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Eric Worre’s Success Secrets and Quotes To Live By

Welcome to my article on Eric Worres’s success secrets and quotes.

I wanted to add Eric to the mix of entrepreneurs due to his massive success and his ideas and mindset which definitely fit in well here.

Eric Worre’s Success Secrets and Quotes

Eric is a leader in the Network Marketing world for over 30 years, built a sales organization of over 500,000 from all over the world, and is the author of his best-selling book Go Pro.

But before I dive down, I wanted to share a great video I dug up on Mr. Eric Worre that helped motivate me personally and inspired me to move forward with more fire.

This is a great video, I hope you enjoy it.

Eric Worres’s Motivation and Success Video

Be A Right Now Person

Tomorrow, someday, next week, I’m about to. This is the language that I hear a lot about network marketing. Tomorrow I’m going to get started. Tomorrow I’m going to schedule some appointments. After the weekend I’m really going to kick it. When the new month starts, I’m going to make it happen.

Once I get past this birthday, then I’m really going to take off. Once the kids get out of school, then I’m going to focus on this. Once the kids get back into school, after the summer break, then I’m going to do it. After the holidays, then I’m going to make it happen. Now here’s the thing.

“Don’t stay in tomorrow, you’ve got to at some point move from tomorrow to right now.” – Eric Worre

People do a lot of talking, and one side of proclaiming what you’re going to do is very good, telling the world what you’re about to do. Telling them something that you haven’t done yet, that’s a very healthy thing ’cause it’ll hold you accountable to those statements, but don’t get stuck there. Don’t stay in tomorrow, you’ve got to at some point move from tomorrow to right now.

Move from the action that you’re going to do on Monday, to right now. Not even today, because that gives you all the time until the end of the day. You’ve got to move your clock when you think about here’s one thing I need to do, I need to schedule more appointments, I’m going to do that right now.

Right now, the first available moment I have to do it, I’m going to do it right now. I’m going to start right now, I’m going to get moving right now. Because a lot of you are listening to this stuff, and that’s great, listening is great. Understanding is even better, the action is even better than understanding.

You can have the most knowledgeable person in the world, but if they keep saying tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow, they’re never going to get the results that they’re looking for, so guess where most of the learning and most of the real understanding comes from. In the doing.

A lot of people think that they understand network marketing, and they can never understand what it is that you do every day because they’ve never done it. You understand, really, on a cellular level, when you do it. And if you continue with the action, you’ll start to get results from those actions.

“You can have the most knowledgeable person in the world, but if they keep saying tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow, they’re never going to get the results that they’re looking for” – Eric Worre

‘Cause, it’s not just in the doing once, it’s the doing and then refining, and doing again and then refining. Work getting better every single day. Understanding that you can’t look good and get better at the same time. Being willing to be uncomfortable, being willing to get outside of your comfort zone. Being willing to go from a tomorrow person to a right now person.

Have Goals

“I set my goals pretty high, and I set my calendar far in advance, I’m planning, I still have some spontaneity, room for spontaneity, but more and more as the demands on my time are growing exponentially, I have to plan.” – Eric Worre

My future plan is about this thick, typed. It’s usually about 40 pages or so, and it includes everything. And today more than ever, what you’ll find with top leaders, what you’ll find with successful people, is they’re forward-thinking, they’re future thinking, and that future starts to pull them towards those objectives.

So I set my goals pretty high, and I set my calendar far in advance, I’m planning, I still have some spontaneity, room for spontaneity, but more and more as the demands on my time are growing exponentially, I have to plan. And what I’ve, I’ve done this for, gosh, 25 years, so look back and look forward.

Look back take inventory, be honest, and look forward and map it out. So I want you to think about the short-term, mid-term, long-term goals, for you personally and for your team.

Create Your Environment

Create an environment that supports your goals, your dreams. What do I mean by that, make sure the people around you are pushing you in the direction of your dreams, not patting you on the back for doing less than you’re capable, but pushing you to do more.

Make sure the things you’re feeding your mind are pushing you in the direction of your dreams. Make sure that you’re protecting your mind from things that would distract you from your dreams. It’s your job, it’s your job, to create a bubble, to create an environment, to create this ecosystem that will support your goals. Because if you’re surrounded by people that are constantly distracting you, it’s going to be very difficult for you to grow a network marketing business.

“Create an environment that supports your goals, your dreams.” – Eric Worre

If you’re surrounded by people who are patting you on the back for doing one-tenth of what you’re capable of instead of pushing you and challenging you and getting in your face, then there’s only so far you can go. If you’re constantly feeding your mind and allowing your mind to be infected by negative pessimistic compromising thoughts, then you can guess what your results are going to be.

