoyed the content and hopefully answered all of the questions you had about the company, products, and compensation plan.

Is Hand Of Heaven a Pyramid Scheme?

No, affiliate programs have different rules than MLM has so even though there is no separation of what a customer can buy and from what a distributor can purchase this still doesn’t make HOH a pyramid scheme because affiliate programs have different rules.

With that said, Peter’s programs payout for the work and effort and production that you put into it, so if you fail at signing anyone up, that is not the company’s fault and does not make it a scam.

Hand Of Heaven is easy to get started with and get everything set-up for promotion.

More new people just getting started have more success promoting these types of programs when starting out compared to MLM programs.

The More Time And Effort You Put Into Something The More Success You Will Take Away From It!

With that said, you will have to work and promote your business to earn a good amount of commissions.

Hopefully, you can find a good team to join that has some simple system that you can plug into and start having success with.

Before you leave, make sure to check out my links on this page for a great opportunity to get started with to make money online with a great team.

Also, if you found value in this review, make sure to click on any of the social share buttons on this page and share it on social media, it helps out.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Hand Of Heaven Review of the company, the products, and the compensation plan and to also learn if this opportunity is a pyramid scheme or scam.

Thank you.

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