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How To Double Your Money In A Week – My Step By Step Guide

Welcome to my article on how to double your money in a week with my step-by-step guide to reaching this goal.

There has been some discussion that I’ve seen on the forums and other sites within the community.

The main topic being how to make money online.

But many of the questions were asked that has a standard theme were about how to double your money and how to make money fast.

So I am going to cover this particular topic in this article with my own experiences.

I want to first frame this article for you now and let you know what type of journey I’ve had first because it’s important to remember before why I share the best method to double your money or make money fast.

You will understand after you read what finally worked for me, and the flaws that I’ve personally ran into when I first got started.

My First Problem I Faced

I didn’t have any mentors or any “go-to” individual experts at the time.

I didn’t know where to start and how to get started.

I just knew that I needed to make some money, and make it fast.

So first I want to take you on a short version of my journey of how I got started.

Then I will cover how I started to make money.

And finally, I will explain the best way to double your money in a week with what I know, and what the best way to start would be with the ten plus years of experience I have now with making money fast, at the end of this article.

When I Got Started

When I first started my making money online journey, I was dead broke.

I had a baby on the way and let go of my job for some bs that the company I was working for was doing, and they needed a scapegoat… and lucky me, I was the one that got the short stick pulled.

I was terrified and didn’t know what the heck I was going to do so I started looking online because I heard about people making an income online, and was interested in learning how to do this too.

I was kind of interested in it before while I was working and just fiddling around with it, but never really dove down and took a serious look at it until let go.

So this is what happened.

My First Week Trying To Make Money

The first week was like I was a chicken with its head cut off… (I know, bad analogy)

It was like I was looking around at everything that was really nice and shiny with bells and whistles on it telling me to buy this, and spend money on that, but when I spend the money, the ads were saying that I was going to be able to make $2000 in a week for example.

What Did I Do?

The short version is yes, I spent some money, and no I didn’t make $2000 in a week.

In fact, I didn’t even make a single penny!

There I was thinking what the heck am I going to do… again!

The Next Week

So I came across a program that was low cost and was in Network Marketing.

I had experience in MLM before, and also made some money with it, but nothing to brag about, and not near enough to support a family.

But this looked interesting.

It was a program designed to be marketed on the Internet.

Right before I joined, I knew that going into this I had zero experience marketing anything online, and no knowledge whatsoever on how to make a dime on the internet.

So I looked around and joined a guy that was advertising on the Internet.

I think I clicked on one of his ads that said something like: How to earn $500 in a week with a proven step-by-step system”… Or something like that.

I was able to get a hold of him, chatted for a while, and he was a good guy and very helpful.

He started teaching me the necessary skills of marketing and how to get traffic to my affiliate link.

He gave me some options, but I didn’t have that much money to budget toward paid advertising.

So he suggested doing free ads to start, he shared some basic ad copy, and some banner designs with me and how to link everything up so I would get credit for any sales.

But he also said that by going the free route, I was going to have to work my butt off and post as much as I can post with the time I can spare throughout the day, and that is exactly what I did.

It started out slow, but I was putting out those free ads as my life depended on it.

A Few Weeks Later…

How To Double Your Money In A Week Posting Ads

After finally getting some education from someone that was actually making money online week after week, but more importantly showing me how to generate traffic to my offer, I finally started seeing results.

It took me a week after I got started with his action plan to make my first commission.

Just to add, this particular program was a subscription-based program that I had to pay every month which was fine as long as I was able to make some commissions to cover it.

Then later make a profit, but right before I was due to pay for my second month, I was able to cover my subscription fee for the next month which was fantastic and motivating.

After I Put In The Work, This Happened?

Well, I kept working and posting more ads every day.

The second month I was able to see profits, and month after month, working on more advertising and posting free ads, it kept getting bigger and bigger even doubling in some of the weeks.

The work I put in that first month and the months after kept working and multiplying with better results.

After one year, I was making two times the amount that I was making at my full-time job when I was let go which more than covered any bills and expenses I had.

The journey was tough, and I had temporary jobs during this period, but I kept doing the work.

