25 Dollar 1UP Review – Is It A Scam or Worth Your Time? Compensation Plan Details

Hello and welcome to my 25 Dollar 1UP Review.

Is 25 Dollar 1UP a Scam?

This is one of the questions that we are going to answer today.

I have a very concerning 2020 update that you are going to want to learn about that concerns 25 Dollar 1 Up that you are not going to want to miss below!

25 Dollar 1UP Review

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this program on social media lately so I decided to check it out.

I wanted to see what all the excitement is about.

I know that if you got an email about this program or seen an add somewhere it is only logical to learn more about it.

So that is exactly what I did, I researched many sources and found a lot of information about this program which I’ve found quite interesting so I decided to review it here on my website for those that are looking for an all-in-one source for 25 Dollar 1UP information.

In this review, I am going to uncover details about the company and who is behind it, the products, the compensation plan, a faq section, and how you get paid commissions.

I have also included a video that outlines the entire system included later on in this review.

Before we continue…

I do have to let you know that I am an affiliate for this program because I feel that this is a great system for people just getting started with earning money online.


2020 UPDATE!

I’ve been promoting this company for over 1 year now, off and on thinking that the owner would be able to fix all of the glitches that the 25 Dollar 1up system seems to always have.

But he has failed!

Some of these issues that stay consistent are:

  • Horrible support
  • Unresolved support issues
  • Consistent loss of commissions without a resolution
  • A glitchy system which would tie into loss of multiple commissions

I started to promote this program when it first started thinking that the issues were due to it being new.

But the issues continued.

I stopped seriously promoting it about 7 months ago when I saw that I lost commissions and I was never compensated for those losses but still had traffic going to my link.

I just had another 2 commissions lost so I am calling it quits and I don’t want anyone else to have that same horrible experience.

If you are looking for a solid program with great support, and with a system that has been working (without glitches) then you are going to want to take a serious look at my 25 Dollar 1Up better alternative below!


I also feel that this is a great program for leaders to find qualified prospects for their main program that you are promoting as well.

It has everything you would need in order to earn affiliate commissions online consistently.

It also has a residual aspect to the program that is offered within the program that makes it that much more powerful.

I also include bonuses you will receive when joining my team that you can read more details about below.

I’ve listed these bonuses toward the last section of my review.

If you are ready to get started and want a great team to join click on the link in this overview to get started.

To sum the introduction up, you are going to learn everything about the 25 Dollar 1 UP program so that you can make an informed and educated decision to whether or not this program is a scam, or if it is a legitimate system that you can join and make money online with.

What Is 25 Dollar 1UP?

The 25 Dollar 1UP opportunity is a “done for you” system for making money online.

I mean who wouldn’t want a done for your way for earning commissions online?

25 Dollar 1UP Back Office Review
Back Office View

The 25 Dollar 1UP system provides instant commissions through payment processors that you personally set up yourself.

I have included the list of processors offered in the faq section below.

There is nothing difficult about this process, with the included training videos in the back-office to help guide you through, and it is actually not a difficult process at all.

This program is a re-launch and rebranding of a company that had system issues.

When the company owner tried to move to another platform, a lot of the code that was migrated over was already corrupted and full of maliciously injected code that was literally impossible to fix with the resources he had available.

There was some downtime from these issues but the company owner promised to migrate everyone over that had an existing account at the same level with no additional charge.

Once the 25 Dollar 1UP program was finally completed and beta tested, he finally announced the launch and kept his promise to migrate the members that wanted to continue with the newly rebranded program over.

I feel that was an honorable move and shows great integrity.

So that is the backstory on how the 25 Dollar 1UP system affiliate program came to be.

Let’s move forward to the company details.

The 25 Dollar 1UP Company Assessment

The 25 Dollar 1UP system was designed and thought up by TJ Holloway.

25 Dollar 1UP TJ Holloway Owner CEO ReviewTJ has promoted a few programs online very successfully.

This included both affiliate programs as well as MLM companies.

He wanted to create a system to help those that are just getting started online to earn commissions with to help families have more money to pay bills, and also have more money to do the things they want to do and get.

Why Did I Decide To Not Join 25 Dollar 1Up?

25 Dollar 1 Up Alternative

In the first section of my review, you can actually find why I don’t recommend moving forward with the 25 Dollar 1Up opportunity.

Fast forward to a few months ago…

I stumbled upon a solid long-term business model to make money from home that offers an amazing product but a DIFFERENT type of compensation plan that got me really excited!

In my opinion, this program that I am referring to is a “better alternative to 25 Dollar 1Up!”

I’ve been watching this “alternative” company for a month to really dig in and after careful consideration, I finally pulled the trigger and joined.

