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1 Dollar Adz Review – Scam or Legit Way To Earn Money Online?

Welcome to my 1 Dollar Adz review.

One of the questions that we have to always try to learn is if a program is a scam before we jump into it.

We are going to take a look at what 1DollarAdz is, how it works, how you get paid, and if it is a legitimate program that you can make extra money online.

We are also going to learn if it is recommended and if there are any better alternatives available.

1 Dollar Adz Review

I decided to take a closer look at 1 Dollar Adz was because I am always looking for great new ways to earn an additional income online and to share the ones that I feel are worth it.

So, what I am going to do is cover all areas about 1DollarAdz so that you can get a full understanding of what it is and how everything works by breaking it down into sections for you.

With that said, let’s dive down and get started.

1 Dollar Adz Review – What Is It?

1 Dollar Adz is what is called a “paid-to-click” site that allows you to earn money by clicking on ads.

1DollarAdz Reviews

For the majority of the paid-to-click sites, they fail to pay that much for the process of clicking on ads, and 1DollarAdz is no different.

Usually, the commissions range in a few cents but not as much as $1 which is what 1DollarAdz claims they pay out for clicking on the ads they supply to click on and view.

The thought that earning $1 for clicking on an ad that you view can really add up per day if you think about it.

But can you really make a substantial or even a legitimate income from home by using the 1DollarAdz platform?

This is what we are going to discover in the next few sections.

Who Owns 1DollarAdz?

Is 1 DollarAdz Legitimate

When doing some research on the company website I’ve found many links on the page were broken and didn’t go to the pages that I was wanting to look at.

This made it impossible to learn about who the owner or developers are.

This was not a great look for a legitimate program in my opinion, but we do have more to look at.

So, let’s continue.

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Is 1DollarAdz A Scam or Legit Way To Earn From This PTC Site?

Is 1DollarAdz A Scam

In this section, we are going to take a look at if 1DollarAdz is a scam or if it really pays what they promise?

As described in the last section, 1 Dollar Adz is a paid-to-click site that pays its members to click on ads that you usually need to view the ad for a certain amount of time which on average is anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds.

The part of the program that is the most enticing is that they promise to pay $1 for simply viewing the ads they offer.

Usually on average when you are looking at all of the other PTC sites on the internet you are looking at a cent per ad view which is very low but is the normal rate.

So you can see how this can be an awesome deal but is also very suspicious when every other PTC site only offers a cent on average.

I will cover how much of a scam 1DollarAdz is in the next section when people try to request their earnings.

Make sure to get some popcorn because this gets interesting!

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How Do You Earn Money With The 1DollarAdz PTC Program?

How To Earn Money With 1DollarAdz

There is only 1 way that you can earn in 1DollarAdz which is by clicking on the ads and viewing the ad.

Across the board when considering the typical PTC website they historically do not pay-out very well at all.

The earning as explained before in any other PTC company ranges in only a couple of cents (if you are lucky).

Typically this is only a penny and under.

The reason being is because the PTC websites only earn a very small amount from the advertisers.

Additionally, the traffic that the advertisers get from these PTC websites is not the best quality either, regardless of what the PTC websites claim.

Think about it, the people that click on these ads are only there to get paid to click on the ads.

The percentage of actual converted leads and sales that these advertisers will get is extremely low compared to say banner ads on a website that gets targeted or related traffic to the offer that is displayed in the ad.

These are the main and reasons that make sense for the advertisers not willing to pay a high amount for low-quality clicks.

So let’s recap on how you earn from the 1DollarAdz PTC platform and other related websites:

  • You get paid to click on ads.
  • The payout is very small. (.01 per click on average)
  • The reason for the low payout is because advertisers do not want to pay premium prices on low-quality clicks.

Now, with the low amount of earning that you can earn on average is extremely low because of the reasons explained above, how can 1 Dollar Adz sustain such a high $1 per click payout?

We do know that 1 Dollar Adz encourages people to turn off their adblockers when clicking on the ads.

With this, the company claims that this is in part how they are able to pay these higher amounts by letting additional advertisers display banner ads and pop-up ads to you.

The advertisers will still not pay a premium price for these types of ads either since this way of advertising is very low-quality traffic as well so this can’t be everything that will help sustain the higher payout amounts that the company claims they can pay you.

But here is the thing, they try to trick you into having to upgrade to a paid membership before you can request your earnings.

This is very deceiving when there is no mention or disclaimer that you will have to upgrade in order to request a payout of the commissions that you earn from clicking on ads.

Additionally, there is no promise that you will even be able to get your earning even after you upgrade since some members have claimed that they upgraded to get their earning but still were blocked by the company from receiving them.

This is a typical scam type of behavior that should not be tolerated by the regulators and get the company shut-down.

Yeah, a lot of misleading and very poor business tactics are on display with 1 Dollar Adz in my opinion.

Let’s move on…

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Who Is 1DollarAdz For?

