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ACN Review – Scam? Commissions and Compensation Plan Breakdown

Hello and welcome to my ACN Compensation Pay Plan review.

Is ACN a scam?

This is a very important question that you will want to know before joining any program that you can earn money with.

ACN Review

The way we are going to determine this is we are going to explore the information about the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

In this article, I am going to discuss how to make money with ACN with how their pay structure works so that you will be able to earn the most money that you can with how the pay plan is laid out.

I will also include charts with images to help you understand how it works visually as well.

Also, before you leave, make sure to grab one of the money-making bonuses below.

With that said, let’s dive in and get started.

What Is ACN? Review Intro

ACN is an MLM company and is structured in a way to earn money from home by selling their products, and recruiting others on your team to sell their products and earn commissions for both applying both practices.

ACN Compensation Plan Review

The ACN compensation plan is a unilevel commission structure.

Let’s dig into the company information.

ACN Company Quick Overview

The company is based in Concord, North Carolina, United States.

ACN does business all over the world. 24 countries as of right now that you can gain customers and IBO’s.

ACN started in January 1993 with just 20 independent reps.

ACN Company Owner President

Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and twin brothers Tony and Mike Cupisz founded the American Communications Network

The company started out as a marketing arm for a long-distance reseller called LCI Communications.

This only lasted for 5 years until LCI was acquired by Quest.

By 1998, ACN was listed in Inc. Magazine’s “Inc 500” list as one of the top 50 of the fastest-growing privately-owned companies in the USA.

ACN then operated through its subsidiaries as a gas and electricity retailer.

ACN’s energy assets were then acquired by Commerce Energy Group in 2006.

The company is also a member f the Direct Selling Associations in North America and Europe.

ACN now does a bit of wellness and health in combination with its telecommunication services.

Ok, that pretty much gives a decent company overview, let’s get on with the products.

A Quick Look Into The ACN Products

ACN Products Review

Give a quick intro to the type of ACN products that this company offers.

This company is in the telecommunication MLM niche but also has products in the health and wellness niche as well.

Some of the products that ACN offers are:

  • Health – Both the Health and Wellness category link to the same marketplace which includes health and wellness products like vitamins and supplements, but also includes hair, skin, and facial products like shampoo and skin cream.
  • Wellness – *Same as Health, as far as how they link to the marketplace on the products they offer.
  • Mobile Phone Service – JOi Mobile
  • ACN Digital Phone Service – “ACN Europe Call” Calling service to connect all European countries limited by the minute plan.
  • Fixed Line – Landline telephone service limited by your minute plan for business or residential.
  • Energy Partnership – Basically you can get a fixed-rate or monthly recharge rate for using your electricity if your area permits it for business and residential.
  • Home Security Services – Home Alarms

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How Does The ACN Compensation Plan Work?

Just like any good MLM company, ACN has a really strong commission structure.

ACN Compensation Plan

As an IBO (independent business owner), you will get residual commissions from both the IBO’s that you recruit into the business and also customer residual sales from services that have a monthly subscription as well.

So the more customers and services sold by you and your team can really add up over time.

Here is a great video from some of the top members of the company that will break down the pay structure and shows you how to earn commissions on the pay plan.

As you can see in the video there are many ways to earn commissions with ACN.

Some of the ways will require certain qualifications.

So make sure to study this well so that you can maximize your earnings for the amount of effort you put into building ACN.

One last thing. If you would like to see the ACN compensation plan .pdf from the company itself, click here to take a look at the official release.

To make money with ACN you must refer people to make product purchases to earn commissions.

To earn residual recurring commissions that the majority of people that join MLM’s are attracted by, you absolutely need to build a team.

The bigger and faster you can build the better.

Focus on becoming a professional invited to the presentations, and become a professional at following up.

If you have success with newspaper ads, drop cards, online advertising makes sure to keep it up.

But make sure to keep in mind the terms of conditions of what you can do as advertising and where.

Here is a video with another perspective of how the ACN Pay Structure Works:

This is very important because ACN has some really strict guidelines that you must follow, especially when advertising online that when you don’t follow their rules you will get terminated.

So after you get going, you will need to keep growing, don’t get into a habit of being lazy.

Laziness will hurt your growth, keep doing what produces results, even if it only has small results.

Think about it, you get 1 person the first month, you teach that person to do the same thing you do which ends up becoming 2 people per month between you both, then those 2 plus you and your first referral become multiplied.

You will eventually have an army.

That is in the perfect world, but more than likely, statistics show that out of 100 referrals only 3 become builders, and out of the 3 only 1 becomes a great earner.

So bottom line it’s gonna take some work.