I was SO IMPRESSED that I got to work!

With this other program, you only need 3 personally recruited members to maximize the commissions they offer and I was able to get that on my first day.

With THIS program, it actually is beneficial to you when you GIVE AWAY sponsorships to your downline members that need help getting their 3 after you get your own 3!

The alternative program that I recommend is all about People Helping People!

I LOVE how it is designed and it is going to help so many people make money online that has never made a dime online!

After carefully looking through all of the reviews that I completed over the last year, I rated this company my #1 overall best opp for new people and leaders to make money with because of the product it offers and because of how the compensation plan is designed.

If you would like to learn more about my 251UP alternative, click on the button below and fill out the form on the next page to get my presentation videos that cover what this program is, how it works, what you will get when you join my team, and how you can make money with it.

The 25 Dollar 1UP Products Review

Within the 25 Dollar 1UP system, you will be presented with some tools and training after you upgrade.

When you upgrade to the $25 dollar level you will have access to all of the gold member options.

The $25 Gold Level Includes Access To:

  • Qualified to Receive $25 Personal and Pass Up Commissions
  • Residual Income Option With The Company MyEcon
  • Personal Development Audios
  • 4 Capture Pages With Lead Capture Forms
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Pre-Written Ads
  • Marketing System To Track All of Your Visitors and Leads.
25 Dollar 1UP Capture Pages Review
Capture Pages

The $100 Platinum Level Includes Access To:

  • Qualified to Receive $100 and $25 Personal and Pass Up Commissions
  • All Of The Features Of The Gold Level
  • The Ability To Email Your Personal Leads Through The System
  • 60+ Videos Of Training and Personal Development
  • Postcard Template Mailers and Access to Mailing List Providers
  • Done For You PostCard Service
  • You Can Add A 3rd Party AutoResponder like Aweber
  • You Have Access To Your Own Personal Branding Page
  • Have The Ability To Add Up To 12 Banner Ads To Market Your Other Businesses.

25 Dollar Postcard System Review


2020 UPDATE!

I am no longer recommending you to join the 25 Dollar 1 Up opportunity due to several issues that I explained above.

If you are looking to lose out on commissions, have a horrible experience with support not getting back to you for days, or worse, then go ahead and join.

But if I were you, I would stay far away!

If you are looking for a solid program with great support, and with an AMAZING compensation plan that is all about “People Helping People”, then click on the link below for my 25 Dollar 1Up better alternative.


At the Platinum Level, you have the ability to open up your own page within your members back office that will include several spots to add your training videos or marketing videos that sell people on other opportunities that you have to offer.

You can add your own embedded affiliate links on that page as well.

The products are all the essentials that you would need in order to earn commissions online but you will need one more thing in order to earn consistently with any program you choose in order to earn consistent money online that I will get to later on in this review.

Essentially you are being offered a complete marketing system that has the potential for passive commissions as well as residual compensation with certain aspects that you have the choice to take part in.

25 Dollar 1UP Products Review

That sums it up for what products 25 Dollar 1UP has to offer, let’s move forward to the next section of my review and discuss in detail how the compensation plan works.

The 25 Dollar 1UP Compensation Plan

The compensation plan consists of a 1-Up type of commission structure.

The commission structure has been applied in different companies for decades in various programs successfully.

There are 2 levels or packages available which are:

  • The Gold Package ($25 one-time)
  • The Platinum Package ($100 one-time)

Update: 2 more levels are being added!

  • The Diamond Level ($250 one-time)
  • The Enterprise Level ($500 one-time)

**The only level to qualify to earn commissions that you will need to purchase is the $25 Level, the additional Levels are optional!

The way this particular commission plan is structured very simply.

Unlike how confusing an MLM company commission structures can be and how complex they are, this particular pay plan is structured simply.

The main reason is that this program is technically an affiliate program and not an MLM company.

So here is how the compensation plan is broken down:

  • The 1st personal referral you keep and earn either $25 or $125 commissions from that person.
  • The 2nd personal referral is passed up to your sponsor or next qualified upline sponsor in line.
  • The 3rd personal referral that you refer earns you the $25 or $125 commissions.
  • When you reach your 3rd personally sponsored member you keep all commissions earned at this point and make the $25 or $125 commissions from those referrals.

As you noticed I stated that you can either earn $25 or both $100 and $25 commissions.

What this means is that if you only purchased the $25 level then you are only qualified to earn the $25 commissions.

If you come in at both levels which is the $25 gold level and the $100 platinum level, then you are qualified to earn from both levels and that is where the $125 commissions come from.

