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Freedom Checks Review – Scam? What Are Freedom Checks?

Hello and welcome to my Freedom Checks review.

In this review, I will cover what are freedom checks are and if the program is a total scam or not.

I’ve been taking a look into this and uncovered some interesting information that I think you will want to know about.

And just looking at some stats it looks like this program is very popular.

The reason why I took the time to review this company because my website is all about helping people with financial success in various areas of Internet Marketing, and I came across Freedom Checks, thinking it was an opportunity to help people.

Freedom Checks Review

I will dive down into more information about what it is all about and what the company claims it does for you so that you can understand whether or not this is a scam and if you should stay far away from getting involved with it…

Or not.

I will also discuss and share the research I found when investigating various legitimate sources online like the BBB and other notable sites in the sections below.

Also, before you go, make sure to grab one of the money-making bonuses that I’ve included below.

Freedom Checks Review

So the claim is that you can make money by getting these huge Freedom Checks.

Many people that saw the ad visited the website to see how this works and to look into the details about it because it really would sound very enticing to most people.

I mean if you can get some checks amounting to large sums of money from various sources for free or little investment then why not?

The claim is that Freedom Checks can get you money in the amount of $24 thousand to well over $130 thousand dollars worth of free checks, but is it really legit?

With only a $10 investment you can earn thousands upon thousands of dollars of free money is what the video claims but is this really a scam?

In this review, I will cover what the actual method is, and how you can earn money with the method that Freedom Check shares.

And let me tell you right off the gate that the method is 100% legit, but are all the claims on how much you can make true with how they market Freedom Checks?

That is what we are going to learn about today, so stay tuned.

These claims have supposedly also been verified with real testimonials but are these testimonials honest and real review testimonials?

We will also get to whether or not these testimonials are real or fake in the next section of my assessment.

Some Freedom Checks Testimonials I’ve Discovered

  • Doug Smith from Joplin, Missouri claims that he received $24 thousand.
  • Mike Redd from Colorado claims that he got a Freedom Check for over $130 thousand.
  • Robert Mercer, a hedge fund manager is getting $7.1 million worth of Freedom Checks every year allegedly.
Freedom Checks Testimonials

These testimonials can be hard to believe and might be very enticing for many people that are desperate to earn extra income as well.

I mean think about it, if you hear that someone made $130,000 for doing nothing, would that not be enticing to someone?

The thing is that I don’t think these claims are true, even the BBB is not accrediting the company that I will go into more detail and reveal in my latter sections below.

But hey wait…

What is this that I found?

Fake Freedom Checks Testimonials?

Check it out, I found that the images used for some of the testimonials that claim they are making all this money from Freedom Check are actually fake image actors!
The comparison to these stock image actors below that get shared by thousands of people seem to be identical!

Freedom Checks ScamTestimonials

I don’t know, what do you think?

Some of the answers to your question like “So What Are Freedom Checks?”, and “Are Freedom Checks Real?”, and “Are Freedom Checks a Scam?” will be revealed soon enough, but this gets interesting, so stay tuned!

The program claims that 568 agencies around the United States are authorized to send out these Freedom Checks.

The claim that the company makes is that some of these companies are authorized to send out a Freedom Check of over a billion dollars.

The company also claims that these checks can be issued to anyone, regardless of gender, age, and health.

The checks are not part of a 401k program, special government program, social security program, IRA’s, or even Medicare.

So the question is still, what the heck are these Freedom Checks and how does someone get authorized to get them?

Apparently, Banyan Hill Publishing is behind “Freedom Checks”, the company.

In my investigation apparently, they had a part in the naming of “Freedom Checks”.

When I researched the Freedom Check details, I couldn’t find any real reviews or any real details about the legitimacy of where they came from.

But what I can say is that it all started with Matt Badiali.

Who Is Matt Badiali

Who Is Matt Badiali

Upon my findings, Matt is an expert in the energy, agricultural, and mining industries.

He has been considered an expert in these fields for over 20 years.

He was even an instructor at UNC and Duke University for geology.

Matt has traveled the world and visited places like Singapore, the Mexican desert, and Hong Kong.

Some of Matt’s company he hangs with includes top CEOs and has been relied on by over a hundred thousand people throughout his 2-decade career.

This gives you an idea of what type of person Matt is, and many would consider this type of personal resume trustworthy and respectable.

But can you really trust the guy?

