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Is There A Better Cheaper Alternative To Leadpages?

Welcome to my article to see if there is, in fact, a cheaper alternative to Leadpages.

This is my article and is 100% based on my opinion of course, but what I can tell you is that I have used many programs like Leadpages, including Leadpages, and compared the Leadpages alternatives within my blog here at Digital Cash Kings that are out there and wanted to provide my finding to this particular subject in this article.

In this article, I will cover prices, cost, features, and the special alternative cheaper landing page builder (in a sense).

So what I will cover in this article and how I will lay it out will be to, first go over with you what the Leadpages program offers and what Leadpages is and does, and then to reveal what recommendation I would suggest in comparison to price functionality and features.

By the end of this article, you will be able to make an educated decision to see if Leadpages is right for you, or if the alternative might be something that would be a cheaper alternative.

So let’s dive down and get started.

So, What Is Leadpages?

Leadpages is a program that you can design and create landing pages for lead generation in the form of email subscribers.

There are a few companies and WordPress plugins that offer you the ability to create landing pages and capture pages just like Leadpages, but with its main focus being all about generating leads through its lead page templates from the beginning of its launch, this company really excels at this process, plus it’s easy to use.

It offers a ton of great-looking and modern designed pages that you can customize that load fast.

You will have the ability to design various lead capture pages like 2 point opt-ins, webinar page capture pages, and lead magnets.

Some of the features they offer are:

You Can Create Landing Pages

Leadpages started with this feature as its main specialty and continues to shine to this day with this main feature.

This program provides a robust amount of templates that you can customize as your own with content and colors to help the user capture email leads.

The way to use capture pages is to:

  • Promote product launches
  • Simply Capture Leads (offer something free)
  • Promote opportunity launches
  • Promote my own products
  • Updates (new content, a new promo, anything)
  • Promote webinars

And some of the places you can advertise your landing pages by providing a link in the form of text or a clickable image with your link can be your:

  • Blog or Website (where you can add the HTML embed code)
  • Facebook Posts, Groups, and Pages
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Networking Sites
  • Email Broadcasts

You have the ability to capture leads through a 1 step process that asks for the email address upfront right when they land on the landing page or have a 2 step process that asks the visitor to click here that will then take them to a “step 2” process that will ask them for their email address.

What’s the benefit of having a 2 step process?

Having a 2 step process to capture a visitor’s email address will minimize the ability for spam from bots, and also give you a higher increase of opt-in subscribers of interested people than people just wanting to see “what’s on the next page”.

You Can Host Webinars with CTA Buttons.

With this feature, you can host a Google hangout on one of the Leadpages webinar templates where you can send your subscribers to where you can customize the page and add a “call to action” instead of sending them directly to YouTube where you have no control of adding any type of static “call to action” other than mentioning it on the video.

This is a newer feature that wasn’t included when they first launched but it’s a powerful tool to use in your business.

The Webinar hosting page also has the ability to add a chat box in it as well.

All you have to do is add the Google hangouts embed HTML code into the page template and Leadpages will take care of the rest.

The Ability to Add Lead Boxes to Your Website

You will have the ability to add what Leadpages call a lead box which a snippet of code that you can add within the content of any site that you can insert HTML code.

With that said, you can create a text link for someone to click on, and it will take them to one of the capture pages that you can offer something to capture the visitor’s email address.

With this code you can create an enticing image that your visitor can click on that will take them to a capture page to capture the visitor’s email address as well.

You Can Build Sales Pages

Although Leadpages cannot create a full sales page funnel by clicking on 1 button, (check out my article on landing page builders here for a comparison of company providers that offer that).

You can create great-looking 1-page sales pages with the templates they provide.

Although they are great and stylish, customization is there but is limited.

The Ability to Customize Your Pages

Compared to other landing page builders, Leadpages is limited to the amount of customization, and that is where it lacks in my opinion.

Now with that said if you are a newbie or not much of a techie, then the Leadpages customization features are where it shines compared to some other builders, just because it is very easy to use for the new person.

Simply click on the area you want to change, like the text area, video or image area, and then you will have options to change that is what you want.

Simple, clean looking designs, easy to use and effective!

But when it comes to creating something very unique and spectacular, or replicating a page that you know has appeal and converts, you can’t.

You are limited to the style manager that it offers. With that said, it does have a drag and drop editor, and it’s very easy to use, just not as customizable when compared to other landing page builders.

So if you want more, as far as features and customization, then I would suggest checking out my Leadpages cheaper alternative below.

What Are The Leadpages Features?

The Leadpages features that it includes are listed below.

With the features that are included, you have to compare the features to the pricing plans (I’ve included below) because at the “Standard” plan you will not have all the features that are available and some of the features are limited compared to the higher-priced “Pro” plan.

So if you do decide to get Leadpages, make sure to be mindful of what you are getting at the subscription payment you decide to be on. (if you decide to choose this program for your marketing needs)

  • Easy Drag & Drop Customization
  • Optimized Templates for Mobile Devices
  • Lead Capture Pop-Ups
  • A/B Testing
  • A/B Analytics
  • HTML Editing
  • Fast Webhosting
  • Sub Accounts
  • Video Player
  • Digitized Asset Delivery
  • Custom Form Fields
  • Major Email Service Integrations

What is the Leadpages Pricing or Cost Levels?

There are 3 tiers of the cost that can be paid monthly or yearly.

Leadpages offers a standard, pro, and advanced plan for all scales and types of business needs.

