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Elomir Review: Scam Or Quality Product and Opportunity?

If you’re looking for a good Elomir review that will answer all your questions, then this is it.

In this review, I will cover information about the opportunity, the company and owners, and the Axis Klarity product they offer.

There are a few reviews about Elomir out there already, hopefully, I can bring some new information you didn’t already know.

Elomir Review

With that said, let’s dig in and get started.

Elomir Review – Overview

Company: Elomir
CEO: Toan and Van Nguyen, LaCore Enterprises
Type: MLM, Health/Wellness
Cost: $89 for 1 AXIS Klarity Box/ $49/yr for Affiliate Membership
Money-Back Guarantee: Yes
Website: https://elomir.com
Recommended: Yes

Summary: Elomir is a health and wellness company that offers a unique dissolving strip product that dissolves in your mouth and delivers healthy results that customers and members can feel in a few minutes.

The business model that Elomir operates on is multi-level marketing or “MLM” due to the nature of the referral model and how the company advertises.

Elomir is also a new company that started in July 2020.

Elomir is a company that attracts people interested in:

  • Better health
  • A product that you can feel the results
  • MLM
  • Residual Income
  • Home Based Business

Company Details

When it comes to transparency in a company, Elomir covers those details in a good way.

When Elomir was in its initial launch period, the 2 names that were covered were Van Nguyen and LaCore Industries.

Van Nguyen is the person that is the face of the company and puts herself out there with updates and video interviews.

Van has been in the MLM industry for several years and has had major success by building big teams in a couple of companies that she was involved with.

She decided to come back into the industry with a unique product that LaCore industries are manufacturing.

Apparently, it took several years of development to put together the AXIS Klarity product to get the flavor and formulation just right.

Elomir CEO Co Founders

Right now, Van and her husband are the face of the company on their about page.

LaCore industries have manufactured products for a few major earning MLM companies in big supplies, so I have no doubts they will be able to keep up with supply once they iron out the “newly launched company” hiccups.

Elomir News and Updates

What Is Elomir

Starting in July 2020, Elomir is an initial launch state and is only offering product to brand partner members at this time.

Once the initial launch state is completed, customers will be limited to only 1 box of their AXIS Klarity strips product.

Elomir has also published they have purchased more/bigger machines for the production of the AXIS Klarity strips to keep up with the projected demand.

Elomir Pros

Here is a list of some of the pros that I can see Elomir having:

  • They offer a unique product
  • The product delivers quick results that you can feel
  • AXIS Klarity strips are small and easy/cheap to ship
  • The compensation plan offers spillover
  • The compensation plan is unique and offers many bonuses
  • The company has a great presentation
  • They offer an easy process to purchase the products


Here is a list of some of the cons that I can see:

  • The company is new, so there are always hiccups. The first I see is the supply and demand issue, but it looks like the company is resolving this by ordering new machines to cover demand.
  • The next issue that I see people pointing out is one of the ingredients. I have no idea if this is an issue or not, but I do know that people have been taking it for over a decade without any issue. I will update you on this topic if it becomes an issue.
  • There are a few negative videos and articles about the company and product even before they launched, which can be seen as past team members wanting to bash the company. But who knows, there are always “those” people out there wanting to bash companies?

Is Elomir A Scam?

Is Elomir A Scam

The bottom line is this…

Elomir has a solid business model that has been proven for decades in the MLM industry.

Just as long as they keep their marketing and customer-to-affiliate member ratio in check, they will have no problems.

The only issue I see right now is the slow delivery of products, which it looks like they are addressing, and the negative reviews and video bashing which is only there to deter people from getting involved.

I see no issues with the company, the owners, the products, or the compensation plan at this time, nor can I see anything bad that will come to Elomir.

AXIS Klarity Strips – Product Overview

AXIS Klarity Strips Box

In this section of my Elomir review, I will cover information about the AXIS Klarity strips they offer.

The flagship product and only product that Elomir offers at this time are called AXIS Klarity strips.

The product is a dissolvable strip that you place on your tongue that delivers an almost instant result with the ingredients it has.

AXIS Klarity comes in a box of 30 dissolvable strips with the flavor of Berry Fusion.

Customers and members can purchase 1, 3, 5, or 10 boxes at checkout.

Of course, the more boxes you purchase, the cheaper the individual box becomes due to a bulk discount.

Additionally, the more boxes someone purchases, the more volume will go into their personal volume for the compensation plan bonuses.

The active ingredients for 1 strip have a proprietary blend of 45 mg and include:

  • Cyclodextrin
  • Thiamine Conjugate
  • N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine Conjugate
  • Curcumin Conjugate

Here is an image of the ingredients label for AXIS Klarity:

AXIS Klarity Strips Overview

I’ve included a full AXIS Klarity video overview when you click the button I’ve included that is located above or below this section.

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Is Elomir Worth It To Join?

I think there are 2 types of people that this question is geared towards.

The first type of person is the person that wants to make additional income from home.

The next type of person is the person that wants the product due to what it can provide for you.

