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DJ Khaled Exposed – The Keys To His Success

Hello and welcome to my article on DJ Khalid and how to achieve success through his vision.

I’ve also included some of DJ Khalid’s quotes within this article.

Without further ado.

DJ Khaled’s Keys To Success

He is a music producer, DJ, multi-millionaire, former host for a popular radio show in the Miami area, and DJ for the hip hop group Terror Squad.

Win No Matter What

You smart. You very smart. We the best. You a genius. I appreciate you. You loyal. I changed a lot. You can too. Win, win, win. No matter what. Them doors that was closed, I ripped the doors off, and took the hinges off, and when I took the hinges off, I put the hinges in the boy’s hands. Yeah, in the boy’s hands. You know I took the whole door off and the hinges and put them in the boy’s hands. You could put the hinges on the hands too. Never give up, never surrender.

Challenge The Game

I could have dropped my album any time. I’m fully loaded. I’m war-ready at all times. I have so many records in my drive, trust me, anybody act up, I let one go. Now, listen. The reason why I took longer than I usually do, I did it on purpose. I’m tired of dinosaurs. I’m tired of the way people do rollouts and rules and regulations. I never followed a rule or regulation.

The door has never been open for me to walk in and my whole career, why am I going to follow any type of protocol? I never was accepted like that. I was determined, passionately ripped doors down, took the hinges off, and put the hinges in the fuckboy’s hands when they tried to stop DJ Khaled. So what I did was, I put out more hit records, I challenged radio, I challenged the game.

Back Your Talk Up

When it comes down to marketing, if you noticed, anytime I promote something, you know, it’s really my real life that I’m promoting. When you see my album cover you see Finga Licking, I’m not lying. It’s really finger-licking. When I promote something I want to back my talk up.

You hear me saying this from the headphones or from the music if say I got some number one hit singles coming and it’s going to be on The Breakfast Club, I’m not lying. And then when you hear it and months later when it becomes a top ten or number one record, I’m not lying.

When I say I’m about to drop the biggest video, I’m not lying. But, I feel like when I promote, I’m doing that for my fans and giving them a presentation because it’s so much hard work to make these things happen. You got to promote it in an amazing way.

“I have so many records in my drive. Trust me, anybody act up, I let one go.”

Spread Good Energy

Listen, I was having some conversations with my friends, I was like, man, I cried. You know I’m a real person. I ain’t got no problem telling you straight up, the raw truth. I cried because it was so much joy.

When I have somebody come up to me and say, yo, you changed my life, you make me feel better, you help me do better in school. You know I got different things and looking at things. I always tell people, you know what I’m saying, we’re all going to go through storms.

Because I’ve been through so many storms that, you know what I mean, that’s a whole ‘nother show. But I always knew the sun shines on the other side, and I always try to motivate myself and motivate the people.

And I do that through my music and any time I ever do an interview, I try to put good energy out. Even if Big Boy or whoever has something to tell me, maybe I don’t want to be asked. I’m going to answer it the right way because I don’t have a problem of anybody asking me no question.

It’s the way that you answer the question. It’s the way that you spread the answer back because, at the end of the day, I’m a leader. And I got life. And that’s all that matters. People got to remember when you have life, you could accomplish anything you want to accomplish and that is that.

Today you could have a problem, but guess what? You’re breathing, you could fix it. Do you know what I’m saying? It’s just real talk. That’s how I look at things every day.

Think About Your Fans

It’s not about the industry. It’s not about us, how we care, how things get rolled out. It’s about the people in the streets that love our music. It’s about exciting them. I excite my fans.

I know they get excited when I drop two singles at one time, two videos at one time, and boom two ads at one time, two number one across the country at one time. And then I tell them the album is coming out, they’re excited. They’re ready to hear the body of work.

What I’m trying to tell you is, what you want me to do, drop a single and promote the album for six months with a date, and drain out, and do a hundred interviews, and when the album comes out, you’re bored?

I ain’t trying to do that man. It’s called excitement and that’s what the people want. It’s excitement. And I care about the listeners, the fans, the supporters. I’m grateful. I understand why I am here. I am here because of them. I’m rich because of them. I’m on HOT 97 because of them. Remember that. Another one.

Find happiness And Joy

I got called to Harvard and Yale to go speak. And I said I would do it after my album comes out.