So guess who’s job, it’s not, you’re not trying to look for an environment that will support you, your job is to create an environment that will support you. Create this community around you, create the right friendships, the right mentoring, the right coaching, the right ideas, the right encouragement, the right challenge, for you to be able to go where you need to go.

“Determine those dreams, get ’em lock solid” – Eric Worre

Do you understand what I’m saying? So, it’s your job to hold yourself accountable and create systems to hold yourself accountable to a higher standard. Your dreams are worth it, I promise. If you’re frustrated and you don’t know why you can’t take action, this is the big reason why.

You can’t seem to get things going, this is why. So one, determine those dreams, get ’em lock solid. Two, hold yourself accountable towards ’em. And three, create a system around you of people and influences around you, that will challenge you, that will push you, that will force you sometimes to do the things necessary to make your dreams a reality.


I’ve had to evolve so many times, I’ve had to change and grow so many times. There have been times when I’ve made such huge mistakes in my network marketing career. Damaged relationships, doing things that I wish I could go back and change, but I couldn’t.

“Understand that nothing is ever finished while you’re still alive.” – Eric Worre

So I could either live there, or I could use that information to grow and become better. See I’ve been involved for 25 years and I promise you, every year that you, that we’re engaged, we’re working together, every year you’re going to see me get a little bit better, get a little bit better, and most of the time I’m not going to hit my goals, but then I’m going to get a little bit better, and a little bit better, and compounded over time, you’ll see noticeable results.

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a different person than I was five years ago, 10 years ago, 15 years ago, certainly 25 years ago. 18 jobs, you know, barely surviving, so give yourself some grace. Understand that nothing is ever finished while you’re still alive.

Use Your Imagination

But here’s what I believe is the most powerful force, one of the most powerful forces on earth, and that is your imagination. What you can imagine. Now, most people misuse their imagination, in other words, they think about what bad things could happen. They let their imagination go wild to the negative side.

How they could get hurt, how they could get rejected, what could, you know, all the terrible things that could happen. But the most successful people, and I will tell ya I’ve used this in my life for my whole life and it’s, well my whole adult career at least, and it’s worked unbelievable, is using your imagination for good.

“One of the most powerful forces on earth, and that is your imagination.” – Eric Worre

Using it for growth. Now here’s what I mean by that. If you pick a goal, whatever it is, let’s say you want to meet someone, let’s say you want to achieve a rank, let’s say you want to get to an income goal, let’s say you want to have a certain number of people in your group at the next company event, whatever it is, okay? I want you to clearly imagine it, get it so clear in your mind that it’s like you’re living it in reality.

What does it look like, what does it feel like, what does it smell like, what does it taste like, as clear as you can get it. And when you’re talking about this picture in your mind, it’s good to put it in writing, and it’s good to make it as detailed as you possibly can.

How do you feel now that you’ve achieved that goal? How many lives are you impacting now that you’ve accomplished that objective, whatever it is, doesn’t matter what it is. But the key is detail, the key is specifics. The key is a clear, crystal-clear mental picture.

“When you unlock the power of your subconscious mind, it starts to grind and grind and grind and grind, to make the picture that you have in your imagination a reality.” – Eric Worre

So get it clear, and then just go about your life, but here’s, what ends up happening and it’s happened to me so many times you can’t even imagine, as soon as I get it clear in my mind, it’s not long before that thing becomes a reality. Now it’s not a magic trick, okay?

You can’t just sit at home and imagine a Lamborghini and it pulls up into the driveway and somebody gives you the keys, it’s not a magic trick like that. Here’s why I believe it works. Your subconscious brain is working all the time, no matter what you’re doing.

It’s working, it’s helping you guide and shift and make different decisions, but if you get a clear picture in your mind, I believe you unlock the power of your subconscious mind. And when you unlock the power of your subconscious mind, it starts to grind and grind and grind and grind, to make the picture that you have in your imagination a reality.

And there start to be thousands of what I like to call micro-decisions that start to happen. Little left turn right turns, little course corrections, thousands of them, that are happening all the time. While you sleep, your subconscious brain is working to help guide you towards that objective.

If you’re mowing the lawn, if you’re doing the laundry, that subconscious mind is working, if your imagination is strong enough and clear enough, your subconscious mind is working and working and grinding and grinding and moving, it’s not like you’re attracting those things to you, you’re attracting yourself to those things because your subconscious mind is working for you.