When you have to pass up commissions you have probably noticed that I said the next qualified upline member.

What this means is that if your sponsor is only qualified at the $25 level then they will only receive the $25 commissions and pass up the $100 commissions to the next upline sponsor in line.

You will need to purchase at least the $25 Gold level package to gain access to commissions.

Now, let’s discuss more how the pass up commissions work.

Pass Up Commissions

This is the aspect of the commission structure where all of your referrals need to pass up 1 of their personal referrals to their upline.

25 Dollar 1UP Compensation Plan Review

Every referral has the potential to earn you over $125 commissions.

This is because of the pass up referrals that you receive.

So let’s say 1 referral passes up their 1 referral, that process alone if they were to all come in at both levels would earn you $250 from one sign up.

But it does not stop there, the pass ups that you received from your first member will have to pass up their 2nd member as well, so the pass up will continue to happen as long as all of the referrals continue to recruit and pass up there 2nd member.

Of course, that is in a perfect world, but it is possible to earn a ton of commissions from just one pass up of a downline referral.

So literally, the pass ups can be limitless and dare I say passive.

That brings us to the end of the compensation plan section let’s move forward in this review.

In the next section, I’ve included a video that outlines what the products are and how the compensation plan works.

This is provided by the company but does a great job of explaining what is offered.

25 Dollar 1UP Opportunity Video

Here is a video that I found that explains everything that you will get when you join.

It explains the entire product line for both the Gold and Platinum packages and includes a breakdown of how the compensation plan works.



2020 25 Dollar 1 Up UPDATE!

I am no longer recommending you to join the 25 Dollar 1 Up opportunity due to several issues that I explained above.

If you are looking to lose out on commissions, have a horrible experience with support not getting back to you for days, or worse, then go ahead and join.

But if I were you, I would stay far away!

If you are looking for a solid program with great support, and with an AMAZING compensation plan that is all about “People Helping People”, then click on the link below for my 25 Dollar 1Up better alternative.

The next section that I’ve included answers many of the questions outside of the typical reviews found on the Internet.

The FAQ review section…

25 Dollar 1UP FAQ

How Much Is It To Join 25 Dollar 1UP?

When you first get started there will be a 1-time admin fee of $10.

25 Dollar 1UP Admin Fee Review

Then you have the option to get both packages/levels or purchase just 1 package.

The packages/levels consist of:

  • The Gold Level for a $25 one-time purchase.
  • The Platinum Level for a $100 one-time purchase.

Coming Soon…

  • The Diamond Level for a $250 one-time purchase.
  • The Enterprise Level for a $500 one-time purchase.

When you purchase the Gold package you can upgrade at any time to the Platinum package at a later date.

You are not required to upgrade.

There is no time frame to update to the Platinum packages but if one of the referrals that are coded to you upgrades to the Platinum level and you are only at the Gold level, the Platinum commissions will be passed up to the next qualified upline sponsor that purchased the Platinum package.

Is 25 Dollar 1UP Accredited With The BBB?

No, the company is not accredited with the BBB at this time.

This is not a red flag due to how new the company is, and the nature of how the program is designed which is an affiliate program.

Also because the BBB rating system has been known to be manipulated by outside sources the ratings that you find on their websites can be false ratings.

How Do you Cancel 25 Dollar 1UP?

To cancel 25 Dollar 1UP you simply click on the cancel button in your back office at any time.

Note: There are no refunds.

What Are The Payment Processors That 25 Dollar 1UP Offers?

  • PayPal – If you are just getting started you can use PayPal, but once you start earning commissions over $200 then I would suggest switching to Stripe.
  • Stripe – Recommended
  • First Data – When you are earning larger commissions I would suggest using this option.
  • Authorize.net – When you are earning larger commissions I would suggest using this service or First Data.
  • Offline Payments – You can actually accept checks or money orders or direct cash in hand and then activate that member through your back office.
  • **Payza – Perfect For International Customers! (new)

PayPal is ok if you are just getting started but if you are going to get serious and start making consistent commissions then you should really set up Stripe, then after Stripe get First Data or Authroize.net setup. First Data has the least amount of fees when compared to Authorize.net.

That covers the questions that I feel that someone would have when researching into the 25 Dollar 1UP opportunity, let’s move forward to the final section of my review.

My 25 Dollar 1UP System Final Review and Thoughts

25 Dollar 1UP is a great way to start making money online.

Whether you are new or have any kind of experience, you can use this system to your benefit in several ways that I lined out in this review.

This is a great program for people that live outside of the US and have problems with certain payment processors. (25 Dollar 1UP offers Payza now)

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the 25 Dollar 1UP system.

I hope I answered all of the questions that you had about the program in my review.

