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Funnel X ROI Review – Scam or Legit? How You Earn Money With The System

Hello and welcome to my Funnel X ROI review.

One of the first things that we want to know is if an opportunity is a scam before we get involved with it.

We are going to take a look at the company, how it works, and how you earn money with it to see if it is a legitimate opportunity that you can make money online with.

Funnel X ROI Review

We wouldn’t want to join a program that turns out to be a scam just to wake up one day where you can’t even log in to collect your commissions because the company was shut down due to non-compliance.

The reason why I decided to take a closer look at the Funnel X ROI program was that I started seeing a lot of buzz circling around social media and even in my email inbox with promotions about it, so I wanted to dive deeper and learn what it was really all about.

With that said, let’s get started.

Funnel X ROI Review – What Is It?

Funnel X ROI is an online marketing system that you can join that will help you earn money online.

Funnel X ROI Reviews

The program is not the typical program that will pay you in commissions from the company itself.

It is a sales funnel designed to promote several 3rd party money-making opportunities that have their own integrated processors that pay you the commissions that you earn.

So, to be clear, you don’t make “the money” with the Funnel X ROI system itself, you make money through the programs that are tied into the system.

However, Funnel X ROI is designed to help you “make that money” with its sales videos and funnel system that is designed to help increase conversions for getting sales into those integrated programs.

You can think of Funnel X ROI as a sales funnel that most top internet marketers use to promote their most profitable campaigns with a fully integrated system of sales videos, follow up emails, and walkthroughs of “what to do next” that includes training on every step of the process including traffic generation.

It’s is also like one of those learning management system platforms in a way that it tracks your progress on your assignment tasks that you’ve completed or not completed as well.

How Does Funnel X ROI Work

The “tasks” are of course to join the integrated programs and connecting them with your Funnel X ROI marketing system.

Additionally, David will actually walk you through the entire steps on how to set up all of the programs that he has integrated and how to tie them all into your funnel system so that you will get credit when your prospects join any of the programs you’ve joined.

What Are Some Cons?

The only issue that you may see with the system is that you are unable to add your own “personal” programs to it.

The Perfect System Reviewed

You are stuck with the opportunities that the system includes.

However, when looking into the programs that the Funnel X ROI system includes, I can honestly say that they have included some good ones.

You will have to either be a current member of all or at least 1 of the programs that the system has integrated or join at least 1 or all of the programs in order to make any money with the Funnel X ROI marketing system.

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What Type Of Programs Are Integrated Into Funnel X ROI?

The commissionable programs included (integrated) in the Funnel X ROI system are:

  • An instant pay program.
  • An MLM residual commissions program.
  • A recurring affiliate offer.
  • A pay-per-lead program.

We will get into more specifics in the programs section of the review below.

The program that you would want to join and integrate first to start earning commissions would be the first program that is offered in the funnel system which is actually the instant pay program.

This just makes sense because the first program offered will have the highest conversion rate unless of course, you’re only promoting to affiliate members that are already part of that company.

With that said, let’s get more into the specifics…

Who Designed Funnel X ROI?

Funnel X ROI Owner CEO David Dekel

David Dekel is the program owner and funnel expert.

He has created all of the training videos and all of the front-end sales videos as well.

The claim that David makes is that all you have to do is send traffic to your affiliate sales and capture pages and let the system do all of the selling, telling, and training for you.

I’ve watched the sales video on the front-page and it is very good.

David has been a successful online marketer for several years.

He created several affiliate programs that you can still find online in places like Warrior Plus and JVZoo, but also previous to this program he created the marketing system “Funnel X Project” which seems to be re-launched into what is now called Funnel X ROI.

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The Funnel X ROI Products Review – How It Works

In this section of the review, we are going to cover the more specific information about the offers that the Funnel X ROI system includes in the program’s funnel.

There are 4 programs integrated into the system that you can earn money with which are:

  • Easy 1-Up
  • NOW Lifestyle
  • ClickMagick
  • Pay Per Lead

The system has video sales letters that will walk your prospect through every step of the way.

Funnel X ROI Sales Page Review

You don’t have to pay anything to create an account in Funnel X ROI, but you will need to upgrade to a paid affiliate member by joining one of the programs that the system has integrated.

The system is laid out in a step-by-step walkthrough that the sales video will “sell” each of the opportunities for you and share the benefits of adding them to the funnel system.

Here is a breakdown of all the programs that Funnel X ROI offers by the steps the system will “pitch” them to your prospects.

Step #1 – Easy 1-UP

Step 1 Easy 1UP Funnel X ROI

The first program that you will encounter in step #1 when setting up your Funnel X ROI system is the Easy 1-Up opportunity.

Easy 1-Up is an affiliate program that is designed to help you make money online.

They offer instant paid commissions that can be deposited into your PayPal account along with a few other payment processors that will charge a small processing fee for all transactions of course.

The program pays close to 100% commissions minus the cost for the low one-time admin fee cost and that small processing fee with whatever payment method you choose.

The Easy 1-Up program has several levels that you can join and depend on what level you join at you will be able to earn commissions “up to” that level that you joined.

For example, say you join at the $100 level and someone that you refer joins at the $250 level, that commission will be passed up to your sponsor.

Easy 1-Up has several levels that you can join at that consist of:

  • $25 Level
  • $100 Level
  • $250 Level
  • $500 Level
  • $1000 Level
  • $2000 Level

Each level comes with its own special training and extras bonuses.

The second program that Funnel X ROI Consists of is…

Step #2 – NOW Lifestyle

Step 2 NOW Lifestyle Funnel X ROI

The second program that you will encounter in step #2 when setting up your Funnel X ROI system is the NOW Lifestyle opportunity.