ACN Commission Structure Charts

Like most MLM companies, ACN has what is called fast start commissions.

And like every MLM company, this is paid out differently.

In the chart below, you will be able to see how ACN actually pays you in commissions with personal commissions.

ACN Personal Commissions

This chart explains how you can earn with how the ACN pay plan is structured when you find customers.

ACN Customer Acquisition Bonus

This ACN commission chart explains how you can earn the residual or recurring commissions on how the pay plan is structured.

This is the area of the pay plan that you will want to be in.

This is where all the big money players like to be and earn.

Like most MLM companies, you will need to work and have duplication throughout the ranks of your personal organization to achieve this.

ACN Residual Commissions

ACN Pay Structure Final Thoughts

In this section, I am going to recap everything that has been discussed.

So first of all, ACN is a solid MLM company that you can make an excellent part-time or full-time income with.

ACN has a unilevel styled pay plan.

The ACN products consist of several service type products that you can find in mainstream companies like your local power company, your cell phone company, or your local security service company AND sprinkled in a local health store like VitaminShoppe.

The company is solid.

Another solid company similar to ACN can be found here on my Primerica Review & Compensation Plan Breakdown review.

The compensation plan is straightforward but has its requirements that must be met in order to make more money with how ACN’s commission structure is laid out and is just like any other MLM pay plan. The commission structure is also very strong, solid, and can pay very well.

And finally, I have included charts and images that help with visually understanding certain aspects of the compensation plan.

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In this section of my review, I will cover information about some of the questions you will want to know before joining.

Is ACN BBB Accredited?

ACN is accredited with the BBB with an A+ rating.

Some details that I’ve found on the BBB website about the ACN opportunity and company are:

  • ACN has been accredited since 10-9-2008
  • They have a BBB rating of A+
  • There are 32 reviews. (some good and some not so good)

With some of the “not so good” reviews, I have seen that ACN as a company has addressed all of the complaints.

Details about the BBB accreditation and reviews can be found here.

How Much Does It Cost To Join ACN?

To become an IBO, the Enrollment Fee is $499, which covers the cost associated with establishing and servicing your business, and enables you to conduct business in any country in which ACN operates.

Also, it can vary depending on what country you live in.

Take, for example, Australia, it is $549 to get started.

Is ACN A Scam?

No, ACN is not a scam.

They have a really good business model that has stood the test of time.

They have retail products and a solid business model.

With the information that I’ve discovered in the company, the products, and the compensation plan there is no evidence that I can find on ACN being a scam in my opinion.

My ACN Conclusion and Final Thoughts

To be honest, statistics show that unless you have an existing list of builders, you will have to recruit over 100 people to find just 2 builders that will help duplicate your efforts.

And with an old-school tactic, you will eventually run out of people to talk to that are on your list.

So many people think that they will use the Internet to help find more people to introduce them to your opportunity.

But with ACN and other big companies, you will not be able to do this effectively due to their strict rules against advertising online.

So for this to work you must lead with a front-end offer.

You can find a great recommended offer below.

Working the opportunity side of ACN is only 1 way to earn money online or from home.

With what opportunities are available, there are many other ways to make money from home that you have at your disposal.

With that said, ACN could work out to be the perfect fit for you.

I know plenty of times where a person with no experience went into a company not knowing what to do besides the basics, followed some sound advice, and then got to work where it paid out big time for them.

Now, success didn’t just fall into their lap, we all had to put a lot of time and effort into the business.

But when you keep going and keep motivated and inspired at what is possible then there is no reason for you not to succeed with the ACN compensation plan.

I personally started out in Network Marketing and have built huge teams in several companies through the power of Internet Marketing and if you were to ask me where you should start, or what would be a good opportunity to have the most success with I would suggest choosing a company that has a product that is going to generate interest and sales for several years in the future, something that people need now, and what people need many years from now that people would buy and has really great income potential.

That is why before getting started with anything, you should really check out my #1 recommended resource below.

And if you decide to join the ACN company and become happy with it, great, I really hope you do great, but if you decide that you want to learn how to get more people to see your opportunity, to earn more money of course, then you will really want to check out my resource below..

What I am sharing below is also NOT in competition with any MLM company, and provides all the tools and training for you to start generating traffic, leads, and sales for a less risky lead into an offer, PLUS an additional income stream which is always a smart business decision.

If you enjoyed reading this article about how to earn money with the ACN commission structure, make sure to share this article by sharing it on all the social networks simply by clicking on any of the social share buttons on this page.

Also, I hoped this ACN review article helped you out in understanding the compensation plan and pay structure better.

Thank you for your support.

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