It’s like a slave for you, working and grinding and working and grinding and working and grinding to help you get to your objective. Thousands and thousands of little decisions you didn’t even know why you made them, they were made because one, you had a clear picture in your mind. Two, your subconscious brain went to work without you even realizing it.

And three, step by step, inch by inch, you moved closer to your objective until you attained it. So the picture that you have in your mind is incredibly important because guess what, if you have a negative picture in your mind, a negative picture in your imagination, your subconscious mind’s going to go to work to make that a reality too. Thousands of little micro-decisions to guide you towards the negative.

So, who wants to live with that? Who wants to put your subconscious mind to work as your employee to work for you and work against you? Why would you want to do that? So get a clear picture of your goals, of your objectives, of your vision of anything you want to accomplish, anyone that you want to meet, anything that you want to do. I’ve envisioned getting on a stage that I wanted to speak on.

I’ve envisioned having thousands of people in the room. I’ve envisioned relationships with the top of my heroes of personal development, with Jim Rohn’s and the Tony Robbin’s, and the Richard Branson’s and all the different people. I’ve imagined those relationships long before they became a reality.

And then my subconscious mind went to work. And it ground, it was grinding and grinding and grinding and grinding, thousands of decisions until it became a reality. So one, think of something that’s important to you, get it clear in your mind, and then let your subconscious mind grind for you, let it work for you, let it create results for you.

Take Charge

In this book, the one that I was just reading over the weekend, he talks about the fact that you know what, if times are bad for you right now, if the wind is blowing in your face right now, just hang in there because the wind can change.

The wind will change, and if the wind’s in your face, the wind can change and be on your, be at your back and propel you forward and I really struggled with this message, I really had a difficult time with it because I’ve listened to so much of Jim Rohn, and because if you know anything at all, which I’m an amateur, but if you know anything at all about sailing, it doesn’t matter what the wind is doing, if it’s at your back or if it’s in your face, there is a way for you to move forward.

If the wind is in your face and you have a sailboat, you just go back and forth and back and forth, using that same wind to go forward. I will tell you, there’s a group of people who are crossing their fingers today and they’re waiting for the wind to change.

There’s a group of people who are hoping and praying that the wind changes, and what I want to tell all of you if you’re in any of those people are you if you don’t need to wait for the wind to change. The wind, whichever way it blows, can be your friend. If it’s in your face, you have a different approach to how you move forward. If it’s from the side, you have a different approach to how you move forward.

“We can decide which direction we’re going to go regardless of the wind.” – Eric Worre

If it’s at your back, there’s going to be times when it’s at your back, sure, everybody can move forward quickly when the wind’s at your back. But when it’s not, and it’s not most of the time, you have to have a strategy to move forward. We can change the sail and we can have total control regardless of the wind. We can decide which direction we’re going to go regardless of the wind.

We don’t have to wait for something out there to happen in order for us to be okay. It’s not out there ladies and gentlemen, it’s in here. It’s not out there, it’s in here. So not only do you need to take charge when it comes to setting the sail of your life, we need to let the whole world know, while they’re all waiting for this wind to change, and it might and it may change, but of course, at some point it’s going to change, but it may not change for some people for a long time.

We can give them an opportunity and the skills to be able to prosper regardless of the direction of the wind. Do you get what I’m saying to you? It’s not out there ladies and gentlemen, it’s right in here. Once you get that, you realize how much power you actually really have in controlling the direction of your life, everything changes for you.

Know Your Why

Instead of focusing just on the how, one of the skills, not only just the tactical skills of how to do things but the skills of understanding the human element of what it is that we do. If you know why you need to use your own product or service every single day, then it’s easy to develop structures for everybody to learn how to do that.

If you know why it’s important to build your story if you know why it’s important to go to your events if you know why it’s important to share the opportunity if you know why it’s important to utilize third-party tools if you know why it’s important to be able to give a strong testimonial if you know why it’s important to focus on personal development, then the how-to get easy, and if you know why, and you get that why strong enough, you can help all those people that have been in assignment oriented living for their whole life, in other words, they’ve been doing what they’re told their whole life, a lot of people are waiting for somebody like you who understands why it is that we do what we do, to be able to inspire those people to start to do it, to do the how-to, and then eventually they’ll develop the why to.

“If you know why you need to use your own product or service every single day, then it’s easy to develop structures for everybody to learn how to do that.” – Eric Worre

Once I understood this concept of the way, the person who knows how to do something will always work for the person who knows why to something, well I don’t want to work for anybody the rest of my life. What I want to do is I want to focus on why am I doing everything? Why does this work in network marketing, why does this not work in network marketing? I understood all of the mechanical, psychological triggers that made our business work, and once I understood the why’s not only did the how’s get easy for me, but it became very easy for me to inspire other people to take action.