Interviewer: Wow, what are you going to say to them at Harvard and Yale?

“If you noticed, anytime I promote something, it’s really my real life I’m promoting.”

I’m going to tell them my story. I’m going to give them my story, my life. I’m sure it connects in some way with their life in different aspects. I feel like we all have a connection with all of our stories. We’ve all been through trials and tribulations.

And we’ve all been through great things. I think my message now is for everybody to find happiness and joy. I’ve told you this years ago on the show that I’ve been searching for happiness and joy. Even though I’m super blessed and we’ve got life, it’s just a feeling I was searching for. And I’m finding that now.

Interviewer: Are you happy?

Yeah, now I am.

Interviewer: Wow.

And I say that because I’m about to have a son. All the blessings that are coming in meet more blessings. Because we’re blessed out the gate because we have life, but you know what I mean, more blessings. You know, like fan love. I go outside right now, they’re showing me, love. They show me so much, love. How could I be mad?

Interviewer: Right. No, I get that.

And that’s what I mean about keep positive energy around you. That’s how you’re going to be happy. And I notice in my life, if you keep certain negative energy around you, you don’t want it around you but sometimes it’s there, and you have to be a man or a woman and say, you know what? Let me take the trash out.

One day you got to wake up and say that and it’s the hardest thing in the world because you don’t just do that. You sometimes have to walk away from situations.

Do What You Love

I have been blessed with a special energy. I’m getting a lot of movie situations, a lot of commercial situations, but I only want to do things that I love to do and that is organic to me because I want it to be the way I love my music. When I make music, you notice that all my records are something that I really do and I really live and I really love it. I don’t mind bringing a vibe to it.

Have A Vision

Every artist have a vision of how they want to promote their music, present their music. I just explained to you how I wanted to introduce my album. Every artist has a different vision. Kanye West has a weird, special vision of dropping it. And when I say weird, I don’t mean disrespectful.

I’m talking about different and that’s the word I’m using. And I love it. Kanye, one of my favorite artists. Jay-Z got a special way of dropping his music. Drake got a special way of dropping his music. Rosay. We all do. Everybody has a way.

I think music is a feeling. You wake up in the morning. Sometimes you change the rollout that you planned. I know I have. I was going to drop my album last year at this time. I stopped myself. That’s a trick. That’s what I’m supposed to do of the industry rules.

No, I ain’t doing that. I’m giving my fans more music. And if I’m going to make them wait, I promise you, the wait was worth it. Now when you drop something and they expect something to drop and you drop something later, it shuts all of the talk down. Because it was worth it. It’s called quality music, my brother.


Interviewer: What’s the key to having a successful label in a competitive business like this?

“Today you could have a problem. But guess what, you’re breathing, you can fix it.”

Caring. Caring for the hip hop culture, caring for your artists, caring about the sound, caring about the way things are marketed. Just caring. You have to care for what you put out there.


I’m going to go hard no matter what because I’ve got to feed my family. And I got to feed myself. And if you notice on my Snap, I’m trying to make it super clear. When I get something to eat, it costs money to eat.

You got to pay the bill. If it’s a cheeseburger, it’s five dollars. It’s for five dollars. If it’s a filet mignon, it’s 35 dollars. You know, God forbid, you want a lobster. It’s forty-five. And this is food. Guess what? I try to tell the young world. I don’t know why they’re not telling them.

It costs money to eat. So guess what you got to do? You’ve got to get money. See it makes me mad that people try to discourage people from getting money like it’s a problem. I didn’t create the system. If it was free, I would thank you. What I’m trying to say is we have to hustle.

We have to get money. Teach the young world to work hard, strive hard. It’s okay. I remember when I was young they told me, Khaled, you’re only going to get a Hyundai. So I went and bought a Phantom.

Do you know what I’m saying? Do you understand what I’m trying to tell you? If you want to wear dope sneakers, what’s wrong with wearing a dope sneaker? Oh, it costs money? Okay, great. Work hard. Like what’s the problem?

Interviewer: But they don’t want us to wear dope sneakers.

They don’t. And that’s the major key. They don’t want us to. So I’m letting you know straight up, they don’t want Big Boy to have the number one morning show in the country.

Interviewer: Goddammit.

But guess what? We got the number one show in the country.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed putting this article together because it inspired me. I hope you can find value in this article as well.

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