And after that, I kept doing even more work and making more money online.

Week after week, month after month.

If I Had To Start Over Again…

If I had to start over, I don’t honestly know what I could have done at that time that could have made my results come quicker.

Because at that time there were not many marketers out there willing to share their knowledge with you unless you paid them a high coaching fee.

I understand this price was for their time and training, I mean they need to pay bills too, but I just couldn’t risk or even afford those insanely high prices at that time for any type of coaching.

I was just lucky to have found that guy that helped me get started and not sugar coat things like many people will do even to this day.

But I know you are here to see how you can double your money in a week and I do have some suggestions that will work for you, but you will have to put in the time and work to make it possible.

And like you know, results are not guaranteed, good things don’t just come to those that stand there and look pretty.

Just like my first mentor said to me, I don’t want to sugarcoat things.

I want to be honest and let you know what you will have to do in order to double your money in a week.

So let’s dive down and go into some recommendations I have for you.

The Psychology Of Doubling Your Money In A Week

First, you will have to come to an understanding with yourself.

You’re going to say, “Self, how much time, and how much money can I invest to double my money in a week?”

Then take notes when you answer yourself, and that will be your guideline.

You see, some have more time and more money to invest than others.

You know by my story I didn’t have much of anything to invest.

I just had to make do with what I had.

Which was mostly my time.

So I had to choose a lower-cost “vehicle,” Which was basically a low-cost affiliate program to use to make more money the next month than I originally invested so that I can have extra money to help with bills and groceries.

So, even if you have more money to invest what risk would I have taken?

I think that those that have more money don’t want to risk too much when they get started either.

I’m trying to put myself in your shoes and see what I would do if I had money to invest because you all know what I did when I didn’t have any money.

So, either way, the best way to get started is to get your feet wet and start with something with a low investment to double your money in a week.

So here is what I recommend.

How To Double Your Money In A Week

Find an affiliate program to get started with that costs less than $50.

You will want to find a program that has everything in place to help guide you on how to double, triple and quadruple your money after some time.

Because let’s face it, chances are that you will NOT find anyone to help guide you or be the kind of mentor that I had when I first got started.

But first I want to cover an area that has the potential to make money, but I wouldn’t recommend you get started with it first.

Don’t Let “This” Be Your First Choice To Double Your Money In A Week!

I personally would not choose this way to double your money and would stay away from Network Marketing programs for your first program of choice, because all the ones I’ve encountered have absolutely “0” really straightforward, “easy to do” type of training on how to double your money back quickly, let alone a week.

Usually or typically MLM companies will try to tell you to make a list of all your friends and family and tell them that you have something to share with them.

These MLM companies tell you to tell all your friends and family that you are making a party, invite them to come over, so that you can share something with them that is important.

Then when they are all there, get them to watch some type of presentation that shares the products that the company has, how awesome the company is and how they can make a fortune by promoting the company and products.

Then try to convince them to sign up for the business or to buy some products.

Don’t get me wrong, Network Marketing works, but I would not recommend someone that wants to make some money fast to start doing this first.

Plus MLM companies usually have a high investment cost to get started.

99.456798% of most people will not make any money quickly.

This type of way to make extra money is a long-term investment in both time and money before you will see any substantial returns.

But it’s possible, I’ve done it multiple times, and earned some serious income with some very well-known companies, and still earn residuals from many of them to this day.

Knowing what I know now, and what I would recommend to the new person, the person just getting started, and someone looking to make money fast, you really don’t want to start with Network Marketing, trust me.

Later Down The Road… Yeah, Do It!

Later down the road after you get more education on how to drive traffic, building a list, making sales, and how to market in general, that could be something to look into that can have very lucrative income potential.

It has been proven to work out with extremely amazing results for many people.

But when you are just starting out, I would NOT take that kind of risk.

You are going to have to put way more work into building an MLM company than you would when working toward the recommendation that I mention at the end of this article.

On A Side Note To Make Fast Extra Money In A Week

On a side note, and something that can generate income really fast that I want to mention, but will take a different kind of work effort would be to provide a local service.

