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10X Reach Review – Scam or Real SMS Money Maker? Compensation Plan Details

If you’re looking for a detailed 10X Reach review, then you’re in the right place!

Yesterday, I was browsing around the Internet and saw a pre-launch notification in my email so I wanted to see what it was all about.

I clicked on the link and it took me to the 10X reach pre-launch sales page which I noticed had a few videos to watch so I did.

I finally researched everything about the company, the products, and the compensation plan and was ready to share that information here with you today.

10X Reach Review

If you are interested in joining or learning more about 10X Reach, then you are going to want to read all of the information I am about to share with you.

Some of the things that I discovered might surprise you so make sure to stick around until the end where I will share my final recommendation and thoughts about the program.

With that said, let’s dig in and see what it’s all about.

What Is 10X Reach?

What Is 10X Reach

10X Reach is an affiliate marketing program that offers an SMS platform as the product along with some other perks for becoming a member.

This program will give you the opportunity to make money from home by becoming an affiliate member and promoting the program itself and through the training and services that the program offers to promote and build other money-making opportunities.

The main focus that the company is focusing on is helping people that are having trouble finding leads for your primary business or anything that you are promoting and help you find the success that you are looking for.

“10X Reach is a powerful and advanced, lowest-priced, all-digital cloud-based broadcasting, and A.I. enhanced system on the planet”

The niche that I would consider 10X Rech to be in would be the make money from home SMS and Voice Broadcasting affiliate marketing niche.

Company Overview

10X Reach Company Owner CEO Founder Unknown At This Time

One of the things that I like to see on the company page when I review any money-making company is to learn about the information about the owner.

This gives me the opportunity to take the time to research their background and experience to see what type of owner and leader they are.

At this time, since they are in pre-launch there is limited information about who owns the company.

The only name that I have for you is “Kyle” which is the person that is presenting in the videos that are on the pre-launch sales page.

When they fully launch or when I have more information, I will update this section.


What Products Does 10X Reach Offer?

10X Reach Products SMS Broadcaster

In this section of my 10X Reach review, I am going to share the information about the products that the company offers.

The first and main product is their SMS and voicemail broadcasting marketing platform which is quite impressive after hearing what it can do.

“According to the videos, the 10X Reach broadcasting system allows you to put your business in front of thousands of hot and targeted prospects daily with a click of a button.”

You can call it a “smart” SMS marketing platform because it can tell when the system calls someone and picks up the phone or get their voicemail message.

The SMS system will have different “smart” messages that will relate to whether your prospect answers the phone or get their answering machine.

With the 10X Reach broadcasting system you can also upload your own leads as long as they have a phone number since it is a broadcasting service.

You will be able to schedule your broadcasts or send it out immediately.

Once your prospects hear the recorded message on their phone whether they answer or get their voicemail, they will be instructed to press 1.

Once they press 1, they will get text messages with instructions on what to do next with your link to whatever page, video, or sales funnel that you want to send them to.

There are also more features to come like a customizable app with push-button notifications.

Here is an image or chart of the products and services that 10X Reach is offering:

10X Reach Benefits and Features

The company also has access to targetted but very discounted leads in various industries like the biz-opp, weight loss, forex, and bitcoin niche among others that you can purchase and use in your broadcasting system as a member.

With that said, let’s move on and learn how the compensation plan works.

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How Does The 10X Reach Compensation Plan Work?

10X Reach Compensation Plan Details

In this section of my review, I am going to cover how the 10X Reach compensation plan works and how you can start making money with it.

The compensation plan that 10X Reach uses is a very simple one to understand but has some very nice lucrative aspects to it.

First off, the compensation plan uses 3 levels of commissions which are structured in a unilevel compensation plan structure.

For those that are not familiar with how the unilevel works, here is a quick breakdown:

  • The first level of your unilevel will only have your personally recruited members on it.
  • The second level will only have your team members that your level 1 members personally recruited on it.
  • The third level of your unilevel will only have team members that your level 2 members personally recruited on it.
  • 10X Reach only offers 3 levels so anything past your 3 levels, you don’t get paid on.

There are 2 ways that you can make money with 10X Reach which are:

  • Referral Commissions
  • Residual Commissions

Referral Commissions (front-end commissions)

Frond-end commissions are what you will earn once someone pays there $150 activation fee.