In either case, I think this is a great opportunity for the regular customer, and for the person that wants to make additional income from home.

The AXIS Klarity strips are easy to demonstrate to others with the added benefit of its fast delivery method that a person can feel the results within minutes.

This alone is extraordinary when it comes to sharing the product with others and them wanting more of it.

This experience makes it easy to share with others without having the uncomfortable experience of trying to share an opportunity with someone you know.

If you want to market Elomir and AXIS Klarity online, then my team has a full marketing system you can use along with email follow-ups, capture pages, and sales pages to help you share and make sales online.

If you want to experience this team funnel that you can use once you become a member, click on the get started button above or below this section.

Elomir Compensation Plan Overview

When it comes to the Elomir compensation plan, they do offer a new type of compensation plan that is geared for growth and excitement.

With this compensation plan, members have the ability to place their new members, which is crucial because to maximize Elomir’s comp plan, you need to focus on 3 legs.

Even though the Elomir compensation plan is a unilevel, the way to maximize your commissions and earnings, you will need to only focus on 3 legs.

This is powerful because compared to a traditional unilevel, your downline can experience more spillover and growth that a traditional unilevel cannot accomplish.

Comp Plan Overview

There are 5 ways that brand partners can earn commissions and bonuses with their compensation plan.

  • Retail Bonus
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Generational Team Bonus
  • Rank Advancement Bonus
  • 3X Bonus

In order to become a “brand partner” which is a qualified referral member that can earn commissions, you need to pay $49, then $49 per year.

*The enrollment fee will be waived if you choose one of the packs when you initially sign up.

To become an “active”/commission qualified member, you must also have a personal monthly volume of 65 CV.

Retail Bonus

35% of the CV will be rewarded to the enroller.

Fast Start Bonuses

When a brand partner signs up a person that purchases one of the enrollment packs.

This will NOT be paid if the purchase is made AFTER the person signs up.

When they make those enrollment pack sales, brand partners will earn 15% of the CV commission that is paid weekly.

When a brand partner advances in rank, they will qualify for additional fast start commissions that will include up to 4 downline levels of fast start commissions that are paid out monthly.

The monthly fast start commissions are called “Tru Up” fast start commissions.

Here is a fast start compensation plan chart to help explain:

Elomir Fast Start True Up Commissions Compensation Plan Chart

Monthly Generational Team Bonus Commissions

This is the part of the compensation plan that is the residual income aspect of it.

Elomir offers a set amount of residual income that you can earn based on the number of recurring product orders a brand partner has in their organization.

Their organizational downline also has to have 3 legs worth of volume, with not any one of the 3 legs having more than 50% of the volume needed to advance or qualify for a rank.

Ranks in the Elomir compensation plan are what determine what a brand partner is going to earn with the monthly generational team bonus commissions.

I will cover rank qualifications below.

Here is the monthly generational team bonus chart that will explain what a brand partner will earn per month when they qualify for that rank:

Monthly Generational Team Bonus Commissions Chart Elomir

Rank Advancement Bonus

This is another bonus that Elomir offers its brand partners for reaching the higher ranks in the compensation plan.

These are one-time payments that are rewarded to brand partners.

Even if a brand partner blows past previous ranks, they will still get rewarded for the past ranks they passed up.

To qualify, a brand partner MUST maintain that rank for at least 2 full months before that rank advancement bonus commission is released to the brand partner for reaching that rank.

Icon 12 and Legend rank will be broken down into 4 monthly payments.

Here is a chart that breaks down the one-time bonus commissions that brand partners can earn once they fully qualify for it:

Rank Advancement Bonus Commissions Elomir

3X Rank Bonus

This bonus only applies to brand partners that are able to qualify for a rank bonus within their first month.

When a brand partner is able to qualify for a rank bonus in their first month (and maintain that rank for an additional month), Elomir will pay that member 3X the amount of the rank bonus they qualified for!

This type of bonus is to build excitement and growth for the company by rewarding brand partners with more money.

Elomir Rank Requirements and Commissions

Instead of going into a bunch of written details about Elomir’s rank qualification requirements, I’ve included a rank requirement chart below that will cover all the information you are looking for.

Basically, to maximize the earnings from the Elomir compensation plan, a brand partner MUST build 3 legs, building any more legs will be a waste.

With that said, here is the Elomir rank requirement chart:

Elomir Rank Qualification Chart with Monthly Commissions

Conclusion: Elomir Review

In the last section of my Elomir review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation.

Hopefully, I was able to answer all your questions about the Elomir company, the product, and the compensation plan.

If you have more questions, simply click on the button above for more answers to more questions about Elomir that are not covered here.

Would I Recommend Elomir?

Yes, I would recommend them, I think they have a great marketable product that delivers real and fast results.

And I think they have a great compensation plan that most can build for long-term and sustainable success.

I would say to click on one of the buttons above to learn more about Elomir, then get started today.

I also understand that not everyone is interested in a product-based income program, this is why I am also going to list my alternative.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my Elomir review.

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Thank you!

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