Something easy, and easy for you to market.

This is something I did, and something that you can do is to go around the neighborhood and start doing some basic lawn service for all your neighbors.

It’s an honest income and can have many repeat customers if you provide a good service at a fair price.

Plus people like to support each other especially when they are your neighbors.

I would personally create some business cards or flyers that explain what you are providing basic lawn care with the services that you can provide with the tools you have on the flyer or card, with a side note saying that you live in the neighborhood, please support your local neighbor.

If you need extra money to help with bills or a new baby or whatever, put that on the card or flyer too!

Take the thoughts of, “this is lower than me,” or “I don’t want to look like I am begging,” or whatever you might be thinking that is negative out of that way of thinking.

The bottom line is that you need to make some extra money, and by providing a service, you are getting paid for that service provided.

The most basic tools you would need are a lawnmower, rake, shovel, and some garbage bags.

To get a better result and more money… you can get a blower, trimmer, hedger, and some limb cutters.

Simple as that!

Now you can think outside the box with the idea I just shared with you, and think of other services that you can do that have a recurring demand, easy for you to do, and easy to market.

The marketing side of providing basic lawn service can be as basic as walking around your neighborhood dropping off cards, and or flyers door to door.

It’s work, and you can definitely double your money in a week or 2 that you invest in it.

I wanted to include this type of way to earn some extra money because it’s absolutely doable, low cost to get started and because it works.

The Online Way To Double Your Money In A Week

Now to reflect back in regards to when I first got started.

I wish that the very first program that I took a chance on that I invested money in actually had everything in place when I first got started.

Chances are this article is not the first place you searched to learn how to double your money, or even make any type of extra money.

And if you did end up investing some money into something that didn’t work out for you, I’m sorry, but the truth is that it happens all the time, it even happened to me.

If you are still looking, or if this is the first place you started looking, you are in luck.

If I were to share something that would help you earn an extra $100 or $200 a week with a low investment to start and that has everything in place like, “this is what you do.

First, this is what you do second, provided ads, and training on where to place those ads and how many times to place those ads… etc.” in place right after you start, would that be something that you would be interested in learning more?

I know with this, you will have a better chance to earn a realistic extra income fast, and even a realistic chance of doubling your money in a week.

When a program has everything in place that I’ve just mentioned, it is simple math, and my personal experience that tells me that your percentage of success will be much higher if you did not have those factors in place.

With everything in place that I’ve just mentioned, the main investment you will have to worry about is your time and effort alongside your small investment to get started.

To get started you will have to click on the link at the end of this article under my #1 recommended section.

My Final Thoughts

The point of this article is to share some of the ways that I have learned how to make money quickly.

Other than investing in cryptocurrency a few months ago from the time of writing this article, and which I would have recommended doubling your money, I wouldn’t recommend it now with all the volatility that crypto has going on right now.

Right now and has been my personal “go-to” tried and true tested away for over ten years now is through marketing an excellent legitimate program that has an affiliate program that you can make money with on the internet.

It took me a few years to master it, but like you’ve read in a few sections above in this article when I got started I was able to generate income quickly through the “free-to-do” steps that I took that were taught to me by my first mentor.

It wasn’t easy in the sense that it took a lot of my time and effort to do it, but it was straightforward in the aspect of what I needed to do.

As long as you have specific steps that are specific to the offer that you want to make money with I know that you can make money very quickly, and even double your money in a week.

There are not that many programs that have those steps in place for you, and usually, it is up to you as the person to figure it out on your own which is the flawed equation to what many of the programs offer which is usually a promotion that has ads that advertise that you can make money by merely joining their program.

The whole point of this article is to help guide those of you that want to earn some extra money through the methods that I have come to know work for someone that has never made a dime on the Internet.

It’s legit folks, and I have my tax returns to prove it.

So if you are looking for a program that has all the key points that I’ve explained in this article to generate a generous extra income and can absolutely double your money in a week, then make sure to check out my recommended program below.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article on how to double your money in a week.

If you found this article helpful in any way, please make sure to share it and like it with the social share buttons on this page.

Thank you for your support!

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