You can earn down to 3 levels with a 70% payout in total when all 3 levels are paid out.

Here is a breakdown of what you can earn from your personally recruited members, your 2nd level, and your 3rd level members when they pay their activation fee:

  • 1st Level – For all of your personally recruited members that pay their activation fee, you will earn a commission of $70.
  • 2nd Level – For all of your 2nd level team members that pay their activation fee, you will earn a commission of $20.
  • 3rd Level – For all of your 3rd level team members that pay their activation fee, you will earn a commission of $10.

Residual Income

The next part of the compensation plan is the residual income that you can earn.

The residual income is also structured in a 3 level unilevel compensation plan.

For every member that pays their monthly $50 membership fee, you will earn a commission down 3 levels.

Here is a breakdown of what you will earn on your team member’s $50 monthly membership fee.

  • 1st Level – For all of your personally recruited members that pay their monthly membership fee, you will earn a residual commission of $15.
  • 2nd Level – For all of your 2nd level team members that pay their monthly membership fee, you will earn a residual commission of $10.
  • 3rd Level – For all of your 3rd level team members that pay their monthly membership fee, you will earn a residual commission of $5.

For each person on your 3-level residual compensation plan that stays active you will earn a commission.

If someone cancels, you will not earn from that person.

Any team members that are on your level 4 or deeper, at this time, you do not get paid on those members.

With that said, these commission numbers might change after the pre-launch phase so if that happens, I will come back and update this post.

Let’s move on now and answer some questions that someone might have when thinking about joining.

If you don’t see a question that you want to be answered, leave it in the comment section below.

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My 10X Reach FAQ Section

In this section of my review, I am going to cover some of the questions that people may have when thinking about joining 10X Reach.

Is 10X Reach BBB Accredited?

At this time, there is no listing or accreditation on the BBB website.

I don’t ever go by what the BBB website rates a company or program simply because they are not a government-run or paid for website.

This is why I take all of the information that I find out about the company through research and several resources to make my final recommendation.

How Much Does It Cost To Join 10X Reach?

The cost to join 10X Reach at this time is a one-time activation fee of $150.

Starting in your second month, you will need to pay a $50 per month fee to maintain your membership, your commissions, and access to your system.

How Does 10X Reach Pay You?

The company has a credit wallet that all your commissions will go into.

The company pays weekly, once your commissions become available in your credit wallet, you will be able to request your commissions once per week.

Credit Wallets usually have a few options to receive your commissions like direct deposit, check, and visa load card. Don’t quote me on these withdrawal options since the videos did not specify any, I am just guessing on past experience with Credit Wallets that I’ve personally used.

Is 10X Reach A Scam or Legitimate Opportunity?

Is 10X Reach A Scam or Legit

After looking over all of the information, I don’t see 10X Reach as a scam.

The only thing that I can see an issue with is not having a retail option.

The videos due say that they offer only a 2-level compensation plan but they actually offer a 3 level compensation plan which might be considered a multi-tiered offering.

If this is the case, then they need to add a retail option which I don’t see being a big problem to implement with the product that they offer in the future.

Plus, the company is in pre-launch so I am sure there will be some changes in the next few months.

With that said, let’s finish up.

My Final 10X Reach Review and Recommendation

In the final section of my review, I am going to share my final thoughts and recommendation about the 10X Reach opportunity.

I have taken that time to research and review the information about the company, the products, and the compensation plan but will also need to come back and update some information once it becomes available.

I have also given you my thoughts on whether or not I think 10X Reach is a scam or not.

At this point, you should have a good idea about what it is, how it works, what they offer, and how you can make money with it.

What are your thoughts about this opportunity?

Leave your comments below…

But here is the question…

Do I Recommend Joining 10X Reach?

You now have all of the information (that is available) to make an educated decision on whether or not the 10X Reach opportunity is right for you or not.

If you were to ask me if I would join, I would have to say I might due to the fact that they will offer a new lead source and test it out.

For right now, I am going to sit on the sidelines to see how things play out.

With that said, I hope you enjoyed my 10X Reach review.

If you found my review helpful, please click on the social share buttons below to share this article with others so that people can learn more about what 10X Reach is, and how it works.

Thank you for your support!

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