When Matt released a video about his Freedom Checks a lot of people started going crazy about them and wanted to learn how they can get involved.

I mean come on, 5 figure checks that you can get from companies for doing absolutely nothing?

Where do I sign up, right?

But I can imagine how many people are skeptical as well, I mean I would be as well.

I was always taught that you need to work hard for what you want and I never got anything for free in my life, I always had to work hard to get the things that I wanted.

But I guess when a trustful type of guy like Matt said it is real, you would have to look into it a little deeper and see if it is really true.

Think about it, if you can invest only about $80 bucks a year, which is what I have researched through different sources to get access to the knowledge on how to get these large $25k plus Freedom Checks, I think many people would be interested in that type of gamble.

I invest in things all the time to better myself and my income but the investments I make are usually in education and the traditional ways people invest.

Let’s move on to my review section on where these Freedom Checks come from.

What Are Freedom Checks?

So far it is not looking too legit to me.

But here is what it is…

Matt Badiali basically coined the term “Freedom Checks” out of thin air.

Matt Badiali Freedom Checks Scam

What it actually stands for is the investment into MLP companies.

MLP means Master Limited Partnership and it is a way that you can invest in a company to get returns on their investment in a company.

They can payout monthly or quarterly on the investment that is made.

Not many people know about this type of investment but it is also a known (not secret) strategy as well.

This is not for someone that only has $10 to invest, this is for those that have a substantial amount of money to invest in a company that hopefully will yield a return on your money.

It is a program that the government put in place to help big companies become tax-free to compete with our international companies.

The program is called Statute 26.

For companies to qualify to be part of this tax-free program they must meet these requirements.

  • Generate 90% of its revenue from the production, processing, storage, and transportation of the $128 trillion of natural resources in the U.S.
  • And payout lucrative freedom checks to all shareholders.
Real Wealth Strategist

I was actually able to find this information in the eight-page PDF that I found online that goes into detail about how this whole process is designed.

You can find almost anything on Google if you just put enough time and effort into it…

In the PDF, you can find the $34.6 billion Freedom Check payout” that Matt is referring to.

So in order to get this information you need to purchase a monthly subscription to Freedom Checks for $47 to get the Real Wealth Strategist pdf.

Or you can simply check it out through the link I provided.

So, to sum it up, Freedom Checks is a way to invest in large companies through a program designed to keep the company tax-free.

When you invest money into these companies they will pay you dividends either monthly or quarterly.

So basically it is a gimmick for you to become a monthly subscriber to get information that is not updated monthly is what my understanding is.

I feel if they made it only a one-time payment they wouldn’t have so many complaints on the BBB website, just saying.

Another great article: Is Project AWOL Legit – Scam? Full Review

How Freedom Checks Really Work…

So Matt released a follow-up video about what Freedom Checks are to follow up on the first video that he released.

What was the reason for him to do this?

Maybe it was because of all the misleading marketing and he wanted to follow up because of many of the complaints he has gotten?

Master Limited Partnerships (MLP) is what it really is.

It is the practice of investing in companies that have MLP.

What you do if you buy units of an individual company, like stock, then the company rewards you with a yearly yield on the investment that you made.

Basically, you are becoming a shareholder, but the technical term is unitholder within these MLP companies.

And then you have to hope they do well, or else there might not be any profitable yield to pay out to the unitholders.

It is very similar to investing in the stock of the company in hopes that you will earn a return for a company doing well.

But the difference is a major tax break for the company and the yield that is paid out to their unitholders is 90% of the company’s total revenue for the year.

Another perk to the investors is that just like the companies that don’t have to pay takes for the income that is generated for the company, the investors don’t have to pay taxes on that income either.

The only time that you have to pay taxes with this model is when you sell the units that you own.

So you would think that the trick to having any long-term profit with this strategy is to invest in companies that would have the best long-term plan and would be the most profitable.

So that is where the Wealth Strategist and Matt’s program comes into play.

He gives his recommendation to only 5 companies that this will work with.

He laid out the reasons why in his PDF guide, but here are the companies that he lists as the winners, and the companies that you should invest in.

Out of over 500 companies that are participating in this program here are the 5 that he has listed.

  • San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (SJT)
  • CatchMark Timber Trust (CTT)
  • SunCoke Energy Partners (SXCP)
  • Pembina Pipeline (PBA)
  • Sabine Royalty Trust (SBR)

These companies listed are huge companies.