I’ve included a breakdown of what each plan includes below:

Standard – $37/m or $300/Yr

  • More than 160 templates with drag and drop customization
  • More than 40 tools for software platforms
  • WordPress plugins
  • Custom Facebook tabs
  • Unlimited Lead boxes
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Mobile responsive landing pages (unlimited)
  • Q& A coaching calls
  • Email Support
  • Facebook community access

Pro – $79/m or $576/Yr

  • All Standard Plan features
  • Chat pages
  • Partner companies discount
  • Affiliate program access
  • Lead digits text to opt-in Codes
  • One-Click signup links
  • Split A/B testing

Advanced – $2388/Yr (only yearly subscription available)

  • All-Pro Plan features
  • Five free Leadpages sub-accounts
  • Extra lead digit text messaging campaigns (50)
  • Quick start call
  • Free virtual workshops
  • Annual conference discounts
  • Advanced integrations
  • Telephone support

All of the 3 Leadpages pricing packages described above come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Does Leadpages offer a Free Trial?

Actually, Leadpages does offer a free trial for 14 days.

You will have to select the package that you want first, then fill out your billing information with your credit card info to get started with that free trial.

If you decide that you want to keep using Leadpages, then it will automatically bill you after 14 days,

If you decided that Leadpages is not the right choice for your business needs then you will need to cancel the subscription before the 90 days.

If you forget you will still get charged.

Does Leadpages offer a FREE account?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, Leadpages does not offer a free account, and the only way to test out their platform is to sign up for the 14-day free trial as described above in the steps to get started with a free trial, which you will have to enter your CC to get access to that trial.

So my understanding of this question is; “Do they offer something slimmed down to where you have access without having to give any credit card information and it doesn’t include a free trial?”

If that is the question, the answer is still no, it does not offer that type of free account.

Does Leadpages Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, it does.

Leadpages has an affiliate program that pays out on only your personal referrals at 30% for the initial sale and 30% for all re-occurring sales on that same personal referral.

So let’s break that down a bit.

So for the Basic plan of $37 per month, for your personal referral you will receive a commission of $11.1 for the first transaction and before a small processing fee. Then after the first commission, for each month they renew their monthly subscription you will receive the same affiliate commission amount. The annual plan for the basic plan has a discounted price of 32% for $300. So you will earn $90 each year, and also when renewed.

At the Pro plan of $79 per month, for your personal referral you will receive a commission of $23.70 for the first transaction and before a small processing fee. Then after the first commission, for each month they renew their monthly subscription you will receive the same affiliate commission amount. The annual plan for the pro plan has a discounted price of 39% for $576. So you will earn $172.80 each year, and also when renewed.

And at the Advanced plan of $199 *only offered at the yearly subscription. The annual plan has a discounted price of 32% for $2388. So you will earn $716 each year, and also when renewed.

Leadpages Affiliate Program Alternative

There is a competitor landing page builder that is on the market that I feel has a better affiliate program.

I don’t think that there is any comparison when comparing the 2 affiliate programs side by side, mainly because the other landing page builder has a much better payout structure.

This other landing page builder I am mentioning you can learn more about later on in this article! (100% commissions paid out the next week and 30% re-occurring commissions 2 levels deep)…

As you can see, a much better alternative because of the bigger payout.

Is There A Cheaper Alternative to Leadpages?

The short answer is yes and no.

And I know that this doesn’t answer your question but I can explain how I can say yes that there is, in fact, a cheaper alternative to Leadpages, and no, there is not.

So, let’s take a look at the Leadpages pricing basic plan of $25 per month for what it offers as far as features and value.

Well, I discovered an awesome Leadpages alternative that offers almost everything that Leadpages does, but with a TON more features and additions, but it does cost a little more.

The alternative which is actually a competitor is only $5 more per month.


It offers some features that you will learn, more than make up for that small additional cost when you weigh all the options.

For one, this alternative landing page competitor offers its own email auto-responder similar to Aweber, where you will have the ability to create lists, autoresponder follow-up messages, email triggers with segmentation, and the ability to upload and download your current lists.

Did I mention that this program includes a capacity of 10,000 email subscribers with the same limit to broadcast emails as Aweber and GetResponse, included in that price?!

Yea, that impressed the heck out of me too.

So to answer the question, “Is there a cheaper alternative to Leadpages?”

I would have to say YES, as far as the value compared to the functionality, features, design, customization ability, and value you get.

Click here to check out the landing page alternative I mentioned.

My Final Thoughts

So, I think I did a good job of describing what Leadpages offers at each price plan package.

I think you have a good idea of what you get with Leadpages in this article.

But the question was, “Is there a cheaper alternative to Leadpages?”

Like I answered above, I can honestly say when you are comparing dollars to dollars for the features and tools that a competitor with the same exact features and functions would have and nothing more, I would have to say… no there is none.

But when comparing it to a competitor lead page builder program that offers the same but with a lot more features and tools with even more functionality but, costs only $5 dollars more, then I would have to say yes, there is a cheaper alternative.

Now Leadpages might be perfect for you, and that’s great…

…but if you could find something else that is just as good but cheaper…

I would personally jump ALL OVER THAT!

Which I did!

If you’re looking for a better but cheaper Leadpages alternative that I personally recommend, then take a free back-office tour and test out the system for free by clicking here to check out the sales funnel that this amazing landing page builder program comes with.

I hope you enjoyed my article if you found this article helpful and found some value, please share it by clicking on any of the social share buttons on this page.

Thank you.

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