I understand that one of the last questions you still have could be…

Is 25 Dollar 1UP System A Scam?

Is 25 Dollar 1UP A Scam

In my opinion, it is NOT a scam and I will explain why.

This is a program that is designed as an affiliate marketing program with the aspect of a Network Marketing team building angle but it still has the affiliate structure in the fact that there are only 2 levels of direct commissions that you can earn from.

So to be technical about it, it is an affiliate program that offers digital products.

As you can read in the section of my review where I list the products that you get, it is also a marketing system that you can use to build a residual income with a legitimate MLM business as well.

So with the products, training, and tools that you get to be part of the 25 Dollar 1UP program, it is also considered a marketing system designed to help build an MLM program.

So with that said, MLM companies have teams involved with their companies that offer these marketing systems and charge their members a monthly subscription to use their platform.

Usually, they have affiliate commissions associated with their programs as well.

You never hear anything about those marketing systems mentioned as being a scam, so why would this be any different?

Because of the pass up aspect to it?

It is simply a different affiliate pay structure than the typical one that is associated with many affiliate programs that are on the market today, but it is still essentially an affiliate program when it is all said and done.

And with that said…

No, 25 Dollar 1UP is not a scam! But due to all of the issues, I am no longer recommending it as a safe program to join.

My 25 Dollar 1 UP Bonus

If you decide to join and partner with me, I will provide a few bonuses to you and your members if you feel that you need this.

I know that it can be difficult when getting started so I wanted to lay out a step by step training that you and your new team members can plug into that will get everyone started and making money quickly without confusion.

So here is what I am offering to you:

  • 1-on-1 support
  • Fast Track Team Training
  • And a Team Support Group


2020 25 Dollar 1 Up UPDATE!

I am no longer recommending you to join the 25 Dollar 1 Up opportunity due to several issues that I explained above.

If you are looking for a solid program with great support, and with an AMAZING compensation plan that is all about “People Helping People”, then click on the link below for my 25 Dollar 1Up better alternative.

I want to thank you for staying and reading my 25 Dollar 1UP review about the company, the compensation plan, and products.

I hope my review answered all of the questions that you wanted answers to.

If you found my 25 Dollar 1Up review helpful, make sure to click on the social share buttons below to share it with others so that people can learn more about what 25 Dollar 1Up is, and how it works.

Thank you for your support!

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16 thoughts on “25 Dollar 1UP Review – Is It A Scam or Worth Your Time? Compensation Plan Details”

  1. HI Wallace,
    Thanks for the great review and yes it’s not a scam whatsoever!
    I’m starting my online biz again with this program and have my 25D site set up with one of the funnels from the member’s site for now.
    I’m curious what payment processor do you use to bring in the $$$ when customers convert?
    I’m thinking of going with LEADERS but still looking for the most affordable and effective system…

    • Hello Justin. I am personally using Stripe, Cash App, and my Bitcoin wallet which are working out very well.

  2. Hi,
    I am quite fascinated by this program and I want to join it with you but in my country Payoneer works. Can we withdraw funds in Payoneer?

    • Hello, sorry but Payoneer is not accepted with 25Dollar1Up. The company only uses peer to peer transactions like CashApp, Venmo, Paypal, and other direct payment methods. If Payoneer offers some kind of cart to accept payments, then that would work, but you will have to create a tutorial for your members.

    • Hello Dhruvraj. You must be new to affiliate marketing. There are a ton of digital affiliate products that you can make money online with. A few highly popular examples would be Godaddy URL and hosting, Hostgator hosting, eBooks, Page builders like Clickfunnels and Leadpages, Wix page and blog builder to name a few. Those programs all have affiliate programs attached to them where you can make money with. The product that 25 Dollar 1Up offers is the system which gives you pre-made capture and sales pages to build your list and income with. You are purchasing an online affiliate business in a box. And yes, when someone purchases the digital product (system) through your affiliate link, you will earn a commission. Hope that clears everything up for you.

  3. I just joined this program today! And, you’re right I don’t think it’s safe to join either. I paid a total of $35.00. Got access to my back office for literally a second and was locked out of the account. I tried to reset the password.

    The whole shabang but, nothing. No support! No email to ask for help. Nothing. Anyhow, I feel like I was scammed now. I paid for materials and do not have access to them. On top of that the sponsor I joined, and saw on my checkout page was switched.

    When I got access to the account the owner was my sponsor. And no, I did not click anybodies else links. After all of this happened, I had to see if there were any other complaints regarding this issue, and that’s how I found your post.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I know it has helped many people because, it certainly has helped me. I’m sharing your post…Have a great day…


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