They apparently control over 1 billion dollars in the raw material market.

To be more specific, raw materials like gold and silver, minerals, timber, oil and gas, timber, and so on…

So for the investment that you make in this strategy how much do they pay the investors?

The normal for companies to payout is anywhere from 5% to 10% per year on your investment.

This is paid out either yearly or quarterly depending on how the company has it set up.

The average varies, but none of the companies that participate in the MLP program does not pay more than 10% per year, and that is one big reason why the claims that Freedom Checks and What Matt claims that you can earn has no substance, or even makes sense.

Here is an example of the return on your investment would be if the company pays out the max percentage amount of 10%:

  • A $10 investment can make you $1 per year, or $0.25 per quarter
  • A $1,000 investment can make you $100 per year, or $25 per quarter
  • A $10,000 investment can make you $1,000 per year, or $250 per quarter
  • A $100,000 investment can make you $10,000 per year, or $2,500 per quarter
  • A $1 million investment can make you $100,000 per year, or $25,000 per quarter

Yeah, the $10 dollar claim to riches that the program makes is very untrue.

There is no way possible that this claim can be substantial.

Misleading Freedom Checks Marketing

To earn any sizable amount you would need to invest a sizable amount but with all of that said, there is no way that it is possible to make that kind of free money with what the sales video claims that you can make for a small investment of only $10!

Crazy to say the least.

What Do You Get If You Start The Freedom Checks Program?

The Freedom Checks program is a subscription-based yearly program that you can get into for $79 per month at the premium level which has the most material but is priced in the middle of what they offer because of a discount price for the marketing of course.

They have 2 other levels that I will line up right here along with the premium level and what you get.

  • Standard Subscription – ($47 per year) This subscription includes only the digital version of “Digital Wealth Strategist”.
  • Deluxe Subscription – ($129 per year) This subscription includes the digital and printed via email and website version of “Real Wealth Strategist”
  • Premium Subscription – ($76 per year) This includes the printed material that is mailed to you, and also the digital subscription to “Real Wealth Strategist” plus 3 additional bonuses. (They have it listed at a discount at this level, normally the cost is $496)

Is Freedom Checks A Scam?

Freedom Checks is a scam with the misleading way they market to people.

The fact that they want to charge a yearly subscription for information that will more than likely not be updated and is readily available online for the price that they are charging is not legit in my opinion.

If it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck it is probably a duck!

To further improve my point, check out some of the fake testimonials above and you can see some of the misleading marketing that this company has.

Additionally, there is a video Stacy made about this scam at Money Talks News.

However, the information about how you can earn money through the tactics that this product reveals is not a scam and totally legitimate.

I just have a hard time with programs that are very misleading and don’t think anyone should give them any credit.

Or even your hard-earned money.

With that said, what does the Better Business Bureau think about this program?

What Is The BBB Rating For Freedom Checks?

Not very good, in fact, they retracted their accreditation.

They have many complaints and the main complaints are not refunding, and multiple charges.

The BBB has contacted the company but as of right now it is still pending.

Here is a breakdown of what the customers rated Freedom Checks so far.

  • There have been 47 customer complaints.
  • There have been 15 negative reviews.
  • There have been 2 positive reviews.
  • There have been 2 neutral reviews.

You can find this information here at the Better Business Bureau website along with actual customer reviews.

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My Freedom Checks Final Assessment and Review

I personally don’t agree with the marketing methods that Freedom Checks is doing.

As you can see throughout my review, and other reviews online that this company has a lot of fake, and misleading claims about how easy you can make money with this method.

You will have to invest a ton of money to get any real return on your money back from it.

And even with a huge investment, you will not see any profitable returns for many years out.

It is a long-term strategy of course, and it does work, but the way that Matt and Freedom Checks is marketing the type of income that one can earn is fast money returns through this strategy which is simply not the case.

So my final conclusion and review into whether or not Freedom Checks is a scam or not.

Yes, I would say this is a clear scam and you should steer clear.

This is my personal opinion and thoughts after researching this company of course.

I would highly suggest you take the time and do some investigating yourself as well to see that I am not just saying negative things about the company just to get views for my website or gain any kind of following.

I hope you enjoyed my Freedom Checks review assessment, and if you found it to have value please make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page to spread the word.

Also before you leave to make sure to check out my link on this page as well to see what program that you can earn from home with, something that is far better than Freedom Checks to get started.

Thank you!

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