There are actually only 2 people that 1DollarAdz are for which are:

  • Advertisers
  • People that want to earn additional income.


For advertisers, 1 Dollar Adz claims that they will offer targeted site traffic that will get clicks and conversions with anti-cheat protection in place.

The company also claims that quality is super high as well.

Advertisers are the ones that actually fund all of the PTC website programs if you did not know this.

The money that they receive from all the advertisers that participate is how they pay out the members for clicking on the ads.

All of the PTC sites don’t offer quality traffic so the advertisers usually don’t have to pay much to advertise on these sites.

The advertiser revenue that these sites get to share a percentage with the members which usually equals out to a penny or less per click.

Here is the thing which I touched on in the last section…

1DollarAdz claims they can pay out $1 which is crazy when you really think about it.

So that leads us to the second type of people that use 1DollarAdz which is…

People Wanting To Earn Additional Income

The people that want to earn with 1DollarAdz will earn by clicking on the ads that the program offers from their advertisers.

The company claims that you can earn $1 per ad click and view.

They entice people to get involved just to rip people off is what we found to be the case.

They don’t tell you that you have to upgrade into a paid membership to get your earning and then many people claimed that they weren’t even able to get their earning even after they upgraded!

This is not very much a scam when you consider the facts.

My 1DollarAdz Pros

In this section, I will share some of the pros or positive things that I’ve seen with the 1DollarAdz opportunity.

Here is a breakdown of what I liked:

  • Well, after looking at all the facts and testimonials and current reviews on the 1DollarAdz PTC program there is actually nothing I like about the program. What can you really like about a scam company?

My 1DollarAdz Cons

In this section, I am going to share my cons or the things that I really didn’t like about the 1DollarAdz PTC program.

Here is a breakdown:

  • As mentioned a few times throughout this review is that I don’t like scam sites. The 1DollarAdz PTC site is a known scam. Don’t waste your time, money, and effort.
  • Misleading advertising to attract unknowing people to join and click on the ads so that the company will look good. The company does not say anywhere that you have to upgrade in order to get paid which is very devious behavior.
  • The fact that even after you upgrade you still don’t get paid!
  • Misleading sales pitch for their advertisers claiming the visitor traffic is high quality.
  • No owner information or developer information.
  • I don’t really like that the 1DollarAdz PTC site still is active today! Why have a scam program in existence that steals and cheats people out of their money and offers misleading advertising to attract people to the program?

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1 Dollar Adz FAQ

In this section, I will cover various questions that one might have when thinking about joining 1DollarAdz.

What Is The 1 Dollar Adz Minimum Withdrawal Payout?

After reading my review you will see that it really doesn’t matter what the company claims the minimum payout or withdrawal is if they won’t even pay your commissions to you even after you have to upgrade.

What’s the point?

Is There Payment Proof That 1Dollar Adz Pays Out?

I’ve looked around for anyone that has some type of payment proof and that is when I started seeing many red flags popping up about 1DollarAdz.

Does 1DollarAdz Really Pay Out Commissions Payment Proof

When looking for payment proof, the only things that kept popping up were negative reviews about this PTC program.

When I dug deeper into any type of payment proof or earnings statements it was looking very bad for the legitimacy of the program.

The majority of things that I’ve found were disheartening to hear when the common negative review was that people were spending a bunch of time only to not get paid no matter what they did.

Is 1DollarAdz BBB Accredited?

No, 1DollarAdz is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

Although I do refer to the BBB website for further company info, testimonials, and reviews but other than that I don’t see the BBB as a good indication for a company being a definite scam or even a legitimate opportunity or company.

1DollarAdz Better Alternative?

There are definitely WAY better and legitimate opportunities to earn money online.

One of the programs that I would recommend would be the opportunity that you can find in this article by clicking on the banner image with the arrow.

My Final 1DollarAdz Review and Thoughts

In the final section of my review, I will cover my final thoughts about the 1DollarAdz PTC opportunity.

Here is a quick recap of what was discussed in this review:

  • Is the 1DollarAdz a scam or a legit way to earn online?
  • What is the minimum payout?
  • How 1DollarAdz works and how you earn it?
  • Is there payment proof to see if the program actually pays out?
  • Is there a better alternative?

I pretty much said all that I needed to say about the 1 Dollar Adz PTC opportunity before I even got to this last section.

This is not a recommended program, nor is it a legitimate program that you can earn additional income with.

The company only seems to lure people in by false claims and misleading advertising just to steal your commissions after you spend all your time trying to make something happen.

With that said…

Don’t fall for the misleading advertising of the claim that you can earn $1 per click on this website because it is simply not true.

The 1 Dollar Adz program is the textbook definition of a scam and I would suggest you avoid it at all costs.

I hope you enjoyed my 1DollarAdz review.

Make sure to click on the social share image buttons on this page and share it so that others can know exactly what the 1 Dollar Adz PTC opportunity is really all about.

Thank you!

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