Hello, and welcome to my about page.

My name is Wallace and I did something a little bit different here on my about me or about page than most other websites out there.

I actually have my personal story on my home page that you can find here.

I did this because my website is all about empowering YOU, and helping YOU become a better person overall and to help you earn more money online.

And my story is about struggle, overcoming obstacles, and success.

Because my story fits the theme of my Digital Cash Kings website so well, I decided to add it to the home page instead of being in the typical area which is here in my About Me page.

To give a quick overview of what Digital Cash Kings is about, I will share some insight with you.

Digital Cash Kings was created to help people improve their lives.

We have over 30 years experience in creating personal wealth and want to share our experience and skills through training and personal development, to adopt positive and powerful habits, and build a strong mindset to accomplish your dreams and goals.

We also include powerful Network Marketing reviews, and Affiliate Marketing reviews on products and services as well.

We also share training on various software tools and techniques used for Internet Marketing.

I hope that you will enjoy the content here.

If you are looking for information on how to get into contact with me, visit my Contact Us page.

Thank you.