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Boss Life Riches Review – Scam? Compensation Plan Breakdown

Hello and welcome to my Boss Life Riches review.

Is Boss Life Riches a scam?

This is a very important question to know before deciding to join an opportunity.

You will want to know if the program is legit.

Boss Life Riches Review

We are also going to provide information about the company and who is behind it all, the products or services that the program offers, and information on how the compensation plan works and how you earn commissions.

The reason why I decided to take the time to review Boss Life Riches was that I started seeing promotions on some of the social media sites that I follow and decided to take a closer look.

With that said, let’s get started.

UPDATE: Boss Life Riches Is Closed Down!

For some reason unknown to me, the company Boss Life Riches was closed down.

If you have any information or news about the closure, let us know down below in the comment section.

Thank you!

Boss Life Riches Review – What Is It?

Boss Life Riches is an affiliate marketing program that is designed to help you make money online through its compensation plan and through the training platform it provides.

Boss Life Riches Reviews

The majority of the training is provided by the owner of the program and she has created a remarkable income utilizing social media platforms and applying and shares her own creative ways on how to find people that want to join you in your business.

Boss Life Riches Video

I’ve followed the owner for a short while and she has been proving her strategies through proof images and live video events that she occasionally releases.

One drawback of this program is that it is only offered in the US and Canada, but I can relate to some of the many hazards that come with releasing a program that is open everywhere.

With that said, let’s move to the next section of my review and look into information about the company and who is behind it all.

The Boss Life Riches Company Overview

Boss Life Riches is a brand new company as of writing this review that launched on July 28th, 2018.

Boss Life Riches CEO Owner Review

Kimberly Crawford is the owner and creator of this program.

She has been utilizing social media that produced some amazing commissions with the programs that she joined and finally wanted to create her own program to give back.

The Perfect System Reviewed

She put together Boss Life Riches to reveal all of her secrets and tactics and help you make money online just like she is doing right now.

It looks like the program runs through ClickFunnels which is a solid platform that Russell Brunson put together and offers the ability to create programs like this along with many other features CF provides.

The next section of my review that I am going to cover is the products.

Boss Life Riches Product Review

Boss Life Riches is a program that offers online marketing training as a product.

The main focus I gather is training that Kimberly herself teaches that covers a lot about how to drive free traffic from Facebook that will turn into sales.

Here is a rundown of the training:

Boss Life Riches Products Review

The main source of training that the program offers is free traffic, but the training also consists of how to turn your leads whether paid or free into sales by getting those people that are in your funnel to know, like, and trust you.

This is what I am gathering the Boss Life Riches offers as far as training products:

  • Free Facebook Traffic Generation
  • How To Set-Up A Facebook Funnel For Maximum Effect
  • Attraction Marketing Training
  • Free Youtube Traffic Strategies
  • How To Build A List
  • Following Up With Your Prospects
  • Closing Strategies

The training is on what is working for Kimberly right now.

She is sharing her exact strategies on how she is creating a following that makes her consistent commissions in all the programs that she joins.

The next section of my review that I am going to cover is the compensation plan.

Boss Life Riches Compensation Plan Breakdown

When Boss Life Riches first launched they started with just one level, the $100 level.

Now the program offers 2 levels which are:

  • The $25 Level
  • The $100 Level

There is an admin fee associated with both levels that are not commissionable.

Boss Life Riches Compensation Plan Breakdown

If you join at the higher level then you will be qualified to earn from all the levels and the admin fee will also cover all levels.

The Commissions Structure

The Boss Life Riches commission structure is a straightforward affiliate marketing pay plan.

There are no “pass-up” affiliate commissions associated with the Boss Life Riches like other programs that I’ve done reviews about like AWOL Academy and Copy Profit Success Global.

So when someone joins under you in Boss Life Riches you will earn a commission.

Earnings Per Level

  • $25 Level – When you join at the $25 level you can only earn $25 commissions.
  • $100 Level – When you join at this level you can earn $100 and $25 commissions.

If you join that $25 level then you will not qualify to earn from the $100 level.
So if someone joins under you at the $100 level that commission will be passed up to your sponsor.