The Now Lifestyle opportunity consists of a Health and Wellness program but the main reason that I see it added to the funnel system is the online business tools that Now Lifestyle offers.

More specifically the “autoresponder” that it has to offer.

The autoresponder works off of the GVO platform that Joel Therien owns which he is also the owner of Now Lifestyle.

Now Lifestyle is an MLM program that pays out 50% commissions for all initial affiliate memberships and pays the residual commissions using the binary MLM structure.

The binary structure consists of only 2 legs that have unlimited depth.

You will want to have a personally sponsored member on both legs to stay qualified to earn the binary residual income.

To fill up each leg will require direct and indirect sponsorships.

The Perfect System Reviewed

The price to join Now Lifestyle is around $35 per month to stay an active affiliate member that has access to the autoresponder, products, and commissions.

Step #3 – ClickMagick

Step 3 ClickMagick Funnel X ROI

The third program that you will encounter in step #3 when setting up your Funnel X ROI system is the Now Lifestyle opportunity.

ClickMagick is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to create and track links.

It offers a very in-depth look at your traffic analytics when set-up properly.

I’ve personally have used ClickMagick and will tell you that it is a great tool that has some very powerful options when you take advantage of them.

Basically, the reason why you would use tracking software like ClickMagick is to create different links that can be tracked for all of the traffic resources that you use.

By doing this you can narrow down what is actually producing results and either improve your ads to get better results or simply focus on the best-producing traffic sources, get rid of the poor producing campaigns, and throw more traffic and effort towards your winning campaigns.

ClickMagick offers 100% commissions when your referral purchases through your link and offers 35% recurring from their subscription starting on their month 2 until they cancel.

Step #4 – Pay Per Lead

This is a pay-per-lead program.

You will earn $1 per qualified lead that comes through the Funnel X ROI called Funnel X advanced.

Qualified lead means that the lead is from the USA that also has a valid email address and did not opt-in to the system before.

There are upgrades that the Funnel X ROI system offers for the Pay Per Lead system that will offer more options to earn like opening up more countries that you can get paid from as long as they are quality leads as described before.

Training and Leads Sources

The Funnel X ROI funnel system not only offers all the programs within the program in a step-by-step sales funnel process to help get your prospects upgraded but it also offers training and lead sources.

Program Training

The first training that I need to mention is the training that helps you get signed up and set-up correctly for each program it offers.

David actually will walk you and your prospects on how to set up and integrate all of the programs within the system correctly so that you will earn commissions through the Funnel X ROI system and through the programs themselves.

This is an immense help for the majority of people since for example, take the autoresponder software tool that is offered through NOW Network.

Most people will have no clue how to integrate the follow-up messages or how to integrate the autoresponder with Funnel X ROI so that when a lead comes through your system you will get the lead and also your leads will receive a ton of follow up messages to help convert them all.

This is a great addition that I feel most other programs lack.

Traffic and Lead Generation

Funnel X ROI also doesn’t leave you without training on how and where to generate traffic and leads.

David actually shares some of his personal traffic sources with you.

The system has training that consists of webinars that you can join including recorded training as well.

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Funnel X ROI FAQ

In this section of my review, I cover answers to questions that people may have when they are thinking about joining the Funnel X ROI marketing system.

Is Funnel X ROI BBB Accredited?

No, Funnel X ROI is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau simply because this is not the type of company that generates income through the company itself since it is free to join.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Funnel X ROI?

It is actually free to join Funnel X ROI.

You will have to join at least 1 of the programs that are incorporated into the system in order to earn commissions using the system.

How Do I Earn Money With Funnel X ROI?

Funnel X ROI claims that all you have to do is to send traffic to their capture pages and let the system do all the work for you.

To maximize your results you will need to at least join Easy 1-UP and NOW Network in my opinion.

Is The Funnel X ROI Marketing System Legit

With that said, let’s continue to what most people want to know which is…

Is Funnel X ROI A Scam Or Legit Program?

Well, to put it simply, it is not a program that pays you commissions, it is a “tool” that you use online to help you earn money with “other” programs online.

Is Funnel X ROI A Scam

So, in my opinion, Funnel X ROI is not a scam.

It is a totally legitimate marketing system that you have the option to use to help you earn money with the programs that are integrated into it.

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My Final Funnel X ROI Review and Thoughts

In this final section of my review, I will share my final thoughts about the Funnel X ROI system after reviewing all of the information that I found on the program.

Here is what I think.

If the programs inside of the Funnel X ROI system are opportunities that you feel you can be proud of promoting then this might be the perfect marketing system for you to earn from multiple income sources.

You have a few programs that you can earn from that include:

  • An affiliate program that will produce instant commissions that pay daily.
  • An MLM program that pays a residual income.
  • Another affiliate program that pays recurring commissions
  • And a paid per lead program that will pay you per qualified lead that you bring to the program.

The marketing system is a great all-around program that you can promote multiple great opportunities “in one place” called Funnel X ROI!

I cannot hate this program for helping people accomplish this act of earning from multiple income streams.

Most people cannot design marketing systems like this, and the ones that do have that ability usually only integrate 2 programs within the system that is not as “step by step” or “flow” as good as David has designed his Funnel X ROI system.

The time, commitment, design work, sales knowledge, and knowledge that it took to put all of this together is really impressive to me.

I understand how technically difficult it is to accomplish a system like this.

With that said…

Would I personally recommend or join Funnel X ROI?

I feel that this a program that you can utilize to earn multiple streams of income with so yes, I would recommend Funnel X ROI.

As a fan of multiple streams of income, marketing systems, and residual income streams, this is a program that I would be happy to join and promote.

In conclusion…

I hope you enjoyed my Funnel X ROI review.

Make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page and share it with others so that they can know exactly what the Funnel X ROI opportunity is really all about.

Thank you for your support!

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