Because I understood the true reasons why to do something, I wasn’t just saying do it ’cause I said so. I could explain that philosophy to them. I switched my mind from becoming the best how-to guy that you would ever meet, to becoming the best way to guy that you’ll ever meet. Changed my business, changed my life. I will tell you, if you implement this in your business, it’ll change yours too.

Focus On High-Value Activities

You can’t afford to mow your lawn, what does that title even mean? Let me back up and give you some context to it, and I think by the end of this show, you’re going to agree with me. If you’re involved in network marketing, if you’re an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to mow your lawn. Now here’s where this all started for me. I’ve been mentored by a few different billionaires over the course of my career.

And the first one, I went to him and I said, “You know, I want to achieve, I want to move forward, “you’ve had all this success, what do I do, “how do I break out, how do I create “more success for myself?” He said, “Eric, how much do you want to make in a year, “give me a number.” I said, “Well, a million a year sounds good, “you know, two commas, a million dollars a year. “That sounds like it would be, you know, a great life.” He said, “Fine,” he said, “That’s a good start.

“Let’s break that down. “To make a million dollars a year, “you would have to earn approximately $500 an hour “in your work time. “$500 an hour in your work time, in order to be able to earn “a million dollars a year.” He said, “Eric, is there a task that you can do “in your business, that will earn you “$500 an hour overtime.” I went, “Well, in network marketing, there actually is.”

If I’m in front of a prospect, if I’m tellin’ the story, if I’m sharin’ the product, I’m tellin’ the story, I’m sharing the opportunity, I’m explaining the compensation plan, I’m with a prospect, helping them understand what it is that I have to offer, if I’m with that prospect, that over time, equals $500 an hour or better. That was my experience. I just didn’t spend that much time in front of that many prospects, right? I would, I’d get, my life was busy with everything else. I said, “Yeah,” I said, “Yes, I have that activity.”

He said, “Fine.” He said, “take every activity that you are doing, “that’s, that you, that can be done by someone else, “number one, the activity that can be done by someone else, “number one, number two, is worth less than $500 an hour, “and number three, isn’t something “that’s jeopardizing your family or your values, “and have somebody else do it.” So, I said, “So, wait a minute, so, I mow my lawn, “you’re telling me I can’t mow my lawn?” He said, “You can mow your lawn, but mowing your lawn “is minimum wage activity. ”

If you want to sell your hour for minimum wage, “and there’s a task you could go somewhere else “that’s paying $500 an hour, why would you do that? “Call it $15 an hour to mow your lawn, “and you have a task that you could get $500 “if you’re in front of prospects? “Every time you mow your lawn, you lose $485.” And I went, “Wow. “I thought I was saving money by mowing my lawn.”

No, it was costing me money to mow my lawn. So here’s what I did. I took inventory of every part of my life. I currently, and for decades now, have not done tasks of under $500 an hour, unless it was something with my family unless it was something that I chose to do that was quality with the relationships in my life, I’m talking about work time, I’m talking about time, think tasks that I could do, that doesn’t impact my relationships, okay? So, I don’t mow the lawn.

I don’t clean the pool. I don’t clean out the garage. I don’t get groceries. I don’t clean the house. I don’t do any of that stuff. In our family we have people help us do those things, and then we focus our tasks, our energy, on the highest producing activity possible.

Master Your Emotions

Mastering your emotions, and people ask me sometimes, like, are emotions important for an entrepreneur? Managing emotions does that important, it seems like it would be all discipline and hard work. Well guess what will cause you to stay disciplined, and will cause you to do the hard work, is mastering your emotions.

Trying to figure out that the triggers that cause you to act or cause you to freeze, and one of the most interesting concepts, and I learned this from Tony Robbins, he and I were talking this last year several times about this concept, it’s so interesting, and that is, what is your default emotion?

In other words, when poked, when prodded, when bored, when either stimulated or not stimulated, what emotion is your go-to emotion? Now, for some people, it’s stress. Entrepreneurs, a lot of entrepreneurs like to go, “I’m stressed out, I’m just stressed right now.”

That’s their go-to emotion. They go into their mind and that is, that’s what they go to as a default. That’s their neutral, okay? Some people, use worry to worry about something that might happen, worry about what somebody else might think, worry about some circumstance outside of their control. Worry about what’s going on with their comp plan, or worry about what’s happening with the product, or worrying about what’s going on with the international expansion, or worrying about decisions the team is making, or the company is making or worrying about an event that’s coming up, or something, that’s their default emotion. Some people it’s to fight, their default emotion is anger.

