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Best Programs To Make Money Online In 2022

Here is a list of the best programs to make money online in 2022.

If you are anything like how I was when I got started, I joined program after program just to be disappointed, I lost a lot of money trying to find one that was reliable, legit, and not complicated.

I was also disappointed to find out that the majority of programs did not provide any training on how to earn money with their company or program.

After I joined, I was like, “ok, now what do I do?”

This is when I started to put a lot of time and money into educating myself on how to generate traffic and leads online.

When I started to finally “get it” is when I finally started to see results!

Recommended Money Making Programs

Down below, I have put together a list of programs to help you “get it” and to help you finally see results!

With that said, let’s get started.

The Best Program To Learn Internet Marketing

When I first got started online, my intention was to make a ton of money by marketing online.

Well, I was a total mess when I was trying to figure it all out and ended up failing miserably right away!

It wasn’t until I started to take a few steps back to watch what the successful people were doing online and started to copy some of their strategies…

That is when I started to have success!

There was no one that I could talk to or turn to when I started, but eventually, I got it, but you don’t have to go through the same 3 years starting struggle that I did!

Below, I included an all-in-one internet marketing training and “tools” program that includes a BIG community that you can actually talk to and get advice and support from!

Power Lead System has been a great program for the newbie internet marketers that need to have a workflow (or step-by-step) style of training to guide them to make money online!

I would have to put this one at the top of my list for what they provide.

Click on the “visit” button to get a video presentation about what the program offers.

Power Lead System

  • High retention for an affiliate marketing program.
  • PLS is one of the best ways to build your list.
  • A solid and long-term business model. (over 4 years in business)
  • PLS program is available to people living all over the world.
  • The monthly recurring income has been very solid.
  • Options to earn one-time commissions at a higher commission rate.
  • They offer a full suite of ready-made webapges that capture leads and sales pages.
  • PLS also offers a drag-and-drop page builder.
  • PLS offers a vast library of internet marketing traffic and lead generating training.
  • PLS includes weekly training webinars that cover IM and sales presentations.

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Best Passive Income Program

When talking about passive income, the traditional way that many people see it is through the stock market and building a dividend portfolio.

This is a great way to get started in earning passive income, using an S&P 500 ETF is something I highly recommend to start as well.

When dealing with crypto on the other hand, if you saw the vision when it was just getting started, you might have mined some coins and not really thought about how valuable BTC became back then.

Nowadays, you can’t even mine coins anymore due to the costs, but there are other methods that people use like noding.

Noding or masternoding is basically purchasing a server or node on the blockchain. There is a lot of technical jargon about the specifics of what masternoding is, but you will have to stake a bunch of coins, rent a server with a unique IP, with some other setup, but, by doing all of that, you will gain profits (or lose) for hosting a piece of the blockchain depending on factors like the value of a coin going up or down, etc.

Well… yes, masternoding is a bit technical, but it can be very profitable if you know what you are doing is my point!

What Yieldnodes has done is take all of the technical aspects and server rentals for masternoding and is offering their members to ONLY pay for the server rental cost.

What this will do for members is to give us the profit that was gained from the blockchain, based on the amount that you paid for your rental server.

Right now, if you take a year of data, the average monthly profit that Yielnodes has generated from masternoding has been around 10%. You can take the profit and re-invest it back for a bigger balance for your server rental which will result in a bigger monthly gain.

I highly recommend Yieldnodes for the type of income you earn just by sitting back and reaping the benefits of the service that this company offers you!


  • High monthly return averaging at 10%. You will not find it elsewhere.
  • The compounded rate may get to over 3 times your investments yearly.
  • Yieldnodes has been in business since 2019.
  • Revenue does not depend on the Bitcoin/USD rate.
  • The monthly return remained steady on months when the BTC rate dropped!
  • Transparent team, sharing information about the platform via a newsletter once per month, approachable via support, lots of positive comments across the web.
  • No need to take care of anything except adjusting the compounded rate.
  • Investors go through KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • They offer several payment options to start. (BTC, USDT, Card)
  • Affilliate program is also offers.

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The Best Program To Build A List With

One of the most necessary tools in any online entrepreneur is to have a way to capture the contact information for your customers and subscribers.

This will give you the ability to always have the ability to follow up with them to either keep them updated or to sell them (offer) something else that you recommend to them.

I forgot the person who said; “your autoresponder is just like an ATM”, but their words are very true! The person that said that was one of the speakers for a TED talk and he was speaking about marketing online.


  • My #1 recommended tool for building a list of customers and subscribers.
  • Free to start!
  • Top rated inboxing rate.
  • Top-notch phone, email, and chat support team.
  • You can import an exisiting subscriber list.
  • You can split test headlines and emails for the best response rates.
  • They provide clear statistics.
  • You can segment your list.
  • They offers an easy to use professional capture and landing page builder.
  • They also provide pre-made templates for emails and for capture and landing pages.
  • You can also integrate Aweber with many 3rd party apps.
  • Aweber is one of the top 3 autoresponders in the industry.
  • Affordable pricing options.

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Conclusion: Best Ways To Make Money Online In 2022

As you have read above, these are the top-recommended tools to use to make money online in 2022 at this time.

All of these tools and programs I have used for either many years or at least over 1 year to make sure these work as advertised and provide us with solid and long-term business models.

I am always testing new programs and tools, so at any time during the year, I might add to this list, so make sure to check back here periodically to stay up-to-date.

These tools have provided me with the kind of stay-at-home income that most people look for when they get started in their journey to become a job-free and independent work-from-home entrepreneur.

I hope that you will enjoy these programs and tools and build a solid and passively healthy income with them as I do.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my article about the best ways to make money online in 2022.

Before you go, make sure to click on the social share buttons below and share this article with others to help support my work.

Thank you.

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