Just make sure you understand this when you get started.

The compensation plan is really straightforward and simple to understand.

There is no complexity to it, you simply refer people and when they upgrade, you earn.

The Pros

  • Training – The training that is given when you join our proven strategies from Kimberly that have been working very well. You will have to apply everything that she teaches you to get her type of results. It takes some time to gain a following but she is giving you the roadmap to follow, you just need to stick to the directions.
  • 100% Commissions (well, almost) – The fact that there is an admin fee technically doesn’t make the program a 100% commission payout, although the price per level minus the fee still equals very high payouts.
  • Weekly Commissions – When you refer a new member, the system pays you the next Friday.

The Cons

  • No Refund Policy – The fact that the program does not offer a refund is a negative in my opinion. There should at least be a 7-day refund policy in place although the program will be fine legally without it if they have a very clear disclosure that is easy to find. That is all I really have for a con.

I understand why they need to have a no refund policy in place, but to counteract that the program could hold back the commissions for 1 more week then they would be able to accomplish this.

Even offering a $1 trial for 7 days would fix this issue as well.

I understand that a streamlined funnel is best for conversions, but the program might run into problems with complaints later down the road that will have unwanted eyeballs that can possibly freeze the program for investigation purposes.

The next section of my review will cover questions that I’ve found people want to know before they join a program.

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Boss Life Riches FAQ

In this section, I will cover some of the questions people may have before getting started with Boss Life Riches.

How Much Does Boss Life Riches Cost To Join?

There are 2 levels to join at this time which are:

  • $25 Level – Offers Basic Training
  • $100 Level – Offers More Advanced Training

There is also a 1-time admin fee which the amount will depend on the level you join at which is:

  • $25 Level – A one-time $10 Admin Fee
  • $100 Level – A one-time $35 Admin Fee
Boss Life Riches Cost To Join

How Do I Get Paid Commissions?

The only payment processor that Boss Life Riches offers (at this time) is PayPal and that is one of the main reasons why they can only offer access to US and Canadian residents.

Does Boss Life Riches Offer A Refund?

No, according to the company website, because of the nature of how Boss Life Riches works the program does not offer a refund.

Is Boss Life Riches BBB Accredited?

No, Boss Life Riches is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

This is not a negative point to the program, this simply means that the program is not listed.

Many affiliate marketing programs are not listed that have been found to be 100% legitimate.

Is Boss Life Riches a Scam?

No, Boss Life Riches is not a scam.

Is Boss Life Riches A Scam

Boss Life Riches is an affiliate marketing program that offers Internet Marketing training as a product.

The program pays out commissions by referring others to have the opportunity to learn and apply the training strategies that the program offers.

The only negative that I would say this program has (in my opinion) is that there is a no refund policy in place which I feel would be 100% in compliance just to add at least a 7-day refund or even trial.

The Perfect System Reviewed

My Final Boss Life Riches Review and Thoughts

I have been following Kimberly Crawford for a short time now and this is what I have to say about her:

  • She produces results.
  • She uses a system that works in several companies that I personally witnessed.
  • She is passionate.
  • She provides a ton of value.
  • She is consistent.
  • She is hungry for success.

If you add all of these qualities up that Kimberly has in place for herself you have a solid formula for success.

The longer that she keeps up her grind I have no doubt that she will become more and more successful and will become someone that you will take notice of in the near future.

This is the first program that she is in charge of, so I know that she is going to put a lot of value into everything that she is going to share with you.

If you want to learn Kimberly’s secrets to her success then I have no doubt that she is going to share her personal strategies with you in Boss Life Riches.

It will be ultimately up to you to follow her example and apply her methods.

So if you were to ask me if I would join and promote Boss Life Riches?

I would join just to gain more education on how to promote and earn commissions using her strategies.

That’s all I have.

Boss Life Riches is a straightforward and easy-to-understand affiliate marketing training program that you will know exactly what you’re getting.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Boss Life Riches review.

Make sure to help others by clicking on the social share buttons on this page and share it so that others can understand exactly what this program is all about and offers.

Thank you for your support!

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