They want to fight, they’re looking for an enemy all the time. That’s their default emotion, okay? So we all have a choice, and we all have to decide what is the default emotion that’s going to serve us, and is the current one that we have the one that’s serving us the most? Because if it’s on the negative side, stress, frustration, doubt, worry, anger, all of those, which many entrepreneurs have, if we, if our default is there, inside of that space, it’s like putting a limiter on our potential.

“What will cause you to stay disciplined, and will cause you to do the hard work, is mastering your emotions.” – Eric Worre

When we’re in that space, do you think we are attracting people to us, or do you think we may be pushing some people away? Are we making people want to be around us a lot, are we maybe only attracting other angry people or other stressed-out people that we can relate to? So, there’s a choice. There’s another range of emotions, now that doesn’t mean you can’t bounce into stress, which is just fear, you can’t bounce into anger, or defending somebody, or something, you can’t bounce into frustration or worry or doubt, but what’s the default, where do you go back to? What’s the center, what is neutral for you? And, for me, it was an interesting exercise to kind of go through this, as like wow, because when I was talking with Tony about it, he was saying that he has so much going on in his life, that it’s very easy for stress to become the default emotion. So, he finally realized that no, no that’s a choice. I could choose to look at something, anything part of my life, and get stressed about it, but my default emotion, could I replace that default emotion for passion? For joy, for happiness, for gratitude? Those default emotions.

What if your default emotion was gratitude, all the time? What if it was joy all the time? Now you might get pushed and get stressed out for a minute, but you come back to joy, you come back to gratitude. You come back to happiness. Right? You come back to passion. And there’s a difference between passion and anger. If it’s anger, that’s going to repel a lot of people. If it’s a passion, it’s going to attract tons of people into your life, into your world.

So, I want you to think about what your default emotion is, maybe even write down, what is the emotion that you go to most when poked, when something doesn’t go perfectly when something unexpected happens when stressed. What is your default emotion, where do you go there, okay? And just aside, that on the other side of that coin, instead of expectation and anxiety, it can be appreciation and gratitude.

Instead of anger, it can be passion. Instead of worry and doubt, it can be joy and peace. That it’s all going to be fine. So, we control this. We might not be able to control the pain, that we talk about this at Go Pro Recruiting Mastery we talk about this more and more, we might not be able to control physical pain or mental-emotional pain, but we can choose to suffer, that’s a choice.

The pain might not be a choice, but then, our emotional state is a choice. The one thing that Tony told me that just knocked me down, is he and I both go up on stage and we give a lot of energy and we’re, you know, we’re very enthusiastic, we’re very energetic, and then for me, when I get off the stage, I like woo, I throttle back a bit, I reset my batteries, so my stage energy is not my default, it’s an exception. So he told me, he said, Eric, the biggest change to happen in his life, he said to me, when we were doin’ an interview this last year, he said, “Eric the biggest change to happen to me in my life “this last year, was I decided to take the guy “that’s on stage, I decided to take him home with me. “And that was going to be my new default.”

And I went, “Wow, okay. That’s something completely different.” Think about you and your best energetic state, your most attractive, your most outgoing, your most vibrant state possible, think about taking that person home with you. Think about that being your new normal. Think about that being kind of the, just every day, and the other negative stuff is just kind of here and there, it just comes and it goes. But you have a different default state. Control that default state, you start to take control of your life.

Find The Reason To Stay

All entrepreneurs deal with this issue of self-doubt, of the challenge, of difficulty, of struggle. And, I don’t know what it is for you, I mean, for me I, so many things went through my mind. Maybe this isn’t for me. Maybe this just isn’t my thing. Maybe other people are made for this, maybe I’m not. Maybe entrepreneurs need to be born, ’cause I wasn’t born an entrepreneur, maybe I just need to be realistic and just go get a job. Maybe I don’t have the discipline for this.

Or some days when I would just say, you know, I would get so discouraged with people, because I couldn’t get people to do the actions that I was willing to do, maybe I’m just not a good enough leader. Maybe the product isn’t, you know, valuable enough. Maybe the compensation plan doesn’t pay as much as I think it should.

Maybe I’m in a country or a part of the world that is, you know, I feel is more resistant to network marketing than any other part of the world, you know, so because of that, I’m going to struggle. Or whatever, there’s, the list is so long when it comes to reasons to check out.

I hope you enjoyed Eric Worre’s success secrets and quotes that I have supplied for you here today, If you found value in this article and Eric Worre’s words of wisdom please share this article by clicking on any of the social share buttons located on this page.

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