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4Life Research Review – Scam Or Is It Worth It? Compensation Plan Video

If you’re looking for a detailed 4Life Research review, then you are in the right place!

One of the things that I am going to share with you after taking a look at all of the information in the last section below is if it is a scam or not.

But first, I am going to take the time to research and review the information about the company, the products, the compensation plan, and the business model overall.

4Life Research Review

You will be able to learn how everything works, and what 4Life offers.

In the last section of my review, after taking a look at all of the information, I will let you know my thoughts and recommendation about the company.

Make sure to stick around until the end because the results might surprise you.

With that said, let’s dig in and get started.

So, What Is 4Life Research?

What Is 4Life Research

4Life Research is an MLM company that offers retail products and the ability to make money by recruiting others and building a team as an affiliate member.

The company resides in the “health supplements” and personal care niche and they have a saying on their website that goes like this; “become healthy while you become wealthy”.

Company Overview

One of the things that I like to know is who the owner is with any MLM company.

This gives me the ability to learn more about the background and the experience that the owner has.

One of the things that 4Life Research has is history with it being founded in 1998.

4Life Owners Founders CEO

The Founders are Davide and Bianca Lisonbee that can seen in the above image.

One thing that does stand out with 4Life Research is that they have doctors, researchers, and scientists that physically work on the products that 4Life offer.

The company has won various awards in the MLM and business space in the last few years.

The company also has many awards for its products as well in various publications which is a very good thing.

The last stats that I have found is that the company now supplies over 50 countries worldwide and has over 100,000 distributors.

The company is not without its blemishes…

In 2016, there was a lawsuit filed against the company citing deceptive marketing practices.

However, once a warning letter was sent to the company regarding this issue, they appeared to make immediate changes.

One of the changes was suspending any distributors who were making false claims about the products they were selling.

The company and business model appear to be really solid besides the blemishes on their record which all MLM companies seem to have.

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What Products Does 4Life Research Offer?

4Life Products Lineup and Listing

In this section of the review, I am going to cover some of the products that 4Life Research offers.

As mentioned before, the company resides in the health supplement and personal care niche.

One of the things that they also offer is a weight loss challenge that offers a specific arrangement of products for men and women to help you lose weight and to get cut.

4Life Tranform 30 Day Accelerator Challenge

The official name for this challenge is called the “30 Day Accelerator” challenge that you can find on their 4LifeTransform website.

On the marketing website that they offer affiliate members for this challenge, I did notice some sports figures that seem to take the supplement to help them get a natural edge.

The main product or “flagship” product that the company leads with is called “4Life Transfer Factor” which focuses on a healthy immune system.

The company offers a wide arrange of products from energy, weight loss, probiotics, detox, skincare, meal replacements, and multivitamins to name just a few.

Here is a breakdown of some of the additional products that 4Life Research offers in their lineup:

  • 4Life Targeted Transfer Factor
  • Enummi Personal care
  • ShapreRite by 4Life
  • Foundation of life
  • Fortify meal pack
  • Animal health for life
  • 4Life Tri-Factor Formulas
  • Healthy lifestyle packs

I think 4Life has an impressive lineup of products and some very effective marketing material to show off some of the products that they offer.

With that said, let’s continue.

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How Does The 4Life Compensation Plan Work?

4Life Research Compensation Plan Breakdown

In this section of the review, I am going to cover the information about the compensation plan and how you can make money with the 4Life Research opportunity.

Just like all legitimate MLM companies, you can earn commissions for selling the products and by recruiting new affiliate members into your 4Life organization.

The first thing you will need to do is get started.

Getting Started

Getting started will require you to pay $25 to join as an affiliate member and to maintain a certain amount of personal volume each month to earn commissions at certain ranks.

As your volume grows with your team and personal production, you will increase your rank.

The higher the rank that you can qualify for in 4Life, the more bonus commissions and money that you can earn through their compensation plan.

There are several ways to earn, but I wanted to share a video that was published by the company that will officially highlight how the compensation plan works, and how you get paid as an affiliate member of the company.

4Life Compensation Plan Video

The compensation plan has a lot of moving parts but is a fair one when you think about it.

It takes work and a lot of referrals to start making a significant income with any MLM company that you choose to join and 4Life Research is no different.

Just remember to pay attention to your rank, and always strive to achieve the next rank through the requirements that the company sets in place.

This is a long-term compensation plan model which means that it is sustainable, but will

This is all of the information that I have about the compensation plan and how you can make money with the 4Life Research opportunity.

With that said, let’s answer some questions.

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My 4Life Research FAQ Section

In this section of the review, I am going to cover some questions that people may have when thinking about joining 4life Research.

Is 4Life BBB Accredited?

Yes, 4Life Research USA, LLC has an A+ rating with the BBB and has been accredited since 2-3-2014.

The BBB also has only 5 customer reviews with a 3-star rating.

However, even though the company has a good rating on the BBB, I only can recommend any company by going over all of the information that I find out about the company and business model.

This is because the BBB rating system has been known to be easily manipulated by outside sources which were documented in the news.

Overall, I think the company is doing a great job but let’s see in the next few sections and what my recommendation is.

What’s The Cost To Join 4Life?

The minimum cost to join 4Life Research as an affiliate member is $25.

However, once you join, you will be presented with a discount to purchase a variety of product packages that range from just a few products to several.

The difference in the product packages will be the number of products that you will get and some benefits that you will get with the compensation plan.

Is 4Life A Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Is 4Life Research A Scam or Legit Opportunity

In my opinion, no, 4Life Research is not a scam.

The company has everything they need to have in order to be a compliant MLM company.

Also, the company has stood up to the test of time and even got through a couple of blemishes that could have really crushed the company which is impressive.

I like the management team and their experience and accomplishments just with this company, I like the product selection and the team that is behind it, and I like the marketing material that is pushing some of the product lines.

With that said, let’s finish up.

My Final 4Life Research Review, Thoughts, and Recommendation

In the final section of my review, I am going to share with you my final thoughts and recommendation about the 4Life Research opportunity as a whole.

I have taken the time to research and review the information about the company, the products, and the compensation plan.

I have also shared my thoughts on whether or not it is a scam.

At this point, you should have a clear idea about what 4Life is, how it works, what they offer, how to make money with them, and if it is a scam or not.

What are your thoughts about them at this point?

Leave your comment below…

But here is the question…

Do I Recommend Joining 4Life?

At this point, you have all of the information that you need in order to make an educated decision on whether or not you think that this opportunity is right for you.

If you think it is, go for it.

For me, I don’t see me joining or promoting this company due to the old-school feel that I get with it which usually means that they frown on multiple income streams.

Now, they will never tell you that just to get you in, but if you are able to get to the higher ranks of the company, then most MLM companies think they own you which is why I stay away from most MLM companies in general only a handful of exceptions.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my 4Life Research review.

If you found my review helpful, make sure to click on the social share buttons on this page to share it with others so that people can learn more about what 4Life is, and how it works.

Thank you for your support!

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